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EK43 on it's way, what extra bits are needed?

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It looks like it's time for my K30 to make way for another grinder...


An EK43 should be with me soon. However, reading a lot of the threads owners are using various funnels or ground catchers or bean weighing things...


What's the recommended bits and bobs to accompany an EK43?

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It depends how you want to work.


Indeed a lot of people single dose & have various catchers when you hold the PF under the chute.


Have found it easier to clip on a stainless steel flask (bottom of a cheap cocktail shaker) & single shot grind into that. Sometimes good to spray with a food safe anti static spray but be sure to let it dry well for a couple of days.


I put the PF on a 'Bumper stand' & fit on a Kilner (jam making) Jar funnel or indeed an Aeropress funnel. Using the jam funnel I have attached (super glue)a 8.5mm group head gasket underneath to raise the funnel higher than the edge of the PF. Then after grinding into the flask I tip the grinds into the funnel, then tap & slowly raise it to keep the grinds in a nice fluffy mound. A little smoothing on top & then a light tamp.


I always weigh my circa 20 g shots into small 'shot pots' (from CallumT) in advance of my session. Then dose into the EK whilst running.


You'll never look back after you get going with the EK. Its great

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Best results i have found (taste and TDS) involve grinding directly into the basket through something like a funnel. If the inner diameter of the funnel matches the diameter of the basket happy days.


Agree with Gary. Best results from dosing direct into portafilter. Jam funnels are good but get one that has a diameter closest to basket diameter. Check 'goes all the way to eleven' thread for Xpenno's contribution.


That said, funnels sit inside the basket (not ideal). Only dosing gadget that doesn't is the Coffee Catcha which sits on top - you can tamp through it. Expensive but beautifully made. Check Esspresso Underground - has the cheapest price while stocks last.

Screenshot 2021-04-29 at 17.29.11.png

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I am using a volumetric dosing system on the EK 43 with different bushing sizes because of a phobia from using a scale.

By taste the EK only works for light roast and longer shots, but I think that's just a matter of taste.

With RDT you can reduce retention / static.








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