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I thought it was about time I posted a picture of ALL of the Portaspresso equipment that I have so here 'tis:




I thought it might be easier if I labelled the different components. Invisible is the double PF which is attached to the Rossa HC. The gadget on the right is mountain bike shock pump which is used to pressurise the Rossa TR. One charge will normally give me three or four coffees depending on the pressure profile that I use - the pressure gauge fits both espresso makers.


I continue to be really impressed by the quality of the Rosco grinders!



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Hi David,

Love your setup! I have a few of the Rossas and a Rosco too. Great stuff!


Can you tell me as far as ergonomics goes, how is it using the Rosco mini compared to the Rosco original...both with actual grinding and preparing a basket? (I really like grinding straight into the basket with the Rosco and have been wondering about the basket prep with the mini.)



I have gone back to using the Rossa HC and am really enjoying this. Which do you prefer of the Rossas?

Many thanks,


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Hi Paolo,


Glad to find a fellow Portaspresso fan!


I prefer to use the Rosco because of grinding directly into the basket as you mentioned. However, it is quite heavy and very thick so the mini is more comfortable to use. There is no difference at all in the performance of the two. If you were to buy a Rosco Mini, you really need the Grind Transfer Adapter to facilitate loading either the Rossa or a regular PF. It is a very pricy (AUD$25 if I remember) plastic disc but it does keep the grounds inside!


Generally, the mini is for when I am using other coffee makers (Aeropress / Handpresso / Bialetti Elletrika etc.) but if I were taking the Rossa then it would be the Rosco before the mini.


I seem to stick to the Rossa TR most of the time but I really ought to use the HC more!


Perhaps this will help me to remember to use it more!



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