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That definitely goes above the group disperser - it's a very simple one way valve. If not having it causes the machine to trip the electrics then you may have burnt out the element (because the boiler isn't holding water when the pump isn't running, and the element has fried because it's too dry). Although, if you completely stripped the machine, you may have got a wiring connection wrong on rebuild....

A parts diagram will help you. And maybe a wiring diagram as well? I think the tripping is more likely a wrong connection, which may not have actually damaged anything. Depending how quickly it trips after you power it up...

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Wow havn't seen one of those for ages, I think it was in some of the really cheap machines I reviewed years ago. Nic got it perfectly right...it's a poor substitute for not having a 3 way solenoid valve. it opens under pressure and then closes at around 3 or 4 bar. Enough to unlock the group without sneezing, and just enough to prevent the brew system leaking. So no backflushing for that little beastie. With any luck it's permanently nadgered and you can go out and buy something else:act-up:



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