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Group Buy Rules

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If you would like to organise, or participate in a Group Buy to help save some money for both you and other members of Coffee Forums UK, the following rules must be adhered to.


These rules have been brought in after much thought, discussion and research, and apply to all Group Buys.


These rules come into effect immediately but will not apply to Group Buys started before 15/02/2014.



1. All Group Buys and discussions should remain in the Group Buy subforum which is post count controlled. Any posting in other forums will result in removal of the post


2. All Group Buy organisers must be 18 years old or older and have at least 6 months active membership on Coffee Forums UK and be a current Supporting Member at the time the Group Buy starts. They must have a post count of 50 posts or more


3. All Group Buy Participants must be active members with post counts greater than 25


4. A Group Buy organiser who is running their 1st Group Buy will be limited to a Group Buy size of 20 participants


5.A Group Buy organiser who is running their 2nd Group Buy will be limited to a Group Buy size of 30 participants


6. All subsequent Group Buys will be limited to 50 participants


7. All Group Buys must have a quote obtained from 3 different sources (where possible) and the unit prices and suppliers submitted to Glenn via PM prior to posting. This is to ensure that Forum Sponsors have been included in the tender process


8. All Group Buy Organisers are responsible for confirming the supplier has enough stock to ship the order prior to the Group Buy post being placed


9. All Group Buys must offer PayPal payments to an account in the name of the Group Buy Organiser in addition to any other forms of payment acceptable to the Organiser (such as bank transfer)


10. All Group Buy parts or machines are required to be shipped by the Organiser in appropriate packaging, according to the manufacturers specifications


11. All Group Buys must close within 30 days of the initial post announcing the Group Buy and the order must be placed within 1 week thereafter. Payment must be made to the Group Buy Organiser within 7 days of the Group Buy closing or your order will not be included in the Group Buy


12. Group Buy Organisers are responsible for all communications on the forum and must ensure that all goods are dispatched within a reasonable amount of time


13. All Group Buys will be clearly defined before any orders/money are collected. Returns and Warranty details must also be clearly defined.


14. All Group Buy Organisers will be required to give frequent updates in the form of a post in the Group Buy thread at least every 7 days, regardless of change in status or lack thereof


15. By participating in a Group Buy all participants agree to release Coffee Forums UK, its Owners, Administrators, Moderators or any other staff of any and all liability


16. The Group Buy Organiser cannot be affiliated in any way with the company supplying or producing the advertised parts or products. The intent is to facilitate group purchases of items used in the production of coffee at a lower cost to our members


17. All Group Buys will require that the 1st text in the initial post announcing the Group Buy contains a link to this post title "Group Buy Rules: read before posting in this thread" and the following statement:


"By participating in this Group Buy all participants agree to release Coffee Forums UK, its Owners, Administrators, Moderators or any other staff of any and all liability and waive all rights I may have under all laws and governing bodies. By posting in this thread you agree you are entering a binding contract between the Organiser and the Participant."


18. All Group Buys announcement posts will require the expected prices and cost totals be listed. If said prices and/or can not reasonably be listed during the initial post they will be added to the initial post as soon as reasonably possible but prior to the close of the Group Buy and collection of monies


19. All Group Buy Organisers and Participants will not edit any posts in the Group Buy thread with the exception of the Organiser adding and/or adjusting a participant list or participant status. Any changes to a post other than previously specified will not be allowed and will require a subsequent post in the thread


20. Only a single Group Buy will be organised at any one time for any particular item


21. Only a single Group Buy will be organised at any one time by any individual


22. Any member found to intentionally violate or circumvent any of these rules could be restricted from participating in future Group Buy activities


23. All Group Buy organisers will be required to list their Group Buy's start and end dates to Glenn via PM


24. If any Forum Sponsor indicates that they are able to supply the goods at a lower price than advertised (notified to Glenn via PM within 3 days of the Group Buy being posted) then the Forum Sponsor should be given preference to supply the goods

Edited by Glenn

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