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How long did you lurk before joining?  

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  1. 1. How long did you lurk before joining?

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I have been reading info on the forum for about 2 weeks. Just joined today. Happy to be a member. I am awaiting delivery on my first prosumer machine : VBM Domobar Super 2B. Sent from my SM-N950F usi

Signed up straight away as needed specific advice... Have been lurking ever since

Lurked for a couple of days before joining. Then lurked for a couple of years before posting....

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Waves hello from sunny London.

I've been lurking for the last few months - trying to get as much info as possible about buying a nice secondhand gaggia classic or rancilio silva.

Need to up my post count before jumping in on the classifieds :-)

Any tips for picking up a well looked after secondhand machine?

Machines sold on here tend to be better looked after (generally) - and sellers easier to verify than those on ebay.

The Artist Formerly Known As 'jonc' | All the gear, almost no idea.

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It's always great to see new members introduce themselves and mention they have been lurking for a while before joining.


How long did you lurk before joining?


Comments welcomed below as well.

Is there anything we could have done to get you posting earlier?



Anyway glad I finally became an active member.


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Have been 'into' coffee for just ten weeks now, which is when I bought my first proper machine - a S/H Gaggia Baby - from a forum member, who recommended joining the forum. I did so without delay.


Since then, I've never looked back, and am now well-and-truly hooked! Suffice it to say, that in ten weeks, I've gone from a Cookworks from Argos to a Gaggia Baby and Iberital MC2, through extra non-pressurised baskets, blind basket, naked portafilter (Gaggia fitting), loadsa cleaning stuff, two Motta tampers - flat and convex, stainless tamping stand, milk pitchers and thermometers (yes, plural), scales, countless Gaggia upgrade items including PID and 'MrShades' sensor, 'Classic' OPV, new improved pump, motor speed control, digital shot timer and all the bits and pieces required for installation. All never fitted, but as I've now given the Gaggia and MC2 to a pal, we'll do the upgrades together as a joint project.


So far, so good, and all on a fairly modest budget.


The slippery steps towards the first extravagance started when I bid for a S/H Mazzer SJ on eBay four or five weeks ago and won it, albeit for a reasonable price. Completely unplanned... I just happened across the auction with 7 minutes to go! After thorough cleaning and new burrs, it's performing like new. Then I became frustrated with all the temperature surfing and waiting between brewing and steaming (I mainly drink lattes) of the single-boiler machine. So the seed was sown for the next extravagance... dual boiler. I was all set to buy an Expobar Brewtus, but was hankering after a rotary pump when a pal suggested that if I was spending that kind of money, I might as well go for the 'machine of my dreams' which would 'see me out', as it were! (I'm well the wrong side of 70 already).


So the stakes were raised again and after much research through the forum - to whose members I am most grateful - I ended up a fortnight ago with a new QM Verona from Bella B. Along with new naked portafilter (E61 fitting), more tampers, numerous crockery and shot glasses, tamper click mat, etc. etc. Oh, and a Gene Cafe roaster (still in its carton) and serveral kilos of green beans. Add to that VST baskets, more timers and scales, knockout box etc. and you can see how hard the bug has bitten. I absolutely love it, and the forum has provided so much interest, knowledge and sheer camaraderie it's utterly invaluable.


This is also my one-hundredth post which I unashamedly reserved for this special occasion.


Here's to many happy years hopefully, with CFUK.



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QM Verona with 0.5mm gicleur & IMS 200µm screen; Mazzers SJ & Royal with single-dose mods and precision adjustment dials by timmyjj21; naked PF; VSTs 15, 18, 20 & 22; Chinese Distribution Thing; Pergtamp & Torr XS convex; Brewista & other scales; Brita Pro Quell 1200; Gene Café 101A. Loadsa bits'n'pieces 'cos too much is never enough!

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Was given a cheap coffee machine that lasted all but a week. I decided that I would invest in a decent machine, so started to look, the more I looked the more I got confused. When I saw the forum I joined straight away. Hope I be able to make a decision before my head blows up. I never thought it would be so difficult. Well from what I can see so far Gaggia is a favourite. But which one.

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Was given a cheap coffee machine that lasted all but a week. I decided that I would invest in a decent machine, so started to look, the more I looked the more I got confused. When I saw the forum I joined straight away. Hope I be able to make a decision before my head blows up. I never thought it would be so difficult. Well from what I can see so far Gaggia is a favourite. But which one.


Gaggia classic is a great starter machine, 2nd hand pre 2015 model on here should will cost you around £120 - £150 with the basic mods needed already done.


Keep an eye on the for sale area.

Twitter @Froggystyle

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I've used the forum for advice a number of times over the years but really stepped it up last year when my son was born. Coffee became a survival ration.

Fiorenzato Bricoletta - Ascaso i-Mini - Aeropress - V60 - Porlex

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I stumbled upon the site by virtue of a coffee related Google and signed up within a couple of minutes.

Maybe that doesn't really qualify as a lurk? In which case the moderators might wish to erase my entry from the poll?

Londinium - R24, Monolith MAX, Two Jugs, One TempTag, Nine Assorted And Much Sought After MildredM Bar Towels

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Hi everyone,


I believe I will be one of the longest back benchers... lurking since 2011.. but hey I have an excuse- I was completely new to this addiction. So then, when I do not hold knowledge of the subject I keep my mouth shut... that's why was lurking/reading for so long before joining.


Thanks all for enlightenment.

I am green in all of this but with a good equipment willing to become well roasted.

*BB Verona with IMS Competition shower screen,* La Pavoni EP Millenium (naked, pressure gauged), *AeroPress with woven ultra fine SS mesh filter (espresso grind- 0% in the cup).* Eureka Zenith 65e,* Porlex. *Hottop B-2k, *modified SS dry storage drum with thermometer -attached to cordless (very crude but it worked before HT)

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Not long I stumbled on this forum when I was about to get an aero press, prior to that I was an instant coffee man


That was about two years ago and since then I've been enjoying the aeropress via the inverted method though only with ready ground coffee ( I know not the best but still miles ahead of instant crap)


I've really enjoyed the brews inspite reading that a grinder is the way forward but prior to this year my kitchen was tiny was SWMBO would not allow me worktop space for a machine so I bided my time.


This year we completed the kitchen extension so now had acres of worktop space and the green light for kitchen gadgets including a coffee machine!!!


So finally last week after reading some more I got a gaggia classic 2010 vintage standard issue. I've ordered the rancillio wand and puly caffe cleaner. After getting acquainted with the classic I'll be getting a grinder in the next few months.


Any recommendations as to what will work best with the classic. Budget wise I think it'll be £50-£100 tops. Happy to safe for a little longer if it's worth it

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