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How long did you lurk before joining?

How long did you lurk before joining?  

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  1. 1. How long did you lurk before joining?

    • Less than 1 week
    • 1-4 weeks
    • 1-3 months
    • 3-6 months
    • longer than 6 months

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Happened to us all. 

I have been reading info on the forum for about 2 weeks. Just joined today. Happy to be a member. I am awaiting delivery on my first prosumer machine : VBM Domobar Super 2B. Sent from my SM-N950F usi

It is...you did the right thing for your heart at the expense of your pocket. Welcome to the forum.  

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I've been lurking for about a month, trying to educate myself on things I knew very little of (PIDs, OPV mods, Temp Surfing etc). I didn't want to be 'That person' who asks the question that you guys have answered 1000 times already in your Forums (Which are fantastic, by the way).

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I lurked for a week or so, needing a new espreso machine after my more than 40 years old Quickmill retro fell apart for good.  (well, this is how they are called now, I have the one that was not yet called retro, but was modern when they built it)

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Lurked about a week. I've been on automotive forums (can be nasty), and wrist watch forums (generally nice), and I am pleasantly surprised by how nice CFUK is! Decided to register to get some feedback while I learn about espresso (Gaggia Classic Pro and Baratza Vario arriving today), and eventually buy a PID and OPV spring kit from MrShades.

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Lurked on and off for a few years (hanging head in shame). Recently made the decision to improve my setup (currently very limited) which brought me back to the forum again. 


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I lurked for a good few months before joining. And even after joining, it's taken me a couple of months to post!

I really want to upgrade my setup from a sage barista pro to something else, but I can't decide between a classic Italian machine or a decent de1pro

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Hi! I am definitely not a long term lurker. I spent a few minutes in the site before signing up.

I am new to the coffee game, having had a Bambino Plus for around 2/3 months, I am currently using ground coffee and have done plenty of research into grinders, but I am not currently willing to pay £300+ for  new one, so on the hunt for something 2nd hand and hoping the advice on here will help me find the right grinder and then provide further advice on actually using it!

Hi everyone! :)

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Lurked for about a day after my second bean-to-cup failed. Certainly has been an education into another world and enabled me to be separated from a bit more cash that I was planning on for the replacement. Well worth it. Two weeks now with a separate machine and grinder, I don't believe I would have made anything like as good a decision without all the insight on this forum. 

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Lurked for around a month, deciding what to buy and considering adding my own questions/queries but agree most already covered if you look deep enough! Finally decided to get involved this week

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Always been interested about coffee & love drinking it too!

Lurking for few weeks! Got a Beko CEP5152B & Krups GVX2 Grinder but I have just gone and bought a Sage Barista Pro from Lakeland so can't wait for that delivery!

I'm very much a newbie but learnt a lot in past few weeks only had my Beko & Grinder few weeks before upgrading to Sage. Thought get a decent bit of kit since I'm really getting into it.

Been watching James Hoffmann YouTube Channel What a great guy so much learnt from him already.

Hope everyone is coping ok? Been hard for us all this lockdown so I have been focusing my mind with all this and other things.

Take care all! 


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