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How long did you lurk before joining?

How long did you lurk before joining?  

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  1. 1. How long did you lurk before joining?

    • Less than 1 week
    • 1-4 weeks
    • 1-3 months
    • 3-6 months
    • longer than 6 months

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It is...you did the right thing for your heart at the expense of your pocket. Welcome to the forum.  

I have been reading info on the forum for about 2 weeks. Just joined today. Happy to be a member. I am awaiting delivery on my first prosumer machine : VBM Domobar Super 2B. Sent from my SM-N950F usi

Happened to us all. 

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Been lurking for several weeks now. Signed up, but the mire I read the more confused I get.


Loving it though.

Same here - I lurked a few weeks, realised I'd never made an actual good cup of coffee in my life compared to the people here and so joined to start asking questions that I couldn't find answers to using the search function.

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I joined yesterday as I have some questions that I reckon some of the forum members might have a view on, but prior to that I spent probably 2 - 3 weeks 'researching' - i.e. lurking.

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I lurked around for about a week I reckon before joining only a couple of weeks ago - im all new to the coffee scene! I did join another coffee forum before finding this one but it was American and it was a bit poo - I live close to bella barista and I was told of this forum from them....(nice lady very helpful and I gather most of you lot regard the shop as one of the better ones by what ive read on here)..she was showing me a new lever machine and talking about sending it out to a few ppl to test it out. so I looked on here ( the sales section first I have to admit!) and been coming back ever since! its like a good coffee shop....if you like the product and the atmosphere you find yourself wanting to go back! ;)


by the way this is my first post on here too! hi all im mick!

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hi welcome mick, i have the said lever machine on my bench evaluating it! I started a thread on it so if you have any questions please fire away on that thread.

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I lurked for a few weeks before signing up! Was finding some really useful information on here in terms of personal opinions and things that have helped me with my new job in the coffee biz... In terms of what you could of done to make me sign up earlier I guess would of been limiting how much I could read, but then again being able to do that is why I have now joined :).



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I lurked briefly (only really for a couple of days) before joining up - I've joined simply because so many of the people on here seem to have great knowledge. I'm fortunate to have a good relationship with my local coffee shop owner, and he's taught me a lot: but (as is apparent from the range of opinions on here) one person's experience may differ from anothers!

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I've been 'lurking' for quite a bit- have been using a delonghi ec330 which has just packed in and fancy upgrading to the Gaggia classic; hence I've registered to take part in the wonderful for sale section!

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