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One of the most common questions we see on Coffee Forums UK is 'where can I get freshly roasted beans in the UK?'


Below is a list of UK Roasters who have a web presence / sell beans on their websites


This list is in Alphabetical order and is a work in progress


Please feel free to add to this list (suggestions will be pasted into this post)


Adams and Russell

Alchemy Coffee

Allpress Espresso

Angelucci Coffee

Artisan Roast

Baytown Coffee Roasters

Bean Brothers


Bean Smitten

Bella Barista and The Roastery

Black Cat Coffee

Butterworth & Son

Campbell & Syme

Capital Roasters

Casa Espresso

Cast Iron Coffee Roasters

Climpson and Sons


Coffee By The Casuals

Coffee Compass


Coffee Mango


Coffee Real

Coleman Coffee

Crafted Coffee Company

Craft House Coffee

Dear Green

Django Coffee Co

DJ Miles


Dusty Ape 

Eighty Seven Plus 

Extract Coffee

Fazenda UK

Ferraris Coffee

Flaming Beans

Footprint Coffee

Fortitude Coffee


Grumpy Mule

Hands-On Coffee Roasters

Happy Donkey


Hilltop Brews

Home Ground Coffee

Horsham Coffee Roasters

HR Higgins

Imperial Teas

Ismail Coffee

J. Atkinson & Co

James Gourmet 


Little and Long

Little Fin Roastery

Londinium Espresso (now in NZ)

Long & Short


Machina (Edinburgh)


Markus Coffee

Maude Coffee Roasters

Mission Coffee Works

Monmouth Coffee

Monsoon Estates

Neighbourhood Coffee

North Star Roasters

Nude Espresso 

Obadiah Coffee 


Ouseburn Coffee Company


Ozone Coffee Roasters

Pact Coffee



Quarter Horse Coffee

Rave Coffee

Reads Coffee

Real Deal Roasters




Roundhill Roastery

Rounton Coffee Roasters


Silver Oak Coffee

Small Batch Coffee

Smith's Coffee

Smith Street Coffee Roasters

Smokey Barn Coffee Roasters

Square Mile

Steampunk Coffee

Stewart's Coffee 

Stokes Coffee

Super Fine Coffee

The Bean Shop

The Blending Room

The Coffee Bean Van and Roaster

The Ethiopian Coffee Company

The Steamie

Thistledown Cottage Coffee

Thomsons Coffee

Two Day Coffee Roasters

UE Coffee Roasters

Union Hand Roasted

Unorthodox Roasters

Williams and Johnson

Winchester Coffee Roasters

W Martyn

Wogan Coffee

Workshop Coffee

Yellow Bourbon

York Coffee Emporium

Your Grind

47 Degrees

80 Stone Coffee Roasters

92 Degrees

200 Degrees

Useful google map of roasters from @eduk to locate a roaster near to you :)


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For some reason i feel the need to try this  ...

Is this helpful? https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=1putX2bN-cFVQf90sxqjOmFmhlUsnYHMX&usp=sharing

If regular members copy me in with a recommendation for a [suitable] roaster I can add them to the list.

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Do add MacBeans in Aberdeen (mail order available throughout the UK).


No web-based shop yet, but very responsive via email and they can send a printed product/price list which is updated monthly. (They have a Facebook page also.)


We are getting beans for both my espresso and my wife's cafetiere from them. It's somewhat rare that our very different tastes converge onto the same roaster, so MacBeans is getting most of our business lately.

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Particularly useful for buying larger amounts and can share the order between two or three people, mainly because of postage charges for orders below £49. I have tried all their beans barring the latest deal of the month and never been disappointed.



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Hey i do repairs for a roaster in Perth called 'The Bean Shop' and they do a fantastic range of coffees. The boss there, John, is really helpful and puts in massive shifts to bring the best coffees in the area. I don't get over much as he is a couple of hours drive from where i am but when i do i like to stock up on several coffees. The Hawaii Kona is lovely and worth every penny and at Christmas they do the Famous ...... can you guess..... yes ......'Christmas Blend' which is one of the best i have tasted. I urge you all to visit their web: http://www.thebeanshop.com and see what you think. Ciao.

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We are The Ethiopian Coffee Company. We import/source some of the greatest coffees from the Highlands of Ethiopia.

We hand roast small batches on a daily basis which can be ordered online. Our coffees are fresh - about five days on average at the time of dispatch. We always have Yirgacheffe, Harrar, Sidamo, Djimma & Lekempti. Currently we have a washed Yirgachefffe 'Misty Valley' another unwashed Yirg and two unwashed Sidamo's - all microlots and sublime. We promise not only great coffees but great customer service.

We also sell the beans and coffee by the cup at Sloane Sq on Saturdays, Covent Garden on Thursdays and at the monthly food market on the South Bank.


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Hey Guys,


Just had a great day up at Porlock in Somerset with DJ Miles hosted by Gill and a brief from head roaster Mitch. What and awesome day and aroma with a roast underway as I arrived. Great group with a fantastic array of beans on offer and they sell equipment as well which is cheaper than a website I have been using previousley. Only just stopped shaking from the caffeine going through my system.


Cheers Guys



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I felt inspired to let everyone know about a nice little surprise I had this morning. I ground some 3 day old Christmas Bean from Kamelia Budd here in Devon.......wow, now I know my grind didn't do it justice but Vanilla, Rum, Orange and Liqeueur all there as promises, Crimbo locked in a Bean! amazing :) I keep sniffing the bag, how sad:( must get some more but snowed in!!

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