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Coffee Forums UK Classifieds Usage Guidelines

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Please Note : New Rules - effective 06 September 2013 (updated 15 February 2015)


By posting in the Coffee Forums UK Classified Forums you agree to abide by all of the rules of this forum (listed below)

Coffee Forums UK and the moderators cannot accept any liability for any losses incurred from the use of the classifieds forums.

If you are a victim of any activity you feel is illegal then please report this to the moderators who will endeavour to assist.

By providing this sales medium Coffee Forums UK, its parent company or any other persons cannot be held liable for losses incurred through fraudulent activity

Each transaction is conducted between the Buyer and the Seller - with the risk being on both parties

Coffee Forums UK recommends using an Escrow service where possible

Coffee Forums UK does not provide Escrow services


Advertising stolen goods will result in an instant and permanent forum ban



  1. You must be over 18 to buy and sell items and must be a member with at least 5 posts
  2. You may only trade personally owned items which are legal to sell in the UK
  3. Commercial items should not be sold via Coffee Forums UK. Please contact the forum administrator to discuss sponsorship opportunities
  4. You must include a price in your for sale post
  5. Post and Packaging costs and delivery/collection requirements must be clearly displayed
  6. Accepted payment methods must be stated
  7. If you have advertised the item elsewhere you must declare this in your post
  8. You may only reply within a For Sale thread if you are interested in purchasing the item
  9. Prices offered are buyer beware and all buyers should do their homework before placing an offer



  1. All discussions including offers, acceptances and refusals should be shown clearly in the thread (not by email or PM). Once a deal is agreed you may use whatever form of external communication you like to finalise payment details etc. Your general location and details of equipment are not considered to be valid reasons for using off thread communications. We insist on this rule because we need to see all the negotiations to be able to mediate a solution to a dispute
  2. You cannot make a higher offer to gazump after a deal has been agreed
  3. You should only make an offer for an item when you have the funds to pay for it. The seller may agree to wait for payment but this should be discussed in the thread with the seller and they are entitled to refuse
  4. If a seller reduces the price for a potential buyer, that price becomes the new asking price for all. However, the item is reserved for that potential purchaser for 1 day to accept that offer before others can buy it at the new price
  5. The first unconditional offer of the asking price secures the sale. The seller cannot accept an offer higher than the asking price
  6. Sellers may choose who they deal with if they have had a particularly negative or positive experience with a member. You must contact a moderator if you wish to apply this rule


Wanted Threads

These work differently to For Sale threads. These are the sole property of the original poster and items offered are for them only. Others may make an offer, such as if member x doesn't want this, I'll take it for the asking price, but the original poster always has the first refusal on the item

Giveaway items

If you want to get rid of something then say that it is free to a good home to the first person paying a specified sum for postage. Once someone offers this set amount, the deal is finalised. You may not accept a higher amount than that you have agreed


Completing the Trade

Anyone who fails to honour their obligation in a purchase will be contacted by email by admin to ask for an immediate resolution. If this is not forthcoming then your access rights to Coffee Forums UK may be withdrawn

This action is done to protect the community from deliberately fraudulent traders and by trading in Coffee Forums UK you agree to allow forum admin to pass your details to the relevant authorities (in all regions of the world)

You are responsible for all trades and sales you take part in

Goods sold remain the seller's responsibility until received by the buyer


We strongly recommend that you:

  • Request digital photographs of the goods you are purchasing.
  • Insist on insured delivery and make claims against that insurance where items are damaged or lost in transit.
  • If you are signing for receipt of goods, unless you have checked and are happy with their condition, mark the delivery receipt 'unchecked'. Otherwise, if the goods are later found to be faulty, the seller and the delivery company are not liable in any way
  • Obtain and verify the details of the person you are trading with by, for example, calling them on their landline phone
  • If you are transferring monies via bank transfer or any other digital means, check that the name and location of the receiving account matches the detail you have about the vendor and get proof of the transaction
  • Use an Escrow service or Paypal in case of dispute



If there is a dispute over a Coffee Forums UK trade, please take the following steps:

  • Reply to your thread detailing exactly what has happened since the trade was agreed which has caused the dispute.
  • Report your new post to the moderators asking for help to resolve the dispute
  • The moderators will do their best to help bring the dispute to an amicable conclusion. This service is not available to trades which have occurred by private message


Other Information

  • New members may not use the Coffee Forums UK messaging system (PM) until after you have 5 posts. After you have 5 posts the messaging system will automatically be enabled in your account. If you are a new member and you wish to contact another member for legitimate reasons (for example to exchange information following an agreed deal in our classifieds), then please contact Glenn via PM (PM to an admin is permissible within the 5 posts period)
  • Coffee Forums UK does not get involved with the mechanics of making payments for goods. However, we would like to point out that if the purchaser uses the Paypal Gift option then they will not have any recourse via Paypal should the purchase go wrong. This will not affect any ruling made by Coffee Forums UK moderators with regard to disputed purchases.
  • If you see any rule infringements, we would be grateful if you would report these to the moderators by clicking the Report Post button under the post. Please do not post comments in the thread as this will be considered to be spoiling.

Commercial advertisements where prior permission has not been gained will be removed



Coffee Forums UK, its administrators or site staff cannot and will not accept liability for any loss incurred through the use of the For Sale or Wanted forums.

Any deals made are an agreement between, and the full responsibility of the buyer and the seller only

We will do everything we can to mediate in disputes but will not take sides in any circumstances


** Minimum Posts Count - Sellers **

Please note a minimum post count of 5 applies to this section, you must have also posted elsewhere within the last 29 days

If you do not have 5 posts then please become more active on the forum before selling on Coffee Forums UK


** Minimum Posts Count - Buyers **

This rule has been introduced to give existing / active Coffee Forums UK Members a chance to pick up a bargain first

You cannot send Private Messages until 5 posts has been reached

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