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Todays Roast


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Roasted 250g Columbia Suarez in Gene Cafe


I hit 1st crack @ 13.5 mins, held onto 240 then dropped to 235, not sure when 2nd crack started

and total roast time was 18mins with slight breeze coming in through window.


I'm pleased with the results, I normally end up going darker than this, but this is what I'm aiming for.





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Out of curiosity did you find these beans nicer in the L1 or FF?


I used to end up at 235C/238C (exhaust temp) on the Gene.


13.5 mins to 1st seems a bit long to me. With the Gene usually came to 1st around 11.5 mins. However if it tasted good thats great.

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Sadly the FF no longer works, the beans are de gasing, I wont start this roast till the w/end, but previous roasts have tasted good.


If I'm honest most of the time I don't really know when 1st crack starts, I often don't hear it at the start, but checking my records with this bean It's

about the same time.


I hardly ever hear 2nd crack start, I go by the colour of the bean.


At 11.5 mins my gene just getting to 230, was this about the same with yours, did you pre heat before roasting, would this be worth doing.

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I did keep most of my roasts at 225 grams & I have a regular line voltage of 248/249v.


I also struggled with the noise stopping me hearing the cracks easily but I overcame this with a mechanic's stethoscope.


As I have said before the Gene temps are taken from the exhaust & are not too reliable when talking about bean mass temp. My roasts always finished circa indicated 234/238C.


Not sure the effect of pre-heating. Some years ago DaveUK came up with some Gene Mods using a 230v element which I believe worked very well.


I gave up the Gene for a Behmor because I needed more repeatability. In reality the Behmor didn't help me much.

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How are you finding these in comparison to beans already roasted from the roasters?


The only beans I've had from roaster's are some Londinium beans which were very tasty, and some rave beans from Glenn from the forum day,

these were roasted very light which wasn't to my taste.

Before I started roasting I used to buy supermarket beans. :exit:


I'm more than happy with my roasts most of the time, I've only had to bin a few batches.

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I think it would be nice to continue this Thread "Todays Roast"


People can talk about their efforts of the day. Albeit roasting results or a new bean discussion or a new roaster.


Today I've been roasting Monsooned Malabar. Something I've done many times. I have been targeting a rather darker roast & extending the flavour profile.


The Roast Logger program which I have used for a long time both previously to record & now to control my roasts, has had an upgrade & now showing the various stages beans go through to develop. It now also shows a 'Rate of Rise' line on the Chart. This tool is used extensively in the USA, I am now learning how it can benefit my roasting procedures.





The lighter lines show my previous roast of MM. The heavier line is todays roast. I wanted a darker result but still extracting the fuller flavour I know MM is capable of acheiving

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I also struggled with the noise stopping me hearing the cracks easily but I overcame this with a mechanic's stethoscope.

I am also struggling with my (new) GeneCafe! Without wanting a rude answer, where do you stick your stethoscope and what does it look like?





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When I had a Gene I used a Mechanics Stethoscope available from Amazon. Do an Amazon search & you will see them with pictures.


I listened at the chaff exhaust area & held the instrument about 1 inch from the surface. Take care!!! things can get hot

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Is it a hottop your using, how does it compare to the gene cafe?


I have 2 HTs & have converted both to full computer control. If you search back in the Home Roasters Forum between Jan 2012 & Oct 2012 everything is documented with pictures. Prior to doing this I used the same Roast Logger Program to keep records of every roast I did. I used a HT -P2 initially but always regretted I didn't go for the 'B'. It gives much more control.


I produced some very nice results with the Gene but it was never easy. If you roast a lot you need repeatability & the Gene could never give me that. Daveuk on here, years ago came up with a mod to regulate the heat output. I never did the mod but apparently it worked very well.

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Todays roast was Columbia Villa Esperanza (greens from Rave).


Its normally sold roasted for brewed. Today however I took it beyond the normal as I wanted to try it as espresso.


18grams in 26 grams out at 93C for 28 seconds incl 3 secs pre-infusion. Ground quite finely. I found it great as espresso but it excelled with milk as a cappa. One of the best SOs I've roasted & used. Todays semi skimmed milk, Cravendale, was also very good. I deep froze the empty motta jug to slow down the speed of the 4 hole La Spaz wand.


Here's the roast profile. Note how close todays is compared to the previous one. It was,of course, the roast of 4 days ago that I used today.




Sorry for the slightly blurred chart. The Forum always seems to deliver a blurred chart exported as a .jpeg. No problems with the pictures also .jpeg.

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You tap the space bar at each event. First crack start - first crack end - second crack start - roast end. Apart from this the computer controls all the fan actions & the heater to maintain the same temperatures & actions as you have scripted before starting. At the roast end it is saved & next time you roast the same beans you load the template & the computer makes the HT perform exactly as before.

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Today's roast was Papua New Guinea Sigri AA. I usually roast these beans as part of a blend. Today I wanted it as a SO for espresso.


Here's the details:>





I'll let these rest until next weekend.


Got the new DSOL Beans coming Monday so plenty coffee for the next two weeks.


Post your Roasting efforts on here to compare notes (profiles)

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