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I need to try new coffees


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I've become a bit set in my ways with my coffee use. So I would like some advice.


Currently I use James Gourmet, Monmouth, Hasbean and sometimes Square Mile. I've also taken out subscriptions with blankbox and pact


blankbox in a hope that they can get me started with new roasters.


I have also used Union, Extract, Pumphreys, Ousburn Coffee Company, Grumpy Mule.


I am aware I need to give Rave a shot and Londinium. Who else?

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Seems like you've got most of them covered. Others that spring to mind are:


- Workshop

- Climpson and sons

- Nude Espresso

- Ozone

- Allpress


The only ones off this list that I can vouch for are Workshop and Climpsons.

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I've had a nice espresso made from Origin beans recently, worth a go.


Then as you say Londinium, and as someone else said Smokey Barn.


If you want to go outside the country you could try Tim Wendleboe or Coffee Collective.

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Climpson's and Allpress.


For me, Allpress' Redchurch was a real surprise. It's just really bloody good.


I'll need to go to Allpress to try that. They use in a cafe near my work but its one of least pleasant I've tried.

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Looks like Rob has ditched Paypal as well!


Looks like they've ditched some coffees too (but added some others). Off the top of my head the Roast House blend has gone, as has the Brazilian Santos. Nice to see the Cuban Serrano on the website, though. I must try it soon :-)

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