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Found 23 results

  1. MildredM

    Wilfa Svart

    Hardly used - it looks like new really! £75 delivered
  2. Hi All, For sale is my Wilfa Svart Grinder (Purchased from Square Mile - May-17). Boxed/Instructions and maintained in fantastic condition. A great brewed grinder, surplus to requirements. £75 delivered - perfect condition Many Thanks Andy
  3. Hi all, after a Wilfa Svart grinder if anyone has one?
  4. I've gone from one extreme to the other, for years I have only made brewed coffee, either V60 or Aeropress. I bought a new (to me) grinder a couple of months ago, and then a few weeks ago bought a Fracino Piccino and now only drink espresso, after having dialled the grinder in for a decent espresso, I can't summon the enthusiasm to change it so dramatically to make a cup using the brew methods. So, I think I need a second grinder for brewed coffee. ~The Wilfa Svart seems like a good choice, what else is out there? (I don't want a Niche)
  5. A friend of mine is into cold brew and wants a grinder suitable for cold brew. His budget is something like GBP £100 to £150. I suggested a Wilfa to him, but I am unsure whether its capable for grinding 200g in one go. Would it burn the motor?
  6. I've just noticed Whittards are now stocking a bunch of new-to-them, coffee brewing equipment including the Wilfa Grinder, Stagg and Brewista Kettles, Cafflano and Espro presses. It might help some people who like to see the bits and bobs before purchasing. https://www.whittard.co.uk/equipment/coffee-equipment/all-coffee-equipment
  7. I've had a Vario for a good few years and whilst I've gotten a lot of good use out of it there have been a number of quality/build issues. Had to switch the motor out about 5 months ago and recently the new one burnt out too, so think it might be time to move on. I mostly make brewed coffee at home - Kalita wave, v60, chemex, aeropress, french press. I do have a Gaggia Evolution for espresso that still ticks along okay although also getting on a bit, but I do enjoy making espresso on the weekends. In looking for a replacement I'm hearing some concerning things re the Sette, which might have been the obvious replacement. What I am understanding generally is that there isn't going to be a good solution for both brewed and espresso grinds, so I may need to move to a two-grinder set up instead. Looking for any advice or recommendations anyone can share. Not keen on going down the hand grinder route for brewed, mostly as I think others in the family might struggle with making adjustments for different grinds, and I'm a bit lazy in the mornings! Have heard good things about the Wilfa Svart which goes for £105, so would leave more cash to go towards a separate espresso grinder. Or would this be a big step down for brewed from the Vario? If so, any suggestions for better alternatives. Think that at the moment for grinders my total budget would be around £500, so £100 for a Wilfa would leave £400 for an espresso grinder. Obviously more spent on the grinder for brewed means less money for the espresso one. Anticipate I'll probably get the itch to upgrade the espresso machine in the long run too, maybe able to spend £500-£700, so am thinking the investment in the separate espresso grinder might still be worthwhile even if it's overkill for the current set up. Thanks in advance!
  8. Hi all, I've been getting back into the wonderful world of filter coffee recently, and forgotten how much I enjoy using the V60/Aeropress, and thinking about upgrading the set up. My first question is if I use my espresso grinder (Compak K3) and just put it on a coarser setting, will this be better/worse than a specific filter grinder? Then if not and a specific filter grinder is the way to go, what would people recommend? Maybe around £100-£200 mark. I've read very good things about the Wilfa Svart that they made with Tim Wendelboe, does anyone have any experience with this? They seem to have good reviews, and relatively cheap. thanks! Rory
  9. Hi guys I'm currently awaiting delivery of my first grinder (a wilfa for brewed) I was just wondering as I've seen you all talk about seasoning a new grinder before use. How much would you suggest? And is there anywhere to get cheap beans from to do it with? James
  10. Anyone used one? Seems to be identical to the Breville BCG450XL. Wondering how it compares to something like a Baratza Encore? They're both conical but it doesn't seem to be stepped like the Encore?
  11. Hi all, some exciting news from Tim Wendleboe’s Instagram about a new grinder he’s developed it Wilfa. Not very much info but I’ll post what there is below: - apparently it is better than the last Wilfa Svart Grinder “by a mile” - flat burr Grinder with 52mm burrs - price is 3000nok = £275, so strikes an interesting price point - it comes with a set of Bluetooth scales (I think), with 0.1g increments and an app with grind recommendations by Tim himself - works “okay for espresso” but probably better for other methods - produced brews with 21% extraction - it grinds slow to not over heat the coffee and it switches off when there are no more beans in the hopper - no timer, just the on/off and then the photos:
  12. Hi all, I've been using my V60 recently and been buying a lot of nice (and expensive!) coffee's to try. And to be honest I'm really not getting coffee's im very happy with. None of them seem to have a tonne of flavour to them, which Is almost certainly to do with HOW im brewing, and not WHAT im brewing. I'm using a Wilfa Svart grinder and using the Hario kettle along with a Hario V60-01 filter. I'm currently using the Perger method, which uses 200g of water into 12g of coffee over 2 mins 20s (which feels too quick). So i'm just wondering what people's 'go to' methods are when they've bought a new bag of coffee and how they tweak parameters to get a better a cup? One problem I am finding is the water pooling a bit at the end of the brew. If i grind coarse then I also get a real sludge at the bottom of the filter, with very coarse grinds sitting on top of this, so I'm worried that maybe my grind isn't working too great? Would appreciate any feedback and just what recipie's people use. Thanks!
  13. Hi all, First post :-) I am looking for info on upgrading my grinder and at the moment my preferred choice is the wilfa grinder. I don't make espresso, so don't need a grinder capable of grinding that fine. I'll be using the grinder for grinding for v60 and aeropress. At the moment I use a porlex tall hand grinder and my reasons for upgrading are due to laziness and a more consistent particle size in equal proportions. Actually a more consistent grind size is more important for me. I've heard the burrs wobble or move in the porlex and I do notice particularly in the spent grinds from the v60 that there is different sized particles. My reasons for the wilfa are price and from the few reviews I've seen, really good results. I've not read anything bad about it to be honest. Does anybody have any advice on better options than the wilfa without spending too much more? Does anyone have any opinions on the wilfa grinder, either the old or new version? Thanks all in advance Moultram
  14. Hey all. New to the forum so apologies if this is a silly question. Reasonably experienced in coffee making at home but having issues w/ my new wilfa grinder. Beans in, switched on, caddy attached, oh and plug in wall. If I set the grind timer to say 25 secs to make a litre of filter cawfee, no problems, however, if I want to make only one cup using an aeropress, I turn the grind time around to say 8 secs and then it fails. I get a random amount of grind time. Sometimes half a sec, sometimes 4 secs, sometimes 2 secs. I thought that the caddy could be being shaken out causing a stop but if I turn the grind time back around to 25 secs say without touching anything else after a stop then bingo, works perfectly. Now I haven't touched the burrs yet, could that be an issue? Any thoughts welcome. Many thx and happy holidays. Jutt
  15. Interested to see if anyone has ground coffee fine enough on a Wilfa Grinder to get any decent results on a La Pavoni Europiccola Lever Machine, or can you grind fine enough on a Hario Hand Grinder, simple as that really, thanks.
  16. Hey folks, Looking for suggestions for an electric brewer? I know little. Is the non sca certified melitta look 4 no good? Is the moccamaster or the wilfa that much better than the melitta? Where can you buy a behmor these days? With 2 toddlers around me I think thermal carafe is now an appreciated feature. Thanks for your help all.
  17. Hi all, I thought id just do a quick post about the Wilfa coffee grinder which I recently bought. There seems to be a lot of talk about this, probably because of the price, the fact it's made with Tim Wendleboe, and with the various positive reviews from people James Hoffman. I got this grinder through Workshop coffee for £95, free postage and included a free bag of coffee (which is delicious). Just thought I'd share some of my views on it: - great price - small footprint - quiet grinding - easy to use with the 'aeropress/French press' settings etc - grinds very quickly - good grind consistency - low rpm to maintain flavour I should probably mention that this grinder won't do espresso - just filter. I find the given grind sizes work pretty well for aeropress, so I'd assume the same for the other settings too. I can't really give any negatives for the price to be honest. The grind bin really isn't a problem at all, there's a nice grove which you can easily dispense the coffee through. So in total, a great grinder which is amazing for the price - looks awesome and most importantly makes great coffee! I'd really recommend it! Let me know now if you've got any questions about this. I've added some photos below. Thanks, Rory
  18. Hi, just got myself a V60 & a Wilfa Svart grinder & was wondering where people with the same set up tend to have the grinder set? My brews were taking nearly 5 minutes so I've been making the grind coarser... Gone from the 1st R in Aeropress to the A of Aeropress & just gone down a few clicks more but still taking over 4 & a half minutes... The dialling in is incredibly satisfying, I love discovering the taste of a new cup but I'm on 4 for the day already so thought it might be an idea to ask I case I'm waaaay out.. Thanks guys, this is my first post so apologies if it's in the wrong place or doesn't make sense..
  19. I cleaned out my wilfa svart grinder and ever since, the grind size has been stuck on a very fine setting- almost like the mocca grind every time, even when the hopper is turned to steap setting. I’ve tried taking out the burr and turning it 180 degrees, cleaning it etc. Anyone ever came across this before or know how to fix? Thanks in advance!
  20. Wilfa Uniform grinder with 58mm flat burrs. selling due to getting a Niche. Bought in October 2019. Grinder is a single does grinder with auto off (which I really miss on the Niche) which stops when the grinding is done. Has an anti static metal grounds bin and does an all round good job. it is a mainly filter focused grinder but happily does do espresso, I have been using it for decafe espresso. Great Consistent results for V60 and aeropress. Looking for £200 collected from Didcot Oxfordshire. I will consider delivery if it doesn’t go collection.
  21. Has anyone got any user experience/comparisons of these two brewers? I'm looking at getting one for home use and at work, when I have more time and at weekends etc I'll be using the v60 and chemex but a brewer such as these would be really useful. I was at a local roastery last week and chatting to them, they have a Wilfa precision brewer and said it was excellent and their go to day to day but that they also use the Classic+ and it's really good. James Hoffmann has done a review of the precision and many of the features he picks out as good are the same on the Classic+. e.g. adjustable collar. I'd be interested to see what people say and also anyones opinion on glass carafes or thermos flasks?
  22. Lately, v60 brews with beans ground with this grinder have been taking up to and beyond 5mins where the brew would usually drain by 3.5mins on the same grind setting and pour regime. I haven't interfered with the grinder in any way and everything else has remained consistent. I cannot understand why try brews are taking longer. I've tried going coarser but whilst those brews may drain quicker its not the taste/flavour/body I would usually get. I've since tried to clean any residual coffee in the burrs and start again but am still experiencing the same problem. In addition, I've been questioning whether I am properly replacing the top burr carrier on this grinder. It just seems to sit on top without being fixed into place in any way. Also have seen some discussion about which way around the top burr needs to sit but cannot notice any discernible difference. Any ideas?
  23. First time poster! I bought a Wilfa Svart based on reading this forum, but was also curious about dosing. Currently, it's kind of erratic, if i have the dial at 2pm (ie, most of the way to the 10s mark), it's inconsistent, sometimes less than a second if i tap the button or even if i hold it, but sometimes a tap and/or hold it keeps going.. not really consistent.. Is this normal with this grinder? Or is there some knack that I'm not sure about Thanks
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