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  1. Hi folks, I'm not sure if this is of interest since a majority of people seem to hold a good understanding of the mineral contents of waters, and how mineral wreak havoc on coffee equipment -- but I certainly didn't have as much of a clue, and spent an hour this afternoon collecting the mineral content of common UK bottled waters. I'm aware there's a big debate on the ideal composition of water etc. for flavour, but perhaps the following table is of use to someone: [TABLE=class: grid, width: 1377] [TR] [TD]Water Source[/TD] [TD]Calcium[/TD] [TD]Magnesium[/TD] [TD]Potassium[
  2. I have seen this Stockwell and Co water sold by Tesco at 17p for 2 ltrs is it ok for using in Sage barista express?
  3. We use the usual recommended bottled water for our machine but for the kettle we use a Brita filter jug, and for drinking we use distilled with Celtic salt added. Our water here here is VERY hard. The kettle is showing signs of scale within weeks of cleaning it despite changing the Brita filter every 3 weeks. And I am just not enjoying the drinking water as much as I was when we had Hildon bottled still water. My aim aim is to have as little plastic waste as possible, to have a clean kettle, and to know I’m not glugging a load of rubbish in my drinking water. If it could go in the L
  4. This one I have generally used following comments and advice on the forum, currently we are away from base. ASHBECK. This is option one. And option two. If I was only to consider based on Calcium it would be an easy choice, but it's how the other constituents play a part. Jon.
  5. At work on an offshore rig I got two water options. From tap, which is produced on the rig, and bottled water. The tap water is no good, so I'm using bottled water. I'm not too happy with the water quality though. Brews made with the same beans I use at home tends to be more acidic and overall less great. I brew V60. Is it possible to add something to the bottled water to potentially improve the quality of my brews? I know some people make their own brew water with distilled water and some minerals. If the bottled water is low in minerals or the balance is off somehow, would it be possibl
  6. Good evening Folks, Looking to a purchase a water filter jug for my espresso machine was thinking a Zerowater pitcher (as it comes with TDS meter) can anyone offer any suggestions or advice? Thanks, Mike
  7. Did a search but not find anything exact. I have got a Claris everpure filter and head etc, only issue is head take a 3/8 for outlet, there is a brass bit with a mesh filter on the included braided hose, but this appears to be same 3/8 male as outlet is on claris head. Anyone know size of connection the what the hose requires on R58? As I understand it, 3/8" refers to internal diameter of the opening not thread size etc.
  8. Ok, so I recently joined the forums looking to improve my coffee. I predominantly drink filter coffee using a Melitta Therm Look IV using pre-ground coffee (I know, I know, I'm a beginner, what can I say!). Realising my best option to improve the flavour without splashing out on a new Brazen Plus, would be moving over to beans and grinding them myself, so, thanks to recommendations from here, I have purchased a Wilfa Svart grinder which should be with me on Monday/Tuesday. I like the idea of a V60 or Chemex but realistically would prefer to keep the brewing process as simple as possible hence
  9. Hi all, I am looking to use tap water here in Dublin, Ireland to brew with. I have some questions about my water filter and water parameters here in Dublin which I have been told is soft water. I currently have a HMA filter set up with which I use to filter my tap water for drinking. It has 3 filters, a sediment filter down to 1 micron, a PCB-10-CM carbon filter which removes chlorine and chloramines and the 3rd filter which is a pentek carbon filter. I have used this water to supply my aquarium but thought I could use it with my tap water to use in an espresso machine.
  10. https://www.phoxwater.com/ Anyone heard anything about this as a water solution for coffee/espresso? On first look: Is it green? I'd love to reduce my plastic waste. Reusing the cartridge housing seems like a good idea, but it's probably ~30% the mass of the cartridge as a whole. Recycling a Brita cartridge recycles the filter media too, where as this is just chucked. But at lease it's not getting shipped to Germany to be processed. Inconclusive so far. Is the water any good? Ion exchange resin looks similar to a Brita solution, so better than nothing but not great. The "Alkaline pa
  11. bronc

    RO system

    I want to try Xpenno's SodaStream water method but don't have access to RO water. Would this work: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Compact-Reverse-Osmosis-Aquarium-Tropical/dp/B00A4EP2BO/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1462717843&sr=8-2&keywords=reverse+osmosis ? I'm only going to be using it for 10L a week.
  12. Evening all, One area I've never got to grips with is water composition, so advice on the water I'm now stuck with using (unless it's so bad that I install a filter at significant expense) would be really helpful. Primarily after reassurance it's not going to knacker my Nuova Simonelli, but any tips on what it will do to the taste (and any straightforward things I could do to counteract this) would be really appreciated too. Picture of label attached, but some key numbers. (mg/l) TDS 108 PH 6.7 Calcium 7 Magnesium 2.33
  13. Hi all, I've got the following back from our water supplier and just wanted advice on how best to proceed for decent brew water. I have access to distilled or deionised if required. Calcium 84.5 mg Ca/L Magnesium 5.9 mg Mg/L Sulphate 19.1 mg SO4/L Sodium 12.4 mg Na/L Chloride 42 mg Cl/L Bicarbonate 173.8mg HCO3/L Alkalinity 142.5mg CaC03/L Thanks, Joe
  14. Long time lurker, first time poster. Current setup is a gaggia classic about 6 years old and going strong paired with a massively overkill mazzer mini e grinder. The classic has the opv set to 9 bar and running the Silvia steam wand. Wondering if the classic is not long for this world as the pump is making different and somewhat disturbing noises. Also curious about using bottled water. Volvic seems to get mentioned a lot. Wondering why?
  15. Hey guys. I'm getting back into my coffee and have spent a large part of today reading up about bottled water and I'm really none the wiser. Is WE and volvic still a go to? I am aware that ashbeck alone is not ideal as its too soft, could I mix that partly with my hard tap water? Any other suggestions/advice will be great. James
  16. Living in Edinburgh, the water tastes great straight from the tap, and I was just wondering if it's soft enough to avoid having to have a filter for my Fracino Cherub? Was just wondering if anyone who lived locally had any input. Cheers guys
  17. Hello! Im working in a restaurant just outside of London where the water out of the tap reads at 354ppm ... Yuk! So we've gone all out on a dogs doodars water filter system. We have a reverse osmosis system which gets the water down to 7ppm. Since this is no good for anything (tea, coffee or even drinking really), and we didn't want to open the blending valve more since we the only thing that will do is increase the ppm with the rubbish that's already in the water. We wanted to add what we wanted back in the water ... What's good for the coffee! So we have added a dosatron and are us
  18. Hi it's my first time posting and I'm looking for some advice. An oppertunity has come up to open a take away only coffee bar in a small hut. With one major set back there is no running water on site. I was wondering if anyone on here has had any experience running such a business and could give some helpful advice on how to proceed. I've been thinking of using water cooler bottles to be delivered daily but where I am having trouble is how to deal with the waste water. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  19. Hi guys, Need some advice please. Will filtered water be enough for my Barista Express or will i be better off getting the bottle water (Ashbeck)? many thanks in advance. Mark.
  20. The water where I live is quite soft so I would like to start making my own water for coffee. I've read @Xpenno 's latest blog post but I would first like to test my tap water. Can you recommend any tests/tools I can purchase off Amazon which measure the content of the various minerals?
  21. How do Newbie posting, so please forgive the ignorance....... Been drinking coffee for a long time, been brewing occasionally and now have a machine of my own which requires restoring before I can REALLY start learning......... The point is the coffee is important, but surely so is the water. There are many different pov such as filtered, bottled, reverse osmosis etc..... Is there a recommended Ph for water? I understand it will vary from house to house, but when I replaced the dishwasher it was recommended to check Ph and adjust machine settings.......
  22. Hi all Searching on eBay and I found this thermometer click me it looks the business and the price is good (very important) just wanted a second opinion on whether or not you think it would be ok for measuring my water temp? Cheers HLA91
  23. Last week my pump started rattling and smelled burnt after several shots from it in a row. Then it stopped pumping water altogether! I left it for the day and switched it back on, the electrical burning smell still there but now pumping water. For the last few days i've switched it on, pumped some water through and pulled a shot and now the smell is going and espresso tasting ok but i just don't think the pressure is like before-put any tamp weight on it and the coffee just drips out Rang Gaggia at Halifax on friday who were too busy to talk to me so took my number but never called me ba
  24. I live in London and have water which can fur up a moka pot in a year! Just got an espresso machine (self fill) and I don't want to put poor water into it. Been using mineral for the first week. Are those minerals going to calcify on the element? I am considering getting one of those brita jug filters, but not sure if that wil help. What do you prefer to use and why?
  25. Hi, After much deliberation I have just installed the BWT Bestmax Premium water filter kit onto my water supply. I did a drop test of my water before and after, as well as a bottle of Volvic. These were the results (TH=Total Hardness, KH=Carbonate Hardness): Water supply: TH 12 drops = 214ppm, KH 7 drops = 125ppm Water supply with filter: TH 7 drops = 125ppm, KH 5 drops = 89ppm Volvic: TH 4 drops = 71ppm, KH 3 drops = 53ppm I can play around with the bypass setting (which determines how hard it filters the water), but I couldn't resist making a brew straight a
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