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  1. Good evening Folks, Looking to a purchase a water filter jug for my espresso machine was thinking a Zerowater pitcher (as it comes with TDS meter) can anyone offer any suggestions or advice? Thanks, Mike
  2. Hi there. I've bought a 2nd hand gaggia classic, the sticker on the bottom says 11/2001. I have noticed that water coming out the brew head has a sweet taste. I know this is subjective, but that's what it tastes to me. After searching online I now think this may be a metallic taste after all - not sure though... So I pumped some water into a glass container and I can see some kind of suspension on the water that clears after a while but not completely. I then proceeded to backflush with pully (with correct product). Washed with plenty water just letting the machine pump cle
  3. My local water supply is moderately soft at 27 ppm. Whilst this is great from the point of view I don't need to worry about scale buildup I have heard that a little more hardness is good for taste? I reckon my water is pretty tasty but would it be worth looking into some kind of treatment to actually increase the water hardness? Or just not worry about it?
  4. Had a google and a search around here but havent found anything too definitive. Does acidic water (i.e. pH below 6.5) neutralise and dissolve scale buildup? (painful) Memories of A level Chemistry would suggest it obviously would as you have an acid + a base but does anyone know how well this translates anecdotally. I've been using exclusively ashbeck water in both my machines and I can say with a fair degree of certainty the little delonghi probably wasn't particularly well cared for before I got it but worked fine. Will the ashbeck water of pH 6.2 gradually reduce any scale in a m
  5. Hi everybody Please could you all be of help, I am after the best bottled water to use in espresso machine that will not cause it to scale up. I am sure this has been asked before but supermarkets etc have a habit of changing suppliers from time to time Thanks Rob
  6. I live in a soft water area and have never really thought of using bottled water for coffee making, would changing to bottled have much of a taste advantage as I do not really notice much difference when drinking my own tap water compared to bottled. I am currently drinking mainly brewed coffee (V60) but am in the process of refurbishing a gaggia classic so will be experimenting with espresso soon. according to my water company my water hardness values are as below. Thanks
  7. I live in Bristol with its hard water. My Delonghi has lasted 15 years with only an occasional descale! I switched to Volvic this week and that has made a bigger difference to taste than almost anything else. Anyway, I've promised myself a new machine for 2018 and I can't keep using tap water. My local big supermarket is Morrisons and they don't have Volvic. I looked at their own brand but the numbers on the label looked odd (see below). I had a hunt around. There are numerous water threads on here. I thought I'd pull together my notes in case they are useful. I have borrowed ex
  8. Having a re-shuffle so I might have the following available: BWT Bestmax - Digital meter, Flush, Filter head & Bestmax V filter (40ltrs through it). Only selling as a complete bundle (for now). Thanks in advance.
  9. Did a search but not find anything exact. I have got a Claris everpure filter and head etc, only issue is head take a 3/8 for outlet, there is a brass bit with a mesh filter on the included braided hose, but this appears to be same 3/8 male as outlet is on claris head. Anyone know size of connection the what the hose requires on R58? As I understand it, 3/8" refers to internal diameter of the opening not thread size etc.
  10. I've got a Quick Mill Silvano. I've been running it for over 3 years now using London tap water from our fridge supply. It's gone through a carbon filter but nothing more. The machine is still working fine (I've had to dip the frother tip in vinegar a few times ) but I know I"m really on borrowed time. I figure I need to switch to some kind of softening. the house supply is on a resin bead Ion Exchange water softener (https://www.eastmidlandswater.com/Details.asp?ProductID=423) but the Kitchen cold tap and fridge are unsoftened. What do people recommend? Should I use water fro
  11. Was thinking about this last night even though not off until August. I always take my Aeropress on holiday as it is the easiest mobile brew method and tend to just pick up the local bottled water from a supermarket. As there is always a choice, but mainly local varieties to that country, I was wondering if any of the forum water experts could give a basic guide for picking a brew friendly water?
  12. Good morning, Running a Fracino Contempo Dual Fuel with filter fed from water containers via Sureflow and Fracino high pressure pump. I have a routine for sterilising the containers and tubing using Puriclean and to date no adverse effect such as tainting water taste etc. But I've been wary of running this though the pumps and coffee machine itself leaving a potential weakness in my system. What do other do for ensuring full water path is sterilised. Thanks in advance for any advice/help.
  13. Who here makes their own water by adding some minerals to distilled or RO water? It does effect taste in a quite significant way - at least when doing brew coffee. I have been using Third Wave Water lately and sometimes it gives good results, sometimes it's too acidic. I think this is probably due to lack of buffer in their "standard" range. Yesterday I made some water using baking soda and epsom salt, making two solutions in two different bottles so I can control proportions using the BH page as a starting point: https://baristahustle.com/blogs/barista-hustle/advanced-water-recipes
  14. Recently finding my store now has 'Lockhills' in the 4 bottle pack about £1.50. No Stretton Hills, is it same for everyone else? or my store just not separating them and putting them both out! Checked them all but all Lockhill. Have taken a pick of label to compare and the numbers are different will post when i got it off phone.
  15. Ok, so I recently joined the forums looking to improve my coffee. I predominantly drink filter coffee using a Melitta Therm Look IV using pre-ground coffee (I know, I know, I'm a beginner, what can I say!). Realising my best option to improve the flavour without splashing out on a new Brazen Plus, would be moving over to beans and grinding them myself, so, thanks to recommendations from here, I have purchased a Wilfa Svart grinder which should be with me on Monday/Tuesday. I like the idea of a V60 or Chemex but realistically would prefer to keep the brewing process as simple as possible hence
  16. At work on an offshore rig I got two water options. From tap, which is produced on the rig, and bottled water. The tap water is no good, so I'm using bottled water. I'm not too happy with the water quality though. Brews made with the same beans I use at home tends to be more acidic and overall less great. I brew V60. Is it possible to add something to the bottled water to potentially improve the quality of my brews? I know some people make their own brew water with distilled water and some minerals. If the bottled water is low in minerals or the balance is off somehow, would it be possibl
  17. Hi folks. I’ve recently bought a used Duo Temp Pro and ordered some Sage branded water filters for it. On arrival, they look just like the cheap unbranded ones available on Amazon. Does anyone know if the Sage branded ones are ion exchange resin or just plain charcoal? I’d prefer not to pay £15 for something I can get for £5 elsewhere. Thanks for any info.
  18. Rocket Espresso Mozzafiato Evoluzione r. Machine is about 3 months old, plumbed in water through a BWT, have done weekly maintenance on brew head. The water wand blasts out sputtering and steaming although I remember when I first tried it the water came out gently without steam. I didn't check the colour then but now it seams to be a dark tinge like there is coffee in it somehow. Happy for the help. Thanks
  19. I'm looking for advice on water treatment - I know the subject has been done to death, but I also know that there must be several forum members who have very similar circumstances and I'm interested in what has worked well for you. I'm about to have a kitchen extension done and would like to stop using bottled water to feed my machine. I have a Classic now, but of course with a bigger kitchen comes space for a bigger machine, so I will upgrade and am thinking of going with something plumbed in. London water being what is is, that will of course involve some sort of treatment to reduce the
  20. I am trying to work out what the optimum balance of trace elements and essential minerals would be if added post production to pure distilled water, so as to satisfy the needs of both coffee machines and drinkers. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  21. This one I have generally used following comments and advice on the forum, currently we are away from base. ASHBECK. This is option one. And option two. If I was only to consider based on Calcium it would be an easy choice, but it's how the other constituents play a part. Jon.
  22. Hi All, I'm looking for a sanity-check from forum folks, and any insights from existing users (or those knowledgeable in) water softeners and filters... I live in a hard water area (Shropshire) and experience high levels of scale in a kettle after just a couple of weeks use. I filter drinking water via a BWT jug (for improved taste) and use Volvic in my coffee machine. As part of a full-house renovation, I'm looking to protect our new household appliances from scale build-up (kettle, dishwasher, etc.) and also improve drinking water quality (my wife doesn't like the taste of th
  23. In what I now think was a moment of madness, I decided to decalcify my Sage coffee machine using a 50/50 mix of white vinegar and water (we live in a hard water area) I followed the manual instructions and even tried a coffee when I finished to just to make sure it didn't taste weird, but today, there is no pressure and I can no longer top up with hot water and nothing comes out of the steam wand either. When I press the one or two cup button it does make a strange noise and I'm wondering if it's something electrical. Any help or advice would be much appreciated. Thanks
  24. I have fitted a PID and have a K type thermouple which is held to the boiler in the shell of the coffee thermostat housing using JB Weld. What I am noticing is that the solonid dumps water back into the tank at about 125 degrees C when heating for steam. Not sure if the pressure is set to low - it was adjusted to 9 bar some time ago but I no longer have a gauge, or if this is normal or finally if my temporary reading is too far off and it's a lot hotter ( although unlikely, it's water being dumped not steam) - I also have a leaky steam valve and no steam escapes till the PID reads almost 100
  25. I have seen this Stockwell and Co water sold by Tesco at 17p for 2 ltrs is it ok for using in Sage barista express?
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