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Found 17 results

  1. Hi All I need a bit of advice from members who have a similar E61 based HX boiler machine. My PID Vivi is nearly five years old, I descale every 4 months and only use filtered water. However the last few months it is down on steam power. It now takes 1min and 30 seconds to steam enough milk for a large cappuccino. I unscrewed the wand from the machine a week ago and it and the nozzle holes are clear. So, do I finally need to unscrew the lid and clean something inside the machine or just descale again? Appreciate any tips S
  2. I have recently bought a Bezzera BZ02 with a four-hole steam wand. After quite a bit of practice I can now make a reasonable job of steaming the milk with this but can't get the really fine microfoam I'm after. Is it worth persevering with this steam wand or should I change it to another? If I need to change it could I convert this one to a two-hole wand? I've heard that some people push cocktail sticks into two of the holes - not a great solution but is there a better, more hygienic way to do this?
  3. I want to do the mod on my Gaggia Classic and just wondered if anyone had a spare they wanted to move on. They don't cost much on eBay so i'll get one there tomorrow if no one has one....
  4. Hey does anyone know if the wand on the DB can be replaced with a longer one ?
  5. Besides the other annoying problems I'm having with my Classic just now the steam wand is now dripping as well, it's coming from inside the wand and not the exterior by the bolt thingie. I just know I'm going to get told the steam valve needs replacing but is there a temporary home fix for that, I'll just live with the leak for now if not, oh and while I'm asking, any one know what is the most likely cause of the coffee coming through really slowly from the brew head, it's just dripping through at times and the machine is running for easily over a minute maybe a minute and a half at times
  6. If you don't ever use the steam wand.
  8. whic rancilio wand is best for gaggia classic there seems to be a few versions on eBay. My classic is I think a 2001. Thanks
  9. I have two wands. The first when in the vertical position is 40mm from the drip tray, the other is longer than the surface of the drip tray by about 20mm. Further to this, the short one seems too short to fit a 500ml jug (the elbow touches the rim) This effectively means that the jug must be half full to get all the angles right. I feel that if either were about touching the drip tray, things might be somewhat easier especially when attempting this "ghost riding" So then folks how near to the drip tray is your steam wand tip? or put another way....How long is yours? Here I
  10. Hi, i am am a total news so go easy on me.mi have read a lot about change the manufacturer supplied steam wand to a Rancilio Silva wand.. In my earnest to get it right I have purchased said wand only to find that my Gaggia Classic doesn't haventhe nut attachment as I expected but rather a ball and socket type affair which is connected internally with clips directly to the hoses so no easy way of removing the old wand. Does anyone have a ny ideas on how to change the wand and if solis it worth the aggro. Cheers
  11. Having finally bought a second hand classic (its a 39/2014 1200w, so not sure where that fits in with hierarchy of classic models) for £70. I have brewed my first latte and I'm not satisfied with the milk frothier due to the wand as we all know. What are the options for upgrading, is there anything that will just fit on the end of the original one replacing the plastic part? That would seem to make thing so much easier.
  12. Hi Just wanted to check if there is something wrong with my setup or is the v3 wand really so noisy on a Classic? I haven't even opened up the valve fully and this sounds awful.. I can see plenty of steam coming out and no noise when out of the jug/milk but when I want to steam the milk I almost want to put ear defenders on Perhaps it might be my jug amplifying the sound? Will post a vid later today
  13. Hi Everyone Has anybody got any idea what no-burn steam wand would fit an Izzo Alex mk2? (HX machine)? It has the standard Izzo 'burn' wand on it currently and also the standard 2 hole tip, as per photo below, which is a pain to clean and has a very wide fan on it. Ideally I want to be able to have a range of tips - 4 hole, 2 hole, 1 hole etc. Thanks
  14. My machine came with two wands one long and one short... I preferred the long one but have never known what it is from.... I would guess it is an L2 type as the new tip is interchangeable Bought the new Mk2 wand last week and now it is a case of start all over again with learning how to steam the milk. I still think getting the angle of dangle right is easier with the long wand but this new one, with its wider spaced holes in the tip, is pretty good so it might not take too long to get back to where I was
  15. Hi all, So I've had my silvia almost a month now and I'm having a small issue with the steaming side of things. The milk is heating too quick and the window for stretching is so short I'm not getting the best foam that I think I could do and as I drink caps I like lots of foam. I've got the milk very cold and if I open the steam tap just a little I can surf the surface of the milk longer and create more foam but then I don't have much time to texture and aren't getting the best foam. Was thinking of replacing the tip and trying a 2 hole tip, possibly with smaller diameter holes to see if
  16. I have owned my new Cherub (courtesy of the ever resourceful Andy) for a few months now. Utterly fabulous machine. So different from my old Gaggia Classic. Worlds apart. Having a heat exchanger is just so much quicker, and more consistent, as you will know of course. But even little features, like the quality of the stainless steel in the steam wand, took me by surprise, much easier to keep clean. I would like to produce a video review, which I will post here. Meanwhile, I thought I would mention one or two things that seem new in this model: Steam Wand tip Fitting. The steam wa
  17. Collected my QM Verona and Olympus 75E yesterday from BB. Well impressed. Going through the inevitable coffee wasting stage now playing with grinder fineness,weights, times etc. Really enjoying it and what flavour!!! One thing I have trouble with is the steam wand. It seems incredibly loose in the ball and socket joint. I have a spinal cord problem which can cause my hands to shake and it would make it so much easier to froth milk accurately if I could rest the top edge of the jug against the shaft of the wand as I move it up or down. Is there any way to tighten this up a wee bit so it do
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