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Found 95 results

  1. Jony

    VST Ridgeless

    If I have used this it was once. £18 posted. Jony
  2. I'm looking to aquire a VST and had a few questions. I'll be using it for pour over. What equipment do I need besides these gadget itself? Filters? Syringers? Software? The VST shop got an unbundled version where you can add software, syringe/filter and chooses soft case color. Do you need the PC software? Do you need the app? Is it sturdy or should I get a hard case?
  3. I have a newly acquired Gaggia Classic, so looking at baskets. I may go down the VST route at some point, but I have a general question. Simply put, what's the point in different size baskets when you can just fill up a standard double basket half way, third of the way or whatever? Is there any advantage in having a smaller basket, and if so what? I know there are disadvantages as well, because the VST 15mm basket is harder to work with than the 18mm. Fill me in on the theory and practice here please!
  4. Looking for these if anyone has available for sale
  5. Hi All have been looking around here for a few weeks now. Lot of interesting snippets of information on here. Who would know making a cup of coffee was such a science, or is it an artform. Eitherway im hoping to find out soon! We started out with Tassimo and Dolce gustos many years ago, moving on to 2 different nespresso machines. Swiftly followed by a bean to cup delonghi for 2 years and another bean to cup Krups for another 2 years. That brings us to Christmas 2018 and i got to thinking wouldnt it be great to do it properly, it looks easy! So 5000 hours on youtube later and we went for a sage duo temp pro. Looked perfect. Yep it wasnt bad but we only drink americano and Latte and i now realise how impatient i am. So a week later and very luckily I was allowed to swap it rather than another ebay sale i went for the Dual Boiler and sage smart grinder pro. The duo temp instantly gave better coffee but as i always make 1 americano and 1 latte it was taking too long. Nothing at all wrong with the machine for the record. Wont go in to details here as i do have a Help thread started but the thing im struggling with is dosing. I had a motta 58mm tamp which is about identical to the stock sage tamper but in my opinion not a great fit and end up with loose coffee of top at the circumference. Another session on google and I see a Rave (!) review on the Torr Titanium tamper which was ordered with a vst 20g basket. The finish to the puck is very smooth and the tamper is almost a piston fit to the basket. Was a little frustrated with the sage grinder as it never really sounded right with a lot of variation in speed as it was grinding. Coffee to me was good though even though arguing with mysely about quantity, puck height extraction time and volume. Yep, im sure it will be fine.... Anyways i get an email from indiegogo about a niche zero grinder. Read the story and discard it. Dont want to be spending out another 500 quid for a grinder when mine is only a month old. Well the story grinds on me as they do and i get to thinking its another great indiegogo story and its helping out a startup and the grinder looks great with its oak and black finish. So 6 weeks later it was delivered. Wow, what can i say, yep its a grinder but how can 2 grinders be so different. This one sounds great, feels great and whats more the coffee looks the same every time. Having read a bit about segregation i give it a good shake with the niche cup on the portafilter and tamp. So the sage grinder will be on ebay as soon as i find the time. Had the niche about a month now and the word seems to be consistency. All i need to do now is work out what im doing wrong. If i grind fine enough to get anywhere near the height suggested by the razor i need around 22 to get 45 odd grams out in 30 second total. Not sure if im mixing science with art or trying to run before i can walk but i need to get in my head how the numbers interact. Ive not thrown a cup of coffee away yet so i cant be a mile off. Anyway wheres the best deal on an 18g vst Will persevere and keep reading on here for inspiration before i try to start getting my head around how anyone and do latte art! Its pure witchcraft at the moment. But it still tastes good! Ade
  6. igm45


    Morning all, I have decided that I fancy a smaller basket. At present I have a 18g VST. Here is what I'm considering: 15g VST (range 14-16g) Fancy this for the challenge that it seems to offer. 15g Decent (range 12-18g) 18g Decent (range 15 - 21) Not heard much about decent baskets, anyone got experience of them? 14g IMS (range 14-18g) I am told IMS are more forgiving, do I go for this as the cheapest and easiest option. Thoughts please...
  7. As above.......
  8. Well I’ve been on the 15g basket for over a week now ,you will need perfect technique to get these to work . I am loving this as this is ironing out any bad habits that I’ve had . Results in the cup are good and I am really having to push the E8 and grind really fine , a lot finer than for my 18gram VST basket . This consequently has shown me how much of a good grinder I have and it hasn’t missed a beat . I am planning on travelling more down this road , just need to get an order of beans in so I can play more. If you want to push yourself i thoughrully recommend doing this , but beware there be dragons !! And if there is a chink in your armour you may end up with the dreaded upgradeitis. will post up videos if anyone is remotely interested.(alternativly post yours if you can !)
  9. Does anyone have one they don't want in excellent condition before I buy one new?
  10. [video=youtube_share;hpPT8klhEc4] I've just started playing with a VST basket, wow, huge difference. Much finer grind required for a 2:1 brew ratio at around 27sec. Do you guys include or exclude pre-infusion time from your pull time? I'm finding the shot a little bitter when excluding it, but in reality that equates to a 33sec ish shot time, which feels bit slow.
  11. Hi I'm getting good results with double straight sided basket (17g) however as soon as I repeat the process with a single (tapered) basket (11g) the machine chokes. I fill, level and tamp the baskets in the same way, seems odd unless I'm making a basic error any ideas? Is it the taper? If so can you purchase straight sided single baskets?
  12. Hello everyone! I am selling new/unused items of the following: They all come in boxes. VST Precision Filter Basket Ridged 18g: £22 SOLD Espresso Gear Attento Click Mat: £25 SOLD Motta 9bar 58mm tamper flat based(used once): £30 Postage would be: £3 via doddle or £1.80 royal mail's first class signed for Postage for the tamper would be £3.52 royal mail first class signed for or doddle. Thanks
  13. Normally I dose 18g ... But sometimes with lighter roasted beans I have more luck at 19-20g. so if I bought the 22g vst can I just dose 18g into it .... Or am I better off buying an 18g one just for 18g and using my generic 20g basket for when I dose big ?
  14. Would like to try a VST or similar basket as I think I would like to see if I can impove thinks abit. Has anyone got first hand experience with a classic ? And where is the best place to buy ?I have looked at few places and some people don't seem to have the stock of the double basket..
  15. Hi all been hunting around and have found various prices for vst baskets but was wondering what the best price anyone has found here so far?
  16. I've got some 0.45 micron syringe filters that I'd like to do a side by side comparison with the VST ones to see how they stack up. I'm after 3-5 VST ones and I'm happy to swap some of these and some cash in return so that someone else can also compare them, or just some straight cash if preferred. Can anyone help me out?
  17. Hi. Looking for one to compare it with my 18gr. Thanks
  18. I decided to take the plunge and invest in a 15g VST Ridgeless. My current 18g VST is great but wanted a slightly smaller yield to suit my palette. The first shot was a bit too fast even though I had made the grind finer and along with a dose of 15.3g - ending with 29g in 22s Second - 15.5g - not much different to above Both the above shots were quite good to taste but I think the Vesuvius is quite forgiving! I then tried a search on the forum with pretty poor results, followed by google which led me back to here...which took me to: https://colonnacoffee.com/blogs/maxwell/15g-baskets Third shot: 15.2g>29.5g>31s This was 10s/2br > 30s/6br. I must admit I ended up with a perfect end result ? So a quick summary: No real change on dose from 18g basket (scaling down of course) Finer grind on the Niche (10 for me) Extract at 6 Bar ??
  19. Looking for a 15gm ridgless. Used or new. The 20 is used.
  20. Sold 18g ridgeless VST basket, minor marking where fitted into portafilter, £20 delivered
  21. Does anyone know of or can recommend as above please? We have been using the 20g VST in a naked for as long as I can remember, but it would be nice to have a spouted alternative. Thanks.
  22. Hi, so I was just about to buy a bottomless pf for my gaggia classic and a ridgeless 18g VST basket to go with it when this made me pause: https://www.bellabarista.co.uk/vst-18g-ridged-precision-porta-filter-basket.html It says the basket is compatible for pf handles sized for E61 group heads. My question is: what kind of group head does a gaggia classic have and is there certain kind of VST basket that is compatible with it? Thanks Luke
  23. I'm selling two nearly new VST baskets (7g and 15g), boxed, for £15 pounds each. The 7g VST is surprisingly good for a single, by the way. [sold] I've got a 58mm OE Dosing Funnel, for £15, including postage. [sold] I've also also got two Motta tampers - a 58mm (black wooden handle), a 58.4mm (wooden handle) [sold] and a Gaggia 41mm tamper (red wooden handle) [sold]. The 41mm tamper is suitable for VST or La Marzocco single-baskets. £17 each, including postage (as they weight a bit). Other bits include a Cafelat group cleaning brush (round head, with a spare set of spare brushes), and a Cafelat nylon tamping stand, a portafilter pressure gauge (screws on in place of the spout; fits 58mm Gaggia Classic pf), and a 58mm distribution tool [sold]. Open to offers on all of these. Available separately, or would consider a good price for a bundle if anyone wants to take the lot. The tampers and distro tool are quite weighty, so I'll need to factor in my postage costs when looking at any offers. But all can be collected in person from with Waltham Cross (Herts) or Braintree (Essex). Let me know if you're interested! Most of the above has been sold now. Last bit to go is the Cafelat Nylon Tamping Stand - £26 delivered
  24. Selling this for a non-forum friend. Good condition , well looked after . It will measure the TDS ranges for both Filter and Espresso . Doesn't come with any syringes or filters for espresso (i might throw a few filters in of my own it someone snaps this up before the weekend) however has distilled water for calibrating zero. £335 plus postage which I'm guesstimating at £10 (you're welcome to collect from Brum instead). No offers will be entertained as you'll need £600 quid to buy the latest version new, so its fairly priced IMO. I don't have any pictures of it at the minute but can grab some tomorrow
  25. Hi folks, Here's my Torr tamper for sale I believe its the cheapest in the Torr range and does the job brilliantly with my VST ridgless basket, it's 58.4mm and it's the trapez/convex version. Here is the exact model, and I purchased it direct from Germany from CafeKultur: http://cafe-kultur.de/collections/tampers/products/torr-classic-peach To purchase new from the above is 49 euros + 6 euros shipping. I'm asking for £35 for mine with FREE delivery, it's in perfect condition to!
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