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Found 18 results

  1. Long time lurker, first time poster. Current setup is a gaggia classic about 6 years old and going strong paired with a massively overkill mazzer mini e grinder. The classic has the opv set to 9 bar and running the Silvia steam wand. Wondering if the classic is not long for this world as the pump is making different and somewhat disturbing noises. Also curious about using bottled water. Volvic seems to get mentioned a lot. Wondering why?
  2. I live in London and have water which can fur up a moka pot in a year! Just got an espresso machine (self fill) and I don't want to put poor water into it. Been using mineral for the first week. Are those minerals going to calcify on the element? I am considering getting one of those brita jug filters, but not sure if that wil help. What do you prefer to use and why?
  3. I had decided on buying a Cherub to replace my classic but unfortunately as soon as my wife saw the size of the beast it was a no no. Now I can't choose between the Piccino £550 or the Oscar £575. Both are an acceptable size and a good step up from my Classic. I'm not that keen on the idea that the Piccino would need to be sent away to be descaled, but Ive been told as long as I change the filter every 6mths it shouldn't need descaling very often. I normally use tesco or morrisons bottled water for my coffee drinking as our tap water is highly chlorinated. What bottled water would be best? Volvic maybe? Can anyone advise? PS I already have a iberital mc2 grinder
  4. Espresso & boiler friendly water: Not all water that meets non-scaling parameters makes coffee that tastes nice. The shorthand answer is to find water with a bicarbonate level between 50-80mg/L as ion/bottled water label (as CaCO3 alkalinity this would be 40-60mg/L) for your espresso machine, that tastes nice. If your water is in this range and all your coffee tastes bad, change the water for different one but still in this range. Using a particular water that doesn't scale, but is of a make up/so soft that makes your coffee taste bad/low body isn't a great idea. Plus you generally want some bicarbonate & a pH over 6 to lessen the chances of corrosion. It's swings & roundabouts, very soft water won't scale but can cause corrosion, harder water is less likely to be corrosive, but more likely to scale. If Volvic tastes OK, no need to change. Volvic sits just outside of recommended spec for boiler care, but just outside, lots of folk will testify it's fine regarding lack of scaling. Waitrose Essentials Lockhills is smack bang in the middle of desired range, the only UK bottled water that is. Here's a link to UK bottled waters & mix ratios to achieve boiler friendly water... https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/187vd8fjVQGCrvaoEz071BoSEOl-IY3rTl0-fZXLGx1w/edit?usp=sharing Manual brewing Choices are much wider here, kettles are easier to descale if necessary. The make up of the water has no impact on objective extraction yield, you don't need high mineral content to extract the flavour. Water make up does change the taste of the coffee, so just use a water that doesn't ruin your coffee (this could still be Volvic or Lockhills if that's what you can easily get). You probably don't want your brew kettle scaling up if it has its own element, but if you get good brews with high mineral content water & your kettle & brewers are easy to clean/descale, then carry on. But bear in mind, high mineral content water usually also comes with high bicarbonate, which can flatten acidity and make the body seem overly chewy. I personally like to use very soft water at home for brewing, using a steel/glass kettle, because I like the taste & clarity (~GH 20mg/L & KH 20mg/L as CaCO3, such as Deeside, or Voss but it's very expensive, or a mix of Zerowater & tap). At work, or visiting friends & relatives, I use regular N Surrey tap water (hard). I still get some very tasty brews here, especially with long steep immersions. As an example of difficult water to brew with, I found the water in Menorca very hard to get a decent drip brew & had to use some bottled Estrella I, which is similar to Highland Spring in make up & the softest water I could reasonably find there.
  5. So that suggestions on blends of readily available bottled water are more easily searchable, here's a new thread split away from the general/making water for brewed thread, as that now seems to be concentrating more on making/enhancing water for coffee.http://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?21305-Water-for-Coffee For those that just want to pick up one bottle from the supermarket & brew away, then Volvic & Waitrose Essential are pretty good datums (of course, these can be blended with each other too). Currently liking: 1 part Strathmore to 2 parts Glaceau to 3 parts Volvic. 2 parts Harrogate to 3 parts Glaceau. A/B'd these 2 and really couldn't tell a difference. (Red figs highlighted in yellow are estimated). [/url]
  6. Started to read a few more sections here and started to notice comments like "Volvic is best" Water around here is soft but even then it does taste awful on occasion, so much so that I already own a small distillation unit. Little worry about furring up the works of any machine and maybe could use something like a Britta to reduce the chemical taste (almost metallic) but any thoughts about using distilled?
  7. Volvic is arguably the best bottled water for Espresso & Ashbeck thought by many to be the best for brewed as such it would be nice if we could help each other save a few pennies and increase the intervals between descale by posting as and when these come on offer at various retailers. I thankfully have a spar on my doorstep should I run out who stock Volvic in Single bottles at 88p but multipacks are the way to go. So is there anywhere these packs are on multi buy? The reason why I've listed Volvic is that it is ph neutral and contains the least dry residue at 180 degrees C I have not done my home work on ashbeck but I believe others have that information.
  8. I've recently bought a Gaggia Baby machine and the instructions suggest that you should use filtered or bottled water to avoid limescale build up. Just wondering if anyone does this, or considers that it is necessary? I've always used water straight from the tap in the past. My water is quite soft anyway, so I think it probably doesn't matter too much. Regards Andy
  9. Hi Guys, I've recently been getting some strange behaviour from my Heavenly. I've been doing my usual 30 min warm-up, then pulling a shot (no cooling flush). When I do a second shot to flush the group clean, the machine/pump makes a loud noise (with reduced water pressure from the head). This normally happens on a second flush, but sometimes not until third. It sounds like a loud vibration through the machine.. Seems really weird, and i'm hesitant to strip the machine down because it still works perfectly on first flush. (more annoying than anything, cleaning, flushing etc becomes painful). Any thoughts, ideas? Cheers
  10. As coffee has two basic ingredients and beans have already been well discussed I was wondering what sort of water you put in your machines? Straight mains, filtered mains or bottled? If filtered what sort of filter. If bottled which brand and what should I look for on the label to ensure a good taste and a calcium free boiler?
  11. Note from risky: This thread is for discussion of making water for coffee. It's a bit 'sciency'. If you'd rather just mix bottled water you can find on the shelves of your local supermarket, please join this discussion. Volvic is terrible*. Just saying *Literally cant use this for filter coffee anymore, would rather go without !
  12. Hi all, I have a Sage Dual Boiler and a Niche Zero, but have only been at this for a month or so, however initially things were going pretty well. I was getting some decent shots, very little channeling, improving my milk frothing etc, and generally have a great time playing around. Suddenly, in the last week, I can't seem to dial anything in at all. I've got a few new bags of beans to try, namely the espresso lover pack from Rave (Rave signature blend, Italian job and Chatswood blend), Rocko Mountain and Rio Magdalena from Foundry and Nee Caffeine Hinny from Tynemouth, and have been having a torrid time trying to get a decent shot. With the Tynemouth, the Rocko, the Rio Magdalene and the Rave Signature Blend I'm finding that in in order to get 36g out from 18g in, in anything over 25 secs, I'm having to take the Niche down past zero, and even then the shots are crema monsters and taste really sour, and I'm not entirely sure what's going on. I have 2 theories, and I'm not sure either is right, hence asking for the advice of the experts on here. Theory 1 The beans are still too fresh, hence the massive amounts of crema and super fast shots. Theory 2 Initially I was using Volvic in the Sage, which was when things were going well, and in this last week have been using distilled water with added minerals via Third Wave Water sachets. I'm not convinced theory 1 is the answer, as each of the bags I've used is at least 1 week past the roasting date, therefore theory 2 sounds more likely, but could the water really make THAT much difference? Or is there something else that I'm just not considering? Any thoughts would be much appreciated.
  13. I haven't descaled my espresso machine for 3 years, it's used daily at least once. Instead of tap water, I use bottled and this is how clean the boiler still is. To me the water tastes better than tap water too so may be of interest to others. I only use 'Volvic' as did some research and this was judged to be the best water for coffee machine use. Richard
  14. Hot on the heels of Sainsbury's - I was in Waitrose earlier and they are doing 2x6 bottle of Volvic for £5.50. Time to stock up.
  15. Is anyone else experiencing problems with major supermarkets not selling the 1.5 litre bottle ? the four major supermarkets near me appear not to have this on the shelves anymore . plenty of the fruit flavoured variety in all shapes and sizes but no sign of the regular . ps lowercase letters caused by iPad PPS if I want to ask tesco via Twitter what is going on , do I have to follow them first ?? # twitter novice
  16. Sorry if this has been discussed before. I used to hate scale. Even using a carbon descaling in-line tap filter my London water is so hard that I had to descale every 2 months or so. On the Bezzera it is a bitch requiring hours of flushing. In the last year I have changed to Volvic and have loved the improvement all round. The question I have is there still a need to descale, does Volvic leave any significant deposit?
  17. Just an update on relevant TDS on frequently mentioned bottled waters. VOLVIC TDS. 90. ASHBECK TDS. 53. WAITROSE ESSENTIAL . STRETTON HILLS. TDS. 75.
  18. Jonathan007


    At work I have a French press pot and I use water from an urn. The water I think is plumbed in to the urn and I don't think there is a filter in place (water comes straight in from the mains) Would this make a difference in coffee taste? The coffee I'm using is HB's Costa Rica Finca La Casa Vista al Valle Red Honey Villa Sarchi. Roasted on 5th Nov 2013. I ground the coffee myself on my Preciso. I'm using 2tbl spoons per mug. Thanks Jon
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