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  1. I'm not really into the linking scales and phone thing but they certainly look pretty cool! [video=youtube_share;7jU94VeQNyA]
  2. Make sure you don't have a mouthful of coffee
  3. I truly loved learning the neat history of how Colombia became so huge within the coffee industry and how it has impacted the coffee industry as a whole.
  4. Being someone who only attemps latte art at the weekend for her ladieship, I only only drink the dark stuff, I find I'm not getting nearly enough practice to even get the milk correct let alone the art, so in future I shall be resorting to my other passion to solve this, if you to want to create that extra special work of art then follow along with the following video close to hand to impress that someone special in your life........ https://phlearn.com/create-latte-art-photoshop?utm_source=Newsletter&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=05_06_16_Newsletter_Latte_Art
  5. Today has been an exciting day, New Silvia arrived this morning! I did a bunch of photo's but unfortunately I can't seem to get those from Nikki's iphone to my mac without totally re-formating it, Nikki's computer has decided not to recognise the thing, the only thing I can do to upload the photo's is to pay money for an app to read forums. Will probably do that at some point but for now I do have some vids! Now, please don't take these as a showcase of either my barista skill's, my superior linguistic skill's or my appearance! a) I had only just got out of bed when the machine arrived,
  6. thecoffeetweet: Another great video (chemex this time) from James Hoffman - http://tinyurl.com/7xadu4 More...
  7. Thought Id make a video of how I currently do stuff for you guys to pull apart! Im still very much learning, so any help and advice is appreciated. Its usually a bit quicker as Im not talking, but you get the gist. Sorry for the lighting, couldnt be bothered setting up my studio lights. Best watched in HD, click the little cog icon once the video is playing.
  8. Hi to all you wonderful coffee lovers! We here at Sanremo UK have created a video which was released yesterday on Youtube, and has just gone past the 1000 view mark! We are hoping to make it go viral and would love your help as coffee professionals to spread the word If you have a Twitter account, are on Facebook or have a blog, we would be very grateful if you could share it with your followers and friends! We hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed creating it [video=youtube_share;F9AOg6caaz8]
  9. Hi, I'm Frans and I've been enjoying home coffee machines for about a year now, starting off with a MyPressi, then adding a refurbished old La Pavoni lever, a Rocket Giotto and a Ponte Vecchio Lusso 2 which got some modification. Expecting to pick up my Londinium sometime later this month. In the grinders section I started off with an iSteel and then got a Mahlkönig Vario Home and a Mazzer Mini with Super Jolly discs. Can't wait for the HG One to arrive. With the Londinium I it will make a dream match, I expect. Haven't done any home roasting yet and I'm glad that there are a few good pla
  10. Hi guys, I recently bought the Iberital MC2 to use with my flatmate's delonghi treviso espresso machine. I've been playing for a couple of weeks now with some nice beans from Drury in Covent Garden and the espresso is tasting pretty good, generally quite smooth but perhaps not as strong as it could be? I'm still fairly new to drinking espresso so in a way I'm not sure what to aim for but I'm learning all the time. I've made a short video of how I make my espresso. I'd appreciate if any of you can have a look and tell me where I'm going wrong! I know the tamper is crap and plastic, I'
  11. Hello all, I hope you don't mind my posting this - I wasn't sure which thread it fell into so thought best to create a new one... I wanted to share a competiton to win a DeLonghi coffee machine - there's also a video of latte artist Søren Stiller Markussen creating celebrity portraits: http://www.t5m.com/DeLonghi Enjoy
  12. Hello, This is me pulling a single shot with my Delonghi: Full text: If you look at 1:24 you'll notice the coffee comes out fast, but it's got a thick head of crema and it's damn strong when you drink it. Under-extraction isn't something I'm losing any sleep over [groan]. I'd be really interested to find out how much of an idiot I look to you guys; feel free to abuse me until I get it right!
  13. This has to be the best video produced this year at The London Coffee Festival Click to view
  14. Hi All, forgive me if this is posted in the wrong area! As soon as the machine is powered on, there is continuous leaking coming from the safety release valve. If I turn on the machine and pull the pour lever, small amounts of water start coming through the group head but still leaks on top of the main boiler. Machine only has 2 months of usage! (not descaled yet which I know is bad, not sure if this is the culprit?) Not sure where to go from here, I'm in Devon and am happy to recieve any recommendations from pro's who might be able to help. I unfortunately bought this from a co
  15. Hi guys. I remember somebody else uploaded a video a while back of their brewing technique and they got some helpful advice. I've been really working on my dosing and tamping but still seem to be getting visible issues from the bottomless PF. I'm messing about using different baskets a bit at the moment as well but would prefer to use my Synesso as it cost me a tennar I uploaded this earlier on a bit of a spur of the moment thing so it's a bit naff. If it's no good I'll try and upload a better one. Any comments good or bad will be much appreciated as no real coffee guru has ever seen my w
  16. I've been trawling YouTube lately looking for a few how to (and how not to) videos for use in an upcoming project. Have you videoed yourself extracting a great shot, or your entire routine? I'd be interested in hosting videos here if you'd be happy to share them. Do you have any links to 'must see videos on YouTube' that you'd like to share?
  17. TheCoffeeTweet: RT - exceptional new Square Mile Moka Pot video - http://tinyurl.com/8gs38p More...
  18. Hi guys. I've been having some problems with my extractions which I noticed after I got my naked portafilter. Basically the stream is a bit off-centered towards the handle. Mrboots2u recommended that I should rotate the basket after I've dosed and tamped it to check if the stream will change it's origin point but I still haven't gotten round to it. Tastewise my shots are bitter and I have a feeling that even though I'm using a brew ratio of 1.6 I'm still getting blonding.. I recorded a short video today with my iPad (yes, you guessed right - it's a crappy video) and will be doing the same
  19. Hi! I started this topic to share short, fun broll videos about coffee. Let me start by sharing my first Aeropress broll video. Enjoy!
  20. Hi all, I have decided to make and post some videos, showing my workflow, regarding various coffee making techniques. I've already posted a video of flat white done with Rancilio Silvia, but I would like to aggregate these in a one thread. I will be adding more as I get time to create them. Thanks! The first one is making a flat white at home, using Rancilio Silvia with PID and the Kinu M68 grinder: [video=youtube_share;u5tGpp_MCnc]
  21. Hey guys! I'm not really new here, but it's been so damn long since I posted here that I may as well be! My name's Seamus (or Chris, I go by both), and I've been a barista since '07. I've meandered through the industry up here in the North and have found myself helping to set up, and now to run, a dedicated filter bar on Newcastle's Quayside. We operate on the first floor of a design shop called Whosit and Whatsit, and it's the first coffee job I've had in years where I've been genuinely excited to go to work. Aside from work, I used to run a blog called Third Wave UK, which unfortu
  22. Despite working in TV, I am a crap camera man. I only decided to maker a video on the spur of the moment and forgot that my little camera always defaults a 4:3 aspect ratio.
  23. As promised, a couple of videos of Dave's Bosco. Watch in HD for the full experience!! [video=youtube_share;8v3KQq1kzgQ]
  24. Ive compiled the progress Ive made regarding my latte art over the past year or so into this video. I have by no means come close to mastering it, and am learning all the time. [video=youtube;1Q71-R2nLfI] also my espressos
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