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Found 24 results

  1. ...so the deep end it is. Eureka Mignon Mk2 with a Quick Mill Verona -- all pre-loved, but new to me! I've yet to pull a good shot (and I'm down ~400g coffee already), but I'm sure I'll get there.
  2. Sadly, I am selling my very little used and much loved Verona dual boiler coffee machine. I purchased the machine new from Bella Barista in May 2014. I still have the original BB receipt for £1899.00. Bella Barista are currently selling the Verona for £2099 I moved on to a canal boat 2 years ago and the machine has had almost zero use since as it is too much hassle running up my 4kw diesel generator for 20 minutes or so just to make a coffee. Prior to my move onto the water, the machine would only have been used once a day for the morning Americano and Latte. The machine has only ever been fed with Ashbeck. As can be seen from the photos, the machine is in pristine condition and is in perfect working order. The machine comes with instruction manual, all the original parts and accessories, including the kit for plumbing it into the water mains. I am asking £1200 for the machine and for the buyer to collect it in person (it is very heavy) from my boat which is generally in the North London area around Uxbridge. Any questions, please feel free to ask and I will be happy to answer them.
  3. Hi all, It would seem that my faultless verona is no longer faultless following a full descaling session where there is now a very small leak (10-20ml over the space of 8 hours) has developed. That aside, a more serious fault has developed where the boiler suddenly lost pressure and this was due to the feed inside the water tank not being submerged in the water correctly. Now these units automatically detect when there is no water feed and either top up or switch off - however this didn't happen. I'm beginning to think when I set the brew boiler switch off for the draining sequence I may have inadvertently switched something else off. With this in mind, is there a list of PID settings for this machine so that I can review as I'm struggling to find anything on the net. With regards to the leak I will review this (take it apart or send back to bella for repair) but I'd rather deal with this more serious issue first which is most likely a setting (I am hoping). Thanks in advance. Mark
  4. Just a bit of advise sought please. Had my Quickmill Verona for a good while now but only lately decided to remove the inner silicone tube to help with steaming. Worked flawlessly with tube but since removing the steam wand coughs and splutters water for a couple of seconds until the steam starts flowing. Just wondered if the more knowledgeable out there thought that there's a problem on the horizon, or that's normal Any help is appreciated
  5. Hi All, I have a problem with my three-year-old Quick Mill Verona insofar as the rotary pump has stalled/seized. I can hear it electrically buzzing, but there is no rotation. I'm pretty sure it's not an electrical fault but excessive scale build-up within the pump head as it is well overdue for a descale. But this creates a Catch-22 situation. I can't flush descaler through the machine if the pump won't run, so how do I get round the problem? I know I should have descaled sooner, so it's my fault it has happened... any advice gratefully received. Thanks in anticipation. In all other respects, the Verona is still superb. Tony
  6. For Sale: Verona DB - £1400 A superb double boiler espresso machine, 6 months old, in immaculate condition and with 18 months remaining on it's transferable BellaBarista warranty. Used on average 3 times daily using only Waitrose bottled water. A super quiet rotary pump machine with option to use either plumbed or tank fed. Dual boilers with independent power switch for each so can selectively use (or not) the steam boiler which can get up to temp in less than 5 minutes Independent PID temperature control of each boiler. ** Automatic display of shot time. Includes all original accessories such as single and double spout portafilters, two steam wands (Standard & non-burn), plumb kit (unused) and original packaging. A detailed review of the Verona by forum member DaveCUK can be found HERE Plenty of other info is only a Google away but feel free to ask if there is anything else you need to know. Prefer purchaser to collect or agree a mutually acceptable location to meet for handover. Purchaser to be wholly responsible if it is absolutely necessary to ship via carrier.
  7. Hi Just picked up this. Apparently the control panel needs changing but otherwise fine. Too big a job for me as the bundle of bits included a Silva which I'm going to see where I get with. Any ideas? Worth the effort to sell or just a scrap?
  8. Anyone had a play with pre-infusion on their verona? with my lever half way up I am getting a very low water flow even though it's not plumbed in, might be enough to pre-infuse....
  9. Back in may 2015 there was a very interesting and lengthy thread debating the relative merits of the profitec 700 and the QM Verona which was no doubt of help to those contemplating a DB purchase at that time. Since then the Ambiente Vesuvius has continued to gain good reviews ( if you would like the profiling options ) and the ECM Synchronica is now highly recommended by many including BB. Add to this the LR introduction and the prospect of a single group DB lever from Vostok plus the Profitec 800 Lever and the choice for a high end prosumer machines is now wide. (I note that davec had much input into the Verona and is also involved in the Vostok development so any information on possible timing of the latter would be appreciated.) A couple of months ago after the last lever day at Rave I had almost decided to switch to a lever and recently concluded the newish LR would probably shade it over the P800 mainly due to lack of penetration of the P800 in the UK market, but I really wanted to see them both in action before reaching a final choice. I believe the LR should be available at Rave in a forthcoming lever day which will be helpful if it happens before I finalise but so far finding a working P800 eludes me. However, after a long chat with BB I was persuaded to have a look at the Synchronica and naturally then had a rethink about the Vesuvius which could approach a lever style shot if wanted. Many hours of poring over reviews and forum comments on all of the above has increased my knowledge but not my decision making I'm afraid. Pairing an appropriate grinder with whatever machine is chosen is a given and probably best for a separate discussion. If we could therefore stick to the machines themselves on this thread it would be helpful, and I would ask if actual users of those mentioned above could give me (and other readers of course) the benefit of their experiences to help make a decision. I do understand the (my) final choice includes many intangibles like how it looks and a visit to BB may help in the near future but I hope the right choice will result in the best in the cup result so all comments and opinions would be appreciated. My preference at present is for a darker roast either as espresso or longer with hot water and my wife likes flat whites. Due to very hard mains water a tank option or a very easy descale process (Verona with drains?) is preferred but that is not a show stopper in my case. I live near Bath and would be very keen to see any of these machines in use if that is possible and not too far away. So please pm me if you are kind enough to offer help with a demo of your real life usage. I look forward to all advice and comments, and although not a prolific poster I have followed this forum almost daily since getting hooked on decent coffee in Australia almost exactly 3 years ago. Nigel
  10. Collected my QM Verona and Olympus 75E yesterday from BB. Well impressed. Going through the inevitable coffee wasting stage now playing with grinder fineness,weights, times etc. Really enjoying it and what flavour!!! One thing I have trouble with is the steam wand. It seems incredibly loose in the ball and socket joint. I have a spinal cord problem which can cause my hands to shake and it would make it so much easier to froth milk accurately if I could rest the top edge of the jug against the shaft of the wand as I move it up or down. Is there any way to tighten this up a wee bit so it doesn't move so freely? Also, in order to open the steam valve fully, it needs to be turned for 4 complete revolutions. Why all this movement when basically it's a full-on or off situation? Would it be possible to replace the rotating valve with a lever actuated one? It would make liife so much easier.
  11. Has anyone managed to overcome the power threshold problem with the Wemo Insight Switch with a Verona machine plugged into it? The lowest you can set it to is 2W. Obviously if both boilers are up to temp, the power is zero so the Wemo will not obey any set rules. I can switch it on and off remotely but the rules are useless.
  12. Just a quick sanity check, I'd like to give 6 Bar pulls a try on the Verona. is this as simple as turning the Brew Pressure Adjustment Screw on the side of the machine (under the black cap)? does that screw have enough range to move down to 6 Bar? anything else I need to be aware of? I'm also planning to change the jet to 0.5mm but I don't think that should make any difference other than to increase the time it takes to ramp up to pressure.
  13. I have a Brita Purity Quell ST 1200 to install and couple to a QM Verona. The Verona included a S/S braided hose with 3/8 fittings, but at 1.5m, it's much too short for my location. I need an an extension of 2.5 to 3m, male-to-female. Locally, neither Pipe Centre nor Plumb Centre have anything suitable; their best being 1/2" fitting in 300mm F-to-F lengths. I have no qualms of using plain plastic pipe, as it won't be seen, providing it's OK with mains water pressure. Any ideas anyone, where a suitable item might be sourced? Tony.
  14. There is a possibility, if sufficient members are interested, of starting a sub-forum dedicated to Quick Mill owners. At least ten active members would be needed for it to become a reality. Any Quick Mill owners (of the amazing Verona, perhaps) who would be interested, please respond to this post for a 'show of hands'. Thank you, Tony.
  15. As the owner of a Verona of one-day-old vintage, I would like to start a Verona (Owners) Forum. How does one go about that? My choice of Verona was the culmination of a lively Coffee Lounge thread 'Decisions, decisions!' which in three days or so had over 1000 views, attracted some 70 posts and involved many CFUK stalwarts including DaveC himself! Would an administrator please advise and/or assist? Thank you. Tony.
  16. An easy little addition to the Verona's fascia, or indeed, any S/S espresso machine... a countdown (or count-up) timer attached by magnets. Being stainless, the Verona's front panel is non-ferrous, and therefore not magnetic. But three little high performance Neodymium magnets attached with high-tack double-sided sticky tape, attract the magnet of a digital timer perfectly. The sticky tape also buffers the stainless from being scratched. The magnets are available here http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/121636705255?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&var=420627198411&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT and are not expensive. The timer, made by Taylor and stocked by Bella Barista, is around £8 if I recall. I looked at several makes and shapes of timer but thought this one complemented rather well, the rounded Quick Mill emblem on the left hand side of the panel. Located close to the Group lever, it is convenient for a spare finger. It's easily removable for cleaning, time-setting or whatever, and can be made to lie flat against the panel if desired. Tony.
  17. My new Verona has PID with 1.02 software revision. Nice and easy to use as per the supplier user guide authored, I believe, by @DavecUK A nice surprise was to find that when the brew lever is actuated the PID now displays a shot timer. Once the shot is finished the shot time remains visible for 2 or 3 seconds. Is the PID software in any way user updatable such that owners of version 1.01 can benefit from the integral timer? When monitoring e.g. 102 degrees C brew boiler temperature (t1) display shows as 102. When monitoring e.g. 125 degrees C steam boiler temperature (t2) display shows as 12.5 It is similar when set for Fahrenheit. A minor niggle but a niggle non the less. Is this the case on the 1.01 software? If so is there a reason why it should be so?
  18. My coffee setup ('spro only, as other brew methods don't really inspire me) has now more or less arrived at my 'wishlist' status... the most recent large-item addition being a fully overhauled Mazzer Royal with new TiN burrs and built-in Auber dose timer. [ATTACH=CONFIG]16194[/ATTACH] Too tall for a worktop, the Royal sits on a small cabinet which I have equipped with locking castors as it stands in an alcove and needs to be moved for (infrequent) cupboard access. The grinder is deliberately angled for convenience, and for access to the Auber's display and control buttons at the lower RH part of the casing. [ATTACH=CONFIG]16195[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]16196[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]16197[/ATTACH] So the equipment suite now comprises a QM Verona (with 0.5mm gicleur and IMS 200µm dispersion screen) which in the next week or two is due to be plumbed in via a Britac Quell 1200 filter. To the left of the Verona is an Omega vertical auger-type juicer (nothing to do with coffee). A Mazzer SJ is next in line. Bought from the administrators of a defunct West Midlands cafe, it was in a filthy condition but cleaned up to virtually 'as new' state. I also treated it to new set of burrs. My 'industrial-grade' Enpee blender sits between the SJ and a toaster to its left. Then there is a stainless-steel bread-bin with a stainless knockout box standing just in front of it, and finally, at the extreme left on the alcove cabinet, is the Mazzer Royal. Despite it having a brand new hopper, I use it without - to grind a measured dose of beans (usually 17-18g) via its 'clean-sweep' doser straight into an 18g VST basket in an open PF. An 'Orphan' stainless funnel discourages the Royal from scattering its grounds too far and wide, and a range of extra VST baskets (15g, 20g and 22g) completes the PF side of things. The Verona's double and single spouted PFs are rarely used. Other items include a 58.5mm Pergtamp which resides on the worktop in a soft protective silicone cup, 58mm convex Motta tamp, stainless Business-Coffee Trapezio Tamping Station (visible in front of the SJ - to the left of the Verona) together with an Attento Click-mat, ice-hockey puck for settling the grounds into the basket (seen atop the tamping station), several scales of various capacities and resolutions, numerous timers of varying shapes and sizes, milk thermometers, backflush blind basket, cleaning brushes, barista cloth, microfibre cloths, PulyCaff, citric acid, etc. etc. I use a blunted dissection needle for WDT, should that occasionally prove necessary. Coffee cups in a range of sizes adorn the top of the Verona (on silicone padding to avoid scratching its stainless) with shot glasses kept in a handy cupboard nearby. Several little stainless preserve/chutney pots (from Poundland in packs of 6) serve many useful functions, from holding a measured dose of beans then becoming an anti-popcorn grinder lid, to supporting the open PF/VST basket combo on mid-sized digital scales. At present I use a battery-powered pump and modified fishing float to fill the Verona's reservoir with Iceni bottled water. A year or so ago (long before my interest in coffee) I acquired over 600 litres of the stuff - about two cubic metres of 1.5 litre bottles in packs of six (completely legit and above-board, I hasten to add) - and have looked no further for brew water ever since. As the top of the Verona is close to the underside of the overhead cabinets and the machine is positioned well back beneath them, there isn't enough room to use a filler bottle or jug - hence the pump. Neither is there line-of-sight to the tank's water level so a fishing float, its weight replaced by a lighter one from a smaller float, is dropped in and rises well above the water surface. A known position on the float's multicoloured stem is sighted across the surface of the cup tray to provide an accurate indication of a full tank. Works very well. But it will be superseded by the system being plumbed in with freshly filtered water just as soon as my 'tame' plumber returns from holiday. The machine's drip-tray outlet will be piped conveniently into the collection reservoir of an automatic condensate drain-pump which serves a nearby wall-mounted CH boiler. There is just one item still to arrive... a set of Brewista Smart scales, due to be shipped from Coffee Hit in a few days' time. Then, I believe, the suite will be complete and I can concentrate on extracting, drinking, enjoying, plying friends and family with superior coffee... and attempting to recover my ailing bank-balance. Come quite a way pretty quickly I think, as I first expressed an interest in coffee only as recently as March this year! Tony. Edit Note: While writing this post, the four photos previewed perfectly as in-line attachments. As soon as it was submitted however, they all disappeared. Admin has been contacted for a remedy. Tony. Edit Edit Note: The missing pix can be viewed in the next-post-but-one, in the same order that they should have been on this post. Tony.
  19. Does anybody know what the arrowed fitting is in the top of the brew boiler in this picture (Vetrano 2B), and whether it can be used to bleed air from the boiler? thanks
  20. Hello, Does anyone have any experience with bottomless portafilters for the Vetrano 2B (essentially a Verona)? I'd like to get one (and probably a fancy VST basket, just because...) but I don't know whether any E61 fitting portafilter will work or if I need to get one which says it's compatible with the specific machine. Thanks for your help.
  21. Hi Folks. I'm looking for help, guidance, expert judgement, opinion, heresay or whatever, to assist me to decide on a prosumer machine. I've narrowed it down to two; the Profitec 700 Dual Boiler http://www.bellabarista.co.uk/profitec-700-dual-boiler.html and the Quick Mill Verona Dual Boiler - Bella Barista Edition http://www.bellabarista.co.uk/quick-mill-verona-dual-boiler-espresso-machine.html, both available for an identical price. So far, my observations are as follows: very similar but with these significant differences... the Profitec has S/S boilers and a slightly bigger brew boiler as opposed to the Verona's copper steam boiler and anti-taste brass brew boiler. The Verona has separate, different, PID algorithms for optimum independent control of brew and steam boilers. The Profitec has a shot-timer incorpated into its PID (no automatic control as it's an E61 lever). The Verona has a slightly smaller footprint, which is useful, for the space where I would locate it is a bit tight. I'm particularly taken with all the design features of the Verona as detailed here. http://www.bellabarista.co.uk/pdf/QuickmillVeronaCloserLook2013v1.pdf Lengthy, but an interesting and most impressive read. Essential requirements are: proper dual boiler (not HX), rotary pump (not vib.), E61 grouphead capable of pre-infusion (or will all E61s do that?), PID control. Highly desirable are: integral reservoir AND plumb-in option, independently switchable brew and steam boilers for energy economy, no-burn steam and water wands, externally accessible variable pump pressure, dual pressure gauges, ease of descaling (the Verona wins here). I also like the idea of the Verona's independent full PID control of the two boilers. I mainly make one, or possibly two shots at a time, with the occasional need for up to say, four or five. Although a relative noob to the world of espresso, I'm already frustrated by the limitations of my Gaggia New Baby. Small single aluminium boiler with inadequate steam performance despite its Silvia wand, and the need to temperature-surf all the time. If I brew first, the crema's deteriorated by the time the milk's ready; if I steam first, the microfoam's all but disappeared when the shot is done. And the brew temperature and pressure are simply not stable enough. And as for doing multiple servings - well, come back next week! So, as I'm the wrong side of 70, I've decided to go for the 'machine of my dreams' now, which will see me out, as it were. Realistically, 20 years at the most I'd say, although I'm genetically similar to my mother, and she went on to 101! So, can anyone please help me with my quandary? Thanks in anticipation, Tony. P.S. Forgot to mention that I already have a 'good enough' grinder... a Mazzer SJ with brand new burrs.
  22. At last I am able to make a decent cup of coffee at home after many years of different machines- I am really grateful to DaveC for his review of the Verona. Bought with the Mignon and yes I am already exploring alternatives that meet the rules set by ‘she who must be obeyed’. Showing my age here! 50 years ago it was a stove top brewer. Then a variety of Gaggias but I felt it would be good to try a better machine so moved onto an Oscar in fact 2 of them were heavily used as I worked from home but they did not last more than a couple of years. 2 Silvias, both of which rusted quite quickly. So the next machine had to be all stainless and double boiler as I was fed up waiting for steam conditions to be right. Coffee beans have been a cause for concern over the years. A web search found Rave which is close to where we live. We are working through their range and so far like the Signature and Columbian Suarez. I am so pleased with the textures that I can taste now in my coffee. Thank you all for being such a helpful and entertaining group and I will keep looking for the next toy. The discussion about HG 1 or Versalab reminds me of the old debate about the best bits for a Hi-Fi system. The Sondek was the only deck to have there was no real alternative for a while. I pity you people who have a variety of top of the range devices to choose from. Ah well, Monsooned Malibar and go and listen to what’s left of my Linn system. Alan
  23. What I'm about to say should be obvious to everyone, but although I have owned a Verona for over four years now and used it daily, it has only just occurred to me. I’ve been experiencing quite a lot lately the spent puck sticking to the screen and the basket coming away empty. It varies, with some beans more inclined than others, but my current batch (Columbia La Crystalina from Rave) is particularly bad in this respect. Releasing the portafilter gently and finding it empty, I have carefully hooked it back on again with the best positional accuracy I can manage then partially released and jiggled it around vigorously in the hope that on the next withdrawal, the puck would be in the basket. Invariably there would be coffee grounds spread over the edge of the basket and in the portafilter securing groove of the group head... a bit of a pain to clean... not to mention a very caked up screen. But now, I release the portafilter by twisting the handle a little and then run the pump for one second or less. Result - puck nicely in the basket, clean screen and on emptying the basket the whole puck falls out cleanly with barely a trace left. I can't imagine why I didn't think of this before; it's so simple and obvious. Am I the only one who hasn't twigged until now? By the way, the Verona is superb. I can't think of any machine I would prefer over it. Its only minor failing is that the water tank can run out without warning and the machine stop dead in the middle of a pull. Some kind of low water warning device would make the machine absolutely perfect. Tony.
  24. Hi folks, Does anyone happen to have to hand the thread specifications for the removeable plastic parts on the Quick Mill Verona? If not - where might I find such info? Thanks.
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