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Found 11 results

  1. Before I buy a new QM Rapida imported Italy, was just curious if anyone was looking to get rid of their spring lever machine, specifically one with a reservoir. The only ones that I can see that match the description that I can afford are the Bezzera Strega or QM Veloce/Rapida, but feel free to offer any others that I might have missed. A QM Rapida new is roughly £1450, so obviously I would be look to pay quite a bit less than that for a used machine. Would need to be delivered somehow to Clifton/Bristol, I can't collect.
  2. dfk41


    It landed this morning. None of the fuss or drama you would expect in unpacking it. All I had to do was screw the lever in and away we go. Now, I have been without a lever for 2 months so my mind has become infected with pump charachteristics! The machine had been bench tested so I just filled the resevoir and away we went. The pump taking the water into the boiler is extremely quiet. I have forgotten what they used but it is not silent but very gentle. My L1 used to rattle when it drew water through! I set the machine up, vented the steam wand and did the same with the water arm, which is amazing. you can actually control this one! I got burnt so many times in a previous life it is untrue! The steam wand is powerful, or seems that way. it is a long arm with good matriculation and comes with a two tip that blows out of the sides, and a single tip with a hole which is well offset. It seems very well put together. I could feel no rough edges or imperfections. There is room on top to store cups and the whole of the rear of the machine opens up to fill the 3 litre resevoir. The machine took approximately 4.30 to come to pressure, which sits at around the 1.2 bar. Obviously that is not at working temperature. The next thing which is very noticeable, is that you do not need to do a weightlifting course to pull the lever. Even if you take the pf off to pull water through, it does not grab and try to snatch itself away from your grasp. So, to the first shots. I have only pulled 4 so far, but I can see the charachteristics of this machine. My mind was mush and I had to really think about how to prepare the shot and pull it. The result was that I let the chanber empty, as opposed to pulling the shot away so it was over extracted The next attempt was weighed out and much closer. I need a couple of days to get onto auto pilot with this, so that is about it for the moment. If anyone has any questions, please fire away and I will answer them if I can!
  3. Summary - I'm not getting as large a shot volume as I expect and wonder if I need new seals for my Quickmill Veloce, maybe the modified Londinium seals as the machines share the same group? I'm actually getting nice tasty shots at the moment, if a little sharp (not sour) using barely rested med/dark roast 75% Costa Rican/ 25% Sumatran which is admittedly a bit on the bright side. I'm running 18g nicely distributed grounds in an 18g VST basket ground fairly close to choking the machine and well distributed. As a test trying to get the highest shot volume I can I give it a 20 second pre-infusion to saturate the puck (this actually takes it to the first drop of extract only so is probably not 100% saturated but as long as I want to go). Pour is lovely and even through the bottomless portafilter running for 35 seconds before the pour finishes naturally giving me just 30g of extract after all the water is pushed through. Puck is left wet with just a tiny bit of water still on top - even after waiting 30 seconds before removing the portafilter. Now I appreciate that normally we would pull the shot rather than leaving it to full extraction but even at the end of the pour it hasn't really blonded out and even the remaining drips taste sweet, in fact sweeter than the full shot instead of bitter, which make me think the extraction is not complete. I can't really grind much finer without choking although I guess I could drop down to 16g if I had to, but I'm wondering if the base problem is leaking seals which I should replace before experimenting much further. The machine is a couple of years old and I'm told hasn't had a seal change yet (except for the portafilter gasket). The lever does grab at about 45 degrees though so I don't seem to be suffering the same sort of slippage as described on the Londinium forums. As a bonus question for anyone who might know the machine well (otherwise I'll give BB a call): the rather skimpy instruction manual states boiler pressure should be 1.2 bar yet mine's at 1.5 when up to pressure. Is that too high and worth adjusting? Edit: I just ran a 16g shot with the same ground. Pre-infusion just six seconds as it started to drip through substantially at that point, pour was considerably faster and I got 40g at end of pour after 25 secs. Still tasting nice at the end though and I think still not fully extracted, It seems difficult to believe that just 2g of coffee could soak up that 10g difference of water though so maybe the seals are leaking while it is held in the longer pre-infusion for the 18g shot?
  4. Haven't you got one of these Mr Kidd? [video=youtube;dlDz7OMp-qg]
  5. Ok so my Veloce arrived yesterday and I have just gone through my first 250g of beans without really achieving much. Certainly haven't produced anything you could drink. I looked at the 'preparing and pulling a shot' post but that's way too advanced for me, what I need are some basic numbers/instructions to work with until I can get the fundamental process happening. Using Rodney's video with the Strega as a guide to basic operation, I notice he pulls the lever all the way down and waits for the flow to come then releases leaver and allows to rise until the spring 'takes over'. Obviously the grind, dose, tamp and timing make all the difference. When I tried the first few times the water would 'flush' through the coffee as I pulled the lever down and then it went straight back up with very little resistance. I tried using an increasingly finer grind, different dose sizes and more weight in tamping which eventually led to absolutely nothing coming out for ages then a wee dribble followed by a long wait for the lever to return to an upright position. So, if possible can lever-users give me a basic guide (without too much detail) on what weight of coffee to use for a single basket and how much time you'd alot to each part of the process. I realise there are many variables and this is going to take a lot of practice but it would be good to get some general pointers to work from.
  6. After being messed about with the courier, and a stressful few days, my package finally arrived albeit completely battered and with a massive hole in it. Thankfully, the machine doesn't appear to be damaged at all. Initial impressions (before I've even had time to sample any shots!): + It's massive, it completely dwarves my Sage DTP and even my Casadio Enea (which I used to think was big!) It even feels bigger than Rob's Veloce mk1 - even though mine has a smaller boiler - could be imagining this though. + It feels really well built, and I think it looks damn sexy. + I'm definitely going to need to put it on a better table, this old ikea desk looks like it's struggling under the weight and it tips with the lever if I don't hold the portafilter (though the machine stays planted to the desk). It's less bad now that it's filled with water, but still. + The accessories seem a bit sparse, there's not even a cheap tamper to go with it. I had to buy the bottomless separately, hence the handle doesn't match the other ones. All the instructions were in Italian, so lets hope I'm doing this right! Anyway, whilst it warms up for the first time, here are some pics. Apologies for the construction site that is my kitchen at the moment: Looking forward to starting my lever adventure and sharing it with you guys!
  7. Hi, so since has pid already, I plan to simply replace element with 110v and run 110 straight to ssr, then plug machine into 100watt transformer and keep electronics on 220v. Will be plumbing, so pump will be coming out as well. Benefit being I don't need giant transformer and cost will be about the same. Couple questions, 1) Can anyone knowledgeable of electrics see anything wrong with my plan? Will ground the 110v, so seems sound, but never done it before and thinking wise to at least ask. 2) Can anyone who owns a Veloce tell me if it uses this style of fitting on the element http://www.chriscoffee.com/Heating-Element-Quick-Mill-p/ra0980rei.htm. If uses odd element fitting and can't obtain 110v for some reason, I have involuntarily acquired the skill of drilling out elements and brazing new ones, but would rather not do if I don't have to. 3) I am assuming it has a fill solenoid, but can't see on any pics and can't find a diagram. Anyone know if this is correct, or just check valve off pump? Will get 220v solenoid if needed. Asking over there because no owners over here, sorry for being yank, thank you!
  8. **Do not bid on this - suspected eBay account hack** http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/La-Marzocco-GS3-Espresso-Machine-AV-/281861320463?hash=item41a03e6f0f:g:hgEAAOSw6dNWTbYg be careful if it is you...that is all I am going to say
  9. I have had five very happy years with my Quickmill 2820, which came to an end when I recently sampled my favourite coffee from my coffee dealer's Strega. The plan therefore is to upgrade to a lever machine, and the current contenders due to footprint and price are the Strega and the Veloce. Due to the more traditional approach, I currently lean towards the Veloce. However, I'd like to see if someone had the chance to compare the two and their pro's and cons. Plumbing in would also be a advantage, can the Veloce be plumbed in or retrofitted to be plumbed in? Many thanks!
  10. dfk41

    Jampit, Veloce

    I still have not found a bean to come close!
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