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Found 68 results

  1. I have a Vario w/ steel burrs, and the hopper doesn't stay in place when grinding, I have to manually hold it down. Otherwise it moves slightly and stops the grinder. Seems to happen more with light roasted beans. Anybody experienced this before?
  2. I've mad the decision of wanting to upgrade my vario to an eureka 75e just waiting for stock to come in to bella barista now. So if any of you lovely people have an opinion on if i'm going down the right track they would be appreciated as i dont really want to upgrade again for the foreseeable future. I have an R58 and currently drinking solely decaf which my vario is only just managing to grind fine enough, have a feeling in a few more days of bean ageing that will no longer be the case.
  3. Bought a forte bg and changed to ceramic burrs for espresso so I have a set of nearly new steel burrs for sale. i can't see these any cheaper than £90 online so looking for £50 to cover the cost of the changeover.
  4. Picked up my ebay espresso machine and grinder and have fired up the grinder and it was extremely noisy. MC2 grinding levels of noise, while the Vario is empty. That's not right. Spent some time cleaning the grinder out. Some really nasty oily beans had been used. Other than that, found nothing particularly nasty there. Still noisy. Almost sounds like there's something up against one of the gears. Remember the old playing card in the bike spokes? That kind of effect. I ran it earlier with the back panel off, difficult to find the lots of sparks from the motor too. Nothing I'd consider excessive though for a DC motor. I'll be disconnecting the belt and pulling the motor out and running it on the bench to see if the motor is stuffed. While the motor is out I'll pull the gears and belt and check them over. Turning the small pully gear by hand is an odd feeling. It's notchy in a couple of places, but easier to turn in others. More indication that the motor is banjaxed. Anyone have any other ideas about what could be causing it? Or where I can get a Vario motor from?
  5. Just received my new Vario in the post today. This thing rocks! Just felt like sharing that with you all....
  6. Well, after buying the Mazzer Super Jolly brand new and discovering very quickly it was not for me, I have sold the SJ to a CF member and have ordered the Malhkonig Vario. I had the Vario before (also sold that to a CF member) and in hindsight I should have kept hold of it - never mind, its all a learning curve. However, the Vario I have ordered is the version 2 so I'm curious to see how different it will be. I ruled out the Vario W as I want to grind straight into the PF. So tomorrow the Vario will arrive. I have not ruled out the Mazzer Mini E for the future but for the moment I will be dancing around with joy when the Vario arrives. I admit the SJ is a good grinder but I found the hopper too much really.
  7. As title really. I like the look of the Vario, but the Mignon looks and feels a bit better put together. In terms of features and performance, is there much between them? EDIT: I should add, I'm coming from an MC2 so looking for a worthwhile upgrade. Currently paired with a Gaggia Classic but the plan is to upgrade this later in the year too... Thanks!
  8. Still no varios? This wait is painful.. Preferably stell burrs but i'm not going to complain. Lawrie
  9. Well I finally received my new NS Oscar coffee machine and am thoroughly enjoying it. There's so much to learn though! I now realise I need a new grinder. The Ascaso i2 I have now (bought second hand a few years ago) is the weak link. After lots of reading I've narrowed it down to 2 grinders: Eureka Mignon - €302 ($330, £222) inc. shipping Mahlkonig Vario - €379 ($415, £280) inc. shipping I'm favouring the Eureka because of the price, sturdiness and favourable reviews. I haven't read any reviews that convince me the Vario is definitely worth getting over the Eureka (some put the Eureka slightly above the Vario and vice versa). I only drink espressos and cappuccinos so don't need to switch grinds. I must say, the Vario does look pretty tacky (although I'll always go for the quality in the cup rather than the housing) BUT, I've also read good things about the following:- Compak K3 Touch Advanced Fiorenzato F4E Nano Macap MC4 (doserless) Cunill Tranquilo (latest 'Tron' version) Would any of these be the better bet? I've set my budget limit to €400, but if there's anything that will be a significant improvement I'm willing to stretch to €500. I've also considered second hand but the worry would be as to how well the grinder has been treated and used since new. Also, here in Spain the second hand market is very limited. I could buy from the UK though, as my parents send stuff out to me here now and again. Well, thanks in advance for reading through the post and your suggestions/comments
  10. Does anybody know how long the ceramic burrs should last on a Vario? I'm finding that it isn't grinding fine enough and is grinding too much at the moment plus the extraction isn't producing enough crema compared with normal. The burrs don't look warn and have cleaned them recently. I haven't recalibrated the grinder after refitting the burrs before.
  11. Morning All Decided that I am definitely going the on-demand grinder route and wondered what you all thought about the relative merits/disadvantages of the two listed above. Both similar cost (around the £350 mark). For me - ease of use is going to outweigh the end product. I'm not searching for the ultimate espresso, just something that is nice to drink. Paired with Sage Dual Boiler and replacing a Mazzer Super Jolly. Any advice gratefully received, but please be gentle
  12. Here are a few more shots of the Londinium and HG One. The eagle eyed may spot a bit of blue tack on the lip of the HG's burr adjuster ring. That's my reference point (very high tech) for tuning in the espresso grind. Haven't attached the stick on markers until I am happy I am in the ball park. The HG One delivers wonderfully fluffy grinds thanks to its massive burrs. Takes about 30 seconds or so to grind enough for a double shot - 16grms. Effort needed to crank the flywheel was a bit more than I expected but in no way excessive. First trials had a bit of static retention but tapping the lower cover caused most of the grind to fall into the blind tumbler which is a wonderfully elegant design. You place it on top of the portafilter and lift out the spindle and allow the grinds to drop into the basket - simple and effective. I can see that, as a manual grinder, the HG isn't for everyone but I like the slow coffee approach - as long as I have my electric grinder for when I am in a hurry!! When the Londinium arrived I paired it with my Vario. The results did not disappoint - loads and loads of depth and complexity without any bitterness, but the HG One takes it to the next level. The only way I can describe it is that the flavour profile is more open, i.e. it is possible to detect more flavours in the shot. Still got a long way to go but I am very pleased with the choice I have made in the Londinium and HG One.:D:D [ATTACH=CONFIG]2103[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]2104[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]2105[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]2106[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]2107[/ATTACH]
  13. https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipNrKDI8N4b093HMnri7YcnGZHIv_UXaE2dEhRhT6aQ3fCc7o0d7gKrBi_F0eXkTeQ/photo/AF1QipOyykwuBlXESDTW46APSPgjpqCpoU6H4CAlTh-4?key=dEFUN1YwNm15dVlYUlhVLUN4cy0wU3pTZ3gxTDZR I am am selling my SAN Remo Treviso and vario as a unit. Comes with all the bits in the pic. Serviced by Pumphreys nine months ago, all work fine. Not used it since. Vario about eighteen months old not sure about the Treviso as I bought it as an ex demo from Pumphreys. Looking for £600 all in. Can’t get the hang of it and I am clueless. Going back to brewed in a press. Based in north east can deliver for fuel up to 50 miles.
  14. ca1mac

    Vario Grinder

    Hi all - looking for a Vario with ceramic burrs. Let me know if one pops up! Thanks
  15. Hi folks. I’m finding that the grind I need is always somewhere between the 4 or 5 available steps for espresso on my Rocky so I’m considering upgrading to a stepless. I’ve got my eye on a Vario but I’d be interested to see what folks might suggest in a similar price range or if the Vario is a solid bet. I only drink espresso so don’t need to grind for French press or anything. Thanks for your help. Max
  16. Hi all, I used to frequent these parts but had to give up my machines in storage for a few years as where I was living wasn't suitable. I recently services my Brewtus ii and got the grinder out. Initially the motor didn't sound right on the Vario. It stalled but got through the dose. However, this morning it stalled and wouldn't grind any further. The motor kept going and I cut it after the smell of electrical burning. Of course, a small amount of smoke then followed. I've taken it apart and the circuitry casing was covered in old coffee grinds. Not sure how, but it's obviously built up over the years. Anyway, the belt and cogs seem ok, but other than that I'm doing the grinder equivalent of tyre kicking and do not possess skills to take it further. I've messaged mahlkonig support but thought I'd post here in case anyone has experience. Here is a link to a video where you can hear that the power doesn't seem to be uniform: The grinder is probably 7 years old and sat in storage for 3. Unfortunately I'm not in the market for new right now, so I want to repair it if the cause can be identified. Thanks for any help! Tom
  17. I am looking to sell my Gaggia Classic and Mahlkonig Vario as i have upgraded. I have owned them for about 4 years and are both in good working order. The classic I bought from eBay from someone that bought it, used it once and decided it wasn't for them so was basically brand new. I have done the OPV mod and upgraded to the rancilio steam wand. Both the original wand and pressure gauge included. I live in a soft water area so no issues with scale and it has been cleaned and backflushed regularly. As well as the original accessories I will include all extras for it including bottomless portafilter, Blank basket, 2 double baskets, 1 triple basket, motta tamper and tamping mat. The grinder i purchased new from coffee italia and arrived with a 2 pin plug so I changed it for a UK one. It has got 54mm ceramic burrs and comes with a portafilter holder and a grinds bin. I am asking for £200 which I think is a fair price. I am in Cornwall and would prefer collection, I am willing to post but would be at buyers expense and Risk. If you have any questions feel free to ask.
  18. Mahlkonig / Baratza Vario Espresso Coffee Grinder Link to coffee hit website for full details; https://coffeehit.co.uk/collections/espresso-home-espresso-grinders/products/baratza-vario Fully working order Set of replacement ceramic burs fully fitted (worth £84) Wear and tear RRP = £429 I am selling my fully working Mahlkonig / Baratza Vario Espresso Coffee Grinder, which I have only replaced as i wanted a grinder which also weighs. The grinder itself is in great condition but please note the following; The plastic portafilter holder is broken (don't put it in the dishwasher) so won't hold a portafilter. To be fair it was never that good at holding a heavy portafilter as its a bit flimsy but it can be bought from coffee hit https://coffeehit.co.uk/collections/baratza-parts-repair-1/products/baratza-portaholder I toyed with the idea of replacing it with the metal holder which looks much better and more substantial https://coffeehit.co.uk/collections/baratza-parts-repair-1/products/baratza-metal-portaholder There is a small crack in the rim of the hopper (its glued and is hidden and works fine) The cut-off switch for hopper played up so its been bypassed Box, booklet and accessories included £220
  19. Hi all - looking for a sub £200 grinder. Mahlkonig/Baratza Vario (ceramic burrs please) and Eureka Mignon spring to mind but any other suggestions welcomed. Mainly to be used for espresso (Gaggia Classic) but with the odd cafetiere too. London based but don't mind postage. Thanks! Cal
  20. I've bought a new grinder for home and this is now surplus to requirement. Still functional and in good cosmetic condition, however I would recommend it has a burr change and a basic realignment (can do with a small alan key) once new burrs are installed as grind size isn't quite as consistent as it was. I can source the burrs for you at cost price (if full payment is made for both grinder and burrs in advance). I am the only owner as bought from new, they RRP at around £350. Looking for £140 and would be willing to deliver to most major city centres north of Birmingham, or collection from manchester. Happy to sell once new grinder arrives which should be before the end of this coming week.
  21. I've had a Vario for a good few years and whilst I've gotten a lot of good use out of it there have been a number of quality/build issues. Had to switch the motor out about 5 months ago and recently the new one burnt out too, so think it might be time to move on. I mostly make brewed coffee at home - Kalita wave, v60, chemex, aeropress, french press. I do have a Gaggia Evolution for espresso that still ticks along okay although also getting on a bit, but I do enjoy making espresso on the weekends. In looking for a replacement I'm hearing some concerning things re the Sette, which might have been the obvious replacement. What I am understanding generally is that there isn't going to be a good solution for both brewed and espresso grinds, so I may need to move to a two-grinder set up instead. Looking for any advice or recommendations anyone can share. Not keen on going down the hand grinder route for brewed, mostly as I think others in the family might struggle with making adjustments for different grinds, and I'm a bit lazy in the mornings! Have heard good things about the Wilfa Svart which goes for £105, so would leave more cash to go towards a separate espresso grinder. Or would this be a big step down for brewed from the Vario? If so, any suggestions for better alternatives. Think that at the moment for grinders my total budget would be around £500, so £100 for a Wilfa would leave £400 for an espresso grinder. Obviously more spent on the grinder for brewed means less money for the espresso one. Anticipate I'll probably get the itch to upgrade the espresso machine in the long run too, maybe able to spend £500-£700, so am thinking the investment in the separate espresso grinder might still be worthwhile even if it's overkill for the current set up. Thanks in advance!
  22. Hi, I am currently looking for a new grinder. At the moment I am using a basic blade grinder but want to upgrade to something which can grind large quantities which more consistency at grinds for french press and espresso. I have heard good things about the Mahlkonig Vario and the Mahlkonig Vario W. Does anyone have any experiences with this product or have any other recommendations?
  23. Dear baristas, Could anyone recommend me a physical store in London, that sells Mahlkonig Vario grinder? Thanks,
  24. I'm interested to hear people's views on problems I've been having; I bought a Mahlkonig vario (domestic, not K30) last November but after about 5 days of use it stopped working with the drive belt slipping. I suspect there was something other than coffee in with the beans (scratch on the new ceramic burr). After some 'discussion' with Coffee Italia they agreed to get it fixed. 2 months later I got the grinder back with, I'm told, a new belt and a new motor - Frank from ferrari-espresso said "it didn't sound right" after the new belt was fitted, hence new motor. I've now had the grinder back for about 6 weeks and it seemed to be working perfectly until last week when it started taking a little longer than usual to grind. Now belt slipping again and unable to grind coffee. Coffee Italia say that the only reason for it going wrong is stones or twigs going in with the beans and blame English coffee. I've been using beans from HasBean which seem to be popular on this site and I've been checking them reasonably carefully this time round. Am I just unlucky/doing something stupid? Is there a known issue with the Varios? Should I buy my beans elsewhere?
  25. im totally new to owning an espresso machine, but within a month of ownership its become very obvious a grinder is a must have now at the moment im paying off some debts, so i cant splash out, ill just have to keep using pre ground until April 5th, the day when all my xmas' come at once and im finally debt free for the first time in about 10 years, to celebrate this moment ive always said id treat myself to something, and as me and the mrs are yet to move in together, a big plasma tv isnt on the cards but a nice grinder fits the bill at first i was going to get a hand grinder, but in reality it would have been too much effort for me to stick with, though at most i make 2 doubles per day, usually 1, sometimes none, so im not a heavy user, electric is the only way to go id settled on an MC2 but that was because it wasnt crazy money and i see a lot of people seem to use them, i know very very little about grinders, being new to all this, however, ive got £100 stuffed away from xmas money and selling a few things, so in reality an MC2 is only costing me £40-£50 and that isnt really celebrating my lack of debt, what im wondering is, as a newb, would i benefit from something like a Mahlkonig Vario ? its a lot of money, way more than i want to spend, but if its a solid product, is reliable, its something i can take with me when we move in together, and its unlikely ill be able to afford something of that price for some time as ill be saving for a house, would i notice the difference between an MC2 and the Mahlkonig Vario ? is it total overkill for someone like me ?
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