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  1. I need to buy a new manual(travel) grinder for making V60’s. Are there any filter specific manual grinders available. Which grinders work best for filter?
  2. Hi all, I can make a reasonable cup of coffee with a V60, but I see that you can buy carafes for brewing larger quantities of coffee. My question is, when upping the serving quantity how should I alter the grind and brew/drip time? For example, I currently grind to give a ~2:30 brew time when creating a single serving. If I don't change my grind size but try and brew double the quantity (using double the coffee and double the water), it would take a lot longer for the water to pass through the coffee and ruin the extraction. Presumably, to get around this I need to increase the
  3. At work on an offshore rig I got two water options. From tap, which is produced on the rig, and bottled water. The tap water is no good, so I'm using bottled water. I'm not too happy with the water quality though. Brews made with the same beans I use at home tends to be more acidic and overall less great. I brew V60. Is it possible to add something to the bottled water to potentially improve the quality of my brews? I know some people make their own brew water with distilled water and some minerals. If the bottled water is low in minerals or the balance is off somehow, would it be possibl
  4. How Illy coffee beans(not pre-ground) results if breweved with one of pour-over methods or Frech Press?
  5. Hi Apologies didn’t know how to transfer my post from one section to another so the question below has also been asked in the ‘brewed coffee’ section. ——————- I’d consider myself a newbie to coffee, I use a Hario Skerton grinder and a V60. I’ve learnt the value of weighing and timing my brews and I’m comfortable adjusting the grind size and playing with the timings to obtain a good tasting coffee. Christmas is coming but Christmas on a budget! I thought about going up a notch and buying a Sage DTP but having thought about it I’m happy with my V60 and the only pain I have is
  6. How less effective it would be? Can I get a good cup of coffee? Which pour-over method will be the most efficient with this type of kettle? Will it create too much problem for V60?
  7. Hi , just starting out with a V60 drip coffee and Hario Skelton grinder, next step us to try to reduce the variation in my brews so I want to start weighing each brew. Could anyone recommend a decent set of scales that would be a little bit future proofed i.e if I went for a Sage duo temp at Christmas I wouldn’t have to buy new scales.Budget is up to £50 but would think about increasing that if I could future proof and avoide buying twice.
  8. Today I brewed an @MWJB V60 recipe using dutch O2 white paper filters,13.5g Pact Finca la Esperanza, 225ml tap water from a Brita filter jug and a feldgrind setting of 2+5. i followed the recipe using 6 x 35g pours after a 15g/30 sec bloom. The last pour was at 2:10 and the final drawdown was 4:10 - the recipe indicated an average drawdown of 3:10 +/- 15 secs. The result was bitter, astringent and not worth drinking. I then used the same recipe and timings but with a feldgrind setting of 3+5 and achieved a drawdown of 3:35. While the coffee was sweeter, less bitter, not astringent it also
  9. V60 was what got me hooked on "quality" coffee after a visit to a speciality coffee shop with a friend who took charge of the ordering. He ordered us both a Filter (V60), to my amazement I suggested it must have had some form of Strawberry syrup in it as it tasted of Strawberry and apatently was just a black coffee! so I went out, purchased a grinder and coffee and the journey began. Now some years on I've been more of a Espresso and Flate White drinker however brushed off the cheap grinder and made a Yirgacheffe V60. I used the following recipe - 32.5g Course Grind (Krup
  10. I've not tried it myself, but has anyone poured hot milk over a Hario V60? I've only used water but curious if milk is something to be tried. Obviously nothing wrong with water, just curious.
  11. Hi, Just a quick one about the size of a V60... If I'm only making one cup of coffee and I'm using a size 2 V60 does it matter? Should I be using a size 1? I just made a cup with a size 2 and 18g of coffee and it tasted a bit 'papery', would this be because the filter is too big for the amount of coffee i'm using? thanks Rory
  12. BeanAbout

    V60 grinder

    It's a long shot but has anyone got one of the Jairo v60 electric grinders? alternatively a decent filter coffee grinder available? thanks
  13. Following some of the threads on here as well as trying a v60 brew at a local independent has made me want to try this method at home. Seeking advice as to what type of equipment to get. For example, for someone vwho is only going to be brewing for one or two people at the most would the 02 range be sufficient? Are there any differences in extraction when using the plastic drippers as opposed to the ceramic? With scales- are the harios the go to or are there others such as the brewista which are preferable?
  14. Hi all. Been lurking for a while and learned some useful tips. I have been using Aeropress for a few months and have recently started experimenting with the 02 size plastic V60, which I think I prefer, partly due to the larger volume of coffee it can make. I have been alternating between a Dualit 75015 electric grinder and hand grinders, namely the Rhinowares mini grinder and a Hario Skerton I picked up cheaply on a whim. It could be psychological, but I think the flavour from coffee ground manually is a bit better than when using the Dualit. I wonder if the effort of han
  15. I mainly just drink nice strong espresso or long black / Americanos - but enjoy a mug of good Aeropress now and again (especially when travelling). So - if the Mrs were looking for a small present to get me Christmas then which should I try if the above (or other) alternative (but similar) brew methods. Any feedback, advice or other suggestions would be most welcome - and if the said purchase is less than about £50 and available with Amazon Prome then all the better! Thanks!
  16. Matt Perger's V60 technique involves a little tap and a wiggle of the brewer on the server just before the final draw down. In the videos I've seen demonstrating this, he's always using a glass 02 size V60 and the corresponding glass Hario carafe. I use the ceramic 02 size V60, which I presume is a little heavier than the glass version, and I'm a little worried that trying this technique will damage the carafe. A possible solution to this is finding a rubber washer or gasket that could fit around the bottom of the brewer and protect the carafe when tapping during a brew. After an hour or so of
  17. Hi all. New to the forum - have been reading avidly for a few days. Over the years I've used a cafetiere, bialetti, v60 and now am almost solely using a porlex hand grinder and aeropress. Thinking it's about time I got myself an espresso machine but my budget will be fairly limited so I was thinking along the lines of the gaggia classic, but had a few questions 1. It sounds like the 2015/16 model isn't that great going by the opinions on here - is it really that bad and why? I've seen that the rancilio silvia is mooted as an alternative but this looks quite a lot more expensive. Are there
  18. Hey, Some people may remember me from a few years back. I had to take a break from here and coffee in general but have finally been given the green light to get back into the saddle so to speak so here I am. For those who don't know me, I'm female and live in the North East. I love coffee, have learnt loads from here and the guys at Hasbean and am looking forward to learning more. Current setup is Gaggia Classic with Eureka Mignon, CCD, Aeropress, V60, Chemex, French Press. I'm saving for a Slayer and Mazzer combo! Hope to get chatting soon and see some familiar names!
  19. I have a Iberital Mc2 that I use for my Gaggia Classic and while it is a fantastic grinder, adjusting the grind is a pita. I am using DeLonghi KG79 for my Aeropress / v60 but I was wondering if getting buying something better would be worth doing? Are there any grinders that are notably good for filter coffee? BTW, not interested in hand grinding, I did it for 2 years with my Porlex and I have had enough. EDIT: budget around £100
  20. Hi all, Been using my V60 a lot recently but have noticed that I'm getting a lot of brews (from a variety of beans/roasters) that are just a bit average. I'm wondering if my technique needs refining or if I've just gone through a stage of buying coffees that I haven't loved. My go to method is as follows Volvic just boiled 15g coffee: 250g water Pour on 30g water, stir a fair bit (5 seocnds or so) then bloom until 30 seconds total time has passed At 30 seconds add 75g water in spiral At 1 min add 75g water in spiral At 1:30 add last 70g water, wash down sides with l
  21. I'm looking to upgrade from a Hario Slim hand grinder to an electric grinder. It will be used for V60 and Aeropress. Would prefer a good looking grinder in black (so my partner will allow me to keep it out). Would also consider some used grinders. Any recommendations other than the Wilfa Svart? As that grinder is currently unavailable with all retailers I can find.
  22. Hi all, My long term coffee plan was to get a niche zero to use with a lelit mara X. Currently I am not in a position to buy this combination yet but potentially in a year or so will be. My plan was to just continue using a Nespresso machine until then but I have recently discovered the V60 and love it. I had planned to use the v60 with ground coffee as didn't want to purchase a grinder yet but my wife has ordered a few packs of coffee beans so I am now in need of a grinder. Here are some options I am considering: 1. Buy a Wilfa svart for under £100 and use this for drip c
  23. Hi all, I was dosing my Sage GP, but have found that was causing clumping and other issues with my espresso (along with some user error). The reason I bought the sage was due to ease of being able to switch between grind settings. I like a cappuccino in the morning and a V60 brew in the afternoon. Have been using lighter roasts from PACT for the V60 to get some really interesting and delicious flavours. Hence the dosing. Has anyone got a recommendation for a good all-rounder that I can use for both? Or another potential solution to my problem? (changing grinder not an option RIGHT
  24. I bought some Columbian coffee from Square Mile. Followed James method for v60 and it turned out to be gorgeous. Sublime. i am running out so just bought some from a local roaster. Guatemalan. Medium roast. Followed same instructions. Tastes horrible. before tasting I noticed a few things. the volume of the horrible coffee was greater after grinding 30g. the bloom was more expansive there was no roast date just a best before Oct 2020 the coffee stuck to the side of the filter whereas the Square Mile coffee settled with a flat bed. See photo. I st
  25. Hi Coffee Nerds, I am in need of some expert help. After yet another 'meh' cup from my V60, I found myself googling Kalita Wave prices (having just missed one in the For Sale section). This is partly because I recall reading, in various places, that they are a more forgiving way to get good drip coffee, and partly because I have had some delicious cups via a Kalita Wave in Pink Lane Coffee (albeit made using an EK43). So whilst my basic question is "should I just sack off the Hario and buy a Kalita", I will present as much detail as possible, to try and draw upon your collective expe
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