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Found 70 results

  1. My Mazzer Mini doser works well, good bearings, lens hood mod so very little retention. But it's messy and I'm getting tired of a doser. I kind of have an upgrade path ready because I bought 2 cheap Mazzer SJs to play around with (haven't been delivered yet) - at least one will become on demand with some kind of mod. I'm just getting a kind of itchy upgraditis..... I'm a bit fascinated by grinders and have been researching plenty of them - have lots of pics and specs on my computer. I like the idea of bigger burrs in a small footprint - stating the bleeding' obvious here. Someone will say Niche but I haven't subscribed. It'll be either OD or convertible without much hassle. So: Ideal Machines I probably can't afford: Fiorenzato Doge Subito OD Anfim Super Caimano Anfim SCODY II MACAP MXD Fiorenzato F75E Ceado E15 or E92 Machines I probably could afford: A whole bunch of older grinders with 64mm burrs, of which the SJ is a good example and I have 2 coming anyway.... I did bid on a Ceado E6P on eBay and it went just above what I had in mind which was around £240. That looked like a good buy for somebody. I also missed out on an Anfim Caimano, could have bid a bit higher. So any bright ideas? No rush - this is probably a long-term upgrade and in the meantime I'm following a few items on eBay.
  2. As classic keeps dying on me I am debating an upgrade. Unfortunately I’m not a coffee machine geek and know very little about the options out there. i work from home and drink 4-8 coffees a day with steamed milk, I occasional entertain others who drink coffee but making 3-4 coffees at once is a rarity ideally after something that is reliable, intmend leave my machine on all day so heat up from cold not a problem budget upto £1000 but very happy to spend less and would consider used if I know it’s unlikely to break down a week later
  3. I guess originally it was my wife who requested the Dualit Expressivo she was given as a Christmas or birthday present, actually it sato in the box unused for eons until I bothered to unwrap and set it up. Now shortly after that she decided this was to much trouble to use unless I was making it and for her sins bought a Nesspresso and frother, we used these for a while until one day we ran out of pods.... the only thing we had was a packet of coffee!!!!! So the Expressivo was used and since then the Nesspresso has since sat idle. Now for me I have been wanting to upgrade for a while but the wife's finally come around to this.... I want a grinder obviously but I want to future proof things by getting one now that I shouldn't ever need to upgrade. Yes I know that could be expensive...... The grinder I want should be able to do all kinds of grinds including a Turkish grind, have a small footprint ideally, little mess preferable and be easy to change setting on and probably electric on demand, any other suggestions appreciated. I will also be upgrading form the Expressivo and am thinking of something like the Rocket R58 or LaMarzocca Linea Mini. I want an expresso machine with dual boilers that can be run plumbed or on a tank, easy to use and which I likely will never feel the need to upgrade from. I will consider the used market and the new, I was wondering I'd folk can suggest somewhere in the southeast/London area I can view and try these machines. I am currently moving abroad to Switzerland so whatever I buy here hopefully won't have any issue being used there. Advice greatly appreciated many thanks guys.
  4. Hi Everyone I'd just like to start by saying how much I have enjoyed the learning experience since I joined the forum last year! My current set-up is a Brasilia RR55 grinder & a Quick Mill Anita Espresso machine and I have been gradually improving in what I am able to get out of the set-up thanks to lots of the advice gleaned from this forum. One of the things that I have learnt since being here is that you should look at getting the best grinder possible because this has the greatest improvement 'in the cup' and this was what I was intending to do - having recently placed a 'wanted' listing for a Ceado E37s (although I was also considering getting the Compak E8 currently in sales corner as well). All was going well until, just the other day, I read about the new Londinium R. After doing much more research on the machine, I am very tempted to 'push the boat out' and get one of these instead of getting the new grinder, as I have always liked what I have read about lever machines and the few things that did concern me about them appear to have been addressed on the new Londinium R model. I am also a bit concerned that to do this would go against a lot of what I have learned on the forum since joining as I would be doing things 'the wrong way round'!! WHAT SHOULD I DO?? Options, as I see them, are: 1) Do as planned and just upgrade the grinder (which I can afford to do) 2) Sell the Anita and put the money towards the Londinium, keeping the RR55 (if you think this would be up to the job) 3) Upgrade both - this option would also require me to sell my 'high-end' MTB to find the extra funds (and risk marital disharmony for a while) 4) Stick with what I've got for now and work on improving my technique Any advice greatly appreciated! Graham
  5. I am considering buying a new espresso machine for the money I could get from selling my compak e8 and rocket giotto V2. They are both extremely good (and beautiful) pieces of equipment but I am tired with not having a PID. My main issue with the rocket is that it is extremely difficult to get reproducible temp profiles (based on Eric's thermometer readings) affecting the consistency (based on my tastebuds readings) of the shots I am pulling. I think that dual boiler machine with PID could solve this issue. I would use a Pharos grinder as my main espresso grinder instead of the compak. I do not mind using the Pharos as I almost always do 2 shots at a time (for me and my wife), and in case of having guests I have single-dosed Mazzer mini-E with SJ burrs which I normally use for filter coffee. I have no way of plumbing-in the machine so it has to be tank-feed. I rarely do any milk beverages (only sometimes for practice). Vesuvius is my dream machine. It has all I need plus features that I will most likely need after I get what I want now: pressure profiling and auto-on timer. I would have to be on a low calorie diet for a few months to save for the Vesuvius and my wife may not be happy. There is quit a few dual boiler machines with PID below £2000. Do you think it is worthwhile doing this sort of an upgrade or is it my upgraditis? Any thoughts? In case you want to say that it is my technique or coffee that is to blame and not the equipment: I almost always get perfect shots (no channeling and in centre) in naked portafilter with VST baskets. Pressure checked with a manometer attached to a basket. Tamping with joefrex tamper. Alway single dosing. Usually single origin coffee from hasbeen or workshop used between 1 and 3 weeks from roast date, kept in a bag.
  6. It's interesting to read about how forum members consider what is a genuine upgrade of a machine. it seems that (starting at the lower end of the spectrum) a Gaggia Classic to a Rancilio Silvia is not an upgrade. Notwithstanding the high proportional increase cost.........but probably not an equivalent improvement in specifications and abilities. If budgets are tight, what is next up from the Rancilio Silvia for a low user. A couple of espresso's and a capuccino per day? Or why bother? What necessitates and upgrade if your needs don't change and your happy with what you have?
  7. I have been given permission to upgrade my Gaggia Classic. In reality I am unlikely to fit most prosumer machines onto our bench, with their depth usually around 52cm, so I was interested in a second hand Bezzera Unica, Isomac Zaffiro, or similar. The Fracino Piccino is a possibility, but I dont really like the inability to descale it and i'm moving back to Australia so servicing is limited. My budget is supposed to be £400, but I may be sneakily flexible for the right machine. If there are other suggestions I'm keen to hear opinions.
  8. Hi all, Just trying to ratify my thinking before splurging large amounts of money. Basically I am looking long term to upgrade both machine and grinder. The only question here is how *long* the term is, this could be measured in years potentially, although you never do know. So basically I probably have enough funds to get a properly decent grinder now.... *or* a properly decent machine. Conventional wisdom round these parts seems to think that the grinder has more effect on the end result than the machine, therefore I am thinking about upgrading grinder first. I *think* that this will make a major difference, even to my humble PIDed Sylvia, probably much more than say upgrading to a Quickmill Verona and keeping the Vario for the time being (lets not speak too much of my Vesuvius temptations) What say you experts, especially people who once owned a Sylvia (preferably with PID, it really is a different machine)
  9. My next mod / upgrade is to PID my beloved Silvia, but which PID? Research on the Internet shows there are several models with differing features, different suppliers including sellers on eBay and possibly importing them directly from the USA. Being retired (AKA fiscally challenged!) means I have to get it right and buy once only. Would you be prepared to help me through this minefield by teling me your experiences? Your model, features, approximate cost, and perhaps most importantly, would you buy the same model from the same supplier again? (I am technically competent and will have no issues installing it.) Thanks, Dick
  10. Hi Guys I have a Gaggia 'Coffee' espresso machine. I've had it about 5 years and it works fine. If I were to buy a 'better' machine (Rancilio Silvia seems a popular one) would it enable me to make a better cup of coffee? I make cappuccinos. In other words, what does a more expensive machine do compared with a cheaper one? Cheers Dave
  11. Thanks to this forum, I am now substantially poorer, though mentally / physically happier. About a week ago I was asking all sorts of questions but ultimately wanted to upgrade my kit. I went from a Delonghi Icona and Dualit Burr grinder to a Gaggia classic, Mazzer SJ (both second hand) and the Hario skerton. The grinder was the one in need of some TLC which required unscrewing and washing parts, and it now looks incredible. The nut for selecting grind size was broken in transit, as was the hopper which is a downside unfortunately. The difference is night and day, but mostly because the grinder has made a huge difference to the FINENESS of grind. Of course I put both hario and mazzer to finest setting and clogged the machine - it was dripping out coffee like a leaky pipe. A few refinements and its getting there. That grinder is one of the heaviest things I have ever owned, apart from my car. The hopper itself is heavier than the delonghi machine I used to have - a fact my wife found as fascinating as a TED talk titled "the future of plumbing" On order is a motta tamper and a 58mm collapsible lens hood to act as a make shift hopper. Outstanding items: - a coffee mat (which is the reason for the post) - what can i put on the work top to keep things clean? - a bottomless/ naked portafilter after having watched some arousing youtube clips. - learning how to froth milk properly (the machine has an upgraded steam wand, see photo) irritating me that I dont get the micro foam right but its all about technique I would like to note that both machines were bought on this forum and thank you all for your help so far. FYI - a consequence of having upgraded my kit, my wife has distanced herself as I stand there experimenting with grinds, obsessing about temp surfing and polishing all kit when done. Does this forum deal with second wives and divorce?
  12. Hi everyone. What a great source of information! So my current gear is a Gaggia Classic (like a lot of you on here) and I've got an Ascado i-mini grinder. I'm always a sucker for a bargain so generally buy everything 2nd hand and as cheap as possible. Gaggia I bought for £30 with a blocked solenoid valve and took it all apart to find out what the problem was and the i-mini I found on gumtree for £80. Really trying to get my coffee closer to that of the coffee shops I spend too much time in. Coffee is freshly roasted and stored in a vaccum jar and put into the grinder 18g at a time. Pull a shot with a 2:1 brew ratio in around 30 seconds but my setup lacks consistency despite me weighing every step of the way and temp surfing. Gaggia runs out of steam with the silvia wand before it can get a good swirl going so latte art is generally terrible. Really looking to upgrade for around £1000 spending. The best gear for the money. Found the Fracino gear through this site and am in love with the Ariete with the wooden handles but can't find it 2nd hand anywhere. Looking for a HX machine manual fill with good looks and stable temperatures. Cherub perhaps? Looking for a grinder again with good looks and small size. Anyone know much about a La spaziale astro 8A? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  13. As above. I would like to upgrade my trusty Gaggia and wonder what the next step should be without going crazy? I have a mazzer mini grinder also. Thanks
  14. Hi coffee people, I am new here and got some questions. I currently brew espresso using Rocket Premium Plus v3 (the PID one) and Eureka Mignon. I wanted to get a Mazzer when I bought the Rocket, but I had to get a Mignon for money reason. After few month with Rocket and Mignon, now I have extra cash to spend on Mazzer Mini. BUT I am quite happy with Mignon. It's well built, solid, very easy to make adjustment, nice looking and small. But obviously somehow Mazzer looks good. Probably because I see them in almost every corner of street. My question is, is it worth selling the Mignon for about £200 (after owing it for only 3 month), then spend another £400 to get Mazzer Mini E? Will it improve my coffee? Will I be able to taste the difference? Less clump compared to Mignon? (with Mignon, I currently grind the coffee into a little glass and stair it with a chop stick to de-clump the grind, then pour into basket.) I usually get weekly coffee from, Monmouth, Nude Espresso, All Press or Pact Coffee. Thanks in advance.
  15. Hi everyone, I've been off the forum for a while but wanted to get back in touch. OK so having had a Gaggia Classic and a Eureika Mignon for about 3 or 4 years, I am looking to keep the grinder but change my coffee machine. I am happy to get a decent used machine or go new if not too expensive. The new machine is to go in a kitchen so no monster sized options will work and it should have a water reservoir. I was thinking of one of the cheaper heat exchanger models by expobar but am happy to consider alternatives. Any advice, recommendations or tips would be much appreciated. In terms of usage it is mainly used at weekends to make flat whites, americanos the occasional espresso and steaming milk. Regards Thomas
  16. I have the Silvia eu model. As everyone knows it is not very forgiving. I'm contemplating an upgrade but don't want to get to a situation where I end up with another unforgiving machine, albeit more expensive. My usage is rarely more than an espresso or two per day and perhaps the odd cappuccino. For my budget I'm thinking of the Rocket Aparamento but it does not have a paid although I believe temperature stability is good. I would like to keep my Eureka mk.2 and wonder if this is upgrade to an Apartamento, or similar, is going to make life that much easier to get a good result more often than I do now. If it's marginal is it worth it? cheers
  17. Hi guys. I'd like to ask you if you don't have any experience with changing the language of display on any Jura machine. Could you, please, tell me some tips, how to do it, which equipment I'd need and so? Thank you very much!
  18. Hi all, It's been a while since I've posted here. Here is my last thread if anyone is interested, was a refurb on a free mazzer I managed to get. https://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?33178-Mazzer-Super-Jolly-I-received-for-free!/page3 Anyway I'm about to upgrade. I've finally decided to purchase a Rocket Appartamento. Can get it from Italy for a nice price with 22% discount through my job as we are VAT registered. Question here is would a Eureka Specialita be considered a downgrade from a Mazzer Super jolly? 58mm burrs on the SJ vs 55mm burrs on the specialita. I will be mainly doing espresso with the new machine, 2 or 3 per day. No need to switch between brews etc. I like the look of the specialita and the specs seem quite good. I'm fed up of purging with lens cap and brushing etc on the SJ. Or would you recommend I go for something higher spec if switching from the SJ? Like the Eureka Atom 60 for example or should I stretch my budget a bit more? Any advice is welcome before I make a decision on what grinder. Thanks in advance!
  19. Hi I'm new to this forum! I have spent the last few months becoming a home barista- as the title says, I like espresso based drinks (from my gaggi baby classic) and my wife drinks pour over. We currently are battling on which setting the grinder stays on as it's a pain to switch between the two frequently. We have a sage smart grinder that is now struggling to grind anything effectively and therefore we are looking to upgrade. Hopefully we can wangle a return to John Lewis as it's less that 6months old. Are there any grinders that are particularly suited to have their grind settings changed between 2 preferred settings? Budget is £500 and we're after something robust! Thanks in advance
  20. I have a case of upgraditus. I've been recently considering upgrading my first set - Gaggia Classic and MC2 from about year and a half ago. Originally I set my mind on Rocket Appartamento + Eureka MK2 but lately I've started considering expanding that to possibly R58 and maybe Zenith 65e. I guess the reason why I was thinking of getting a Appartamento/58 was mainly that I really like the aesthetics and they seem to have a good opinion around here. But once I started thinking of upgrading the grinder to Zenith the voice in my head woke up and started asking why not go step up and get 75e or something in similar price range and so on... So I guess my question is would it make sense to make the jump from Classic to R 58 with potentially Zenith 65e or maybe start with Appartamento, use the difference to upgrade the grinder, and then if the itch doesn't go away move up to R58 or something similar in some time. What I haven't really seen answered anywhere(possibly my bad searching skills) so far is how does Appartamento compare with R 58 - it's mentioned that R58 should be a step up, DB and all but what sort of upgrade would I expect from roughly twice the price in difference? I usually do between 2-6 cups a day between me and SO. Kitchen space is a somewhat consideration and the size of more expensive grinders is slightly worrying, though I understand that after certain point they become commercial grinders rather than home ones so it's unreasonable to expect them to be as small. Am I doing this completely wrong way, maybe I'm missing some other things I should be thinking/asking myself? Thanks!
  21. Good afternoon, I am looking to upgrade, currently owning a Gaggia Classic with ascaso grinder. Having owned this setup for about 4 years now it's time for an upgrade. I drink 2 milk based drinks in the morning, with the occasional added espresso for those rough mornings, 5-6 drinks a day during weekends. Basically what I'm looking for in my setup is convenience, consistency and quality, in that particular order. If you would have to choose a setup with these requirements, what would you choose? Requirements grinder - consistent in terms of dose - doserless, on-demand - low retention (let's say I'm willing to purge a couple of grams (4-5g) everyday day) - Fast and relatively quiet - mess-free Requirements machine - consistent - stable in temperature (to keep the need to purge to the bare minimum) - the ability to make a couple of milk based drinks back to back Let's say money isn't an issue but for the sake of the argument let's keep it under £5K new. Honestly I'd rather have a super convenient, easy, quick to clean, mess- and hassle-free setup with a sliiiiightlyyyy less tasty espresso, than to have a lot of hassle to have the ability to pressure profile and have that increase in espresso quality... I'm currently looking at the Rocket R58 and a mahlkonig K30. I love the look of the R58 and I believe the double boiler would give me my consistency, stability and steaming abilities... Whenever I see the k30 in action it looks as if it is easy, convenient, fast and clean to use. However I still feel that a k30 would be overkill for home use. Does my perfect setup exist? What would you buy?
  22. Hello, I own a Gaggia Classic and Iberital MC2 grinder. They have served me well over the years, but I feel like it's time to upgrade. Especially after coming back to this forum. I've lusted after a Rocket, ECM, Expobar or Isomac or Lever type machine for years and now have the money to splash out. A machine like those would look great on my counter top! So my consumption is as follows: At home one or two coffees on weekdays, with 3 or 4 on the weekends. Plus drinks for visitors. Mainly double shot with a bit of steamed milk. I'm planning to drink more espresso and sample different flavours, using fresher beans - maybe even roast my own in time. I have the Aeropress and Porlex hand grinder, which I use at work and trips away. T I've read the importance of not scrimping on the grinder on this forum and by attending a barista course my wife paid for some time ago. I've also learned that my machine just cannot texture milk to practice the fancy art you see on Youtube, etc. I used to chat to a lady who ran the coffee bar at our work and she showed me how good she could steam milk. Grinder first. I'm looking to spend £250 - £400. I considered the Eureka Mk2 with a machine / package deal. I then thought about a used better quality grinder, then saw the new Baratza Sette recently. I'm not sure that i would get the one with the weight feature. The plan is to see how the Sette reviews or get a better quality second hand grinder and replace the burrs. I just have to watch kitchen space when considering a Mazzer, etc! Moving onto the machine. I'd like decent Espresso, but need the ability to texture milk well - much better than my Gaggia Classic. Apart from when I'm making for a group when people visit - which takes forever on my Gaggia, I make coffee for just me. Do you think a dual boiler would be over the top? Do any of you own a decent machine that can make great espresso, when used with a quality grinder, and can texture milk like a pro machine? Looks. I just love the look of the classic machines and want one. I ordered the sage DB, as I read good stuff about it and the price was good, but my wife pointed out that if I'm spending £1000+ I should pay more for what I want. Decided to cancel the order - although the £850 deal looks good - albeit for Red. I like the look of the Lever machines, but I've read they can be difficult to master and the steam may not be quite there for milk texturing. Maybe someone can tell me wrong? Summary - Decent quality grinder. Nice espresso. Ability to texture milk well. I think I may be slightly closer when considering grinders, but need more food for thought when it comes to the machine. Hopefully someone can spike my interest with a suggestion or 3.
  23. Hello, I'm in need of guidance, please. I've sold quite a bit of stuff recently, so can sort of justify "swapping a load of things for one thing" and with a new bigger kitchen... it's time to upgrade from the Rancilio Silvia/Auber PID that has served me so well. I have a Mazzer Royal, and I roast my own beans in a Gene Cafe 101A. I guess I make between 2 and 5 coffees a day. But they have to be good! I'm reckoning on spending maybe £1.5-2K. A friend has been delighted with his Rocket (though I don't know which one - single boiler?). That said, I could, at a pinch, push the boat out for a Vesuvius. It will last me. Another friend has his heart set on a Marzocco Linea Mini, and has been trying to persuade me to go the same way. I do like to be able to tinker, but then like for stuff to "just work", so that I don't have to think too much each time. I do want reliable, hassle free coffee. Okay doing the cleaning rituals, but the less the better! Open to ideas. One more thing - by chance, I'm going to a meeting on Tuesday which will put me about 20 minutes from Bella Barista, so I could drop in. Best to go prepared though, I'm sure! Thanks in advance :-)
  24. Hi Chaps I am eagerly awaiting the delivery of a Fracino Piccino and: a) Thought I'd say hello on the Fracino bit.... b) Thought I'd ask if you can give me any heads up on stuff I need to know :-) This is a pretty big upgrade as I am currently using a knackered old Gaggia Selecta (to be fair she has done me well as she only cost a tenner). I have an SJ so grinder shouldn't be an issue. I never bothered to steam milk with the Gaggia - as I doubt she is up to it (I just microwaved milk for my drinks - so no texture/microfoam just hot milk) So I fully expect to have a bit of fun with steaming milk... and I think the Piccino should do me proud there. Any other general tips? Cheers
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