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  1. Hi All have been looking around here for a few weeks now. Lot of interesting snippets of information on here. Who would know making a cup of coffee was such a science, or is it an artform. Eitherway im hoping to find out soon! We started out with Tassimo and Dolce gustos many years ago, moving on to 2 different nespresso machines. Swiftly followed by a bean to cup delonghi for 2 years and another bean to cup Krups for another 2 years. That brings us to Christmas 2018 and i got to thinking wouldnt it be great to do it properly, it looks easy! So 5000 hours on youtube later and we
  2. My OCD Distributor arrived in the post on Friday, together with a new Torr 58.55 tamper. I'm amazed at the difference they make, the distributor particularly, very simple but clever piece of kit. My fausto grinder clumps a bit, light fluffy clumps, but still clumps, the OCD just deals with it, the Torr fits perfectly and finishes the job off. Just ordered a ridgeless VST to replace my ridged, apart from that, happy as a pig in muck with my setup now.
  3. Are Torr and Pergtamp still the best options for precision tampers for use with VST baskets? I'm looking for something that will fit the VST basket more snugly as I can notice a gap and play with my current 58.4mm tamper. leaning towards the Torr tamper but want to check other options. where's the best place to buy? cafe kultur any good? http://www.cafe-kultur.de/products/torr-trapeze-flat-titanium-o-58-55-sharp-edge Thanks Pho
  4. Despite having no majorly discerning taste buds, I felt that maybe I needed to get a little nutation going on as my pucks looked a little spacey on the edges. But my basket is too tight to nutate the tamper easily and now I'm thinking I need something like one of these Pertamp/Torr creations. What are your thoughts on all this jazz please - are there other options - is there a better way to get my sides all smooth and silky and firm?
  5. In the first of what I expect will be approximately 10 "ooh shiny new Ceado grinder" posts... Fracino Ariete, Ceado E37S, Torr Goldfinger I started the year out with a mildly modded Gaggia Classic, Kitchenaid ProLine and no-name 58mm tamper that I had been living with for many years. I made the mistake of starting to attend "real" cafes and realised what sh*tty coffe I had been drinking, so this kinda happened. My thanks go out to Coffeebean, CoffeeChap and Jens at CafeKultur for what I hope will immeasurably improve my quality of life! In a cruel twist of fate howeve
  6. Having spoken to Glenn he has agreed to allow another raffle, so I have secured a Ceado e37s from jenns at torr, a fantastic 83mm OD compact grinder, currently on the bench of quite a few members, so time for a little fun and one very lucky forum member. We are going for 60 tickets at £15 to keep the cost of tickets as low as possible to include as many members as possible. Usual applies just add your name to the list below (raffle is open to current members with at least 10 posts at the time of this post) . Payment details sent out upon completion of list and payments to be made wi
  7. Hi all, my setup is as follows: mazzer SJ+ gaggia classic, OPV MOD, rancilio wand + 58mm motta tamper + 18g VST basket I feel the need to buy me something as I have been coffee-related-purchase-free for a while. I was wondering if the Torr will make a bigger difference to the quality of my shots or a fancy shower screen? I know that the PID is the thing that will actually make the difference but I'm getting the hang of temp surfing and the PID is not on the cards right now. So what do people recon, tamper or screen for a limited budget? thanks, K.
  8. I ordered a Torr XS 58.4mm Walnut tamper from these on a Friday, slightly worried as not ordered from abroad ( Germany) before. Well no worries, it was dispatched at 7-30pm Friday Night and postman tried to deliver on the following Monday. Missed him so had to collect Tuesday morning. Three days to deliver from Germany and only charged 6 euro for delivery. Excellent service. Just put this up in case people had doubts about ordering from them. Andy
  9. Both these tampers have been out for a while now. I've heard only a couple of people who've had experience with both and they both seemed to prefer the Torr by a small margin. Any other comments from those who've used both? Any people use a refractometer to assess the claimed extraction yield increases? I've seen alot of people saying they were going to do that but no followup. Best, Dave M
  10. Hi, Something I've found common on my first batch of L1 shots is that the shot pours through faster towards the end than at the beginning. Reiss recommends that it should pour at a bout 1g per second, and the videos I've seen seem to bear this out (at a fairly steady rate). I've had a few that are bang on for about 10-15 seconds, but then i start to pour through quite a bit quicker. This seems counter-intuitive given the decrease in pressure on a lever machine. What could be causing this? Flufs
  11. After an unexpected call from Coffeechap today and talking to an empty line I decided to ring him back ... Dave : I have sent you the small adaptor for your brita filter , did you get it ? Me : havent made it home yet from work , but great you have truly got me out of a muddle do you want anything for it . Dave : Nah that's ok I found it for you in my box of bits Me : You are a legend mate thanks again . Dave : No problem , got to go ,plane to catch ! So I got home and five minutes later the neighbour is knocking on the door ????? i must have left my
  12. Everything has to go! First up, 3 jugs supplied by Torr. 35cl, 600 and 900. used but in ok condition. £11, £14 and £16 respectively. Postage 33 each or if you want more than one at cost SMALL JUG SOLD Nice 20 ounce jug, unbranded but I have an idea it might be Gaggia £10 plus 33 postage 500 ml jug....£6 plus £3 postage Big 2 pint jug £10 plus £3 postage Tobias Rehberger Illy collection espresso...>£20 plus £3 postage Illy mugs I have 6 of these so selling as 3 pairs @ £12 per pair plus postage £3
  13. Torr Goldfinger Titan Black - 58.4mm, gold spacer and wooden handle. Weights a hefty 531g. Picture borrowed from Coffeechap (the tamper is the middle one - The other two are nothing to do with me or the sale) Bought from Coffeechap earlier in the week and arrived this morning. I instantly realised the black base is not for me so it's back up for sale. I've not used this and is as new and as delivered from coffeechap. I'd like what I paid back... SOLD
  14. x3 tampers all 58.4mm 1 brown handle motta competition £15 postage 2.25 SOLD 2 torr tamper £50 postage £4.55 3 ecm tamper £30 postage £3.00 All flat bases all brilliant condition
  15. I picked one of these up last year but haven't really used it as a convex tamper seems to work better for me, but here it is for anyone that wants it. They are 130EUR new, asking for £85 including postage.
  16. Hi guys, I bought this from Cafekultur March 2015 and haven't used it since I sold my Expobar DB last July, it's in very good condition except for 5mm long mark on the top of the handle otherwise it's as new The below is from the Cafekultur invoice which I can include with the sale, don't have the original box but it will be posted in something suitable, I paid €55 delivered for it so I'm looking for £35 (bank transfer only) delivered to a UK postcode or £30 cash from me here in Glasgow (G76). Thanks Tony 1x TORR Classic Birne - 58,4 mm trapezconv / Peach/Birne for €49.00 e
  17. Its with a heavy heart (and lighter wallet after buying a Mahlgut tamper) that I'm letting this go. It's served me well in the month I've had it but due to my cack-handed tamping I bottled it and gone for a puck styled tamper (which in hindsight has given me one less thing to blame As you'll see from the images its a beauty which was supplied by coffeechap. It's been a perfect fit for my 2 VST baskets (and my default SDB ones) leaving no strays up the edges. I just appear to have the wonkiest grip in the world. £60 which will include postage too (or £55 if you're local enough
  18. Dang24

    Sold: Torr Tamper

    Torr plan2convex 58.4mm with Walnut handle. Slight marks on the side of the tamp but do not affect tamping (I've tried to show them in the pics). £30 posted.
  19. I won't have an espresso machine for a while so I'm moving on this lovely tamper. Looking for £80 inc P&P
  20. Hi all, Having a bit of a clear out of my coffee drawer. Torr Goldfinger 58.4mm Pallisander wood handle. Excellent condition. £50+P&P. Sold. IMS Competizione basket B68 2T h24.5 M. Rated by IMS as 12/18g, I typically used it with about 16g. £12 posted. Sold. As shown here: http://www.imsfiltri.com/filtri/b68-2t-h24-5-m/?lang=en IMS Competizione basket B68 2T h26.5 E. Rated by IMS as 16/22g, I typically used it with about 19g. £12 posted. Sold. As shown here: http://www.imsfiltri.com/filtri/b68-2t-h26-5-e/?lang=en Able brewing disk: Can be used instead of paper
  21. Up for sale is a few odd bits. Torr 58.55mm tamper, flat base with waltnut handle and x1 washer for height adjustment. £65 posted. Black 50cl/500ml teflon coated Motta jug. £25 posted. IMS competition double basket, £15 posted.
  22. These are a collection only from Harrow. The 58.5 has gone so it's the other 2 behind it. the one with the black handle is a 58.4 convex and the other is a 58mm convex. I thing £50 for the two is reasonable? (Gone)
  23. After selling my Silvia, I have some left over bits and pieces. Torr 58.55 tamper, Dobboco distribution tool, IMS competition double basket, Rancilio bottomless portafilter with triple basket and stainless steel jug with Motta thermometer. Prefer to sell as a bundle, £125 delivered, but will separate if no one is interested all together.
  24. As the title says. Black Convex Torr tamper, hardly used. A few cosmetic scuffs to the convex base nothing a wee buff wouldn't sort out, one scratch on handle. Otherwise in great condition. £30 posted in UK
  25. As the title says I have a Torr XS Convex 58.8mm Tamper. I'm not sure of which wood it is, but looks beautiful. Used for only a few weeks on my standard Gaggia basket. £35 plus postage. (I'll include puck too) Happy for collection if anyone is near Basingstoke.
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