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Found 28 results

  1. Need replacement timer. Posted to Ireland Thanks
  2. Timer mod on my Mazzer Mini, added an Inkbird digital relay switch (£20 on Amazon). Used the existing cables in the grinder so this was the only part needed. Removed the original timer switch so that the relay now fits inside the grinder with no external mods, the plug switch is wired to reset to to start grinding the grinder is switched on, then runs for the set time and stops. If the timer needs adjusting it does need the base removed to gain access but i generally use the same beans so haven't needed to adjust it as yet. If the weight is a little out, i tend to change the grind settings a little (finer=less grounds). I have a push button on order which i plan on replacing the existing LED with and using as the reset button instead of the switch.
  3. I am looking at getting a Compak K3 Touch Doseless. Does anyone know if all versions of the K3 Touch have the timer adjuster underneath or is it only certain models of the touch? Thanks all. Shaun
  4. Does anybody know of a timer switch that can be used on a 32Amp point (commando socket) or some kind of relay switch that can be used for an espresso machine? I want to have my machine switch on 15 mins before I arrive at my shop- leaving it on all night seems a waste of power.
  5. I have a used Mazzer Luigi Super Jolly grinder with a knob-operated timer. The grinder works great, but the timer seems a little gimpy. A lot gimpy, actually. Because replacement timers are so expensive, I'm thinking of replacing it with a simple on/off switch. Can anyone direct me to a suitable on/off switch sold by a UK supplier? I don't need an OEM part, just something that will do the job, won't look too out of place on the Mazzer and, most of all, won't fry my machine (or me). Assume ignorance. 'Tricity has always been a mystery to me. I know I can continue using the gimpy timer as an on-off switch, but I don't want to do that. It irks me that it makes timer noises but doesn't time. Thanks.
  6. Two sets of Dosing Scales plus Timer One Brand new unopened The other used £17.99 plus p&p
  7. Got myself a Mazzer Super Jolly, planning the funnel mod and might try out a timer module from ebay to see if I can make that work as a simple solution. First step is the lens hood mod, here is the lid I have made from Birch ply. Note this is a master mini type A is also have and not the mazzer in question - just checking the lid fit... Ill try and post the progress here if anyone is interested. Here is the timer I hope I can make work with a simple button, the relay is built in so should trigger the motor and I think will go down to 0.1 seconds. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/381512584878?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT Any ideas and tips appreciated
  8. Something a little weird happened over the weekend. I pressed both buttons to go into manual mode and the screen went blank! I pressed on the screen with my thumb and it came back on showing manual mode. Also noticed that when changing the timer, it quite often jumps two-tenths of a second at a time rather than one-tenth. Only had the grinder since October. Anyone else had these problems?
  9. jamfit

    Warming up

    I am planning to get a espresso machines, my question is how long will it take to get the machine up to the correct temperature ready to pull a shot? is it simply a case of turning the machine on and letting it warm up or do you need to be involved in the process? The reason for asking is that I was thinking of using a timer for the wall socket and setting it to turn on 20, 30 min before I wake up in the morning / get home in the evening so that it will be ready on my return
  10. I bought a new Mignon last week from Bella Barista and thought I would post some thoughts after a few days use. I have a Gaggia Classic and was looking for an upgrade to my MC2. Basically my MC2 was too noisy, quite messy and had questionable grind consistency so even considering the limits of the Classic, I thought I could do better on the grinder front. I considered all sorts of options for something up to £300 but the bottom line was that it needed to fit in our kitchen so most of the second hand commercial size grinders were dismissed. I narrowed my choice down to a Mignon or K3 Touch Advanced. I settled on the Mignon which was around £60 cheaper and probably easier to sell on given their popularity. Claudette also persuaded me to go for the Mignon. BB are currently including a spare set of burrs and, as most of you know, a transferable 3 year warranty for just under £280. I opted for new thinking the warranty and burrs were worth the extra £80 over typical s/h prices. Also received a free bag of beans (more exotic sounding than the Rave IJ that I have been using since January) I went for black gloss and it looks really nice - a good balance of shiny bits and black. The square hopper also looks nice and compliments the grinder shape. I managed to dial it in very quickly, basically by grinding for a second or two and going finer until it started clumping! I knew about the clumping before buying so I have compromised this (and an extra step in distribution) for low retention. The grinder is much quieter than my MC2 and (so far) much cleaner. I grind into the portafilter with a cut down yoghurt pot catcher and it all gets caught. No static at all (unlike the MC2). I haven't worked out the best way of managing the dose yet . i.e. timer or manual. At the moment I'm running the timer to get around 15g, then switching to manual and topping up to 17g. I haven't tried single dosing yet. I'm interested in what others do regarding dosing. The timer is repeatable but the resulting dose depends on a few factors so it does vary. Results in the cup are pretty good. I normally drink capuccinos and flat whites and both are smoother. With the MC2 the coffee taste was becoming quite overpowering and I put this down to bitterness cutting through the milk. The Mignon is producing a smoother flavour which i like. I'll test the espresso when I open the BB beans later this week. Anyway so far so good. Stuart
  11. So I am 90% toward finishing my first project, so thought I would share. Mazzer doser Auberins Timer mod. Very little DIY needed. This completely houses all 3 switches, and the timer. It requires a new hole to be drilled in the metal wall of the doser which allows the wires to enter the lid. Other than this it is just wiring. It requires the upper veins and screw to be removed but works in conjunction with a printed cone to direct the coffee to the lower vein sweepers. Finished product will be coated in a food safe resin, but I obviously cannot certify food safety beyond this. I'll post more details when I think it is 100% complete (should be about 2 weeks I think, but a lot of my project drag). I'll have to check things out with Glenn first but anyone interested can get one of these housings for about £30.
  12. I'm interested in peoples dosing methods. I have an mc2 with a timer so i used to set the timer to output around 16g into a small plastic cup. At the time, my scales were 1g and i could normally hit "16g". I then bought some 0.1 g scales and found the dose was varying a bit. Anyway i could adjust by grinding a tad more or losing a bit to get to 16g. I then started single dosing by weighing out 16g beans. I could get 16g out of the grinder by a hooking out most of the retained grinds. Starting and stopping a few times usually did the trick. Then i read about the inconsistency that single dosing could cause if the beans popcorned (which they did) so i tried putting a tamper on top of the beans. To try and get better grind consistency i went back to leaving some beans in the hopper and for a few weeks i tried grinding into the portafilter, then weighing. I still found the dose weight a bit inconsistent (up or down by 0.5g or so). Adjusting the weight is a bit more of a faff when handling the portafilter so i have gone back to the plastic cup method. i'm pretty much back where i started but with 0.1g scales. i can see me switching between dosing into the plastic cup and the portafilter trying to find a method that minimises disturbing grinds. What do others do (with a doserless grinder)?
  13. Hi, I’m looking for a small set of scales to use for pulling espresso but struggling to find a set with a timing function as well. To make the search even harder I want something around 4” square so it doesn’t overhang a Sage DTP by too much. Does anyone know if such a beast exists? Ive searched high and low and think I’d have more luck searching for a unicorn. Any help is much appreciated.
  14. Teaboy


    Please could I be recommended a set of coffee scales, maybe with a timer? I at least think it should have a timer but a separate timer would be more than good enough.
  15. What's an easy to set timer for say 30 seconds? Don't want to press a 'second' button 30 times - 10 second intervals would be easier. I have that on my microwave, which is quick to set and what I'm using right now. But surely there's some easy-to-set gadget, e.g. where you could programme in a set time and then just press a button to activate? Also considering a darkroom timer where you manually turn the dial - like those old clockwork Smiths ones. What's a good idea here?
  16. The new ish version of the Silvia has an on/off rocker switch so can't even use a timer! Hmm!!
  17. An easy little addition to the Verona's fascia, or indeed, any S/S espresso machine... a countdown (or count-up) timer attached by magnets. Being stainless, the Verona's front panel is non-ferrous, and therefore not magnetic. But three little high performance Neodymium magnets attached with high-tack double-sided sticky tape, attract the magnet of a digital timer perfectly. The sticky tape also buffers the stainless from being scratched. The magnets are available here http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/121636705255?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&var=420627198411&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT and are not expensive. The timer, made by Taylor and stocked by Bella Barista, is around £8 if I recall. I looked at several makes and shapes of timer but thought this one complemented rather well, the rounded Quick Mill emblem on the left hand side of the panel. Located close to the Group lever, it is convenient for a spare finger. It's easily removable for cleaning, time-setting or whatever, and can be made to lie flat against the panel if desired. Tony.
  18. SOLD Slightly embarrassingly I purchased this machine recently and have established that even with the small 250g hopper I have purchased ( and shall return ) this does not fit under my counter. It is in good working condition and was clean on pick up and has had only a few 1kg through it during my ownership. It was used as one of two grinders in a Cafe which recently closed. It has electrical certificate approvals valid into next month. I don't know exactly how old it is or how many KG's its run or how many shots. It has all the signs of being looked after however. The item is located in Oxford, and I am not willing to ship due to issues but could agree in a 20m radius to meet up to transact. Asking £210 ** Please see footnote. This really has to go..... ** Now £180 ** Many thanks, Jez
  19. Just curious as to who uses the timer on their grinder and who doesn't. I have a Mythos and I single dose. When i first got the grinder I was using the timer function but found it wasn't working for me, maybe because I didn't have enough beans in the hopper to weigh the beans down and give a consistent grind. I suppose what I'm really looking at is other people's grinding procedures.........
  20. There is plenty of room inside you SJ for an Auber timer should you want to fit one in a permanent way. Below is a wiring guide for the Mazzer SJ Timer model after the switch is removed.
  21. hi all just gt a v3 and am also new to coffee scene wud like to say hi. and also any tips for opening box and gtn started thanks
  22. Well my backflushing kit arrived yesterday from Has Bean, so I decided to give the internals of my Classic a good clean. I bought a tub of Caviza cleaner, a blank basket and also a grouphead brush with a little scoop at one end. I don't know how much (in grams) the little scoop holds so I followed the instructions of the Caviza which states 3 grams of cleaning powder goes into the blank basket (I have seen the backflushing vid on YouTube and it looks to be the correct amount), so I followed the instructions as laid out in the pack (on for 10 seconds then off for 10 seconds 5 times). What I wondered is, does the backflushing need to be done from cold? Obviously while you are doing it the machine will be warming up as a natural thing because you are operating it? Once I had done the backflush I rinsed the internals of the machine, basket and portafilter with fresh clean water. The Caviza also states that you need to brew one cup of coffee and throw it away, so that is what I did. Now the machine is nice and clean I decided to make an espresso, but here's the thing. I went to my favourite coffee shop yesterday and got them to grind me a bag of coffee (as I haven't got my grinder yet) which I brought home. I have also ordered a Motta 58mm tamper and some jewellery scales, but neither have turned up yet, so I had to improvise. I do have some digital weighing scales that we use for cooking/baking, but I did manage to get them under the portafilter with a cup underneath both spouts. As some have suggested, weigh the coffee into the portafilter basket first (place the basket onto the scales and zero it to get the tare weight of the basket then add the ground coffee up to 15 grams and put the basket into the portafilter and tamp down. I am using my rubbish plastic tamper until my new one turns up. So I put the portafilter into the machine, put the scales under it, sat an empty cup under both spouts, zeroed the scales to allow for the empty cup, set my timer for 24 seconds Well I set everything off, Machine and timer together and was keeping an eye on the scales as well. As the timer counted down it did seem like there was very little liquid to begin with, but I continued up until the 24 seconds had elapsed. Once I had got the scales off the machine and on to the work top I took another measurement and the coffee weight was 55 grams. Well over what I was expecting, so I threw it away and primed things for another go. This time I aimed for the 1:6 ratio guide, 15 g in and I was expecting 24 g out. Unfortunately things went really quickly (quicker than I expected), so I didn't switch the machine off in time, so the output ended up being 30g (which wasn't too bad anyway). What did surprise me however was how quickly it took to get to 30g. 7-8 seconds. Well I didn't throw that one away. I made a cappuccino in one of my small cups which was delish. With that in mind I assume that the ground coffee was too coarse? It certainly felt fine enough and it was ground on a professional grinder at my coffee shop. And it also tasted great. A real punch to the flavour. One last thing that I was curious about. Is the steam wand connected to where the coffee goes through on the Classic as I have noticed some tiny black deposits in the cup that I purge the wand into? Thanks
  23. Hi all. Seen this equipment online and I know you can buy a box for the timer to sit in. However I'm aware on the majors the relay can fit within the casing. Does anyone know if this is possible on the super jolly? May attempt this modification if this is doable. Cheers. JP
  24. I've been doing some research recently - and have now managed to quite easily disable the 20min timer on the latest 2018+ Gaggia Classic / Gaggia Classic Pro / Gaggia Classic 2019. Some quick background, and where I started from: The first image below is the switchbank of an EU Gaggia Classic 2018+, which has the timer. The second one is the switchbank of a US "Gaggia Classic Pro" version, that doesn't have the timer - but otherwise is very very similar. The wires used are largely different colours, but there's also two or three connectors that are used on the EU version, but unused on the US one. Curious.... ? So - with quite a bit of digging around, tracing wires, taking things apart and general investigation - I found that the easiest way to defeat the 20min timer is to simply remove the two "extra" cables from the front switch-bank (the green one and the blue one below it) and then to bridge these two wires together. Doing this doesn't seem to affect the machine in any other way - it turns on the same, heats up the same, brews, steams and turns off the same (but only when you press the button to do so, it doesn't turn off automatically after 20 mins). Hooray! I've shown some pics of the wire that I made up for this mod - using high temp flexible silicone cable and a couple of 6.3mm male spade connectors - you simply plug one connector in on one side, and the other on the other side, and fold the wire over. Simples and reversible if required. (I'm going to make them slightly longer, as it makes folding them easier - even though it's using flexible silicone cable, when they're short it's not quite as easy). I've also included some additional photos of the wire installed. If anyone buys my 2018+ Gaggia Classic PID kit and wants one of these cables then I'll include one free of charge IF THEYASK FOR IT. (If you've previously bought a 2018+ kit and want one then it's just £1 for 1st Class postage and packing). If anyone else who's a member on here can't make one, and wants to just buy one from me - then I can provide them at minimal cost - £2 plus postage (1st Class 70p, 2nd Class 61p!). I'm still working on a good, effective OPV mod - and I'll probably combine this timer disable mod, with a 9 bar OPV mod, and sufficient silicone pipe to properly replumb the OPV (right now they have the OPV dumping into the drip tray on currnt models, which is a crazy waste of water) within a "Fixes for the Classic 2019" combination mod kit within the next few weeks.
  25. One mod which i haven't seen is to put a timer on the steam button. After 5 minutes it should revert to the brew settings. 😸 Any suggestions for such a thing?
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