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Found 22 results

  1. I have a pre2009 that had a steaming issue coming from the group head. Both brew and steam thermostats have now been replaced but it doesn't seem to have fixed the issue. I've been reading through the forums and haven't been able to find anything as yet. I am no electrician and the circuit diagrams for the machine is liking trying to decipher ancient greek. Any advice would be appreciated.
  2. Unexpectedly, the group on my twin boiler Fracino Piccino stopped producing hot water yesterday. I searched online advice and suspected I may have induced an air lock - although I wasn't convinced.... Today, I took it apart and, with the power on but no chassis (being very careful too!) I checked the flow of electricity from the mains input through to the group boiler. It's worth noting that Fracino have loads of excellent PDFs online, including a comprehensive parts list and wiring diagram. I found two thermostats on the boiler, they should both have live current going through them and term
  3. Hi all I have silvia that has stopped working i suspect the brew thermostat that I think is broken where is the best place to buy a replacement? I would probaby do with changing all 3!
  4. My normal routine for steaming (after pulling a shot) is to flick the steam switch and wait around 10s before opeing the steam valve. This lets me steam around 200-250 ml milk without the boiler light coming on (i.e. boiler stays on). Last couple of times, the light has come on half way through steaming, so the boiler is going off and the steam flow drops right off. Any suggestions why this would have just started happening? Faulty thermostat somewhere? thanks stuart
  5. [video=youtube_share;rBunN5V4xtk] Hey Coffee enthusiasts i have a problem with my recently bought used rancilio Silvia v2 from 2009 with Auber PID. It worked like a charm untill i Yesterday where i upgraded the steam Wand and knob from v2-->v3 on my Silvia. I didn't break anything and it was not a Big problem to install it. normally I sat The Auber PID temperature at 95 celcius, and it never got hotter than that. But now today the boiler gets way too warm, when i turn on the machine. And the temperature on the PID says 140 degrees, even though i sat the PID temperature at 95 celci
  6. Hi Guys, first post here for me so thanks for any help and advice you can give me. I have an old Silvia which stopped heating up over the weekend. The BOL is constantly on but not getting hot and the pump is working as water is passing through the group head. I have taken the lid off and tried the thermostat reset but it hadn't tripped. I have since broken the little red button as it was very brittle. I then researched and figured it could be a whole host of things and would likely need a multimeter to test. Having disconnected the machine from the mains I put the meter into ohm
  7. I thought I'd quickly fit one of MrShades' PID to pimp, sorry: mod my classic a bit. However, I quickly found out that the gods of espresso machines have a wicked sense of humour! Here's my tale so far: I opened the machine, marked the connections and took the boiler out. "That was easy", thought I, and took a closer look. "Hmm, nothing in any manual mentioned a massive jubilee clip, funny! What's it doing? What, hugging the brew thermostat tightly to the boiler? I wonder what happens when I undo the clip... oh, the thermostat falls off? Shouldn't that be screwed... ah. I see."
  8. I've just replaced the seals in the steam/water valve on my gaggia platinum vision as it was leaking from the valve stem. I'm trying to run a test brew with the casings off so I can see if it's still leaking from there and, if it's not, to check if there are any other leaks. Powering on, I need to place the bean lid and door reed switches/sensors onto a magnet to bypass the "Close the lid" and "close the door" messages and it then goes through a warm up cycle as expected. If I wait more than a few seconds after it's up to temp, the "restart to solve the problem" message app
  9. Dear all I have acquired a La Pavoni Pre Millenium with red and white switches from Italy. The machine is in good condition for its age. I have used this machine with the red switch on and the white switch left at 'II'. when the machine has reached critical pressure level the safety valve begins to let out steam. At this point I switch the white switch to 'I'. So far so good. I have recently changed the safety valve because the old one looks worn out and chipped (someone tried to unscrew it before). I have also added a pressure gauge. Now, I notice when the pressure get to about 1 bar
  10. Hi all, I have just stripped down my new Gaggia Classic to clean it all up and crack open the boiler to descale. I'm in the process of reassembling it and noticed when unscrewing the two themostats (?) from the boiler that both seem to have a white sealant/paste on their mounting face. Does anyone know what this is and if it needs replacing when reassembling the boiler? Many thanks for any advice
  11. Hi, Ive ran into an issue with my classic. Long story short....I was checking pump mount as it was really loud. turned the pump slightly and tried it on, didnt realise the vibrating shook the earth wire and it touched onto the steam thermostat (thermostat on top of the boiler) and tripped the fuse. I presumed I blew the thermostat so ordered a replacement, fitted it tonight and the boiler didnt seem to shut off, just kept heating. I was looking at the wiring diagram attached and from my understanding, the steam thermostat would only be used if the steam switch was operated.
  12. I have a Gaggia Classic pre 2010 with an Auber PID installed. The following was happening before the thermal fuse blew: I have set my PID temperature to 100C, however the temp on the PID display would get stuck at for example 95C. When I then switch on the front button of the machine, let some water come through and switch it back OFF, the temperature on the PID would be much higher than 100C. After I turned the front switch OFF again, the temperature would drop back to the pre set 100C. it went like this for a few times, until it hit 200C on the PID which likely blew the thermal fus
  13. First post on here so a big hello to everybody! I have recently purchased a Fracino Classic commercial machine (2nd hand) for a cafe my mother in law runs. I rigged it all up over the weekend but I am having a problem , the machine will not produce hot water from the wand. The steam wand , and the group (I believe it is called the group, The coffee "brewer" in the middle) both work fine. If I turn the manual valve for hot water - nothing happens!. The steam gets upto pressure/temprature rather quickly but the hot water side does not move past 3 (The green zone is at 12
  14. Hi there when i swich on my machine the brew light button comes on right away but water is cold any ideas thanks
  15. We have a Gaggia Classic, 2 to 3 years old, which is well used and regularly descaled. The machine has suddenly started overheating. It seems that the water is virtually boiling. When operating the main head to make coffee, steam plus very hot water comes out. I assume that there is a thermostat on the boiler, which may have failed. Can anyone suggest what could be wrong and how to fix it. Very loathe to send to Gaggia service.
  16. Nice to meet you all. Here's my coffee story: Many years ago bought a Gaggia Baby in Italy. I was very excited - you never saw them on sale in the UK in those days - but I was always disappointed by the coffee I got out of it. I suspect the thermostat was set too low, but also I knew nothing about grinding and tamping (and why should I? This was before the internet and the rise of coffee geek culture). It fell into disuse and for years I drank cafetiere coffee at home and espresso when I was out. I'm not sure what got me back into home espresso again - maybe a nice espresso out of a friend
  17. OK: I have removed the shower head of my Classic, taken out the thick plate retained by the two Allen key screws (easier than I'd expected, but as others have said, don't be coy and lever it for all you're worth), cleaned everything to within a millimetre of its life, and put descaler into the machine. And still I can only get steam rather than water. Could forum colleagues make any suggestions please? The machine sounds strong and consistent, and there is the sense that the pump is doing its pumpy thing. What would be the next move. and what might the diagnosis of the problem be?
  18. I am refurbing a second-hand Gaggia Classic I obtained and thought it best to be thorough so I'm planning on removing the thermostats and soaking the boiler in some descaling solution for a bit since it's quite scaled up. I'm not sold on doing this as I've heard it can cause problems but I'll see how I feel when I come to it. In taking off the thermostats, I'll need to replace them and put new thermal compound so I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for it. Secondly, I have read that using silicone sealant on the boiler is worthwhile when reassembling things so I was hoping s
  19. This is why I could smell burning plastic when I made a coffee earlier. Looks like the temperature sensor (bottom image) has failed in a flashy burny fashion. I'm guessing it's the temperature sensor since it's clamped to the top of the boiler. The sleeved bit seems to be a thermal fuse. As far as I can tell, that's okay, as it was only the sleeze that was damaged due to the sparking/heat from the failed sensor. Anyone know where to get bits for an Isomac Zaffiro? It's about 5-6 years old and this is the first thing to have gone wrong with it.
  20. Hi. I've had an Ascaso steel uno for about 6 months now and just recently it's been acting up. I turn the machine on and let it get up to temp like normal but after about 15 mins the water becomes a lot hotter than it was doing previously, to the point where it is actually steaming when it comes out of the portafilter. I've tested the temp of the water as it comes out and it's 66degrees celcius, is this too hot for espresso? If so has anybody got an idea as to why it would suddenly start doing this. It never gets as hot as it does when I switch to a steam setting so it's not sticking o
  21. For anyone interested in this useful little mod. PARTS £4.99 digital thermostat with thermocouple off Ebay, temp range up to 120c but it actually only goes to 110c but thats proven to be OK for my purposes, 5 second display refresh interval, well it was cheap. £1.00 for 2 pieces of high temp adhesive tape off Ebay FITTING Isolate from the mains, remove the water reservoir, unscrew the 4 screws on the top plate and remove. I attached the thermocouple to the top of the boiler in the flat area to the upper left looking from the front of the machine using the tape. It could go do
  22. I am thinking about upgrading this thermostat after reading a couple of blog posts. A question, does anyone know if this stresses the machine more and shortens the expected life span of other parts? I always refill the boiler with fresh water after steaming. TBH, I should probably do the PID mod first, does anyone know if that improves steam stamina (I have steam anxiety issues, and yes, I temperature surf). -Tim
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