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Found 40 results

  1. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b08gwk5j "Hardened coffee drinker Dan Saladino investigates tea's past, present and future and finds out how our preference for the leaf has changed over three centuries. He visits the location of Britain's first tea retailer, hears the adventures of legendary tea hunter John Fortune and visits the site of an auction house which oversaw 85 per cent of all global tea trade. In south west India we hear from a team of tea pluckers and get an insight into the skill and labour involved in producing tea. Do we pay enough for a cup of tea? It's a question Dan will develop in the second instalment of this tea story." Also has a part two.
  2. Good afternoon, (my first post but as things are changing I'm going to leave introduction entry a couple of weeks) I'm trying to figure out best way to have boiling water available for serving tea (along with coffee of course). The aim is to deliver boiling water that has not been boiled before into a teapot in a reasonably efficient way that doesn't cost too much to put in place. I've ruled out Burco type water boilers, drawing water from coffee machine and using a kettle. We had a Quooker tap in our last house which could work but expensive to install and I'm aware of but not seen in the flesh the Instanta steam and water boilers. So eventually getting to my point I was wondering what others do or if they have any experience of Instanta boilers (or similar). Many thanks.
  3. Hi all, I made myself a brew before work this morning and it got me thinking. I used a well known brand of tea bags to make cuppa. Now, you won't find a jar of instant coffee in my house nor a coffee bag so why do I go with the old tea bag then when I could quite easily use loose leaf? Habit? Tea is tea? A blke at work has that opinion (even though we do about 20 loose leaves!) So, what are your tea habits at home guys and why? Is it just that the humble tea bag reperesents a much greater quality than that of it's coffee cousin? Why do big brands seem to get tea blending right but not coffee? Or is it because I know very little about tea? I'd like to think I have a good palette but is it the same for tea? Am I to the tea expert what "nescafe/coffee's coffee" people are to me? What are your tea habits? Anyway, here's a poll! Lee
  4. Ok, so I have just had a look at this page on the Bramah T&C museum http://www.teaandcoffeemuseum.co.uk/coffee/make_coffee.htm look at stage 6 of the making process. (a) is this true? eg does coffee bind itself differently to milk than it does to cream? (b) what does this mean for all those people out there drinking lattes and so on? © is there room in the marketplace for cream americanos? Thoughts welcome.
  5. Our coffee isn't bitter, neither are we. More...
  6. Hi, could you please complete this survey (preferably males). This is to gain market research for a university project based upon men and their consumption of tea. Here is the link. Thanks in advance https://jfe.qualtrics.com/form/SV_eguFi4uNfBGEobX This survey was not cleared with forum moderators and was made by a new member - think carefully before you click the link
  7. I'm starting up a speciality coffee business and I need some ideas for what teas to sell; something that gives of a luxury feel, not just breakfast tea. All ideas greatly appreciated.
  8. im thinking of dabbling with loose tea after getting bored with various teabags,think im longing for the technical aspect of brewing like coffee,so i suppose the basic is the teapot,should i be looking for an glass type infuser or just a teapot poured over a strainer or other option,and any recommendations would be helpful thanks
  9. Appreciate its not a coffee request, but does anyone have a infuser style teapot they aren't using and willing to part with. Ideally, not glass, as I can be clumsy. Stoneware/Porcelain/Cast etc etc. Anything considered, but I would prefer something of at least 2 mug capacity so 650ml Plus or around that ballpark. Pics would be nice. Thanks very much.
  10. COFFEE CUPS BRING EXCITING NEW RANGE INTO STOCK Luna Blue, The Forefront Of Coloured Cup Fashion These high quality porcelain coffee cups are perfect for daily use in busy cafe’s and coffee bars. We have listened to our customers that love the Luna white range on shape, size and durability but want to stand out from the crowd. The new Luna Blue range is extremely modern and certainly will strike up interest in any coffee shop. By adding your logo to these cups, you will be at the forefront of coloured cup fashion and bang on trend. If you have any questions about this new product or for more information about Coffeecups.co.uk or any product we sell just ask.
  11. Hi to all tea lovers. Just joined this forum. Looking forward to meeting great tea lovers and learning more about teas in the process.
  12. Hello there lovely people, I've just launched my first ever 'baby' - a tea subscription website. I absolutely love tea and have tried many on my travels around the world and i want to bring this to the community. We're in the very early stages so i'd love your feedback on the site and offering if you have a moment http://www.teawitty.com Many thanks, Kate
  13. We made a special visit, whilst in Cornwall this week, to Figgie Hobbin, run by members of Coffee Forums UK. Figgie Hobbin, situtated in Stithians (a village near Redruth in Cornwall) is a fine example of a quintessential English tea-room, serving a dazzling array of cakes and slices and easily the best scones with homemade strawberry jam and clotted cream that I have ever tasted. The selection of teas is sourced locally and presented in real teapots. The coffee, sourced from CoffeeBeanShop is available as French Press and you can choose from a selection of coffee, changing seasonally. It's great to see alternative brewing methods being used and the clarity and complexity of the beans came through into the cup in one of the best French Presses I have had in a long time. While you’re at Figgie Hobbin make sure you browse through the reasonably priced art work cards and prints or purchase one of the larger works of art adorning the walls, and make sure you take time to speak to the owners who are passionate about the area, and what they do. If you're in the area please make sure you pop in and say hi. It's great to support independent tea-rooms and I found Figgie Hobbin a great place to reflect on what contributes to making an establishment our 'third space'
  14. Hickory's oldest and best coffee shop in town!! Fresh. Smooth. Rich. More variety than you can shake a stirrer at. Drop in. Open 7 days. Valley Hills Mall, lower level center court. More...
  15. Hey Guys, A problem I have quite regularly is people complaining our tea isn't strong enough and I have to concur that it is pretty watery, so any tips that anyone has would be really appreciated. Tea- Twinings Everyday/English Breakfast (Baggedx1) Water - Hot tap on Cimbali M32 Cup - 16oz I've tried all sorts, I've taken the water over boiling using the steamwand incase that was the problem, that yeilded a slightly stronger brew but only marginally. Unfortunatly my brand manager isn't able to get out of the contract we have with Twinnings so I'm stuck in that reguard Any suggestions?
  16. Free Surprise gifts available for all tea buyers at Darjeeling Tea Boutique. Offer open till 31st December 2013
  17. Recently purchased an Astoria plus 4 you coffee machine and I I like it a lot it makes wonderful coffee. However, the water temperature is not hot enough only 45 degrees Celsius not hot enough to serve tea and I have to use the kettle to make the teas which is wasting me time and my business. If anyone has any idea on how to change the water temp on that model please let me know. Thanks.
  18. I've been a happy Isomac Tea user for a good few years now. It is my pride and joy (well... along with my son ) and has been treated well. It provides me with cup after cup of excellent coffee and has even educated my wife such that she can now no longer drink *$ as "it has no flavour and tastes burnt". I thought "No upgradeitis for me! This is all the coffee machine I will ever need!". How naive I was... More recently I've been thinking about upgrading to a dual boiler machine with a PID. I think I would value that extra control and I find myself with the funds to make it happen. With that in mind I was wondering if people had any recommendations or machines to avoid. I do like the idea of the innovations of the Sage DB but she suffers in the looks department and I couldn't bear to turn in my Isomac for something that didn't have similar good looks. Other than that I am fairly suggestible I'm looking for dual boiler and good temperature control. There seem to be a lot of E61 machines out there with very similar features so I'm not sure which additional features (if any!) really make a difference. I may even be tempted to splash for one of the true beauty queens (e.g. an ECM Controvento or similar) as long as they aren't style over substance. The option to plumb the machine in at a later date is a must as well. I'm shying away from lever machines (e.g. a La Pavoni). I know they are beautiful and the engineering appeals to me but they seems like a lot of work. As an aside, anyone know what a secondhand, well cared-for Isomac Tea II might be worth?
  19. Hello fellow tea lovers, i wondered if there was anybody out there that could help me? I know this may sound like an odd question but I'm looking for a tea that is packaged in a specific way. Does anybody know of an English tea that comes in a square or rectangular shaped teabag and that also includes the little white cotton thread with label on the end? I'm not looking for a high-end tea, just standard so if PG or tetley provide this kind of thing then great. However i can't spot a product of theirs that fits on google... If i had the choice, i'd prefer it if the bags were not packaged in individual sachets but i'm not particularly concerned about this. I'm more interested in the teabag shape, thread & label. Thanks very much for your help
  20. Hi all I love coffee (and dare I say it Tea!!). My wife and I run a coffee tasting club in the UK and therefore get to find out lots about coffee. We only started three years ago and we just love the subject. Hope to share opinions on coffee and get recommendations for new coffees. Cheers Eric
  21. Hi, I am currently in the process of setting up a loose leaf tea company (there are many, I know). We are currently testing various suppliers but any suggestions would be appreciated. My main question is regards to regulations, insurance etc. If anyone can give any guidance on what is needed I would really appreciate it. My current understanding includes the following: Register business at .gov Obtain product/public liability insurance I am clearly missing lots. Thanks in advance all. Matt
  22. Hello! We're a personalised coffee and tea subscription service based in the UK. We look forward to getting to know you all! #HappyBrewing
  23. Anyone know if/when these are available in uk? Thinking of getting one, if I can buy the unit only
  24. Hi Tea Room, We've just started up a new tea business (currently only delivering to the UK but we hope to go worldwide as soon as possible!) called Teachest. Basically, it's a bit like Graze boxes if you know them - so you choose your selection and we just post it out to you. The boxes are sized so that they can fit through standard letterboxes. You get 10 or 15 teabags in each, and they're all of the finest quality, sourced straight from the country of origin. You can see where each one came from on the site and how they were processed, as well as the best way to enjoy them. We currently have a fairly big range of black, herbal and detox teas in stock and will soon expand to have a lot more. Anyway, here's the site We're also going to be doing some giveaways and stuff for subscribers on our twitter If you have any questions or anything, feel free to ask me on here!
  25. Have recently more into higher quality coffee and so am drinking more coffee that tea. I have found that my usual tea isn't does the job (usally got for cafe direct or twinings). Got into earl grey but that is sometimes to floral. Any suggestions for a different brand of black tea?
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