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Found 25 results

  1. Hey there! I am pretty new in the Silvia family and I simply cannot find the correct coarseness setting for producing proper espresso Attached are three photos of the current coffee ground, of which I put 15g into the double basket. When extracting, I let the water flow though the portafilter for 25 seconds. The water flows too fast, and the outcome is not delicious at all. If I put more coffee into the basket, I cannot get the portafilter into the grouphead anymore... (I already see a 2-3mm impression of the group head screw, after putting the puck out). Should I try to put more coffee into the basket and tamp harder? Or is the solution finder grinding? I am a bit stuck on this Thanks for any help!
  2. Hello, I would be very interested in a direct comparison of the Mazzer Major and Kony by means of coffee taste? Has anyone ever made a direct comparison of the two grinders? holgr
  3. I noticed that an espresso where i forget a bit about variables like if it hits the perfect gram output etc. (because i have put no scale below it to control) tastes always better than one where i can control it and maybe notice that "it's not totally perfect" Anybody else knows this? I have to say that i am a person that can act very psychosomatic and if i believe something is not perfect than it can taste more bad than it actually is...But on the other hand: They have made taste tests with decanted cheap wines and if they told the persons that they would be expensive they all told they would taste perfect. So maybe not only my "fault"
  4. I have different beans here: One has a choclate-nuts flavour, another has a choclate-apple flavour And a friend said: That is all interesting, but can you make that kind of cappuchino which i get in 99,9% of coffees or restaurants? And yeah, he is right... the cappuchinos there have no taste not like apple, choclate or nuts...they just taste like "coffee with milk" so to say. A friend of me has a 120$ portafilter machine from De Longhi with a 80$ grinder - and even with fresh premium beans he comes close to this "just coffee with milk" served in 99,9% of coffess. The tastes like choclate, apple, nuts or whatever don't come trough, it just stays coffee taste. But with my oracle, it seems i can't make that "default tasting coffee"? They all have a special intense taste. The answer i except now is "People are used to bad taste....", but maybe i get (or doing) something wrong?
  5. Well, to be honest, i only like beans with the flavour "like choclate". (Btw: How do they create those flavours?) I really HATE things e.g. the fruit taste some beans have.
  6. Made two lattes earlier beans only roasted 20/9 so just over a week old took fresh beans out of the bag which was opened but closed over 14g 2oz shot pulled in 30 seconds as normal machine set to 93c temp i have now a slight taste in my mouth not sure if its from the coffee or not but its the only thing i have had any ideas?
  7. In London there are a great deal of independent coffee shops, many served by knowledgable bearded staff. The coffee invariably tastes infinitely better than coffee served in chains. Take as espresso for instance, it is normally far richer in taste and stronger too. Why is this? Is it the beans / equipment, both, something else? Thank you
  8. Hi there. I've bought a 2nd hand gaggia classic, the sticker on the bottom says 11/2001. I have noticed that water coming out the brew head has a sweet taste. I know this is subjective, but that's what it tastes to me. After searching online I now think this may be a metallic taste after all - not sure though... So I pumped some water into a glass container and I can see some kind of suspension on the water that clears after a while but not completely. I then proceeded to backflush with pully (with correct product). Washed with plenty water just letting the machine pump clean water through the brew head. No change. Then I descaled with gaggia descaler. A few flakes got out. I though that was not too bad. Then I started flushing water waiting for the flakes to stop but they never did. Always some 2 or 4 small flakes still come through after 10l flushed... I made a video of one of the initial flushing. You can see the quantity of the flakes on the bottom of the glass flask. You can see clearly the suspension I'm talking about. The foam at the top does not appear anymore (I guess that was still the descaler showing up?). I then took some photos of the machine insides. It looks quite good to me, but then I zoomed to the bottom corners of the boiler and got a bit worried. I can see some residue that I don't know what it is. So I'm asking your advice. What should I do? Replacing the boiler seems a bit out of my league... so if that's the case I'll be considering selling to someone more apt than me. Hoping something easier that I can do to remedy this... Thanks for your time. Duarte Video: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipMC2Onlc9EtPoj8zne6LKCUUvZtBct3CGXg1dcLPFYQl9 rC2clPbz9zjLzy8yF4ew/photo/AF1QipNyKyUIaUflEZCqBTHFwkuopfVwtu5Gqke3TMaF?key=U E01MEM3Q1g4bHZQclBUZEt6b29YVkNXSHBRdUpB General top view: boiler bottom corner 1: detail: boiler bottom corner 2: detail:
  9. Hey so me and a few friends at the store are going to have a competition where we develop and make our own signature espresso based drinks. You see we thought it would be a good idea to have a beverage that is unique to our store. And were taking it seriously, so sugary syrupy creamy dessert stuff is off the table! However it can be hot or iced. Anyway I have two weeks to come up with something and I really want to make something impressive since I'm still kinda the new guy! Alas I do not know where to begin! So I was wondering, Im not looking for answers, but any advice/ thoughts of how I should start designing this or any points I should consider would be HUGELY appreciated!!!
  10. I've paid MacIntyre Coffee a visit on Saturday and for the first time tried an EK based shot from the Modbar machine (very impressive piece of kit). It tasted more like a brewed shot rather than espresso (I think this is something quite often mentioned about the EK) and in general very different to a normal espresso shot (no idea what brew ratios Alex is using). Overall it quite quite enjoyable, but not necessarily my type of shot, although I have to say it smelled well awesome. Based on the smell my other half decided to give it a try...and had to spit it out almost straight away saying "this is disgusting and sour, how can you drink this?. Curious if anyone of you ever had a similar experience with someone completely not coffee obsessed? A while ago I've watched a short clip by Conan O'Brien in which his producer critiques third-wave cafes of pulling shots which are undrinkable, yet something they've never tried before, thus claiming it to be the best there is: Now the above is of course taking a p*ss to some extent, but makes you wonder how much of our preferences are being moulder by the trends. I used to hate light roasted coffee, but I'm sure my taste buds got used to it in a way and I can easily accept shots now which in the past would've landed straight in the sink. My mum can't stand espresso, even plain old Italian way of espresso, it's just too much for her taste-wise and I'm sure if I was to serve her a light roasted bean she would spit it out straight away just like my missus did. So, how come normal people hate what we drink with such a passion? I know we all have our preference when it comes to food, but this seems a bit severe do you think? I don't like certain types of cheese for example, but I can still eat them without spitting it out straight away. T.
  11. can anyone tell me whats the strongest coffee available in the UK, in taste.
  12. I've been backflushing my classic every now and again, maybe not as often as i should so last night i had a good session on the machine cleaning etc... I started to do this as I am struggling to tell too much of a difference between different coffees and am starting to wonder if my machine is dirty and needs is tarnishing all shots with a taste... Anyway, i gave the machine a backflush and as usual got the dark oily solution, then rinsed until clear. All good? Just thought id try another backflush to check all was good. Still got dark oily solution out... rinsed till clear.... sorted.... try again, same again. So where is all this coming from? Shower screen and group head have been cleaned so its not coming from them. Is this normal? Is there a better way of cleaning the machine to get a good starting point? Cheers all MMM
  13. Hi, Ive been trying quite few things now from changing my coffees, changing temperatures etc. My coffee as a milk based drink tastes very blunt and doesn't taste rich in flavour and tastes more like watered down coffee. With no real taste at all compared to what i got from my rocket machine. Im using a Linea mini with a mahlkoenig k30 grinder. I usually use 18g in 36g out in between 25-35sec. my basket i use is the 17g vst basket form la marzocco or the 18g vst basket all give me the same result I have tried has bean and caravan coffee and they all taste the same. Even having a 40g shot doesn't seem to make a difference. Does anyone know what could be the problem or cause of that and what i could improve on? cheers
  14. Hi all, I am wondering how you guys adjust your brews based on taste. I am aware of Barista Hustle's Coffee Compass: https://baristahustle.com/blogs/barista-hustle/the-coffee-compass I have trouble when a coffee is tasting flat almost flavourless. Both the descriptors "dull" and "empty" are on opposite sides of the compass. How do you guys adjust brews when the coffee just tastes flat?
  15. I have read numerous comments about grinders affecting the taste in the cup. How does this work? I have been using a Sage Pro grinder and for a 1:2 ratio pour in 30 seconds. I have just ground the same beans in my Elektra grinder to get the same ratio and pour times but th shot tastes much better. Can anyone say why? I'm sure it's not my imagination I have tried two cups.
  16. I have been 'into' coffee for barely five months now, during which time a lot of water has flowed under my particular bridge, as it were. I started out with a cheapo Cookworks from Argos, very soon upgraded to a S/H Gaggia New Baby with Silvio wand, then leapt up to my 'dream machine', a QM Verona. Grinder-wise, it's DeLonghi to Iberital to SJ to Royal, all in the same timescale. Nick-nacks have gone from nothing to milk thermometers (essential for me as my delicate little fingers can't take the jug temperature), open PF, VST baskets, scales (various), timers (various), Click-mat, tamp stand, Pergtamp, 0.5mm gliceur, several milk jugs, etc. etc. etc. And a Brita 1200 filter soon to be plumbed in. Bottled water is used for the time being. Well and truly hooked, I'd say. The 'spresso I drink is invariably latte (flat-white?) as I'm not really keen on straight shots - even the high-end Godlike stuff made at May's Rave Rave. As I seem to have taken to running before I even learned to walk, I'm not sure how to determine what's a good shot and what isn't. That's where I'm looking for a bit of guidance. In order to make a 'spresso, I merely dial in the grind such that a 27sec 'pull' gives 1:2 in the cup. So 15g in 15g VST gives 30g, 18 in 18 VST = 36g and so on, all in 27secs. Tamp is consistent at 30lb (clickmat sees to that). I've never really deviated from that rule of thumb. I then go on to add stretched milk of course, to make my much enjoyed lattes. I'm not quite sure what I'm asking here, but I'm certain there's much more to it than that. Oh, and when taste notes talk about wild strawberries, goosegogs, lemons, limes, chocolate malt or whatever, I frown and nod sagely, but in actual fact, I can't really detect any of it. Don't get me wrong, I love the whole coffee thing to bits, but coffee tastes to me like, well, coffee! Some nicer than others but descriptive words elude me, so I'm never quite sure just what I've done to get a particularly nice tasting cup. Maybe my palate was just right for the moment... I don't know. But I doggedly follow my 1:2 in 27secs target. I guess what I am asking is for some kind of guidance on what I could do to broaden my experience... but I wouldn't have a clue on how or where to start. By the way, I've no wish to branch out into brew methods other than 'spresso. I enjoyed Patrick's most capable and fascinating presentations at Rave, but they're not for me. I'll stick with the Verona and hopefully, broaden the kicks I get from that. Does this make sense, anyone, or even sound familiar with some of your own deep-down feelings? Tony.
  17. Does anyone have any thoughts on titanium nitride coated burrs versus steel ones, in the cup, as it were? I know longevity is a massive factor in favour of TiN, but how about flavour? I'm assuming that all other variables are unchanged... just the burrs. Tony.
  18. Hi all, a newbie here, with a little problem ! Some time ago, (this year), I bought some ground coffee from Tesco. It was phenomenal !! However I didn't keep the packaging. All I remember, is, it was not expensive.( although cost is not the issue here ) I've since bought loads of different coffees, with a total lack of success. So..... not being a connoseur (?), I will try to describe the taste, in the hope someone can point me in the right direction. It was rich, fairly strong, but it had a very distinct high note in the taste. The word Milan came into my mind, but seeing as I haven't been there I just don't know. Does this ring bells with anyone ? Thanks, kilsythbadger
  19. That smokers lose the taste of coffee...is this true? G
  20. Already bored with the lock down? Courtesy of Cafe Imports, some coffee related educational light reading/viewing. https://www.cafeimports.com/north-america/water-activity-in-specialty-green-coffee @MWJB https://www.cafeimports.com/north-america/blog/2020/03/13/harvest-report-colombia-2020-from-farmers-to-friends/
  21. Taste is located in Newton, MA and has the only Synesso in the area. The owner, Nik, is always looking to talk about coffee and for feedback on what they serve. Their current roaster is Barismo (in Arlington) for their espresso and Terroir for their drip. In my opinion, they're quickly becoming the best place in Boston for a consistent double shot. Also has great food. More...
  22. Last month a large antipodean contingent turned out for the Taste of NZ event held at Squaremile. James's blog features a video of the event, which shows what a great atmosphere there was and as he mentions in his blog, the foundation of a growing coffee community. The event was well patronised by some of the best baristas in London and indeed the UK Check out the video here
  23. Hi everyone, I am new here. Nice to meet you guys. Lately I have been very interested in coffee mouthfeel and also wish to ask you guys what terms people would like to use to describe their loved coffees. Thank you
  24. Hello from London: I get wonderful tasting cappuccino from my local cafe. When I try to make the same with my home espresso machine (Kenwood Cafe Retro) using exactly the same coffee beans as the cafe (they gave me some), it does not taste nearly as good. Why, and what can I do? Thanks for any useful advice.
  25. For years I have made my espresso on a Pavoni Lever machine and from 14g of coffee have pulled a shot of about 52-54ml total volume. I am now using an Elektra Micro casa lever and find I am getting a shot of about 45 -50ml from the same amount of coffee. I was under the impression that from 14g of coffee it was standard to aim for 60ml but I have just read in another thread here that someone is using 18g of coffee to get a 30ml drink. As a rule, what do you aim for?
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