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  1. Hi guys, Looking for some more advice. Are these calibrated tampers worth while for a novice like me? Im struggling to get an even tamp and always twist at the end, grrr. I'm hoping one of these might help with consistency? A naked portafilter is a proper disaster, I have nearly blinded myself twice with the side jets of water. When I first bought the machine from Anton he demonstrated the use of it and it produced perfect results, so I know it's not the machine. Thinking about this one? Any thoughts? https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B06XQVG6GJ/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pC_nS_ttl?_encodi
  2. Does anyone have any experience for UK suppliers of custom engraved tampers. Looking for a decent 58.5mm tamper with some decent heft, with a couple of words engraved on it. Any suggestions very welcome
  3. 1st rough knock up, though it is so much better than the piece of crap plastic I was using before.....
  4. For the last few weeks I have been having consistently not-sweet coffee. I don't tamp hard because when I do it seems to clog the machine. Lately I started tamping hard. REALLY hard. And this has brought out all the sweetness in my coffee. I actually look forward to cups now. It is the only thing I changed other than using spring water (ASDA's super budget range) but the spring water was still un-sweet with a weak tamp force. Thanks!
  5. Hi all, Have just purchased a DTP which is arriving Monday (very excited!). Spent a while weighing up this or a Gaggia Classic but I feel the DTP will be the best fit for me. I'm also on the lookout for a Mazzer SJ (let me know if you see anything!) but just wanted to check what other bits you guys are using alongside the DTP to get the most out of it. So far I've worked out I will need the following: Scales - any recommendations? I see the AMIR amazon ones seem to be good value? Tamper - 53mm - will any aluminium one do or is there a favoured one by DTP owners? Beans
  6. Cheapo OCD style distribution tools? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Coffee-Distributor-Leveler-tool-Distribution/dp/B077D98GW2/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1518635326&sr=8-2&keywords=coffee+distribution+tool https://www.amazon.co.uk/Espresso-Distributor-Leveler-Macaron-Portafilter/dp/B075PG5BX1/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1518635326&sr=8-1&keywords=coffee+distribution+tool Thinking of getting one, I tend to just use my finger but sometimes get a very fine jet at the very edge of my portafilter... Cheers
  7. So - I would assume from its name 'T58' that it is a 58mm Tamper. However not only is it 58mm but it is also 84mm, and 97mm. What all these measurements refer to is up to your imagination. Anyone think they can decipher it? It doesn't look like a level lock tamper...
  8. hi all, I just wanted to share few pics of the tamper that @joey24dirt made for me, the base is 54,8 mm for the IMS baskets I use with the Portaspresso it is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship, with quite a unique look, very convenient and effective at use
  9. Happy new year to everyone. What is the correct size for a Motta tamper for a Sage DTP please? I've gone and ordered a 53mm but now wondering if it should be 54mm. Many thanks.
  10. Hi all, schoolboy error this I’m sure... my Silvia arrives tomorrow morning and I’ve just realised I’ve neglected to get a tamper!! anyone know of a shop in the bromley / Sidcup area that sells them? Bizzarly John Lewis (thinking Bluewater) doesn’t sell them... I can’t bear waiting a whole day to use it! thank you!!
  11. I have had my Sage Dual Boiler for a few months and am getting on well with it. If I were to purchase a different tamper, what exact size would I need and what features should I look for? Any particular recommendations and what advantages would that give me in more conistenty good coffee vs the one Sage supplied? Huge thanks for any advice. Jon
  12. I'm a novice here and have just got hold of a s/h Classic that came with a single and double pressurised basket and a double ended s/stl tamper. After using it a few times, it didn't feel like it was doing a very good job, sort of wobbling about in the basket. I've now measured them and the basket is 59 mm and the tamper is 57.3, also the tamper is flat apart from the outer 6mm which is slightly radiused. My thought is that the radius and slack fit are leading to poor compression on the circumference of the basket. At the moment I'm using a flat bottomed Coca Cola glass which is 58 mm and seem
  13. Is the 58mm tamper supplied as standard with the Sage Dual Boiler considered any good? It's all I have at the moment and I like the neat magnetic storage but it's not a particularly close fit in the basket - how critical is that? Should I be considering an update to a newer, posher tamper? What is important in a tamper? Weight? Self-levelling? Nice wooden handle? Calibrated spring-loading for even tamp pressure every time? Shininess? What sizes fit a Sage basket? 58mm exactly or 58.2 or 58.4 or 58.203568? Any specific recommendations? TIA
  14. This might not be the correct area, sorry if it isn't. I am struggling to find and video reviews of the Mazzer easy tamper. I'm basically wondering if it's worth the financial outlay? I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has actually owned or used one. Thanks in advance.
  15. Hi, I have a tamper that I want repairing. On the side that you tamp the coffee with (face / base), there are a load of dints. They are not deep, I'm guessing >0.5mm Is there an easy way to do it? I'm guessing not - I don't have fancy tools just a basic tool kit. Where could I take it to get it sorted? I'm assuming metal fabrication type businesses don't deal with this sort of minor job. Anyone on the forum do such work? Photo attached Many thanks
  16. Hi everyone, I have gone from a BE which I love and had my leveller and push tamper machined down to suit! I have now just invested in a Vesuvius (thanks @Planter) and ordered my Niche last night along with a push tamper My BE is going soon as went quicker than expected, which means I am hoping the Niche turns up quite quickly along with a tamper which I fear might take a while...otherwise no coffee for me So if all goes well I will have a Niche sooner rather than later but no tamper. If anyone has one nearby they can loan I would really appreciate it. At the moment it is torture l
  17. Recommendations on where to purchase a 49mm tamper for my europiccola Thanks
  18. Is there a real difference? I have a 58mm Motta tamper, and when I tamp, I can see some of the coffee around the very edges up the side wall, ie not tamped. I'm wondering if the 58.4mm will solve this? But is it worth me doing? This is using the Gaggia Classic, La Marzocco basket. Thanks.
  19. I'm awaiting delivery of a second-hand Mazzer Luigi Super Jolly grinder. Question: for this model, what size tamper do people use in the collar of the grinder as a stopper to prevent popcorning during a hopper-less single-shot grind? (Try reading that sentence three times really fast.) Thanks.
  20. After a recent conversation on here about reducing stainless tampers I dug out a few 50mm plus tampers I have with intention of getting it to fit the 49mm baskets I have . Every one of the baskets seems slightly different in diameter . Managed to get diameter to about 49.5 . Then a little sanding thru the grits to remove any tooling marks . Then my favourite bit the buffing .. Four different pastes and stitched to loose wheels . Came up really shiny .
  21. Today I did a small project to enhance my espresso experience at home. My Bosco Sorrento included a 58mm tamper when I purchased it last Fall, and it can tamp sufficiently to produce consistent shots. I was a little irked however by the small gap between the tamper and the basket, sometimes causing coffee grounds to channel a bit and also causing non-level tamping. Today I fixed this by making my own tamper. I created a SolidWorks drawing of a tamper that is the same shape as my current tamper but slightly wider in diameter (58.4mm vs 58mm) with some help from my Mechanical Engineering ro
  22. Good day. I'm waiting for a VBM HX machine to arrive. Now thinking about my current tamper (Reg Barber 58mm) and if I should stick with the RB or buy a 58.4/58.55mm. Any views from members with experience please? I have seen from posts here that 58.55 is the best fit. Many thanks.
  23. I had a few offcuts from some beech countertop from a friend a while back because I thought, "hey, I can make stuff with that!" and this is the first product. I'm well versed in the arts of DIY but less so in "craftsmanship", and as such it isn't 100% what I was going for, but I'm happy enough with it that I'm not going to start again. I don't have a lathe, though would love one, so this was made with a couple of hole saws in two pieces - a base piece and a ring glued together. The finish isn't quite as pristine as I would have liked. It felt as smooth as ever after final sanding, but the
  24. Im looking at getting a new tamper as the one with the SDB I recently got just seems to leave that bit too much around the edge (after all it couldn't possibly be my tekkers, I've been tamping for 2 weeks now Having hit the google and accessed the slippery slopes of 'for a bit more money I can get a...' I'd looked at a the following few and wondered if anyone has had hands on with them and could offer an opinion? My main worry is that as a nubber to this, the snugger the fit the less forgiving of poor technique they would be. Pullman Big Step Pergtamp or a Reg Barber made to a s
  25. bongo


    @grundypie (and anyone else interested) Here are some pics of my tamper. Made to order, sourced via alibaba.com from China. The price inc postage for 2 tampers was $50 USD ( Obviously not the same quality as say a Torr Titanium gold finger (what ever its called), but IMO it can squash my coffee just as well. Would I buy again, absolutely!
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