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Found 23 results

  1. Used for the shortest of short whiles (you could count on your fingers how many times its touched coffee), I then sold my espresso machine without having a clue what I was buying next (the long way of saying its in pristine condition). It's been boxed up ever since with no immediate sings of seeing any 'spro action here 58.6mm Base means its only suitable for precision baskets (VST etc). Granted its not the cheapest, but I thought I'd see if it tickles any forum members before I list it elsewhere. £165 inc P&P (£155 if collected).
  2. Hi All, Owing to my main grinder suddenly going down without warning I'm using my backup (an old Krupps burr grinder). The particle size on this grinder is slightly larger so I compensated by tamping firmer and my machine still choked slightly. I was wondering what people's experiences had been regarding finer grinding vs firmer tamping vs volume in portafilter.
  3. All, trying to get my head around the reason for adjusting the OPV on my new to me Gaggia Classic. I've done a whole bunch of searching, but nothing that exactly answered my question. Closest I got was here. Right now I am trying to dial in the tamp/grind/dose to just get flow through the machine (a different thread I have). Am I correct that even if you have a machine that has the OPV setting at 12bar, if you have a puck that will flow at 9bar that OPV won't come into play/matter. So if I can't get flow through a puck at a 12bar setting, changing the OPV to 9bar won't change anythi
  4. Hiya, i just purchased a gaggia classic second hand which came with the standard tamp. It doesn’t fit very well so I would like to a better one unfortunately I can’t afford a reg barber 58mm so I was wondering if you have an alternative suggestions? thanksin advance.
  5. I would like to make my own tamper, I have a very good friend who is an engineer, and will let me use his lathe. Does anyone know the best place to source stainless steel bar? Thanks
  6. Thanks for educating me on the DB and dose yesterday boys..... I've now moved on to Tamper: I was determined to keep with the stock double basket after my dosing education though last night when I got in I tested the stock tamper with the stock basket...... quite a gap around the edges, so I reluctantly got out the 58.4mm motta and tested that. I say reluctant because I really like the cubby hole with the magnet..... though I think @joey24dirt might be able to fix that problem for me ;-) Anyway the motta had less of a gap when placing it in the basket - so I tried it with the VS
  7. Hi, I really want to get something like the OCD to distribute my coffee grounds more evenly, as I think I'm having issues with channeling... but I definitely don't want to pay £150 either... Does anyone know of a similar version of the OCD but for a cheaper price? thanks in advance! Rory
  8. Im looking at getting a new tamper as the one with the SDB I recently got just seems to leave that bit too much around the edge (after all it couldn't possibly be my tekkers, I've been tamping for 2 weeks now Having hit the google and accessed the slippery slopes of 'for a bit more money I can get a...' I'd looked at a the following few and wondered if anyone has had hands on with them and could offer an opinion? My main worry is that as a nubber to this, the snugger the fit the less forgiving of poor technique they would be. Pullman Big Step Pergtamp or a Reg Barber made to a s
  9. I've already ordered the Rancilio tamp, which is flat, but it's interesting to find that the plastic tamp provided, which is destined for the bin, with the Silvia is convex!! Curious or meaningless?
  10. Perfect condition, used approximately 2/3 times a day since August. 58.50mm What else can I say....... its green and it tamps [emoji3]
  11. Hi there, is there a scientific way to measure the pressure of the tamp so as to produce perfect pressure every time or is this less importunity than other factors? i was told by a friend that you can use a small set of scales and press down to desired value i cannot remember the value? any tips for the perfect coffee welcome thanks. B.
  12. I'm using a 17g marked La Marzocco basket in my Rocket Premium plus V3. The previous owner recommended 19g, so I have been weighing the coffee and hitting 19g. I have seen other techniques and videos that fill the basket, collapse, fill, collapse and then sweep off the top such that it is flush - then tamp. This would be faster and save the weighing process, but with my 19g, the coffee is no-where near 'piled' above the top edge such that it could be swept flush? Is this just a characteristic of the basket I am using? Confused!
  13. Hi i don't want to damage the kitchen surfaces nor the Portafilter, so what do you use ? tamp Matt ? tamp holder ? or kitchen surfaces ?!
  14. Had my classic 3-4 years now, and I don't think its performing as well this last year or so. Symptoms: There's a longer wait between pressing the button and the coffee leaving the portafilter. Around 10 seconds I would say. Even though the coffee appears fairly coarse, I have to tamp lighter to get a reasonable extraction. Otherwise it chokes up quite easily. My last resort is to try a coarser grind and heavier tamp. Is it common for the pump in these to weaken? I'm asking this, although I am far from technical when it comes to this stuff. Any suggestions? I gene
  15. I have a rocket and i'm going to go for a bottomless pf. I'm wondering what you use as a stand (if any).
  16. Saw this...... Chris King® worked in collaboration with the Portland, Oregon based America Barista & Coffee School to develop a professional grade espresso tamper with precise dimensions, exceptional feel, and the iconic shape that every cyclist recognizes as the very best. Total stack height is 83.5 mm with a flat base depth of 10mm. Made in the USA. He also produces coffee cups and salt n pepper shakers among other things.
  17. My interest was piqued by a couple of posts in another thread , so thought I would post a separate thread rather than hijack the other. I've heard lots of people talk about tamping light on the L1. Having said that, I found Matt Perger's recent discussion of tamp pressure quite compelling. I'd be interested to hear how you lever chaps approach tamping, is light really the way to go? Why would it be different on a lever rather than pump machine (assuming your pump machine has pre-infusion)?
  18. So after putting coffee chap through his paces I picked up an SJ from him yesterday (top man)!! But now I nee to learn a whole new ball game.. So first question is Pulling a shot?? Is this where I'm filling the basket from the grinder?? In conjunction with this how much do I full the basket??
  19. Hi I’m having difficulty trying to get a drinkable single origin espresso. I think the problem is down to not being able to grind fine enough. Can someone take a moment to check my experiments and conclusions and see if I’m on the right track or have missed something? Thanks Set up La Pavoni Europiccola Millennium porlex mini. Notes: Upon recent purchase of this, my first espresso machine, I was able to get consistently good espresso using Steampunk Velos blend. I then wished to experiment by purchasing a range of single origin beans from Steampunk and HasBean. I hav
  20. Hi Everyone I’m confused. Being relatively new to coffee I have read and seen videos that the rule to thumb when filling your basket with ground coffee is to fill it so that the coffee is level with the top of the basket and then tamp. This I have done but if I was to weigh the amount of coffee when level on a double shot it would weigh anything from 20/25ish grams. Now the average shot I’m told should be around 7 to 8 grams but if I was to grind 16 grams for double into the portafilter and tamp the required 30Ibs then the coffee would be well below the line on the basket and in danger of th
  21. I have just gone through 1/3 kilo of beans trying out different distribution and packing methods, as well as adjusting grind sizes and tamp pressure, to get a shorter shot but not too short. After the second grind adjustment I managed to get a 23 second extraction spot on before blonding, just filling the shot glass to the line, before then adjusting the grinder randomly and trying to iron out faults to achieve the desired result through packing and tamping. The Gaggia Classic is quite forgiving and produced a decent cup even given pretty rubbish grounds (packed to an acceptable stan
  22. A set maintenance routine is as important as your extraction routine. I have just pulled apart and reassembled my Gaggia Classic as I do once every 3 months to ensure the life of the machine is extended and that no old grounds can enter the cup at any stage. I have just replaced my group gasket (see this useful site if you have a Gaggia Classic) as it was starting to deteriorate. This was picked up through preventative maintenance last week and allowed me to order the parts and continue to make coffee whilst they arrived. If you don't already maintain your machine regularly
  23. I've been searching for the root cause of a tamping problem that has occurred in the past week. Problem: I have not been able to tamp as firmly as I used to Investigation: I found that my workbench supports needed to be reinforced. When I was tamping I was applying pressure, but as I was applying this some of it was being 'wasted' due to the workbench flexing. Solution: Work bench reinforcement The result of this work is a decent extraction, back to expected standards.
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