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Found 125 results

  1. Hi guys, For sale is my Mazzer Mini E Type A grinder, with 4 month old burrs fitted. I bought it from a user on this forum about 18 months ago, and it’s seen one or two 18g shots per day since I’ve had it, and the previous owner said they made 4-6 shots a day. It is 6 years old, and only ever used domestically. It has genuine Mazzer Super Jolly burrs, fitted 4 months ago, which are still very sharp, so the grinder can produce an excellent 18g shot in approx. 10-13 seconds, and I’ve applied SuperLube to the grind adjustment threads (as recommended by users on this forum), so the grind adjustment is silky smooth. I have both the large and small Mazzer hoppers, which will be included in the sale. Happy to provide additional photos or the serial number on request, or a video of the grinder in operation. Looking for £380 on collection from Leeds. I’d be willing to drive to meet, and I’m willing to package up for shipping, but buyer would need to arrange shipping and insurance + £5 for the packaging.
  2. Thanks to a little bit of luck, I’ve got a new grinder incoming soon. It does mean the Mazzer Super Jolly I’ve been using needs a new home. I’ve owned it since the middle of January this year, and it’s chewed around 20 kilos of beans in that time. The burrs are spotless and have barely run in. There is however a lot of history on the grinder! It was originally rebuilt by a well known forum member ‘jimbojohn’ before moving to ‘craigsailsbury’. I bought it from this thread: https://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?42336-Mazzer-Super-Jolly&p=561653#post561653 It looks identical and hasn’t changed in the slightest! There’s lots of photos on the above thread. I have added a stainless steel grinds catching dish which will go in the price. Have a dig through that thread for all the history. I can do more photos etc, just say what you’d like and I’ll see to it. Im based in Groby, Leicester, but am regularly in the Bedford area during the week. Collection or meet up only as I really don’t have enough packaging to wrap it up safely. I’d like the original £210 for it, payment in cash or transfer or meetup is OK.
  3. My Mazzer Mini doser works well, good bearings, lens hood mod so very little retention. But it's messy and I'm getting tired of a doser. I kind of have an upgrade path ready because I bought 2 cheap Mazzer SJs to play around with (haven't been delivered yet) - at least one will become on demand with some kind of mod. I'm just getting a kind of itchy upgraditis..... I'm a bit fascinated by grinders and have been researching plenty of them - have lots of pics and specs on my computer. I like the idea of bigger burrs in a small footprint - stating the bleeding' obvious here. Someone will say Niche but I haven't subscribed. It'll be either OD or convertible without much hassle. So: Ideal Machines I probably can't afford: Fiorenzato Doge Subito OD Anfim Super Caimano Anfim SCODY II MACAP MXD Fiorenzato F75E Ceado E15 or E92 Machines I probably could afford: A whole bunch of older grinders with 64mm burrs, of which the SJ is a good example and I have 2 coming anyway.... I did bid on a Ceado E6P on eBay and it went just above what I had in mind which was around £240. That looked like a good buy for somebody. I also missed out on an Anfim Caimano, could have bid a bit higher. So any bright ideas? No rush - this is probably a long-term upgrade and in the meantime I'm following a few items on eBay.
  4. Hi, Thinking of getting a Mazzer Mini timer or maybe a Super Jolly timer at a push. How do the two compare in the real world? Cheers!
  5. I offer for your consideration today a Mazzer SJ. Selling as I upgraded to a Ceado 37S a few months ago. While it's been fun having 2 grinders around, this has to stop before I get too used to it! For background, I bought this off eBay 2.5 years ago. It was in a messy condition externally, and was missing a few parts. However, the internals were sound and I was going to use it for single dosing anyway, so the lack of a hopper and doser lid was a non-issue. There are a few points I want to get out of the way first: No hopper, will include the camera lens hood that I've been using for single dosing though No doser lid No grind adjustment lever (haven't found this an issue since the adjustment threads are in excellent condition) Paint chipping in a couple of places (all of these are reflected in the photos) The power cord has some paint stains on it, haven't bothered to try if these would come off with the right solution. I have intentionally snapped off the security pin on the star screw holding the bottom plate, so that it doesn't require a special security bit to open. Having a hard time locating the original bottom screws for the doser, so selling under the assumption that they are not included. Given the above, this particular SJ is naturally better suited for someone looking to single dose, as in this case only the grind adjustment lever is an inconvenience. Now for the positive parts - I replaced the burrs when I bought the machine, so they are in excellent condition and have had about 30kg through them. This is likely an overestimation but I want to be on the safe side. I've routinely switched the burrs around when cleaning so the wear should be very even. The bearings seem to be in good condition, judging by the lack of odd sounds or vibrations when grinding. Overall I've had no issues with the grinder whatsoever, and in my judgement have taken good care of it. Paired excellently with my Europiccola until I got upgraditis. I have done my normal cleaning routine just today, also regreased the dosing mechanism though I haven't used it. The only part I'm unable to clean is under the vanes as I don't have the right tools to disassemble them. The bit under the lower burr carrier was last cleaned when I bought the grinder, as it is a slightly risky maneuver and quite frankly I didn't find that much under there back then compared to the rest of the burr chamber. Price £160 with collection from central London. Offers accepted. Pricing to sell quickly before I go on holiday June 20th. If the grinder doesn't sell by then (meaning sold and collected), I will have to hold off on the sale until I return from holiday in August. Cash on collection, PayPal, or bank transfer fine. If desired, you are welcome to test the grinder when collecting. Alternatively happy to meet you halfway within reason.
  6. Hi all, For one reason or another, after only about 20 months of enjoyment, I'm being coerced by my *ahem* better half, into getting rid of my cherished Gaggia Classic machine and Super Jolly grinder. Gaggia is a 2010 model manufactured in Italy. Both items are in full working order, and it is an extremely reluctant sale, but at least I know these will be going to a good home. The Classic machine will come with a new steam wand attached which I was recommended to get by you good people on the forum. Also a milk jug and a lovely wooden handled tamper. The Mazzer SJ comes with the full sized hopper, and also the 'camera lense' hopper which I've used since I purchased the machine. Both in full working order, and produce the most delightful coffee. Some extras as above, include: Rancillo steam wand Pressurised (x3) and standard baskets (x2) Blank basket for back flushing Flushing solution Nice weighty Motta 58mm tamper with walnut handle Milk jug Milk thermometer Naked portafilter Knock box Camera lens hopper for SJ grinder Extended replacement outlet for portafilter I will put some photos up when I disconnect the machines and get them into some space, and give them a little spit and polish, hopefully saturday morning. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact me. I think I will start this at £400 given the number of accessories. I have digital scales but can't find them at the mo. Offers will be considered. Thanks as always, Andy
  7. Good condition Mazzer Super Jolly in Matt Black with mini-hopper, only selling because I have another SJ and a Royal, and the wife thinks 2 grinders is (more than) enough! Purchased from Gumtree a few years ago, I've installed new burrs, and added the cocktail shaker and clean-sweep mods so retention of grounds is nice and low. There are a couple of small marks on the paintwork (the worst of these can be seen in the last photo below) but otherwise it looks very tidy. There's also some electrical tape on the flex where it was slightly damaged by a small dog. Also comes with the grounds tray (not pictured). The burrs have probably had less than 10kg of beans through them - this became my filter grinder when I got my second super jolly. £190, collection only from Melksham or Trowbridge, Wiltshire (or could meet somewhere local-ish).
  8. I've had my gaggia & sj combo approximately 1.5 years now, and although I'm extremely happy with it, I'm finding myself considering a change for the sake of it. I quite like the look of the ROK grinder, and it should be fine for 1-2 double espressos a day, but would be keen to hear the thoughts of the forum users. I'm aware it would probably be considered a massive downgrade, but is it noticeable?
  9. SOLD Selling a 2008 Mazzer Super Jolly. Everything is stock and no modifications. No Hopper or grinds tray. Includes a free, limited edition adjustment gauge in your choice of silver or black (limited edition because I will not be making them after this week!) Doser has been fully dismantled and cleaned, burr chamber cleaned thoroughly, but lower burr carrier not removed. Burrs are not Mazzer branded, but are in good condition and don't need replacing. Typical knocks and chips from commercial use. Burrs spin smoothly and bearings appear to be in good condition. Collection only in London, right near Notting Hill Gate tube station. This must be collected by the 15th August and will be advertised elsewhere after a few days.
  10. Picked up an eBay SJ - £150. They say it's 3 years old. No box or manual. I suspect it has been used for minor commercial work - the previous owners run some sort of small plant nursery - from what I can see they've replaced their set-up with a double nespresso thing. It looks fine - other than a few paint chips/knocks. It spins well... Other than new burrs and a clean - what else do I need to do? I have the hopper and it's in good nick - I 'can' use the hopper it as height isn't an issue, but I mostly make coffee for 1 or 2 - so no need for it. What say you, oh lovely hive mind? Are their things I need to look out for - 3d printed parts to order? My plan is to get it up and running, then do grind-offs with the Mignon - If I can taste the benefit, I'll sell the Mignon, if not - I'll sell this.
  11. I've got a couple of 2010 Mazzer Super Jolly Timer grinders... both great spinners and grinders, but they've got paint chips and are in need of some cleaning and aren't modded in any way. They've been sat in my workshop for a while, and they just need a new home rather than taking up my bench space. Would make great project machines (if you wanted to strip and repaint) or cheap grinders if you're on a budget and prepared to live with the (purely cosmetic obviously) chips - and don't mind some initial work in cleaning and fettling (mainly just removing the burr carriers, burrs, doser, and giving it all a good scrub/clean and removing the coffee oils that have accumulated through use). Burrs are good in both cases, motors spin well, but dosers are stiff and whilst they work fine they'd benefit from a strip and clean - and to be honest I just don't have the time right now. One is in slightly better cosmetic shape than the other - hence I'm looking for £170 for the first one and £180 for the second. Collection from Swindon, Wilts - or delivery via courier at cost. First one: £170: Second one: £180: See next post
  12. OK everyone, now I don't think I want another grinder but I can't be sure. I do quite fancy a bargain. Found this on e-bay. What does everyone think? Good or bad? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/COSTA-COMMERCIAL-COFFEE-GRINDER_W0QQitemZ170469019518QQcmdZViewItemQQptZUK_BOI_Restaurant_RL?hash=item27b0becf7e
  13. Last night I attended a CoffeeHit open day where Paul generously laid on coffee, milk and beer, and allowed all who turned up to spend as much time as we wanted on the La Marzocco Strada coffee machine they have recently installed (and are retailing). The coffee was supplied by Square Mile and was their Autumn Espresso blend. We had a choice of grinders (Mazzer Robur E, Anfim and Mazzer Luigi (Super Jolly Electronic?) as well as pretty much every cafe accessory known to man. The only limitations were our skills (or lack of as we discovered) as we tried numerous extraction techniques in the quest to pull a decent shot. The pressure profiling challenged our beliefs and we tasted shot after shot as they were pulled in order to assess how the pressure affected the espresso. The side and top panels of the machine had been removed so we could peer right inside for a look and watch the solenoids kick in, switches move and even the water exit into the drainpipe. There were also a number of different steam tips we could use, including one that shoots steam out like a knife (or the end of a screwdriver , flat and thin) as well as a range of shower screens we could use (a glimpse into the 2011 offerings from CoffeeHit). I was surprised by how quick the milk steamed but got decent microfoam first go. I'm already looking forward to my next visit Make sure you follow @coffeehit for notification of future open days I'll leave you with a selection of images from last nights session Click here to view
  14. Hi there Has anyone ever converted a Mazzer Super Jolly timer doser to an 'on demand' system? Would it be as simple as removing the doser, and buying the chrome 'cone' that comes on a mini E to replace it? I did find a 'conversion kit' on a web site that consisted of a chrome spout with two screws that I presume just fits over the outlet hole and directs the grounds downwards - at a cost of £200 I thought it was a bit steep, especially when you have to drill and tap two new holes in the grinder body for the screws!! I'd be grateful to hear of anyone's experiences. Cheers, Paul
  15. A few might remember a little while ago I happened upon a pair of Mazzers for £80! (yes, that's right - not a typo..) The ad said "Mazeer cofee grinders.expresso italiano. Parts missing. Spares or repairs £80 ono". Decided there and then to drive the 3 hour round trip to pick them up. The chap said the phone hadn't stopped ringing all morning, all asking to post. Plugged them in and tried them. "Large one didn't work, hopper was off" (I just agreed). "Small one worked but top seized". Said I "could maybe swap parts around to make a good one?" sounded good to me.. Put them safely in my car and headed home.. Was I happy? Oh so slightly.... Once home I set about the Major.. First thing was to plug it in and fit the hopper. Flicked the switch and it purred into life. Big grin time. Next was to unplug it and check the burrs for wear.. They look badly tarnished, shouldn't they be a nice dull silver colour? Probably best chuck 'em and buy some new ones, That seams to be the usual advice.. Hmmm.. Next do the wiring mod. Don't need auto fill (keeping the bits though). Fitted the jumper wire. Hasn't been cleaned in ages.. Did I mention it hadn't been cleaned in ages? Maybe never? The Major is all cleaned up now. All except the doser mech as I couldn't get the lower vanes out. The bolt was too tight to shift (I did remove the pin as well). Left it as is as I didn't want to break anything.The doser mech is a little stiff but works fine. It was seized when I got it home. Took the hopper off the mount, very handy as a single doser as you can close it (keeps muck out as well). Means I don't have to fiddle with electrics to bypass the shut off switch.
  16. Amazing customer service Just received my first bag of coffee from them Waroonga blend. I wrote on the note of their website when ordering that I would love to try out a few other versions of their coffee as I would be potentially ordering more and they included some freebie samples of other popular blends in nice little black ziplock bags. Roasted yesterday. Haven't ground them yet, but will do once I get some milk. Very pleased with their customer service and pricing. I will review the coffee soon ish~ I just got my new metal lens hood for my mazzer superjolly. It fits perfectly. Just need to find/ make a lid for it now.
  17. SOLD: Mazzer Super Jolly Timer - modified for single dosing I've decided that for now I prefer hand grinding so for sale is my Mazzer Super Jolly. Details: - Doser removed and replaced with home made funnel - Lens hood mod - Burrs replaced in June 2015 with maybe 8kg of coffee through them since.Plenty of life left and barely broke in - Original hopper included with sale - Original doser included - Grinds tray not available, but available to buy relatively cheaply if it matters to you. - Grinder is in good condition, motor is nice and quiet, burrs spin true, all cleaned out and ready to go. I've loved using the grinder and I seem to be able to get retention down to really low amounts using RDT, lens hood and a paint brush to clear grinds. The grinder produces good grinds which in combination with my technique, gives consistent shot times. Asking price = £240 + P&P at your risk (although I will pack it up good) or Swap for OE Pharos or Swap for a nice vintage lever machine (apart from a caravel, which I already have and love) Pics:
  18. http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/mazzer-super-jolly-Industrial-coffee-grinder-/121818117109?nav=SEARCH
  19. It has been 2 months since I first started on a journey of coffee with these babies. Such an emotional moment when I have to swap out the Iberital MC5 for the Mazzer Super Jolly. I was getting more and more used to the Iberital MC5. Well, sometimes, things just have to get better. Before: After: Never knew I have to waste so much coffee ground when swapping a new grinder into place.
  20. EDIT: I have moved to Australia. Payment is via PayPal in Australian dollars only. EDIT: 6/11/17: All gone, sold out, no longer being made. Sorry! Selling for $35 AUD and includes everything: - A laser cut and etched gauge - The pointer holder that slips into the groove in the case around the grinder throat - 2 pointers that are the same size (to be glued on by you, plus one spare) - 2 bolts for attachment. - Overseas signature on delivery postage. I'm happy for forum member to do a group buy to save on postage. I can do cheaper standard postage, no tracking or signature, but the risk is then entirely on the buyer and I take no responsibility for lost packages. Many thanks to @Krax, @risky and @GCGlasgow for their help in testing prototypes and offering advice. IMPORTANT NOTE: 1) If you have a short throat/upper burr carrier, you will not be able to fit the hopper retaining screw with the gauge. See original thread, first picture on page 6. http://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?25962-Mazzer-SJ-and-mini-lasercut-grind-setting-ring/page6 2) You will not be able to use the original bolt that prevents the adjustment collar from being rotated too far. The groove in the case under the adjustment collar is blocked and utilised by the pointer holder. 3) This gauge does not match the original numbering on the collar. You will be using a new, personal scale, that probably will not match what another person has, due to variation in attachment bolt locations on the collar. 4) Your grinder must have a 3mm gap between the adjustment collar and the case. Most SJ's do and I have only encountered one so far that didn't. I have a custom 2mm thick pointer holder for anyone with a smaller gap. The etching on the smoke mirror can be quite subtle depending on lighting. The pointer colour is black for all of them. [/size]
  21. Hi All, Maybe a bit of a strange question but how tight is your adjustment collar on SJ/F5's? I can adjust mine nice and smooth for the first 5-6 turns from first engagement on the threads, but than further down and it gets tighter and tighter to the point that I need almost both hands to turn it. At the moment I'm using a graphite paste sort of thing that Ive made myself with very fine graphite powder and few drops of oil. Just wondering if it's not the time to change the burrs (even though they seem pretty sharp). Cheers
  22. Hello, I've just modified my Mazzer Super Jolly automatic with a doserless funnel. The process was quite easy to follow using the various guides that are scattered around the web. It ended up looking like this: I have installed the 50Hz anti-static screen between the gasket and the funnel, and the grinds just back up behind the screen so much that they jam the motor! I wondered if anyone else has any experience with conversion to doserless, anti-static screens etc. Without the screen, the coffee is usable but it does clump and suffers a little with static. With the screen I cannot get grounds out of the chute at all. Should the funnel be grounded? My doser had two pairs of wires going to the board: a light grey pair for the automatic cut off microswitch at the top of the doser, and a dark grey pair that disappeared inside the dosing lever mechanism. I have no idea what this pair was for. You can see them in these pics: and And hello — this is my first post here!
  23. I think that I might have found out why my new SJ is putting out a rather inconsistent grind, in turn leading to some rather sour shots. [ATTACH=CONFIG]11429[/ATTACH] Also, any tips for removing the top bolt for the lower burr? [ATTACH=CONFIG]11430[/ATTACH]
  24. Hi all Yesterday I was fortunate enough to pick up a 6 month old Mazzer Super Jolly for the bargain price of £175 on eBay. As I'll be single dosing with it, I'd like to do the sweeper mod to to the doser but it looks like I need to remove the microswitch at the top of the doser first. Has anyone done this? Is it as simple as just removing it and completing the circuit so that the machine still works? Any recommendations on how to go about it?
  25. Just took purchase of a Mazzer SJ. Have just got home to put some beans through it and they (from how he told me to set it up) very coarse! I put on the top burr and hand tighten thread. this is the resulting grind!! Black hopper lid filled with same cachoeira beans ground in my MC2 and in cup is same beans ground with SJ. HELP!! :eek
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