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  1. Just tidying up the coffee corner - and I've got four of these grinds trays - in good used condition, with usual surface scratches from use. No severe dents or anything (as many of the used ones have!). Sample photo shows one of them, below, but they're all very similar in condition. £15 + delivery each (1st Class is £1.87) Updated: TWO left now. First come, first served...
  2. My Mazzer Mini doser works well, good bearings, lens hood mod so very little retention. But it's messy and I'm getting tired of a doser. I kind of have an upgrade path ready because I bought 2 cheap Mazzer SJs to play around with (haven't been delivered yet) - at least one will become on demand with some kind of mod. I'm just getting a kind of itchy upgraditis..... I'm a bit fascinated by grinders and have been researching plenty of them - have lots of pics and specs on my computer. I like the idea of bigger burrs in a small footprint - stating the bleeding' obvious here. Someone will say Niche but I haven't subscribed. It'll be either OD or convertible without much hassle. So: Ideal Machines I probably can't afford: Fiorenzato Doge Subito OD Anfim Super Caimano Anfim SCODY II MACAP MXD Fiorenzato F75E Ceado E15 or E92 Machines I probably could afford: A whole bunch of older grinders with 64mm burrs, of which the SJ is a good example and I have 2 coming anyway.... I did bid on a Ceado E6P on eBay and it went just above what I had in mind which was around £240. That looked like a good buy for somebody. I also missed out on an Anfim Caimano, could have bid a bit higher. So any bright ideas? No rush - this is probably a long-term upgrade and in the meantime I'm following a few items on eBay.
  3. Looking to upgrade from my old (less than trusted) gaggia mdf grinder. Now, from reading the forums for .a while I know the Mazzar SJ is a firm favourite with a lot of people, Now while i know there are plenty of mods that can be done to improve it for someone making a handful of espressos a day, i've come across 2 other doserless ones: Fiorenzato F5 E Cunill tranquilo on demand Anyone got experience of either and how they'd compare with the SJ ?
  4. Hi Newbie here. Second hand super jolly seems highly regarded for decent price vs quality here. Im someone who has 4 espressos a day. Electronic version will cost more I see. But worth it? Anyone had had any bad clumping with the doserless? Any advice wecome Thanks
  5. hello guys i am looking to swap this excellent condition SJ, for a single or double boiler espresso machine. of course I will pay the difference. the label numbers starts with 13 so I guess it’s a 2013mod but obviously had a very easy life even before I get him it looked mint and minimum used aswell. I would prefer a Rancilio Silvia or a better machine,there is something i don’t like about gaggia’s,still don’t know what and why ? I used to own a Bezzera BZ 07 so an HX machine would work even better for me as I have already temperature surfed a lot ? The Mazzer has recently fitted with new original Mazzer 33M burrs and short hopper so it won’t need anything else anytime soon. I am selling as I own a mini electronic type A aswell,which fits under my kitchen cabinet fine (the SJ unfortunately doesn’t) I’m open to offers just try me thank you
  6. Can someone list some parts that typically need to be replaced on a Mazzer Super Jolly grinder? I live in North Africa, where I recently bought a used Mazzer SJ. It's working well, but I imagine it will need some spare parts eventually. It may have been used commercially in the past. As parts are hard to come by in my location, I'd like to buy a few spares during a trip to the U.K. in December. Thank you very much.
  7. Hi everyone For those interested, (I know many are opting to just go for the Niche), a Mazzer Super Jolly Timer for sale. It's a 2008 one, I bought it 2.5yrs ago from another forum member so it's been mostly used for home consumption. It's seen about 30gr a coffee a day, amounting to about 27kg of coffee since I got it. Given the longevity of the burr set, it's to be replaced every 400kg but you'd have the option to if you wanted as I'm adding an extra set of burrs. It'll also come with a 3d printed small sized hopper and the original hopper. I've just upgraded (this coffee addiction has lasted for longer than I originally thought), so no need for this one anymore. I'm in West London and this would be for pick-up only. i'm looking for £150.
  8. Hi all, Apologies if this is a bit of a stupid question - I'm trying to understand the dial for adjusting the grind on my (recently acquired) Super Jolly. So it obviously does work as a relative tool, but I can't imagine that these things are built with the kind of capacity for grinding exactitude that they are without the numbers on the dials having more objective reference value. There's of course plenty of documentation on this forum and elsewhere with regard to finding the "zero point" on a grinder and every unit being a bit different, but with the SJ specifically, am I right in thinking that there isn't actually anything physical on the SJ that the '0' on the dial is supposed to line up with to define a neutral position? Apologies if I'm being dumb and there is something blindingly obvious that I have missed,
  9. I picked up a secondhand Super Jolly and have started stripping it down to give it a thorough clean and re-paint before I start using it. I wanted to totally disassemble it to make the painting easier, and also planned to fit new bearings before putting it all back together. All was going to plan until I tried to remove the armature. I've removed the upper burr carrier, unscrewed the upper bearing cover plate, and then from the bottom of the machine, removed the four screws holding the lower bearing carrier to the casting. From the parts diagrams I have found online, it looks as though there should be nothing more holding the armature in, but it seemed pretty firmly stuck. Lacking a soft-faced hammer, I improvised by putting a small offcut of softwood on the top of the spindle and hit it with a hammer but the wood started to crack and the armature doesn't seem to have budged at all. Any suggestions for how to proceed or if I've forgotten to remove some other crucial part that may be holding it in place? Is it likely that a proper soft-faced hammer would achieve a better outcome? Thanks!
  10. A friend purchased a Mazzer SJ (Mestre actually) and called me to set it up for single dosing. While we were dialing it in, we discovered the grinder stalls sometimes but it doesn't seem to depend strictly on the grind setting. By stalls I mean that when we start it with beans in the hopper, I can hear the motor run but the burrs don't rotate. In one of the videos the grinder was grinding but it was very slow and the sound it was making wasn't okay. I could also feel the grinding chamber get quite toasty. What could be the reason? The burrs are new and original, if this matters. [video=youtube_share;B0paB2UBR-M] [video=youtube_share;sTqYG582Jbw] [video=youtube_share;yrwqrg_sWSE]
  11. Hi guys, For sale is my Mazzer Mini E Type A grinder, with 4 month old burrs fitted. I bought it from a user on this forum about 18 months ago, and it’s seen one or two 18g shots per day since I’ve had it, and the previous owner said they made 4-6 shots a day. It is 6 years old, and only ever used domestically. It has genuine Mazzer Super Jolly burrs, fitted 4 months ago, which are still very sharp, so the grinder can produce an excellent 18g shot in approx. 10-13 seconds, and I’ve applied SuperLube to the grind adjustment threads (as recommended by users on this forum), so the grind adjustment is silky smooth. I have both the large and small Mazzer hoppers, which will be included in the sale. Happy to provide additional photos or the serial number on request, or a video of the grinder in operation. Looking for £380 on collection from Leeds. I’d be willing to drive to meet, and I’m willing to package up for shipping, but buyer would need to arrange shipping and insurance + £5 for the packaging.
  12. Hi all, After extensive research, I have managed to purchase a 2014 gaggia classic and a super jolly auto for a great price. I have read through the forums and have a list of mods I'd like to attempt, however I was wondering what methodology I should approach? Is it worth learning with the untouched gaggia before applying things like the PID, the rancilio Silvia wand, the bottomless portafilter, brass shower plate holder etc or should I just go ahead and install them from the get go? My only prior experience in coffee making is sous vide cold brew so this is incredibly new but I am happy to be here and learn. Thanks!
  13. Just stripped down my SJ to clean it, is the square chute before it joins the doser, or in my case doserless attachment, meant to retain as much as pictured below?
  14. This Expobar Brewtus has a bit of forum history, bought by Lord Fluff and then sold to me by Alexferdi in August 2015, i continued on only running it with ashbeck water and has been regularly back flushed. i recently descaled which was no mean feat. It's great if you're looking for a good value double boiler PID machine then this shouldn't disappoint, i am only selling as i just bought the Londinium 1 from Sharkie and a E10 compac grinder. This was given the once-over by Bella Barista where Lord fluff bought it just before he sold it and they gave it a full bill of health(2015). It also has an upgraded IMS shower screen. i have a spare pump for it as well which has never been used, bought from Bella barista which i will include in the sale.( i always keep spares nothing wrong with the machine ) it comes with a bottomless portafilter and a backflush blank and a hose if you want to connect it to the mains water supply. The mazzer super jolly timer is also for sale that i bought with the machine at the same time, Lord fluff upgraded the burrs to titanium ones 3 months before he sold it to Alex so it goes without saying they are razor sharp for a lifetime. its an excellent example. i paid £1050 for the complete setup but as i need to get it gone ASAP as my new one is being collected tomorrow i am looking for £650 for the Expobar and £150 for the super jolly. collection is preferred from nr Spalding Lincolnshire. No offers as i think the pricing is very keen. there is no obvious damage to either the grinder or Expobar, a few scuffs here and there but nothing that would be a concern i wouldn't think its had a 100 coffees through it in the last 2 years as it spent 12 months in its box after we moved house. the Expobar still has its original box for packing. im sorry if the pictures are still on their side as i have been trying to get them to appear the correct way up for the last 30 mins!
  15. Hi all, For one reason or another, after only about 20 months of enjoyment, I'm being coerced by my *ahem* better half, into getting rid of my cherished Gaggia Classic machine and Super Jolly grinder. Gaggia is a 2010 model manufactured in Italy. Both items are in full working order, and it is an extremely reluctant sale, but at least I know these will be going to a good home. The Classic machine will come with a new steam wand attached which I was recommended to get by you good people on the forum. Also a milk jug and a lovely wooden handled tamper. The Mazzer SJ comes with the full sized hopper, and also the 'camera lense' hopper which I've used since I purchased the machine. Both in full working order, and produce the most delightful coffee. Some extras as above, include: Rancillo steam wand Pressurised (x3) and standard baskets (x2) Blank basket for back flushing Flushing solution Nice weighty Motta 58mm tamper with walnut handle Milk jug Milk thermometer Naked portafilter Knock box Camera lens hopper for SJ grinder Extended replacement outlet for portafilter I will put some photos up when I disconnect the machines and get them into some space, and give them a little spit and polish, hopefully saturday morning. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact me. I think I will start this at £400 given the number of accessories. I have digital scales but can't find them at the mo. Offers will be considered. Thanks as always, Andy
  16. Mazzer Super Jolly motor back plate, unused, bought from the Espresso Shop for £19.20 plus postage. Yours for £12.50 posted. Or collect Kensington £10. https://www.theespressoshop.co.uk/en/Mazzer-Super-Jolly-Motor-Back-Plate-118x94mm---SSJ0FRA04/m-3581.aspx
  17. Thanks to a little bit of luck, I’ve got a new grinder incoming soon. It does mean the Mazzer Super Jolly I’ve been using needs a new home. I’ve owned it since the middle of January this year, and it’s chewed around 20 kilos of beans in that time. The burrs are spotless and have barely run in. There is however a lot of history on the grinder! It was originally rebuilt by a well known forum member ‘jimbojohn’ before moving to ‘craigsailsbury’. I bought it from this thread: https://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?42336-Mazzer-Super-Jolly&p=561653#post561653 It looks identical and hasn’t changed in the slightest! There’s lots of photos on the above thread. I have added a stainless steel grinds catching dish which will go in the price. Have a dig through that thread for all the history. I can do more photos etc, just say what you’d like and I’ll see to it. Im based in Groby, Leicester, but am regularly in the Bedford area during the week. Collection or meet up only as I really don’t have enough packaging to wrap it up safely. I’d like the original £210 for it, payment in cash or transfer or meetup is OK.
  18. Hi, there is a seller near me that is selling both a SJ & Major that are 5 years old and asking £260 & £275 respectively. The Major has had new burrs fitted but doesn't feature a drip tray and the SJ burrs are about a year old. Both say they've been used at home for the last year and both have a few cosmetic marks that don't concern me, it seems reasonably easy enough to have the casing repainted if I wanted to. Height in my kitchen wont be a problem, I have a spot for either Do either of these seem like a good buy? I'm struggling to understand the second hand pricing on these. Many thanks in advance
  19. SOLD Slightly embarrassingly I purchased this machine recently and have established that even with the small 250g hopper I have purchased ( and shall return ) this does not fit under my counter. It is in good working condition and was clean on pick up and has had only a few 1kg through it during my ownership. It was used as one of two grinders in a Cafe which recently closed. It has electrical certificate approvals valid into next month. I don't know exactly how old it is or how many KG's its run or how many shots. It has all the signs of being looked after however. The item is located in Oxford, and I am not willing to ship due to issues but could agree in a 20m radius to meet up to transact. Asking £210 ** Please see footnote. This really has to go..... ** Now £180 ** Many thanks, Jez
  20. Evening all, I picked up a Super Jolly (manual) today...very pleased as it looks in fairly good condition and got it at a decent price Pics to follow tomorrow! My first job will be to give it a clean as it's got a fair amount of old coffee in the doser/chute - will I need to take it apart to do this or is there a quicker way? Also, is there anything else that would be wise to do to get the most out of it (replacing burrs etc) although ideally I'd like to get using it asap! Cheers
  21. Hi, Thinking of getting a Mazzer Mini timer or maybe a Super Jolly timer at a push. How do the two compare in the real world? Cheers!
  22. Good condition Mazzer Super Jolly in Matt Black with mini-hopper, only selling because I have another SJ and a Royal, and the wife thinks 2 grinders is (more than) enough! Purchased from Gumtree a few years ago, I've installed new burrs, and added the cocktail shaker and clean-sweep mods so retention of grounds is nice and low. There are a couple of small marks on the paintwork (the worst of these can be seen in the last photo below) but otherwise it looks very tidy. There's also some electrical tape on the flex where it was slightly damaged by a small dog. Also comes with the grounds tray (not pictured). The burrs have probably had less than 10kg of beans through them - this became my filter grinder when I got my second super jolly. £190, collection only from Melksham or Trowbridge, Wiltshire (or could meet somewhere local-ish).
  23. Mazzer Super Jolly Grinder Bought this over eBay back in July 2014 for £340 (looking back this may have been a bit over the odds, although appeared to have been minimally used). Was then used pretty much most weekends til the end of 2016, when we got an EK43. Has been cleaned and working well. Comes with steel tray. Slight cosmetic damage – very small chip front left. £160, collection only (Birmingham).
  24. Hi All, I've been meaning to sell these for a while (since I bought a new "on demand" grinder from dfk) but never got round to posting the ad, so..... I have for sale a Mazzer SJ that's in perfect working order, if maybe in a need of a little cosmetic attention. I'm also selling a substantial knock box. I have owned the Mazzer for around 14 months, and bought it cheap from an advert on Gumtree thanks to a heads up on this site. Since buying it I have replaced the burrs with new genuine Mazzer ones, and have given it a thorough clean/refurb. It works perfectly and, unusually, is complete with the doser and hopper, lids and all! The only thing it doesn't have is the grinds tray. As the pictures show it's black, and whilst perfectly respectable ,the paintwork is far from mint. It's a little flat with a few marks on it. Also, the timer knob is damaged (but works fine) and the green power light is a bit corroded (I can't remember whether it works!). So, this is a very cheap Mazzer that you can use as it is, or if you want you can mod/paint/whatever. oh, and it's branded as an Astoria, even though it's a Mazzer. Here are the pictures: I'm only asking £110 so no offers please. Also, for this price, it's collection only from Birchington in Kent. I am wiling to post, but only if you arrange the courier and take any associated risks (I'm most concerned for the hopper). I will however box it up as best I can and somebody is home for collection by the courier most of the time. More pictures to follow and details of the knock box.... Cheers Simon
  25. Is anyone aware if the SJ has an overheating cutout on it?
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