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Found 23 results

  1. Does anybody know if forum discounts work on subscriptions? Thanks.
  2. Hi there, I have been a happy Has Bean Coffee subscriber for the last 3 years while living in the UK. I am now moving to Barcelona, and I just check Has Bean's prices for international subscriptions, rendering a total of nearly 9 GBP per bag, 12.5 EUROS. Does anyone know any decent coffee subscription that ships to Spain at a lower price? The roastery could be based in Spain or abroad, what matters if the final cost including shipping. All suggestions are welcome. Thanks
  3. I did do a search, but couldn't much of recent value. Anyone tried them? Subscription to their service (not all that expensive) allows you to try different coffees from different roasters on a regular basis. Saves you the hassle of searching and trying some place new.The automatically send you different coffee each month, to the tune that you have subscribed to. Seems like a good idea if you like trying different coffees on a regular basis? I just want to know if someone has tried them and what the service/products are like?
  4. Hi! We are Tatjana and Tom from https://teapro.co.uk/ We started our own tea journey about a year ago when we accidentally stumbled into an artisan tea shop and bought our first Dragon Well Green tea. We were blown away by the taste and started wondering what else we have been missing out on. Turns out quite a lot! We started exploring different tea types and quickly realised that with over 1500 varieties out there (and that doesn’t even include blends), it can be quite overwhelming! That’s why we decided to start teapro – a tea journey that guides you through a different tea
  5. Hi All, Wondered if you might be able to help. I’ve recently started a coffee subscription with Hasbean the first of which I received through was ‘BRAZIL CARMO ESTATE PULPED NATURAL YELLOW BOURBON’… https://www.hasbean.co.uk/collections/america-brazil/products/brazil-carmo-estate-pn-yellow-bourbon I have been brewing this via V60 and to me it tastes like burnt chocolate rather than the ‘milk chocolate’ I was expecting. I’m fairly new to V60 brewing, done a good few brews with other beans using the Scott Rao method which I very much enjoyed. I’ve been trying to do a method
  6. A firm forum favourite....Crankhouse Coffee on their second outing under my supreme rule. Dave is a top bloke and was able to switch months at quite late notice so a big thanks to him. The coffee we're getting is a confirmed juicy banger...there's one taste note in particular that is right up my street. We're aiming for dispatch w/c 22nd July so plan accordingly. Guest slots for this one are priced at a very reasonable £16.50 for 500g delivered. Please put your names down below if you want to join for this month. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
  7. Hello and welcome to my first video! I finally made it! This is the unboxing of the subscription package from La Cabra Coffee Roasters. I will share my first impressions of these unique coffees and of course brewing them with you. I was really surprised by what I found inside the box! This type of video will drop every month discovering fantastic new coffees. Enjoy and stay tuned for more! I am just getting started!
  8. Just noticed 200 Degrees coffee have a 3 month half price subscription offer. So £4 a bag (250g) including postage. Code: TWOHUNDREDFF Just signed upto another subscription for a bag every week - my freezer is going to be full!
  9. Anyone else got a subscription with them? The coffee is always awesome, I recommend their 'Adventure' Range
  10. Hi all I am opening up a few spaces for the next quarter for the Lighter Side of Life Subscription Deal is same as last quarter . £65 paid up front in one go ... Each month you will be sent 1kg of one coffee from a roaster - the roasters change each month. @fluffles is now sorting the roasters out - brief as always to have something that shows off the coffee of choices origin, where possible works as brewed and espresso , for those that love those fruity fantastic coffee's We aim to get stuff before it goes retail or at least at a discounted price if already for joe publc to buy
  11. Outside of the DSOL/LSOL offerings here, there doesn't seem to be a great deal of info. around multi-roaster subscriptions. It looks like there's one by Barista Hustle and one by Curated Brew. The BH one looks like it might be above my pallet for now, but the CB one looks like it might be on my wavelength, but wanted to ask the collective brain if I'm missing some good alternatives? Coffee preference is lighter roast, fruity over chocolate flavours, probably filter over espresso, with an interest in multi country as well as multi roaster. Preference would be 1x 250g bag/month so
  12. As promised, there are 9 available slots for the next quarter of LSOL. The price is £75 to cover the quarter and this gets you 1KG beans per month. This works out at £25/KG which is very reasonable. There may be more slots available but not sure yet. If you are interested in joining the light....side of life please form an orderly queue and put your name below. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.
  13. Hello, I have recently signed up for kopi subscription, although I do not really feel like there are too many threads on kopi here. Is there a much better alternative out there for a monthly subscription? Thanks
  14. Hi All, just wondered if anyone has any recommendations for Nordic roasters, and potentially subscriptions services that ship to the UK? Ive been looking at Reykjavik Roasters, Kaffe Box and Koppi at the moment, but want to see if there are any others that anyone could suggest? Thanks Matt
  15. Hi all, I looked at the coffee subscription comparison matrix, and wondered if people could weigh in with their opinions on their subscription of choice? The subscription model works perfectly for me, because I'm lazy and use a 250g bag almost exactly every two weeks. I grind for Aeropress/moka/cafetiere, and if I manage to get my old espresso machine working, possibly the odd espresso (though I'm quite fond of the new wave of New Zealand-esque hipster coffee shops, so have no qualms using not-traditionally-espresso-beans for espresso). I've been subscribed to pact for the
  16. Hello there lovely people, I've just launched my first ever 'baby' - a tea subscription website. I absolutely love tea and have tried many on my travels around the world and i want to bring this to the community. We're in the very early stages so i'd love your feedback on the site and offering if you have a moment http://www.teawitty.com Many thanks, Kate
  17. Hi all I'm doing some research about selling coffee online. I would like to get responses to a few simple questions: 1. How much coffee do you typically buy online in a single purchase? 2. How regularly do you buy coffee online? 3. How much coffee do you consume at home per week? 4. Do you sign up to any coffee subscriptions? How long for? 5. What do you consider to be a reasonable postage charge per order? Thanks for reading! Ben
  18. I was thinking, that it would be fun, if some of us all bought one bag of the same coffee every month, then reviewed it. No idea yet, how to set the criteria for what to purchase, from who etc etc. but, if anyone is interested in the basic idea, let me know on this thread and we will see how it develops. I know we all have different palates, so ideally a mix of espresso drinkers with milk based.
  19. Hi guys, looking for a little advice. Im really tempted to start an In My Mug subscription, but am a little worried that as primarily a flat white drinker it's generally more set up for those who drink filter on a regular basis. I do have an aeropress and FP which I enjoy using occassionally, but can't see myself going this way for my regular coffee fix. I'll probably end up going for a 12 week sub to give it a shot, but for those of you who are/have been IMM subscribers, will I be disappointed with their offerings for a flat white, or can anyone offer suggestions for a better alternative?
  20. Hi there, Newly registered here although it's fair to say I have been lurking and absorbing all the information from this very interesting forum! My main reason for starting to read the forum contents was when my bean to cup machine died on me (although it's ok....don't worry, it has been fixed and I should have it back soon!). But after reading the entries here....unfortunately it is going to cost me lots of money! I have decided to take the plunge and buy a semi-automatic setup as well as keeping my bean to cup machine. I think my lovely wife would possibly kill me if I made her
  21. Good deal worth taking advantage of - https://welcome.pactcoffee.com/pactcoffeeblog/ I bought my first bag for just £2.95 with free postage. Arrived very quickly too and taste great!
  22. Hey foks, Looking to sign up to dog and hat or hasbean for a 4x 250g delivery per month to try expose myself to different beans from different regions with different tasting notes etc. Ive only had my machine a few days but I was wondering what most of you do with your beans in the evening once shutting everything down? I'm only leaving a small amount of beans in the hopper through the day so that they don't go off but when I disconnect the hopper I'm left with some beans in the hopper throat above the burrs. I have been purging these out into a cup and then into the bin , usually around
  23. I’m already doing my bit to support the local takeaway industry at the moment (a bit too much 😂) but as a newbie here, I thought the time was right to support a local roaster through a subscription. I’m in Brighton and looking online, I was thinking of getting a fortnightly subscription with Small Batch as they are just down the road and I often visit their cafes. I don’t have a grinder and doubt I’ll get one for a while as I’d need to save up a bit to get one as the best I could afford at present would be a porlex. Small batch do deliveries of 2 x 250g bags, which I thought would be
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