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Found 6 results

  1. Good morning coffee lovers, I am new to the forum and also a beginner for coffee making. Most likely, I've been doing thing wrong (cringe moments for experienced people, I presume!) so I'd like to ask for wisdom and advice from the forum users. I would like to ask for advice on grind set up on DeLonghi KG79 for different brewing methods My current set-up is this (and I want to learn with these before I upgrade to something more serious): Coffee 1 - Lidl Bellarom Gold 100% Arabica ground coffee Coffee 2 - Bulk-buy Fairtrade whole coffee beans Grinder - DeLonghi KG79 Brewing method 1 - Bialetti Moka Express stovetop (3 cup) Brewing method 2 - Bodum Original Chambord cafetiere (3 cup) Brewing method 3 - Magimix Nespresso U & Milk coffee pod espresso (I use Sealpod refillable pod with my own coffee) This is what I've been doing: KG79 - I usually have it on the "finest" grind setting as I've been told that for stovetop. I tried the "hack" to make it finer, but it struggled to grind at all so I reverted back to default. Bialetti stovetop - Brews okay with "finest" grind, but a bit bitter and not much crema. A bit of sludge at the bottom of the cup, but I'm not bothered. Bodum cafetiere - I got this for Christmas. The "finest" grind clogs up the filter and pressing is very hard. LOTS of sludge in both the cup and cafetiere. Magimix coffee pod - Doesn't work with the "finest" grind. The machine struggles and only extracts in drops, not consistent streams. In comparison to KG79 grinded coffee, Lidl's pre-grounded coffee works quite nicely with all brewing method. So, I'm assuming my set up on KG79 is "too fine" for all three brewing method. Comparing the grind size between KG79 and Lidl is a bit hard for my novice eyes, but it seems that Lidl coffee is a bit more coarse. But I have no idea how "coarse" I need to change the set up on KG79. One could simply tell me "well, just buy Lidl coffee and don't bother with KG79." Very true. KG79 was a present from my wife, whom I very much love, and she spent a lot of time researching to get me the best grinder we could afford at the time, so... So, my questions are: What are the general consensus on grind size for stovetop, cafettier, and coffee pod machine? Given the availability of KG79 (and also it's limitation as a burr grinder), which grind setting is recommended for each brewing method? I realise my questions can open up a whole can of worms, but I'm very much thankful for your expertise in educating a novice on grind settings so I can appreciate coffee more. Many thanks and happy brewing!
  2. Hi So I had a conventional espresso maker machine and loved it, but then it broke and I decided to give a stovetop espresso maker a go and love it and the design, but for the mornings before work I want something quick, how you guys feel about the pod machines or am I committing crimes against coffee? I have tried it and I thought it was nice.
  3. please can you help! i am trying to find the best stainless steel stovetop expresso coffee maker that produces a Crema. But I am having no luck as most of the bialetti's are aluminium..can you help or do you know where you could redirect me to! many thanks
  4. Schmy


    Evening all. New user here based in Windsor. Happened upon this forum whilst looking into the Sage Duo Temp. My Gaggia Classic died a few days ago after ~3yrs of use, hence the research into a newer machine. Got various coffee bits; stovetop, V60, French press, syphon, Porlex manual grinder and an Iberital MC2. Now looking to replace my kaput Classic with something. I have to say after a brief look this forum seems more welcoming and less patronising and elitist than some other coffee forums I've found this week. They'll happily look down on and sneer at anyone not willing to spend thousands on kit.
  5. Has anyone else here tried this method? Preparing myself for my eventual return to the deepest, darkest corner of West Wales, I considered it paramount to be able to roast my own coffee. Though I would love to buy a Behmor, I thought that till then* I'll see how my attempts are at using a stove and pan. The results, well, they seem pretty good. The roasting speed was somewhat quicker than I expected. I thought it would take around fifteen minutes, but after four or five I got the first crack. By nine minutes the beans were already medium to dark. They are now resting in their bags and I can't wait to taste them, though not till my new grinder arrives in the post (can't wait!). My apparatus was a gas lit hob, Le Creuset iron pan, a whisk, a colander and a fine mesh metal sieve. I "borrowed" the pan [family owned], but I think I'll definitely buy one of my own, though probably not the same brand (economic reasons). Oh, if you do use a pan, especially a nice enamelled one, be aware that the coffee will give the base a luscious Brazilian, (or in this case Ethiopian) tan. I do wonder though, how do roasters on here store their beans? I admit that out of necessity I am using plastic sandwich bags, the beans were plenty cooled down and there has been no melting of the bags (thankfully!). Chaff was a bit of a problem but nothing a dustpan and brush can get rid off (pouring beans from colander to sieve whilst blowing, and repeating, and repeating, and repeating. There will be pictures, and then after a couple of days tasting notes and videos of extraction. I get the feeling I may be establishing a YouTube channel in the near future *"then" meaning, I will order one to be shipped to my term time address. Will save me having to cart it on the train. -editing reason...I'm terrible with grammar.
  6. I've heard there is such a thing as a gizmo that halves the capacity of larger moka pots. Thanks to an unfortunate clash of eBay and charity shop, I own a 2 cup and a 6 cup! I'd like to just keep the 6 cup but I'd mostly use it for lower capacity, which won't work well unless I can reduce the size of the filter. So, is there such a thing? If not I may have to keep both (which is my secret desire...)
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