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Found 15 results

  1. I've always found Cravendale a very reliable milk. However over the past month or so it's become so thin it's a bit like the proverbial 'knats' I found it disappointing all over the festive season. Time of year does play it's part but I 've never found it as poor to pour as current. I shall be ordering Yeo Dairies semi next week which I find very good.
  2. Been trying to get microfoam for a few weeks now, sometimes good but generally not best. Yesterday read on here I think it was about if have multi-hole to have the tip in the middle of jug as the holes make it swirl and it seemed to work much better. I also got a twin 1.2mm tip versus stock twin 1.5mm hole on R58, is smaller hole better to learn with or harder?
  3. Hi there I'm buying a Vesuvius on the ACS Christmas deal, which I'm incredibly excited about! I have a question about the steam arm, which usually comes on the left hand side. It is possible to swap it with the hot water and put it on the right hand side, which I'm tempted to do as I'm right handed and previous experience with a steam arm on the right hand side has felt intuitively correct. However, I notice in a Bellabarista document from way back when a prototype was tested that the steam wand was initially on the right hand side but its position was reversed. So - does anyone
  4. My Minima is quite powerful when it comes to steaming. I've got three holes in the wand and find it's all too quick. Milk heated, foamed and done before I knew it......and not particularly done well!! Is a newbie better off with just a one or two hole steam wand to start off with? Cheers.
  5. Hello all! So, I'm off to Glastonbury on Saturday and my machine is going with me for the first time. It's going to be easiest to take UHT milk to use which I've not tried steaming before. After having a dig around the forum it seems to be entirely plausible, but I haven't got time to try loads before I go, can anyone recommend any particular ones to go for or avoid? Or is it all much of a muchness and should I just get a couple of cases from any supermarket and crack on? Thanks!
  6. Ok, getting really fed up now. I just cannot seem to get my milk steamed correctly for a latte/flat white on my Alex mk2. I'm using a two hole tip but also have a four hole (even worse results!). I had no issues with my single hole on my previous Barista Express. I have done a short video below showing the different orientation I can put the two hole tip in but I'm not sure which way would be best or how best to hold the jug and position the wand in it. I have tried tilting towards me, away from me, wand in the middle, to the side etc etc. I can seem to get a swirl but the
  7. Rob666


    Serviced my Giotto Evo today. Backflush with Cafiza and de-scale with citric acid. No real evidence of scale so I guess Ashbrook has been doing its job. Only disturbing thing, bits of chrome appearing when flushing. Also took the panels off and made minor changes to pipe routing where they were touching the case and vibrating. Raised the pressure switch setting by half a turn to 'on at 1 bar off at 1.1 bar'. Turned out to be a bad move, will return to original tomorrow. Where before, no cooling flush necessary, now it is. No obvious change to steaming potential. Following the Bellabarista inst
  8. Given previous discussion about how the no-burn steam wands can sometimes be lacking in power, I wondered if anyone made Teflon-coated wands to approach the easy-cleaning of steam wands from another direction. It seems they do exist although for professional models only unless anyone knows any different? Anyone seen one in the flesh? Found a few photos on Flickr for anyone that wants a look... And to pre-empt the obvious points people will make - yes, good technique of cleaning the wand straight after use before milk can 'harden' on a regular wand will mean these aren't rea
  9. We are now on a health kick and full fat milk has disappeared from the fridge. I am finding it more difficult to steam skimmed milk and seem to get a harder foam, which is difficult to pour rather than something that was beginning to approach micofoam. Is this just my lack of ability of is there something about skimmed milk that makes it more difficult to steam? Paul
  10. With my milk! About twice I've got milk perfect, but then I can never do it again, even if I do exactly the same thing. Ive got temp tags, a thermometer and a 20 oz jug and I've just also bought an espro toroid 20 oz jug to see if that helped but I still can't get it right. The main problem is I don't get any proper microfoam until the very last few ml of milk at the end of the jug, by which time the cup is full and there isn't enough milk foam to even attempt latte art, I just end up with a dribble of white foam on top. With the toroid, I tried just sticking the w
  11. Many new home baristas do not have a frothing jug, instead using mixing bowls, pyrex jugs and in some cases cups and saucepans, to steam their milk. As an entry level milk frothing jug, the Gaggia Barista jug is sufficient. Not much use for latte art, as there is no pouring lip / groove, these jugs were designed to be easy to hold and are large enough to hold enough steamed milk for a 20oz cup (but ideally suited to preparing 2 x 8oz drinks) There is a fairly even temperature distribution and the offset handle means you will not burn your hands holding the jug itself. The jugs
  12. Hi, I don't steam milk often but i'm not sure if i'm doing it right! Basically, i press the button to get up to steam temp. When the green light comes on indicating it's hot enough i start steaming. But the light doesn't stay lit for long. I assume it's now not hot enough. So do i stop steaming, wait for the light, steam a bit more etc? This can take some time!! Because when the light goes off and i keep steaming i'm wondering whether i'm now starting to fill the milk with hot water? Any tips/experience? Cheers Nick
  13. Has anyone tried milk from The Estate Dairy? They were ostensibly set up to produce the best possible milk for coffee and focused originally on supplying cafes, but you can now get their milk - both whole and semi-skimmed - online. It seems to be a blend of 80% Jersey and 20% Holstein milk; you can easily get either of the above from a supermarket, but I've never seen or tasted a blend before. The Estate are a bit expensive, but I'm tempted to give their milk a whirl to see if it makes any meaningful difference in the cup. https://sprudge.com/estate-dairy-milk-coffee-uk-95990.html
  14. So thinking of Xmas, I was considering adding a few coffee items to my list as A: I'm using the machine daily still, B: i can dictate he item and the price allocation (otherwise MIL insists on buying random crap and this year will be worse than usual) Was going to get the other half a rave subscription as she likes rave and it helps stop me forgetting to order beans....and my original knock pot has broken so need a new pot/box that fits in basically the same gap...... So thinking of a basket, shower screen, leveller and possibly a PID for my 2013 classic (which i just s
  15. After having my Silvia for a number of years I recently sold it and purchased my Fracino Cherub... I am loving the Cherub and the ease at which I can make multiple drinks when compared to the Silvia... I also love the consistency I am achieving with my extractions, will video eventually... What I am not enjoying is my inability to create good microfoam on the milk (and washing up liquid), something which I never really had problems on with Silvia... I have changed the 4 hole steam wand to a 2 hole steam wand and hoped this would sort things out but alas it has not... I consisten
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