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  1. If you don't ever use the steam wand.
  2. Hi All, I flick the steam switch and Mr Shades PID shows the boiler reaching 147 degrees and then fluctuating to like 139 and back up again.. not sure if that's relevant.. But anyway, steam comes out of the brewhead while the steam is switched on and im pretty sure that's new. Only had it a few weeks so no backflush and no descaling yet as I'm planning on buying a full service kit containing all seals and a strip down of the boiler to descale.
  3. Notices the steam on my gaggia classic drop very significantly after steaming two small jugs of milk. I’d say I’m making three cups during the third one there is practically nothing coming out, if I knock the machine gently it starts up again then stops. Used to be able to make 4/5 cups of coffee at a time but can’t now. Any ideas what’s up?
  4. Hi all, I brought a Gaggia classic off eBay when starting out a month ago. However I think the seller had done a poor repair job as the steam handle is off centre and rubs on the casing. Indeed the whole steam tap is angled slightly towards the rear. I can't see how though as the boiler looks square. Anyone got a fix or has seen this problem before? I can't seem to get photos uploaded either. Yeah. Tim
  5. Recently I've got into the habit of pressing the Pour button on my Gaggia Baby (older version) just after frothing. This sends a burst of steam through the group head. Seems to me this helps clean the shower screen. Is this recommended or what?
  6. Hi, hoping someone can help me. I've got a machine that produces little or no milk, the coffee side seems to be fine just no milk. It makes a few noises but that's all. I managed to get into a service menu that had an error log, this showed "boiler steam overheating", not sure if this is what is causing the problem but I expect it won't help. Can anyone point me in the right direction. Can I fix it myself or do I need to find a local repairer ? Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi, I recently picked up a used 2011 Gaggia Classic. I had one many years ago, and at the time replaced the steam valve to fix a leaky steam wand – simple fit, and it worked great. So when I noticed the steam wand leaking on my new machine, I knew what to do...except this time, instead of the leak being stopped the new steam valve seems to have made it worse. During a 20 minute warm up, the steam arm is dripping constantly and produces a large volume of water and steam (I can measure this – but suffice to say it's a lot, and more than my "faulty" steam valve). espressoservices s
  8. Hi all. I put up a video here with a problem with my Gaggia Classic a few days ago, and the consensus seemed to be that the solenoid valve had gotten blocked with scale debris. The machine is 2011 but new to me, bought second-hand recently. I have been trying to get myself set up over the last month or so, getting a second-hand Baratza Vario from a forum member, tamper, scales, airtight container etc. Also got a brass shower screen holder and gasket as the originals did not look too good. The issue occurred, I think, after I put the machine on its side, to fit the new parts. (Reall
  9. Afternoon all. The last couple of days I've noticed that the steam flow from my machine is very jittery. Seems to blow a mix of good old dry steam then a blast of saturated steam, bit of water, steam, saturated steam etc etc. Only started a couple of days back. I haven't changed any parts since the pump a few months ago. Machine is otherwise working fine, although the flow through the group has been slower/less volume than the old pump was managing when it was in place before failure. Any thoughts on the steam issue? Pressurestat seems to be working fine, no discernable lea
  10. Back to the metal lathe after a request for one of these .. Looked OK after a bit of buffing ..
  11. Hi all, Has anybody experienced their DTP steam wand spluttering/squirting water when initially starting the steam. I notice this frequently, and how the steam doesn't seem very consistent in that you can see almost like the pressure is dropping at points when the steam is active. I have run a tank full of water through and have ensured the nozzle has been fully cleaned. Could a seal or possible some other part be failing inside the steam mechanism? Many Thanks, Josh
  12. Mine hovers around 1.3 bar typically, and drops as I use steam of course, is 1.3 typical and I guess only way to higher it would be higher temp of boiler in PID?
  13. Hey does anyone know if the wand on the DB can be replaced with a longer one ?
  14. Hello! I have an old 90s Gaggia Classic which i've had for a few months. I upgraded the steam want to the rancilio but i'm having problems getting a good milk for a flat white. I previously had a delonghi icona with a rubbish wand but was able to get some pretty good microfoam. What i'm getting is hot liquid milk. It barely gets frothy at all and just starts to get so hot that it essentially boils. Any advice on what I'm doing wrong? Is it a problem with the machine or me?
  15. Our Phillips Azur GC4860 packed it in a few weeks ago and I thought I'd have a go at fixing it over the weekend. It wasn't making any steam and having studied the rather simple diagrams from the service manual I had a few ideas as to why it's misbehaving, so I took it all apart only to find out that some of the seals inside have crumbled to bits and I might as well throw the whole thing in the bin. First thought in my head was "never buy a Phillips again", but after realising we've had it for over 5 years and paid £60 for it, it comes out to around £12 a year for an iron which done it's
  16. I've noticed a big difference in steam power when making 2 milky coffees. 1 Cappuccino and 1 Latte 1. I'll switch the machine on and wait a minimum on 20 mins before using it. It can be left 20,30,40 mins depending on how busy I am. 2. I'll then make the espressos and once done, flick the switch for the steam wand. (rancilio silvia) 3. Wait about 10 second then purge the wand, wait another 15-20 seconds then start steaming the milk. It starts slowly and eventually comes to a nice swirl as I reach 70c. That's the cappuccino made 4. I press the button to run some wat
  17. Today I replaced the standard 145 fuse with the upgraded 155 steam fuse and it made frothing so much easier. Seemed a lot more powerful. However, once I'd stopped steaming there was this quite audible clunk (I guess this is the best word) which almost sounded like the tank was under a load of pressure or something. Is this something to be worried about or is it a by product of a lot more steam creation?
  18. Hi all, I am looking into buying my first low-range espresso machine, but a big factor for me is the steam wand as I love a good milky coffee. Any recommendations?
  19. Hello all! I've been using my Gaggia Classic for about a month now, and I'm having issues getting true steam to come out of the pannarello wand. Specifically, I get steam, but I also get a decent amount of water coming into my milk, which thins the milk. As I steam the milk, I watch as the milk's level in the pitcher rises until it starts overflowing out of the pitcher because of the amount of water coming out of the wand. This happens quite rapidly. What should I do? Thank you so much!
  20. I have fitted a PID and have a K type thermouple which is held to the boiler in the shell of the coffee thermostat housing using JB Weld. What I am noticing is that the solonid dumps water back into the tank at about 125 degrees C when heating for steam. Not sure if the pressure is set to low - it was adjusted to 9 bar some time ago but I no longer have a gauge, or if this is normal or finally if my temporary reading is too far off and it's a lot hotter ( although unlikely, it's water being dumped not steam) - I also have a leaky steam valve and no steam escapes till the PID reads almost 100
  21. Hello I have a Gaggia symptom I'd like advice on please. I don't do milk that often, so hadn't really noticed this, but the last few times I have steamed milk, there has been a fair bit of steam from the grouphead, culminating in a "pop" and the group seal being dislodged by a few mm, enough to not allow the portafilter to be attached without re-seating the seal. Since I mostly make espresso, this doesn't crop up that often. Any ideas why, and whether I should be concerned? Thanks
  22. Having finally bought a second hand classic (its a 39/2014 1200w, so not sure where that fits in with hierarchy of classic models) for £70. I have brewed my first latte and I'm not satisfied with the milk frothier due to the wand as we all know. What are the options for upgrading, is there anything that will just fit on the end of the original one replacing the plastic part? That would seem to make thing so much easier.
  23. Jonba


    Not always but sometimes I get a slight chuff of steam from the group head when I am attempting to steam milk. Is this normal or do you think I may have some scale floating around in side the 3 way solenoid .
  24. My normal routine for steaming (after pulling a shot) is to flick the steam switch and wait around 10s before opeing the steam valve. This lets me steam around 200-250 ml milk without the boiler light coming on (i.e. boiler stays on). Last couple of times, the light has come on half way through steaming, so the boiler is going off and the steam flow drops right off. Any suggestions why this would have just started happening? Faulty thermostat somewhere? thanks stuart
  25. I posted this on the rancilio forum, but with no responses, so I'm re-posting here in the hope that someone with a hint, tip, suggestion or fantastic insight might be able to help me out. Miss Silvia has stopped producing steam! When I turn her on, the Big Orange Light (BOL) comes on, and the boiler heats up. When up to temp, the boiler goes through it's cycle as you'd expect. Hot water is produced at the group head, as normal. When the steam switch is turned on, the switch light comes on, but the BOL does not - and no steam is produced. My understanding, from reading on he
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