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Found 77 results

  1. Hi all, I am looking into buying my first low-range espresso machine, but a big factor for me is the steam wand as I love a good milky coffee. Any recommendations?
  2. Hi all. I put up a video here with a problem with my Gaggia Classic a few days ago, and the consensus seemed to be that the solenoid valve had gotten blocked with scale debris. The machine is 2011 but new to me, bought second-hand recently. I have been trying to get myself set up over the last month or so, getting a second-hand Baratza Vario from a forum member, tamper, scales, airtight container etc. Also got a brass shower screen holder and gasket as the originals did not look too good. The issue occurred, I think, after I put the machine on its side, to fit the new parts. (Really frustrating as I thought I was finally good to go, have yet to pull a single shot of freshly ground coffee on the machine!) After some helpful advice here I read up what I could on descaling and the issue in general, ran some descaler through a couple of times and used the method of intermittently switching on and off the steam switch. I think I’m really beginning to doubt myself now as I have a fundamental question which might be obvious but I can’t figure out: Is there even supposed to be any water flow through the group head, when the steam switch is on? From memory, the guy who sold me the machine, when showing me the ropes, switched on both the steam and and ON switch, before pulling an espresso. However, most online tutorials seem to have the steam switch off for such purposes. (I don’t drink milk, so steam function only really neeeded for visitors). I have uploaded a short video showing how the water flows now, both with the steam switch on and off (in the former case, not at all), and I would appreciate any pointers or advice: I think I will have to open the machine up and try to disassemble the solenoid valve, but as I said, I am doubting myself now. I should add that there is no water coming out though the pressure release tube, so that must indicate a problem is still there, no? Really appreciate any help, I have posted a new thread as my main question is the one above, cheers!
  3. Hello! I have an old 90s Gaggia Classic which i've had for a few months. I upgraded the steam want to the rancilio but i'm having problems getting a good milk for a flat white. I previously had a delonghi icona with a rubbish wand but was able to get some pretty good microfoam. What i'm getting is hot liquid milk. It barely gets frothy at all and just starts to get so hot that it essentially boils. Any advice on what I'm doing wrong? Is it a problem with the machine or me?
  4. Our Phillips Azur GC4860 packed it in a few weeks ago and I thought I'd have a go at fixing it over the weekend. It wasn't making any steam and having studied the rather simple diagrams from the service manual I had a few ideas as to why it's misbehaving, so I took it all apart only to find out that some of the seals inside have crumbled to bits and I might as well throw the whole thing in the bin. First thought in my head was "never buy a Phillips again", but after realising we've had it for over 5 years and paid £60 for it, it comes out to around £12 a year for an iron which done it's job, so I actually wouldn't be against buying a newer Azur again. Before I pull the trigger I thought I'd check if anyone here uses steam generators as opposed to normal steam irons? Wife said she's happy with another Azur, but not if it's heaver than the old one. Well guess what, it's 2kg and the old one was 1.6kg, so I reckon it's a no go and it looks like it's going to be hard to find something good and light at the same time. Steam generators seem to be the only way out but a) they are at least twice the price b) they are rather huge as a unit and with out limited storage space I'm not so sure I want to go that way. So, are they really worth it? got a baby on the way and will be ironing baby clothes like a maniac for the next 6 months (disinfection etc. this is standard practice in Poland, everyone I mentioned this to in the UK looks at us like we are mental), so steaming the crap out of them with a generator seems like a good idea:) T.
  5. Does anyone find the 'no burn' taste more watery? I have a new QM Verona/Vetrano2B and while the latte-art-capable microfoam is there, I can't seem to get super creamy tasting milk. It just seems a 'tiny' bit watery even with whole milk.
  6. I have a Gaggia classic, but I guess this question is valid for all single-boiler machines. This is my typical workflow: Turn on machine, wait until warm Pull shots (1 or 2) Switch to steam mode, wait until ready Steam milk and prepare drinks Turn the machine off What I'm wondering about is this. Steaming does not replenish the water in the boiler, thus after steaming the boiler is not full. I guess this doesn't matter if I turn the machine off directly afterwards. But when I turn on the machine the next day, the machine is essentially heating up a half boiler of water. Is that bad? The alternatives I can think of are: As above, but when I turn the machine on again, immediately flip the brew switch to refill the boiler before it heats up. Directly after steaming, turn off steam mode and flip the brew switch to purge all the steam through the group head and refill the boiler with cold water. Then turn the machine off. I used to practice method 2, but it's a little "violent" which is why I stopped doing it. Your advice on what is best would be appreciated!
  7. Hi All I want to be able to steam my milk quicker for latte's. Plan is to swap the two hole tip that comes with the machine for a 4 or even 5 hole tip. They only cost about £8 from BB but just wanted to see if anyone on the forum had a spare one they would be prepared to sell for a reasonable price? Regards
  8. Miss Silvia has stopped producing steam! When I turn her on, the Big Orange Light (BOL) comes on, and the boiler heats up. When up to temp, the boiler goes through it's cycle as you'd expect. Hot water is produced at the group head, as normal. When the steam switch is turned on, the switch light comes on, but the BOL does not - and no steam is produced. My understanding, from reading on here and other forums, is that if the BOL stays off then that usually points to the steam thermostat being bad. So I replaced the steam thermostat. The next most likely problem, again - based on what I've read, is that the steam switch is bad. So I replaced the steam switch. Still no joy. I've picked up a multi-meter to test the thermostat, and it is good. So what next? I've read that I should test the resistance across the boiler terminals (its 48) - and that it should be about 64. Is this indicative of a problem? If so, what's going on? The boiler is still heating up to water temperature - so I'm confused and frustrated and in need of help. Any tips or advice would be gratefully received. Thanks. edit: should I have put this in the Technical / Faults / How To forum?
  9. Hi all. Just wondering if anyone can help with this pod machine. ( I know - dirty word ) Okay, the machine powers up, adjusts to temperature and seems as though all is okay. Then when you close the pod door and press the 'dispense' button - nothing. The machine makes a noise but there is no water delivery through the dispenser nozzle. Water does however leak out of what I think to be an overflow nozzle just above the drip tray. Also I assume that the pouring unit is supposed to close together over the pod when in operation. That doesn't happen either. When pressing the steam button I get no steam but when pressing the water button hot water is dispensed through the steam nozzle. (so one thing does work ) I know it seems that not much is right with this but I just wondered if it was just a blockage or something more serious and not worth fixing. BTW its the plus version but no card reader installed. Thanks in advance for any help or info guys... Gary
  10. Hi, I have a Gaggiia Baby Twin which is now three months old. For the last few weeks I have been unable to generate enough steam to make a cappucino. My supplier thinks it is an air lock, he has given me some instruction on how to remedy. So far no improvement. Can anyone advise. I would wellcome any input Many Thanks James C
  11. I have recently Purchaced this machine and have had no problems. Made a few latte's when I got it, but today I go to it, brew button and ports filter working fine, pouring some nice coffe, but the steamer is not the same. It only pours water through for a few second and then stops completely. It does not build up enough pressure to create steam like it did before... I have tried every combination of buttons, did the water cyle thing, emptied thr machine of water, started fresh a few times but no luck.. If anyone else has experienced problems like this and has found a solution, I would be very greatful! I would rather not have to send the machine back! Oh and I'll just add the the steam button light does not light up at all anymore. Thanks
  12. Hi everyone, I've had my Gaggia Classic for a while, and we live in a very hard water area so have done my best to remember to descale the machine regularly. Unfortunately I've let it slip a bit too long this time, and my steam wand appears to be blocked somewhere along the line. A full descale yesterday hasn't sorted it out - is there a way I can remove / inspect the wand for blockages before I call an engineer? Could it be related to some other problem instead? I'm getting water through the group, but nothing from the wand itself (just a small dribble from the point where the wand leaves the machine housing when the valve is opened) Hope you can help! Thanks, Chris
  13. I have recently bought a Bezzera BZ02 with a four-hole steam wand. After quite a bit of practice I can now make a reasonable job of steaming the milk with this but can't get the really fine microfoam I'm after. Is it worth persevering with this steam wand or should I change it to another? If I need to change it could I convert this one to a two-hole wand? I've heard that some people push cocktail sticks into two of the holes - not a great solution but is there a better, more hygienic way to do this?
  14. I have a Sage Barista Express, (Iv'e had multiple,) and after approx 6 months the Brew/Steam/Water selector stops working / jams , and Steam / water will exit the brewed regardless of position. Iv'e had multiple Sage Engineers (Coffee classic ) out, and luckilly lakeland have also been good in exchanging the faulty machines. I clean the machine weekly with cleaning tablets / descaler. Is this an issue that anyone else has experienced ? is it a problem with the design of the valve / switch. ? This is the 5th time now, and I've confidence in the machine. I'm guessing the Dual Boiler would be better with no selector switch but at twice the price its difficult to swallow. Is there an alternate I should be considering ?
  15. Good evening all, I have a 1995 Gaggia TE which I recently cleaned up and put into use after it was dormant for about 2 years with it's previous owner. In the past 2 weeks it has developed a bit of a fault. Basically, the P-Stat is releasing once the pressure inside the boiler reaches 1.1 to 1.2 bar, which is what is expected. However, the water in the boiler is not up to temperature, or at least it doesn't seem to be as no steam is produced at first. I have to force the P-Stat to re-engage the heating element several times (by opening the steam valve) before it starts producing any steam at all. To me it seems like the boiler is over pressurizing before reaching temp, which seems impossible as pressure is directly related to the temperature of the water inside the boiler?! If I adjust the P-Stat up to around 1.4 bar then it is much better at reaching temperature from the off, but still not quite right, however that (1.4) is approaching the redline on the gauge. From my (limited) understanding, it should be fine at around 1.1 bar, correct? Thanks for reading, I'm not sure if that makes any sense but I feel better getting it down on paper (so to speak). ATB, ACRO
  16. Hi All I need a bit of advice from members who have a similar E61 based HX boiler machine. My PID Vivi is nearly five years old, I descale every 4 months and only use filtered water. However the last few months it is down on steam power. It now takes 1min and 30 seconds to steam enough milk for a large cappuccino. I unscrewed the wand from the machine a week ago and it and the nozzle holes are clear. So, do I finally need to unscrew the lid and clean something inside the machine or just descale again? Appreciate any tips S
  17. I want to do the mod on my Gaggia Classic and just wondered if anyone had a spare they wanted to move on. They don't cost much on eBay so i'll get one there tomorrow if no one has one....
  18. I did a post this morning on my coffee blog ( http://baristabanterblog.blogspot.com/2013/02/got-milk.html ) about steaming milk. Straus Family Creamery has carries organic barista milk, which is only lightly homogenized for better steaming. However, Straus only deals in real dairy, so I set out to find steamable dairy alternatives, because in my own barista experience soy milk caused me the most problems. It always clumps, or burns, or bubbles too much. Anyway, I found a barista-series soy milk by Esselon coffee, however I no longer have access to an espresso machine to test the stuff. I was wondering if anyone else here has had a shot at it, and if so what they think about it. Or perhaps someone has come across another barista-series non-dairy milk that steams to their satisfaction, if so, please comment and let me know! I'm particularly interested to know if anyone's come across a good almond milk for steaming, maybe even something crazy, like coconut milk?
  19. Hi Guys & Gals, Can anyone offer me any advice, I recently purchased the Sage Barista Express and I am able to make very good espresso with it at the right pressure and grind etc however, the steam wand seems to have no pressure. I have read through the entire manual and watched a bunch of videos and cant find many people having this issue. It is not even getting enough pressure to even move the milk let alone spin it. even using it for 3 mins or so the milk comes out barely frothy of the top and only lukewarm. If anyone has had this problem / knows how I can resolve it I would really appreciate it! Thanks in advance
  20. I have fitted a PID and have a K type thermouple which is held to the boiler in the shell of the coffee thermostat housing using JB Weld. What I am noticing is that the solonid dumps water back into the tank at about 125 degrees C when heating for steam. Not sure if the pressure is set to low - it was adjusted to 9 bar some time ago but I no longer have a gauge, or if this is normal or finally if my temporary reading is too far off and it's a lot hotter ( although unlikely, it's water being dumped not steam) - I also have a leaky steam valve and no steam escapes till the PID reads almost 100. Any Thoughts?
  21. If you don't ever use the steam wand.
  22. Hello all! I've been using my Gaggia Classic for about a month now, and I'm having issues getting true steam to come out of the pannarello wand. Specifically, I get steam, but I also get a decent amount of water coming into my milk, which thins the milk. As I steam the milk, I watch as the milk's level in the pitcher rises until it starts overflowing out of the pitcher because of the amount of water coming out of the wand. This happens quite rapidly. What should I do? Thank you so much!
  23. Notices the steam on my gaggia classic drop very significantly after steaming two small jugs of milk. I’d say I’m making three cups during the third one there is practically nothing coming out, if I knock the machine gently it starts up again then stops. Used to be able to make 4/5 cups of coffee at a time but can’t now. Any ideas what’s up?
  24. Hi, hoping someone can help me. I've got a machine that produces little or no milk, the coffee side seems to be fine just no milk. It makes a few noises but that's all. I managed to get into a service menu that had an error log, this showed "boiler steam overheating", not sure if this is what is causing the problem but I expect it won't help. Can anyone point me in the right direction. Can I fix it myself or do I need to find a local repairer ? Thanks in advance.
  25. Hey does anyone know if the wand on the DB can be replaced with a longer one ?
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