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  1. Morning! I recently purchased a Gaggia Classic from 1998 and i've been given some really useful advice from here. One of which was to upgrade the steam wand to the Silvia V2. I can't unscrew the nut that's holding the steam wand! I wondered if anyone had some tips? It's quite fiddly to get a grip on and quit a shallow nut. I've tried a bit of WD40 but wondered if anyone had any other tips? Thanks!
  2. Hey there! I bought a Rancilio Silvia like a month ago and since then I am trying every weekend to get proper coffee (but this is discussed in a separate thread ). However, last weekend I tried making foamed milk with the steam wand. The first step I always carry out when I turn the machine on, is extracting about 350ml of water through the steam wand (not steaming, just hot water) and a bit of water through the group head- just to exchange the water in the boiler. The first thing I noticed, when pulling water from the steam wand is that the water is splashing around, because there
  3. Hello As the Pavoni makes smallish sized espresso, and I drink 1:1 milk style cortado. I got fed up with the angled steam wand, where you need to fill the milk jug quite high, as you have to hold it at an angle for the wand to sit somewhere in the centre of the jug. This was wasting a lot of milk, and I would prefer to hold the jug straight, instead of tilted. So I thought of bending the steam arm, which looked a bit tricky. But instead looked at the groove that holds the arm in place, by milling the groove about 30deg further allows the steam arm to sit vertically.
  4. Well they like to drink from dipping steam wands too. In fact, one of mine is sat on the worktop now watching the drip tray intently for drips. Hmm..
  5. Recently purchased a Krups Calvi Espresso machine during the Black Friday promotion (120 pounds), it has some interesting features for a budget machine like auto-purge and 3s low-pressure preinfusion. Although it can make some really decent shots, I found the steam wand to be a bit too underpowered my liking (it's even weaker than my previous 3-year-old Delonghi Eco310 without the Panarello attachment). It struggles to even froth (not to mention heat up) a small volume of milk (120-150ml) before the 75s auto shut off feature kicks in. Unfortunately, the steam wand issue is a deal brea
  6. Hi all, Has anybody experienced their DTP steam wand spluttering/squirting water when initially starting the steam. I notice this frequently, and how the steam doesn't seem very consistent in that you can see almost like the pressure is dropping at points when the steam is active. I have run a tank full of water through and have ensured the nozzle has been fully cleaned. Could a seal or possible some other part be failing inside the steam mechanism? Many Thanks, Josh
  7. Hi! I am running out of the steam wand cleaning powder and I have noticed that it is really hard to find on the market (at least in Sweden, but I also noticed that it is not listed on sageappliances.co.uk any longer). How have you solved it? Do you use some other powder or some other method to clean the steam wand (apart from the daily cleaning)?
  8. Just a bit of advise sought please. Had my Quickmill Verona for a good while now but only lately decided to remove the inner silicone tube to help with steaming. Worked flawlessly with tube but since removing the steam wand coughs and splutters water for a couple of seconds until the steam starts flowing. Just wondered if the more knowledgeable out there thought that there's a problem on the horizon, or that's normal Any help is appreciated
  9. I've been not best pleased with my milk frothing, and to get it right on a classic requires a bit of concentration, and some i have had the Rancilio v2 style (may have been a clone) for over a year and tried a single hole and then three hole tips and it was always easy to over froth and not enough swirl action to fix. The hex nut and pipe is hard to wipe clean, and it sounds funny but "angle matters" The PID helps a lot with steam power, but still it's not easy. I'm 99% making just a single flat white / latte. So the idea of a more magic wand has been around a while. This thr
  10. Hi All Using the steam wand (silvia), I noticed that some steam comes out of the main group head when steaming milk. Had this for a long time but wondering if you have the same experience?
  11. Need some help ASAP with a coffee machine that I have seen online. We are on a tight budget, start up micro-pub which also wants to sell coffee. I've been looking at a Fracino Classic 2 on eBay for what I consider a very cheap price - considering that it has extras included. The listing states that its used, it's visibly not been kept in a pristine condition as you can see burnt milk on the wand. This troubles me. How hard would this be to clean, will there be issues with other parts of the machine because of this? I'm worried that if the person hasn't used it in a while it may be faulty
  12. Hi All, My wife likes milky coffees and the steam wand on the Magnifica produces more steam from the top then it does at the tip! I can't see anything wrong with the wand parts and they are clean. Any ideas what to try? Cheers Daz
  13. Gaggia Classic, owned by me from new, 2013 I think. I used to make 1 or 2 drinks per day, but have rarely used it since our son as born in 2014. I now use a Bialetti stove top, which does for me. Its in great condition. Regularly cleaned, descaled and back-flushed. Comes with : Upgraded Rancilio steam wand (a must for these machines in my opinion). Gaggia Double basket. Original baskets, portafilter and stuff. MadeByKnock Tamper. £140 for everything. Collection preferred. I'm in Middlesbrough.
  14. noticed a couple of days my steam wand started leaking. a couple of water drops, sometimes it's like a pressure release... is it something i should worry about? is there any remedy on a budget?
  15. Hi all, I have a Gaggia Classic with a Silva steam wand attached. Today I removed the wand to find it's slightly corroded (notice the green stuff at the tip): How should I clean this? Should I also try to clean inside where it connects to the machine? Have I done something wrong which would cause this? Can it be prevented? Thanks!
  16. Rancilio Silvia V1/V2 steam wand for sale. This is the single hole version and I used it on my old delonghi machine for a couple of weeks so it's in great condition. All the parts are with it such as the nut and O ring so it's complete. £10 including shipping (U.K. Only) sound ok? I'm open to offers though. Cheers
  17. Title says it all really. Bought myself a bargain Gaggia Baby 06 class from this very forum a couple of months ago, and it's been both brilliant and trouble-free. I've been regularly back-flushing and descaling it, and have been using filtered water. Just today, however, it started dripping from the steam wand when switched on. Any ideas? Do I need a replacement steam valve? If so, where do I get one from? Thanks in advance.
  18. Just getting to grips with the Silvia I bought second hand. Does the stock steam tip unscrew? If it does, mine's pretty 'milked' on. Any tips on loosening it up if so?
  19. I changed the pannarello on my Gaggia Classic for a Philips Saeco one, looking like the one here: http://www.philips.co.uk/c-p/HD5053_01/pannarello-black The outer aerator can be taken off, leaving just the internal steam pipe which is longer than the Gaggia Classic one. The pipe end is reduced to a single hole. allowing me much more control over frothing.
  20. Morning All I have recently upgraded my Gaggia classic with a rancilio V3 steam wand (brilliant instructions on here – thanks) To say I am disappointed with it is an understatement – it is nowhere near as good as my standard one. There doesn’t seem to be enough power to froth the milk, the milk also sticks to the wand and is a nightmare to clean off. My standard one used to froth the milk into a ball if a wasn’t careful – and it was simple to clean – one wipe with a damp cloth. Have I done something wrong? Has anyone else had similar experiences? Thanks Pete
  21. I am really enjoying my 2 week old Izzo Alex Duetto MkIV, getting some great results at the moment using BB's 'Milk Buster' espresso beans in my Latte & Cappuccino drinks. The only minor gripe I have with the machine is the rather short steam wand, when using my 20 oz Milk jug for steaming milk for just one drink, the wand is only just long enough, the sharp bend near the top of the wand does cause some restriction. Its far from a big problem, but does seem to be a minor design flaw to me. Just wondering if anybody else here had found the same issue?
  22. hi there, Recently i came across an idea to change the regular plastic steam wand to the Rancilio Silvia(v1/v1) steam wand.There are a few videos available teaching about how to change it on a Gaggia classic. However, in the Cubika Plus, the steam wand's screw and nut is in different location and located way inside the machine. Is there anybody has the similar problem and has figured out how to fix it? Thank you
  23. Given previous discussion about how the no-burn steam wands can sometimes be lacking in power, I wondered if anyone made Teflon-coated wands to approach the easy-cleaning of steam wands from another direction. It seems they do exist although for professional models only unless anyone knows any different? Anyone seen one in the flesh? Found a few photos on Flickr for anyone that wants a look... And to pre-empt the obvious points people will make - yes, good technique of cleaning the wand straight after use before milk can 'harden' on a regular wand will mean these aren't rea
  24. Hi, I've been having problems with the steam wand. Up till now, the steam was coming through uninterrupted and would last for quite a while, providing sufficient levels of steam to froth up small pitchers of milk effectively. Now, the temperature light is on, i go to steam, and the pressure required for steaming last 5-10 seconds before i'm left with the pressure so low it only makes slight bubbles...not enough required to even heat the milk, let alone froth. I've taken apart the wand, and checked for milk build up, and cleaned it, but that hasn't done the trick. I'm
  25. I've had my Classic for a little over a month now, so still very much learning the ropes. The first modification I made was the upgrade to the Rancilio Silvia steam wand. It’s made a huge difference to the milk frothing. Cravendale Green is a great choice too. I also swapped out the pressurised baskets with a standard basket and got very disappointing results. I kept working on my grind and got to a place where I felt I had the right grind, but still the shot was far too quick. The only way to slow it was to choke it, which would have still been wrong, so I decided I had to do the O
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