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Found 72 results

  1. I just wanted to add these locations as a warning DO NOT STOP FOR A COFFEE AT STARBUCKS It doesn't matter if your cars on fire, there is a jumbo jet trying to land in front of you on the motorway or you have a dodgy vindaloo that's trying to exit your body DO NOT STOP AT A STARBUCKS ANYWHERE EVER especially at the Charnock Richard Services on the M6 Today I foolishly gave them a second chance with little else on offer I said to myself 'maybe its got better' I got a cup of charred burnt bean residue crapped out of a bean to cup machine, the after taste punished me for several hours afterwards, something like a cross between an ashtray and the bottom of your grandmas budgies cage. - If you are suffering from driver fatigue then of course do stop and have a cup, you will never fall asleep again
  2. TheCoffeeTweet: Starbucks using Facebook to promote ice cream - http://su.pr/A4965a More...
  3. TheCoffeeTweet: http://tinyurl.com/d86hvn Starbucks sell their third Gulfstream jet. More...
  4. TheCoffeeTweet: http://tinyurl.com/bw496q Starbucks and their Obama campaign - Adage judges. More...
  5. TheCoffeeTweet: Potentially more Starbucks job losses - http://tinyurl.com/crqum3 - but not (theoretically) baristas. More...
  6. First it was Starbucks who stated that they will introduce Flat Whites onto their menu for 2010 (starting with a London rollout then spreading to the rest of the UK), now it's Costa Coffee's turn to 'follow', although a quote in the Metro would indicate otherwise. According to Metro, Costa Coffee will spend £1m introducing flat white to its drink menu. MD of Costa Coffee, John Derkach was quoted as saying 'The flat white is an important innovation to keep us ahead of the competition' Considering that many independent cafes in the UK already offer this, and Starbucks has already rolled out flat whites then Costa cannot be 'ahead of the competition'. Will this go against the 'single shot as standard'? as traditionally, Flat White's are served as double espresso, a smaller cup size than a latte or cappuccino, and slightly cooler, textured milk, resulting in a creamier texture, 'folded in' to the espresso base. I will be popping along to a Costa on Thursday to try this out, and compare it against the Starbucks offering.
  7. I'm a Starbucks coffee master and wondered if anyone else works for them on here?
  8. But thought I'd introduce myself here for all the new people that I missed..! My name is Antony and I am currently studying for my degree in Computer Science at Kent University, staying in Canterbury in halls, and finally managed to get a job back with Starbucks after trying for about 4months. I was originally employed at Starbucks back in August 07, as a barista, making my way to Store Coffee Master June 08, then leaving the company for Uni in Sept 09. And thankfully I'm hired again as a SCM in a big old cathederal store in Burgate, Canterbury. And, as you can probably tell from my timestamp, my sleeping pattern is completely messed up right now, and I think I will probably trawl through the rest of the posts on here before I even think about going to bed.. :read: But anyway, if you want to get to know me / ask any questions, feel completely free!! -Antony
  9. timbar


    I have been digging around on this forum over the past month or so and thought I'd say hi. I'm pretty much a noob to espresso making though I've enjoyed coffee all my life. I've just upgraded from a Krups XP2010 to a Gaggia Classic and I'm just starting to work on pulling shots. They're a bit bitter at the moment but looking forward to playing around with the settings and learning how to dose, tamp etc. Going to take some time given that I can't drink more than 2 or 3 shots a day without climing the walls, but I guess thats part of the fun :-) I'm grinding my own beans, I have a Dualit burr grinder which I've modified to grind beans fine enough for espresso; going to see how that works out, I'd rather not buy a new grinder until I've written off the Dualit. Anyone using a modified Dualit (Starbucks) grinder and had good results? Thanks, Tim
  10. According to the Telegraph, McDonald’s has become the biggest seller of coffee in Britain, overtaking Costa and Starbucks. The link to the article is here Who here has recently had a McDonald's coffee?
  11. A snippet from yesterday's Evening Standard: Now, let me get this straight. They're finally starting to make milk based drinks in the way all proper baristas have been doing for years?! And whilst they're at it, why not employ more staff so two machines can be used simultaneously so that the queues won't be going out the door? On second thoughts the article makes no sense as it starts of saying only two drinks can be made at a time then finishes of with the line, only one machine can be in use at any one time. Am I missing something?
  12. TheCoffeeTweet: incidentally at the airport Starbucks was 4 times busier than the same sized "Paul Rankin" unit More...
  13. A necessity or not? We use organic coffee only in our blend atm, but we will be stopping very soon. good thing or bad thing? Chris
  14. Kind of free anyway: 200g of Starbucks Espresso Fairtrade beans are reduced from £3.50 to £2.50 at Tesco. And you can swap the empty bag for a tall latte http://www.tesco.com/groceries/product/details/?id=285644732 Who's with me??? I've taken the plunge and will try to swap the latte for a flat white at my local Sb. The latte is sooo weak. Edit: I've just checked the price of a tall latte and it's £2.25. This post is even more deceitful than I had envisaged. Sorry.
  15. Hi everyone. I was wondering if I could have some help. Any help would be appreciated! I am currently brainstorming about Costa Coffee and need to find different things that make Costa different to other coffee shops such as Starbucks or Cafe Nero. So far I have Costa Express self service machines and the Costa Coffee Club (loyalty points card). Any ideas? Thanks.
  16. I've never really known where I stand on Starbucks. They terrify me, on the one hand, because they're taking over. But they supposedly participate in Fair Trade and boast global responsibility and what not. But then again, they failed to pay taxes in the UK for about fourteen years. And then there's these absurd Starbucks conspiracy's saying their logo is Queen something. Anyway, if anyone has any input to sway me one way or another, let me know. My most recent post on the matter was the purchase of their first coffee farm in Poas, Costa Rica, seemingly a positive move. Admin: link removed due to shameless self promotion of a blog in every post!
  17. hummerpreston

    House blends

    Really interested in peoples views on House Blends - the likes of Starbucks, Costa, Nero I owned 3 coffee shops in the 1990s which we roasted inhouse for and my muscles still remember lifting 60kg sacks of green beans. We sold them in 1998 so were kind of early in the coffee revolution Putting the roasting to one side -just interested in views from people who know about the makeup of the blends -clearly they are blended for maximum consumption I am assuming the basis of most house blends is Santos - If anyone wants to correct me or set me straight really pleased to hear
  18. I should have known better. Starbucks is known for its over roasted beans but the Reserva line is supposed to be their specialty pour over entry. Well if the Reserva Dalat is any indication then they have failed. At least 25% of the bag is broken bean bits. It is over roasted. It is a huge disappointment. I should have known better. Damn it.
  19. I know this has been shared around . . . The theatre of coffee with a Chinese focus . . . https://news.starbucks.com/press-releases/starbucks-opens-state-of-the-art-premium-reserve-roastery-in-shanghai https://www.nytimes.com/2017/12/06/business/starbucks-shanghai.html With a population of near enough 10,000 people per square mile I expect they need their 600 Starbucks cafes plus the odd 29,000 sq foot 'Roastery Reserve' shops with 400 employees. Among their many facts and claims I see they aim to send their freshly roasted beans out to you within 3 to 5 days of roasting. So that’s alright then! What a place!
  20. Jez H


    Any decent pit stops from Gretna Green to Ayr via Dumfries? We usually stop off on the M6 before Gretna & I am stuck with a Costa or Starbucks. I refuse to do it again!!
  21. Hello [some thinking out aloud] : https://www.allianceforcoffeeexcellence.org/en/cup-of-excellence/country-programs/rwanda-program/2015/auction-results/ Whilst trying to track down a particular Rwanda been, I came across the 2015 Rwanda Cup of Excellence Auctions results. Which in itself is quite interesting, then I started to browse through the list to see who was buying what. Something that I caught my eye was that Starbucks, also SAZA and Maruyama bought up some of the most expensive beans. Presumably the high price relates to high quality. Whilst I have quite some respect for SAZA and a lot more respect for Maruyama, having visited both companies in Japan, they too along with Starbucks [less respect] are guilty of roasting the majority of their beans to almost charcoal. [Although Maruyama less so than SAZA] [side note: in Japan very dark roast is extremely common] I found this a bit depressing, that some of the, presumably, best beans from this auction are being wasted by the less than sensitive roast profiles of the above companies . . . . [end of thinking out aloud]
  22. Hello, We are a start-up from india and are starting a new coffee pill. Wanted to know your reviews. Introducing COFFEE PILL: An innovative and newly formulated form of Coffee: “The Coffee Pill”. Here is the solution to the dilemma of whether to wait in the queue or not. Now you have the best option available at your disposal. A coffee that is there with you all the time. No matter where you are or what you are doing. Coffee pill consists of the most loved and dominantly coffee used Arabica beans. These beans have the most prominent taste and also the beans have been processed in such a way that it has the precise amount of caffeine in it. Gone are the days when we have to stand in queue..wait for a minute that feels like a decade before we grab our share of divine beverage. This substantially reduces your fury levels and making you coffee taste more amazing when you are calm and composed. Furthermore, YOU are your own boss, you decide your drink, make your drink and change the composition of ingredients as per your liking. (And also blame yourself when you screw it!). How are we different yet the same?Now the question arises why do we use these Coffee Pill? The answer to this is having a blissful cup of coffee has never been so easy and convenient. Conventional method of Coffee preparation involves filling the coffee beans, milk and water in the Coffee Vending Machine which takes quite a lot of time to concoct the beverage and enlighten our taste buds. Instead of longing for it, all we have to do is just take a cup of water. Add 2 Coffee Pills in it and have the perfect Cup of blend, aroma and taste. These pills have been so formulated that they do not tamper the taste of the coffee instead add an additional natural taste because of the composition we have used. The best part about the Coffee Pill is that you don’t need a vending machine. You can make the perfect cup of coffee on the go. Where are The Coffee Pills handy? · At Work · While traveling · Camping
  23. Over on CultNoise Magazine we thrive on our morning (or afternoon, or any time of the day) coffee... and so for International Coffee Day, we're giving our lucky readers the chance to win a coffee (and cake) date for two at Starbucks! To enter, click on the link to our FaceBook page, and follow the simple instructions. Good luck, guys. Have a great day!
  24. Heigh-ho Chaps, I'm Buzz. Let me tell you a little about me and my journey so far... I'm female, late 30's and live in London. I was introduced to drinking "proper" coffee on a regular basis, over the past year, via... Starbucks (eek! *awaits mass flaming*) Drinking mainly filter coffee (never Pike Place) with a few Frappuccinos thrown into the mix (that's not coffee) and a couple of Toffee-Nut Lattes at Xmas (neither's that!) I decided to expand my knowledge of good coffee...(!) I've recently begun to drink coffee at home using a cafetiere (admittedly, using s-bux beans) and realised I needed a good grinder to help me on my way. After narrowing my choices down to either a DeLonghi KG79 or a Krups GSX-whatever I looked online to see what sort of reviews they got. Discovering American websites such as CoffeeGeek, etc. - I quickly changed my mind! Due to budget, my new choice became a Porlex Hand Mill so I looked on the net again to see if I could find a British review and, more importantly, a UK supplier. This is how I found you kind people. (Thanks Yahoo) The next step was to lurk... One thing I noticed was that, unlike some (overly anal/ obsessive) forums, here the coffee dictionary doesn't start and end at espresso - though many of you do have a "healthy" interest in it. (This IS a compliment - Honest!) And... You have a sense of humour I can understand. Result! Naturally I signed up and (twenty-four hours, or so, later) here I am! What's next? To learn what good, fresh coffee actually is (mail order) and... well, I think that's enough to be getting on with for now really. Thanks for reading this far and I hope we can be friends. Buzz (sent using a really crap phone)
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