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Found 32 results

  1. Kyle T

    Square Mile

    Made my first ever purchase from Square Mile this week and the beans arrived today. I must say I am super impressed with the packaging. Looking forward to trying this soon and I may also go back for the Sweetshop blend at some point.
  2. A series of talks by renowned roasters including Union, The Barn, Square Mile and La Cabra. http://www.eventbrite.co.uk/o/edinburgh-coffee-fringe-11096967803
  3. Hello, I have been following coffee forums for most of this year but this is my first introduction. Planning Kaffeine has been taking up loads of my time, as well as finishing at my old job at Lord's Cricket ground at the end of July 3 weeks before we opened. Now my life is totally immersed in coffee and I am loving it. I am originally from Melbourne, have worked in Hospitality for over 20 years and just love providing great food, service and products to people. Kaffeine is my first place with my business partner who is from New Zealand and we look forward to providing our patch of london with exactly what we believe in. So now here I am, hoping to also be able to meet some of you in person, so come down and chat coffee, Synesso or Square Mile beans to me, or our two fabulous baristas, Catherine and Shem. Cheers all and see you soon. Peter
  4. Does anyone know of a roaster anywhere in the West Midlands? Or failing that someone who'll supply mail order 1kg of beans without charging an arm and a leg?
  5. I woke up this morning with an urge for, not my regular espresso (MacBeans and Square mile in the house), not drip or cafetière from fresh beans (also in the house), but supermarket coffee. Various friends and family who know me well have expressed concern, felt my forehead for fever, etc. But I am greatly enjoying my disposable-filter cup of Rombouts #5.
  6. I'm relatively new to coffee on the sort of serious level these forums aspire to, but I am learning... Last week I bought some Square Mile Autumn Espresso beans (from a coffee stall in Columbia Road market). My first thoughts were, this is not quite how I imagine espresso to be... then, following on, there was a sort of revelation. The coffee really does have the caramel and grapefruit flavours proclaimed on the packet, and there's a fantastic after taste. I usually drink my espresso without sugar, but this one I find works better with a bit of sweetening. Interesting stuff. Any other thoughts on these beans?
  7. Wando64

    New Red Brick

    Has anyone tried the new Red Brick from Square Mile yet? Red Brick has been my favourite coffee for some time (back to when it was Winter/summer espresso), however I didn't enjoy the blend they had during this winter so I moved to other beans. I am currently finishing some other coffee and I am keen to try the new blend.
  8. Tomorrow night I am heading to the Square Mile - Taste of Sweden event and I am excited. James and Anette usually put on a great event (if the past few are anything to go by) and this time Chris Weaver will be joining Nadine and I to sample some of the best coffee Sweden has roasted. The details can be found here and a review will go up on Thursday night Keep an eye on the Square Mile Blog for the official report
  9. Is anyone trying square miles' current redbrick espresso in an aeropress or similar? I bought some for my girlfriend to use with her aeropress as she prefers a slightly darker roast, with more nutty flavours, than most good roasters do for filter. She's previously been a massive fan of the redbrick in her aeropress too. Anyway, right now we're really struggling to get anything that tastes close to balanced with these. First it came out sour, then just a little tighter on the grind seems to reduce the sourness somewhat (though not completely) but somehow completely flatten out the flavour profile - it tastes of barely anything at all. Other beans etc seem to work fine with this grinder/brewer combo (it's a Timemore Chestnut, which is basically a stepped Helor 101 with the conventional burrs), so I'm not sure where to go here. I'm gonna give things a go with my Lido E later, potentially try MWJB's 'long steep' immersion method, but just thought I'd ask to see if anyone else had any struggles with this bean, and if they had any tips on brewing it. Previous goes with this blend (well, different blend of course, but same label) on aeropress have been super easy - basically impossible to get tasting bad. Cheers
  10. Anyone got the latest sweetshop blend- 50% kochere natural, 50% El Vendaval. Playing about this afternoon. Just pulled a shot in the right ball park but still overly sour. Takes a fine grind. 18 in and 27 out in 27s. Few spritzers from the bottomless pf so maybe under extracted. I've never felt I've really got to grips with any of these blends. Gonna try upping the temp on the PID by a few degrees to see if that helps.
  11. Hi guy's, This is something I didn't want to ever have to write as I love Square Mile but I am really rather annoyed at the manner in which an issue was dealt with(or not dealt with) the other day. Last weekend I decided to celebrate the end of my months coffee abstinence by putting in an order for 2 bags of Jirmiwachu Espresso and a bag of Red Brick(Sweetshop was off the site at the time), not knowing when they would be roasting again I waited until the Thursday when I received an email saying they couldn't accept the payment. I pay for my coffee from a separate bank account that I use specially for Coffee & Toys to keep me in check and what had happened was that the money had gone out on the Saturday when I placed the order but they had tried to take the payment out again on the Thursday from the then empty account. I phoned Square Mile when I got the email and spoke to a staff member who's name I won't mention, who said the money wouldn't have gone through on the Saturday and my bank would have put it into a state of pending awaiting the processing of the order and she didn't know why in that case the payment had been declined. I then phoned Barclays who assured me that the payment had cleared the night I placed the order which is why it was declined when they had tried to take a second payment. So I phoned back Square Mile where I was met with an incredibly frosty response from the staff member who clearly would have rather been scrubbing skidded lavatory bowls than speaking on the phone to me. So I'm currently Coffeeless, £30 out of pocket, with a bad taste in my mouth and from what I gather now waiting on 5 days to see if the money appears back in my account before they may or may not do something about it. It's just not cricket chaps and it's the first real rudeness I have experienced in our community. I hate to moan but I've been feeling really disappointed about it ever since and I needed to vent. It was however I believe only their second day back after the Christmas hols and maybe she was having a crap day.
  12. Ordered myself some red brick after trying at a nearby cafe but finding it a tad more difficult to get anything good yet with very thin crema. To be fair I need to adjust the grind a bit more as I'm getting 2oz in around 35-40 secs but curious if the beans are just too fresh. Should I give them a week to age before trying again or just adjust grind and retry again
  13. Hi all, This is my first time on coffee forums and am in need of some help with my home setup. Currently I have: - Everpure Claris small water filter - Porlex hand grinder - kettle - v60, aeropress, chemex, syphon, french press. My problem is in the final cup of all of my brews. I sometimes get nice flavours, light and heavy body depending on coffee, but my problem is the clarity isnt there. There always seems to be a cloudiness in taste, and I have tried the coffee's I use at home in coffee shops in London and have tasted what they can be, and am never able to achieve this at home. Bit more info about setup: - Water was tested with a carbonate hardness (KH) kit and is 10ºKH, so by following the guide in the Everpure manual I set the bypass valve to number 5, which took things down to 5ºKH. For the record I have also tested it at numbers 1-4 aswell. The filter is less than 3 months old and hasnt been used enough to be empty. - Porlex hand grinder gets cleaned once a week so burrs are free from oil and grounds. Grinder is maybe 9 months old. - kettle gets descaled once every month or so - beans are from various roasters i.e. Square Mile, Hasbean, PJGourmet Obviously most people would assume that if I have this setup then it is me that is screwing things up. I have thought about this many times aswell, so have asked for exact brew recipes from Dose in london for certain coffees I tried. Most recently, SQM Kilimanjaro fully washed, which I tried yesterday in the shop and replicated the brew recipe when I got home to get very different results. At the moment, my way of thinking is that the grinder is producing a lot more fines and therefore tainting the brew. I don't believe the water filter is faulty, as it is still so new and been tested, and I am definately not going to blame the beans as they are from very reputable roasters. That leaves the grinder, the method and me!!! If anyone has any ideas as to why this setup might not be producing good results then please feel free to post. I don't want to spend any more money on a better grinder just yet until I can get to the bottom of it. Cheers Pete
  14. There is an increasing number of quality blogs written by industry professionals and aspiring baristas This thread will list these and will be added to frequently; Stuart Lee Archer | Pumphrey's Coffee Chris Weaver | Coffee Aroma (Lincoln) Seamus McFlurry | Coolaboola (Newcastle) James Hoffman - World Barista Champion 2007 | Square Mile Coffee Roasters | Square Mile Coffee Blog Steve Leighton | Hasbean Coffee | InMyMug - video blog Stephen Morrisey - World Barista Champion - 2008 | Personal Site Tim Styles Dominic Boyett | Urban Espresso Lukas Kolbe | Einfach Kaffee (simply coffee) Please PM or email me with suggestions for inclusion in this thread
  15. TheCoffeeTweet: RT - exceptional new Square Mile Moka Pot video - http://tinyurl.com/8gs38p More...
  16. Hi all, As I read about coffee I constantly hear about Lavazza and Illy as being good examples of coffees. I have tried both of these over the last few years from my local supermarket etc. Are these the same packets of coffee that people refer to when prasing these coffees? or do people find a way of sourcing freshly roasted Lavazza and Illy? Are the supermarket packets of Lavazza and Illy worth the money, or am I better off finding an alternative, similar blend to try? Many Thanks, Sammy
  17. ChrisP

    Square Mile Tega AA

    This is possibly one of the best coffees I've drunk to date. Lovely caramel, vanilla taste to it. Pulls a good thick gloupy shot with nice long lasting crema. Great for milk based drinks.
  18. Just received my first batch of RM coffees and have spent 10 shots dialling in the grind to get the correct pour, but what is being produced is sour and nasty. Have experimented with temperatures 92-98, but it still tastes like shit. Thoughts anyone?
  19. While I look forward to some nice beans from Glenn I have just started another bag of Square Mile's Spring Espresso. The tiger stripes when it starts to pour are amazing. I've just popped onto their website and it looks like there is none left
  20. TheCoffeeTweet: @danapalooza Cafe review in this month's Olive magazine namechecks Square Mile and talks about the excellent coffee. More...
  21. ahirsty

    Where to try next?

    Over the last few months I have been getting my beans from Rave, Has Bean, Square Mile and a local roaster. I fancy a change but the choice is huge! Does anyone have any recommendations? I'm drinking brewed coffee and prefer light(ish) roasts.
  22. Oops..might have accidentally gone and entered this! Will have to get practicing! Anyone else thought about entering?
  23. Hi Setup: Gaggia Classic - silvia & OPV mod Porlex Grinder I've been making coffee for the last couple of months...with varying success. I predominately drink milk based drinks as the espresso I produce tastes extremely bitter/sour (probably due to the fact I'm using Lavazza espresso beans), but I also think another contributing factor is the temperature issue of the Classic (I've ordered a digital thermometer to test the brewing temp). Back to the original question. I've been looking at Hasbean - Jailbreak Espresso Blend Mk3 / El Salvador Finca La Fany Bourbon / Bolivia Cooperative San Ignacio & Happy Donkey - Classic italian roast. Bearing in mind I produce milk based drinks - would I be advised to purchase the Itailian roast as the HB beans are properly suited to espresso? Be interested to see what you think...
  24. Hi all, Some online research has shown that cold brewing coffee produces much lower acidity coffee, which is easier to digest. Having not been able to drink a cup now for 2 months, this is my last ditch attempt before I sell all my equipment and go cold turkey for life. Seriously. I've seen the Hario Cold Brew and the Hourglass Cold Brew Coffee Maker as shown on Seattle Coffee Gear, and also the Toddy Cold Brew. None of these seem to be available in the UK. Has anyone had any experience with any of these methods? And can anyone tell me if they are available in the UK? This is not to be confused with iced coffee - these methods allow you to make a cold coffee concentrate which can be refrigerated and then dilute with hot water. Any help much appreciated.
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