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Found 21 results

  1. hi, if anyone needs any spares, e.g. seals, gaskets sight glass etc i have a number of spares for the g105-g106 lever machines which are ok for the la-pavoni lever machines. mark
  2. Where is the best place to get La Pavoni spares in the UK? Thanks
  3. I've just replaced the water inlet tubing on mine and bought much more than I need, so if it can help someone else you're welcome to it. It's dirt cheap to buy but at least you'll know it's the right type. 9mm OD, 6mm ID, platinum-cured food-grade clear tubing, the exact replacement for original as far as I can tell. Very easy to fit: remove top panel (4 screws), back panel (2 screws at top, one in center under the splash guard), then a pair of pliers to un-clip the old and re-clip the new. Don't forget to cut a vee into the tank/bottle end so it can't suck itself to the base (see last pic). Reason for doing this on mine was to use an external 5L bottle of Ashbeck water - much bigger than the internal tank, much better tasting than the liquid rock around here, and much easier to use - wish I'd done it years ago! I also drilled two holes for the pipes into a lid, plus a small breather hole. Also works for replacement of the OPV output, though that's a slightly more involved fit. First post on here gets it I guess. Cheers, Colin [ATTACH=CONFIG]5799[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]5800[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]5801[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]5802[/ATTACH]
  4. Hi all Does anyone know the thread size of the two holes drilled into the top of the grind adjustment ring? Someone in the forum did write what they probably are, but I'm going to order two on eBay and so need to be certain. I'm not bothering with Screw Fix as they like to sell you bags of screws. The individually available screws I spotted on eBay have a nurled head and look the part I know some people say not to bother with using safety Limiting screws, but I'd like to try them anyway. Thanks
  5. I have decided to sell my Achille as spares, I don’t think there is a major issue so most parts should be in reasonable condition. Collection only for entire machine £100. Will probably break it up if somebody needs a couple of parts and possibly post. I have just patched wiring back together, will need a second look as LEDs not on but turns on and heats up etc , leaking from various areas probably just needs new o rings etc. I’m due a new machine so don’t really want to spend time fixing it!
  6. I want to begin by saying I'm completely aware that things are far from normal at the minute. Corona virus is messing with everything. However, I have ordered spare parts, coffee and all manner of goods from all over Europe and even China during this time and the only people not to deliver are Espresso Underground. Worse than not delivering they haven't responded to any of my emails asking where my goods are or if I can just have a refund. I could forgive this if it was the first time they haven't delivered or given a refund but this is the second time now. Do any of you guys know the folks at Espresso Underground? Are they usually this shoddy? Am I just super unlucky here and should luck have anything to do with it?! Regardless I wanted to post this as a buyer beware kind of thing.
  7. Hi All, I have a Gaggia Paros that I haven't used for a little while since breaking the reservoir, I was just wondering what everyones thoughts were on it? I have been tempted to refurbish it and really make it a bit special, or to change to something else? also does anyone know where I can get Gaggia spares from? I had been struggling to find a new reservoir.
  8. Hi The title says it all really. I've a Rancilio Rocky grinder (doserless version) and am looking for a replacement spout (transparent blue) as even though I was careful when I've taken it on and off it's still cracked. I'm in London Many thanks Jacam
  9. Hi all, I have the offer of a 3 year old WEGA grinder for a really good price. My only concern is that it is 3 years old! Has anybody experience of these grinders and should I be concerned about the age? Best wishes.
  10. Anyone know where I can get hold of one of these. La Spaziale Vivaldi II no burn steam wand/arm. Not Bella Barista. Thanks..........dennis
  11. Hi, Could anyone point me in the right direction for spare solenoids for the sage berista express bes870. I think it's the solenoid that produces the steam. I can't get any steam the froth the milk or hot water, everything else works fine. Thanks
  12. I have just received a Savenilli lever machine from eBay . I believe this is a Zacconi baby . I just could not resist it .. I have checked it over and it heats up and no leaks apparent. I have taken the piston out and it needs replacing along with the seals .. Anyone know of a good source for spare parts for this machine please ?
  13. Like a complete t!t I tried to force the doser screen out a little more than I should have and have ended up with a crack down one side (its was pretty well stuck in there for a piece of perspex to give it, its dues). The adjustment rods not an essential as I've got something in there thats totally usable at the minute, but if anyone has one they're happy to shift drop me a line. If its makes any difference to the size they're both for a Mazzer Royal. Thanks Lee
  14. This item still works but there is a leak somewhere in the steam boiler area. Steam pressure is not great and I also think the Vibrating pump is weak, but it still makes coffee. Probably repairable but as I have sent 2 machines back to kitchenAid in the past I am not happy with the product. Good for spares I suppose. Before it goes to the "tip" I thought I would offer it here. New owner to collect from Fleet Hampshire.
  15. I need to buy a blind basket for a nuova aurelia, does anyone know the best (and chepest) places to look for spares? Thanks!
  16. Hello all I own a 2005 (I think) Gaggia Baby which came to me second hand. I have spent quite a long time servicing the machine myself and learning a lot about Gaggias, their quirks and how to make a great espresso. After finally sorting out my setup by adding an Iberital MC2, a Reg Barber tamper (bargain from eBay!) and modding with a silvia steam arm, disaster has struck! Whilst making a latte this week, the steam switch stuck in the on position and I was not able to switch it off again. I opened my Baby up, removed the offending switch and it seems to be a problem which can't be fixed. I didn't think it would be too hard to find a replacement switch, but I cannot find the right one for my model. Does anyone have any idea where I might be able to get hold of a 6-pin steam switch? I have absolutely no problem sourcing a 4-pin switch, but this won't work with my machine. Having spent so much time restoring my Baby to its former glory, it seems a shame to give up and buy a replacement over such a small problem. Any pointers would be a very big help. Thanks!
  17. Hi all, I've had my Oracle for about 4 years now. I had an issue 2 years ago where I had to get the grind setting down really low to get anything even close to a decent espresso. I went through Sage and ended up paying one of their partners £200+ to come out and change the burrs which fixed the issue. The same thing has happened again and I don't really fancy dishing out another £200 [i could buy a standalone used grinder for that!]. I'm struggling to find any sites outside Australia which sell spares - can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks
  18. Can anyone please give me the dimensions of the chrome plated over flow tube? It shows as item 40 part no CF0149 on a diagram I have. I lost it during a clean and flush (don't ask, I blame someone else for putting it safe!). As a retired engineer I am reluctant to pay over £8 for an official spare when I know that a piece of tube is pennies. Although at the same time using man maths I'm considering buying another, whole, used Classic to get the part and use the rest as back up spares or even to then PID the spare without having to go a day without coffee....... regards Mike
  19. Hi there, I've just acquired a second hand duo temp pro. It has no baskets, just the portafilter holder. I've looked online at the sage site, and had a cursory glance through the obvious interweb sources, and it doesn't look like the parts are easy to come by. They aren't even listed on the sage site, which would make ordering quite tricky... Does anyone have a useful link to a reseller or reliable source for these? I'm only interested in the single wall single/double baskets. If I can't get a sage specific one, is there any reason why a generic one wouldn't work (odd fit or rims)? If it might, what size would be best? Thanks is advance, the unit is in the post, so I can't do too much measuring etc at the moment. Cheers, D.
  20. A long story, but the lower carrier for my Rancilio Rocky (purchased in 2004) is looking beat up beyond repair, and will no longer fit over the shaft. The part has the number 20-114-700 stamped on the underside of it. On an exploded diagram of the Rocky attached here, it is part number 38. Does anyone have ideas where I might find a spare for this part? I should explain that I was not very happy with my Rocky before, I'd replaced the upper burr and attempted to do the same for the bottom burr, but encountered the most obstinately overtightened atomically-bonded screws ever secured within a piece of machinery. Looking online I found that this was not an uncommon struggle for owners of Rockys of this era. Following their advice and I'd even ordered replacement screws with the new burr because I expected a tough time getting them out. I was right to be concerned, the screws for the top carrier were exceptionally difficult to remove, but the bottom ones refused to budge. I tried bathing the whole thing in vegetable oil, then WD-40, placing the lower carrier in boiling water, then ice, then back again. I tapped the top of the screwdriver with a hammer. I had one person hold the bottom carrier while I held the screwdriver in place with one hand and tried to turn it with a pair of pliers with the other hand. I swore. A lot. The only result was a rapidly disintegrating head of three screws that had not turned even a second of a degree. Defeated, I replaced the bottom carrier with the dull burr back in place and made do with half a set of new burrs. Even this half measure showed an improvement in my espresso quality, but still not that great or reliable. So last weekend I took the part to a local appliance repair shop, where the guy pounded on it with the back of a screwdriver and nearly killed himself before extracting one screw. He refused to go any further and wished me luck. Lastly I went to a place that specifically does coffee machine repairs, in hopes they might have the right tools and expertise. They got the other two screws out, but had to put it in a vice to remove them, and now the collar of the carrier is wonky, slightly squarish, and will no longer fit over the shaft. I would like to get the Rocky working again, but mainly to sell it off as I'm fed up with it and was having to use it at the -06 setting that was as close as I could get without touching the burrs. I have been planing to purchase a new grinder entirely, and have been considering (despite my abysmal tale of attempted home maintenance) purchasing a good second hand machine that could be modified to single dosing. A machine with easily maintained and accessible burrs, and screws that can be removed under normal Earth gravity. But perhaps I should start that discussion on another thread.
  21. Hello! I am hoping to undertake the restoration of a 2 group lever Faema President. Everything is in working order, but there are a few things I'm looking to replace. Does anyone here have any leads on a supplier of suitable spare parts? Are the parts interchangeable with any current lever machines? Any information will be gratefully received! Many thanks!
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