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  1. Hi all. I put up a video here with a problem with my Gaggia Classic a few days ago, and the consensus seemed to be that the solenoid valve had gotten blocked with scale debris. The machine is 2011 but new to me, bought second-hand recently. I have been trying to get myself set up over the last month or so, getting a second-hand Baratza Vario from a forum member, tamper, scales, airtight container etc. Also got a brass shower screen holder and gasket as the originals did not look too good. The issue occurred, I think, after I put the machine on its side, to fit the new parts. (Reall
  2. Hi all, I was having the usual buzzing noises and therefore stripped down cleaned the valves, and replaced both solenoids. Now however I get no steam or hot water through the wand. With the machine powered on when I press the button for a shot the initial "click" noise I am used to does not happen, the machine does pull a perfect coffee shot though. The absence of this click makes me think the solenoid is already charged. When I power the machine on it flushes water through the grouphead also. It seems as if the solenoid on the 3 valve is permanently on. To test this I removed the cables
  3. Hi folks. Been looking at the forum and intend to retire my Delonghi and get a Gaggia Classic. My question is, if anyone can shed some light, what is the difference between a Classic with the chrome tube going down into the rear left of this drip tray and one with no tube. There also seems to be another Classic with the code ending BNC. Where might I find a reference to the different codes. Is there a particular variation that is better than the others. I know it's Saturday evening, is there anybody out there that can help?
  4. I've just joined this forum and thanks to its collected wisdom I've just got my beloved Baby Twin back to working order at no cost. It was a blocked solenoid, and a quick strip down and clean out was all that was needed to get it working again. So a big thanks to those who've taken time to share their know-how. I've just done likewise in the 'spirit of reciprocity' (did I spell that right?)
  5. I've just acquired a Classic, which had been neglected; I've stripped it down completely (down to splitting the boiler), descaled and cleaned it, but the solenoid valve is still stuck. (I assume that's it anyway; plenty of flow from the steamwand, but nothing from the grouphead; the OPV opens relieving pressure back into the tank). Any tips on how to "unstick" the solenoid valve; I've descaled it as long as I dare (the brass starting to discolour)? Or is it time for a replacement valve? Phil
  6. Hi guys, I'm new to the forum! I bought a second-hand Gaggia Classic a few weeks ago, which was working fine for the first couple of weeks. About a week ago water would stop coming through the grouphead, which seemed to be triggered by trying to backflush the system (which I had done successfully once before) or when putting additional pressure on the system (e.g. When making a ristretto). In both cases, the pump noise would go very quiet and water would stop coming out of the group head except in very small occasional drops. Water/steam was coming out of the steam wand as normal. Af
  7. Hi, I'm sure this should be obvious, but... I've just acquired a Classic from eBay. It's a model R18161/40, dated 2012, and I *think* it should therefore have the 3-way solenoid valve. It has the tube going down into the drip tray, which I've seen described as a reliable indicator, but I was a bit thrown by another website's recommendation to listen for the click of the valve opening after you hit the brew switch - I just don't hear that! So before I embark on backflushing and wreck the machine, what's a failsafe test? (I have taken the top off, but TBH I'm not sure what I'm lookin
  8. Right so, need a couple of things clearing in the old brain pan about my Gaggia Classic please folk. Back flushing, is it really necessary to do that, wont it force crap into the solenoid and end up blocking it!? This takes me to the next thing, the solenoid, mine is still the original solenoid, where do we source the upgrade larger solenoid and does any one have any idea how much they are!?
  9. Hi All, After having my morning coffee today I decided to clean the machine. Put the Blind filter in with some puly cafe and back flushed but after a few flushes noticed there was little pressure and now the water just flows freely out the overflow metal pipe. Descaled too but it still flows out the metal pipe. I'm not sure if the 3 way valve is blocked or faulty. I'm still descaling and might run another sachet through just to be sure. Bad times Any advice? PaulN
  10. Had my DB serviced and repaired today by Coffee Classics as it was leaking steam. Glad I did as it needed a good going over by the sounds of it from the Engineer. Leaking steam was fairly obvious but the main buttons on the front had a slight electrical buzzing noise when pressing at times. Basically the machine had a new solenoid valve, hot water tap needle valve, complete set of o-rings and boiler probes cleaned. Also carried out a de-scale whilst the engineer was here, which I'm so glad he did due to this being problematic with these machines. Mine had the problem of displaying 'valves
  11. Are you supposed to change the group gasket regularly? Or is it OK to only change if there is a leakage or problem? I have a Silvia V3 and had it already many years and never changed the gasket. I don't have any problems just wondering if I should change it more often. On ebay I can see two kinds of Silvia gaskets. Regular ones and Long Life. Would the Long Life gaskets be a better choice? I also wonder about the 3 way Solenoid valve, should it be disassembled and cleaned regulary? I do the back flushes every week, but wonder if I dare touching the inner parts and clean them?
  12. Hi All. I have a Classic Gaggia, 4+ years, have descaled it rather regularly. The frother has steam coming through it fine. The water that goes through the basket doesn't come out at all now. My husband took out all the parts he could and cleaned them, put them back. It worked temporarily but now nothing. I'm going through espresso withdrawal so can someone help? I'm in Surrey, hard water area. Does anyone get water delivered in big kegs in this area I'm wondering to eliminate the scale problem? THanks all! I'm new to the technical part of espresso but love it as a consumer!
  13. I know this will bore the tits off everyone but I'm at a dead end. So- water from wand but not the head. I've had everything apart. The OPV allows flow back into the tank. I've took the 3 way valve apart all seems ok. I've took the boiler apart and all seems to flow ok. I switched the machine to make coffee with the 3 way valve removed and water came out the hole for the valve. I tried the machine with the moving part removed from the 3 way valve and still no flow. Am I right or wrong in thinking that water should either flow out of the head or into the drip tray? Now I've had it all a
  14. Total newbie but been doing a lot of reading I understand there are 2 types of Classic or maybe Gaggia`s in general. Pre Phillips take over and post Phillips take over. What is the difference or changes and where they improvements on post take over models if any and when was the take over ??? thanks
  15. My Classic is making clicking noises when the coffee starts to come out & water spurts down the outside of the 'solenoid/overflow pipe'. What is causing this? Regards, Dennis
  16. I have a Gaggia Baby Class that I bought as ex demo stock. I've just hit a problem whereby no water is coming out of the group head. The steam wand IS working, and when switched on the pump vibrates. It had never been descaled properly and I was hoping that a descaling cycle might just sort it out. It didn't so reading all the instructions on this site I have removed the boiler and cleaned all the scale build up out of it. So my thoughts now are that it is the 3 way solenoid valve that has become blocked. Some posts on this site mention about splitting the 3 way down to clean
  17. I cannot make out the writing on the front of this machine? Is this a standard Classic or one of the cheaper versions without the solenoid? Also, roughly any idea how old it might be?
  18. Hi AIUI, the solenoid valve should divert the water, at the end of the shot, leaving a dry puck. If I remove the portafilter immediately after the shot, there is normally water on top of the puck. Does this indicate a valve blockage? If so, what should I do to clear it? Will back flushing work, or make it worse? Thanks.
  19. I had some water leaking down from around the portafilter when pulling a shot. Naturally, I assumed that it was the gasket, especially as it felt very hard when I removed it. Alas, it was the same with the new gasket, and after making a coffee with the lid off, it was obvious that the water was leaking from inside the solenoid valve. 1. It's still under warranty. Does anyone know what's happening with Gaggia service? 2. I'd rather buy a solenoid and fit it than wait for ages with no coffee machine. Who stocks a CEME 5316? I'd appreciate any info
  20. After almost 5 years of near faultless operation since new, my Rocket Cellini may have a faulty 3-way solenoid valve. Recently, the used pucks have been soggy and are getting stuck on the showerscreen, therefore I suspect the valve, However, when backflushing the re-circulated water is venting as per normal - so perhaps there's another problem? Any suggestions on how to further diagnose/isolate the likely issue? If it turns out to be the valve, then is this a serviceable part? ie just a matter of removing it and cleaning it out? Or does it need replacing? (I see BB a
  21. Hi all, after recent descale of my classic I have lost water pressure through the group. I have been using a water filter jug which I know doesn't help much with scale, my bad. I have stripped the shower screen and dispersion plate and cleaned but still no water pressure. I did another descale and this cleared it and water pressure returned. However on returning the dispersion plate and screen the water is again struggling to get through. The pump initially kicks in normal volume then goes to a quieter. Could the pump be the problem or is it likely the solenoid ? The steaming arm i
  22. A question for the Gaggia tifosi. I noticed the third blade has no plug connected to it. Is something missing in my Classic Does it have another function like an earth wire perhaps?
  23. I just received my Gaggia Classic and have been using it for about 5 days now. After seeing the demonstration on you tube of my machine, it appears that my Solenoid valve is not working properly. After I shut off the brew switch, it still leaks water out of the portafilter. The online video shows the metal tube purging the water into the drip tray as soon as the brew button is shut off. Also, when I remove the portafilter, the top of the coffee puck is full of water, is that normal? It doesn't look like anything is being purged from the tube when I make my espresso, it leaks out of the portafi
  25. Having trouble with newly bought second hand gaggia baby dose. Apparently only used a handful of times supposedly. Although when I took off the housing there was a piece of plastic already broken off . Anyway the problem is the machine stopped flowing through the showerhead after back flushing. The steam wand works fine with hot water and steam. I am a novice with coffee machines but I tried taking it apart, just to attempt to clean it as I had seen suggested on other theads. Anyhow I could not find any blockages any ideas of what I could do? I have taken a couple of pics.. Cheers
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