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  1. After making do for far too long with a cheap Krups burr grinder, which eventually gave up the ghost at finer settings, I decided I needed to upgrade to a decent grinder with integrated portafilter holder for use with my Gaggia Classic. I read around and ultimately settled on the Breville/Sage Smart Grinder Pro, as it seemed well-priced, packed full of easy to use convenient features and more or less capable for espresso (I tend to stick with dark roasts so thought it should probably suit). Having ordered the SGP from Amazon (who were going to take a week to deliver it) I then spotted a new Eureka Mignon mk2 going for about £240 in my local kitchenware shop. They also sold the SGP, but for only £20 less, so no competition I thought. I haggled for some free goodies to come with it (pointing out that a new model was about to come out) and bought it there and then. Cancelled the SGP. Having got the Mignon home, it’s clearly a well-built and lovely looking machine. But I’m worried that I might have bitten off more than I can chew. Compared to the SGP, dialling in seems tricky and whereas the stepped dial (I know generally unfavoured in these parts) on the SGP make it easier to switch between grind settings (I occasionally do pour over) and to frequently change beans, I’m always worried about losing the sweet spot on the Mignon. There’s also the clumping, and the fiddly timer. I think the fundamental issue is that, as an entry level grinder user, I was looking for something a bit simpler, rather than the Swiss watch of grinders. I know in the long-run I probably would have needed to upgrade at some point anyway, and that the Mignon is great for longevity and has better burrs. What would your advice be? Stick it out with the Mignon and learn to master it - in the long-run getting a better cup - or go for the SGP? I even wonder about buying the SGP and keeping both, for different purposes. While a bit excessive it would be just about affordable. I reckon I’d end up using the SGP for espresso in that case, meaning the Mignon risks becoming a a bit of a relic.
  2. Hi everyone, I’ve had my machines for a couple of weeks, and prior to these I only ever had preground coffee with a bialetti stove top. Obviously there is quite a large learning curve with making espresso, but I seem to take a while to dial in on all the variables and struggle to get a half decent espresso! I normally do 17g in and 34 out, with 0.1g scales, my tamping is all over the place I’m sure, which with practise and a motta tamper I’m hoping I can improve soon! I either pull a shot slightly too fast or way too slow, and if I get it right in terms of time, by adjusting the grinder, it runs thin and bitter. Could this be due to channeling? Ive also just switched to pact beans from supermarket beans that I was given and hence felt obliged to use! But the first time I used them I choked the machine (on the same settings as the supermarket beans). I can video it on Tuesday when I’m back home. I think I am at the frustrating stage, but I will persevere!! Thanks in advance everyone
  3. Hi, I'm looking for advice from people with the same setup really. I recently bought a Smart Grinder Pro to accompany my SDTP espresso machine. I've probably tried about a half dozen different beans, couple of dark roasts and the rest medium. I'm finding that unless I only use about 2kg of tamping pressure I have to set the grinder to 20+ to get around a 30 second extraction. That's with the double espresso basket, the single seems to provide only a trickle of water regardless (I'm using single wall). Is this normal for this machine or could there be a problem with the pump? I cleaned the part in the group head, it was half blocked with ground coffee, but this didn't make much difference. I'm still learning to use the machines but can get decent coffee most of the time. I just wonder if I could be getting more from the coffee with a finer grind if the machine could take it. Anything less than 10 chokes it!
  4. I've noticed that the retention on this grinder is quite significant and it is pretty hard to get properly clean. Does anybody know if you can remove the bottom burr as that would make it a lot easier. there is a nut on top but if I try and turn it the burr just rotates. I'm not sure if it can be locked and then undone and don't want to break it finding out lol.
  5. Hi all, As per title really, I am selling my whole Sage kit for £350 (I paid approximately £520). *new lower price £310* It has been a cracking set up and I've made some lovely coffee with it. However I don't use it very often hence the sale, it has only made about 2.5kg of coffee and it has never missed a beat. It comes with the original packaging and accessories (many of which have not been used), and cleaned after every use, it has been descaled frequently and I've only used with bottled mineral water. The DTP and SGP do have some very superficial scratches which are to be expected and unpreventable, but otherwise in very very good condition (they comes from a smoke, pet, and child free home). I've cleaned and dried the whole set up and it is boxed and ready to go. I'm looking to sell it as a package (happy to separate), and it would be ideal for a newcomer to the game or an upgrade from the B2C/pod machines, if sold as a package, I'll include the tamping mat, thermometer, knock box and 11 filters - all you need is to add water and coffee beans. I would ideally like it collected, although I'm happy to post at the buyer's cost. I am happy to accept bank transfer or gift PayPal. I appreciate I've not sold on here before, but please check my eBay profile under the username m12_shakes and you'll see it's 100% positive. Any questions please give me a shout.
  6. Hey guys, I currently have a nespresso, I really want to get into the espresso hobby and I have been reading a lot for a few months while I have been looking for a good deal on a coffee machine. I don't live in the UK and here in Portugal is not that easy getting used machines or even good brand new ones. I have been waiting for the Duo Temp Pro to be on sale again, but yesterday I found a used La Pavoni Professional with around 5 years and seems to be in perfect state and has been serviced a few months ago for £175, which seems like a great deal. I have been reading on it and since I work at home so I have time to do the extra work that a manual machine requires. My budget for the grinder is around £160, so I was thinking about getting a Smart Grinder Pro from lakeland. Will that be a good enough grinder? I would like a grinder that would let me grind for pour-over also if possible. Thanks in advance!
  7. I am VERY new to what I would call proper coffee - i.e. quality, fresh beans and grinding them myself. I've had my Aeropress about a year and was enjoying using pre-ground (but still decent quality) beans for a good while. However I wanted to kick things along a bit so I have now got hold of a Gaggia Classic to go with my Aeropress and a new Smart Grinder Pro to start learning how to make 'proper' coffee. This is the first grinder I've owned so I'm very much learning the ropes and enjoying the process of dialing it in for Aeropress (espresso comes next!). I've done a lot of reading on recipes and watched a lot of videos but nothing beats having a go at it and seeing what you like/don't like IMO. My results on the first few brews are below and all use the Foundry Roasters method for Aeropress and their Finca San Fran beans. Recipe is 15g coffee, inverted AP, 30g pour of off boil water and stir grounds for 20 seconds, add rest of water up to 240g total weight, add cap with rinsed filter, press air out and flip on to cup at 1:15, finish with a 10 second press. Cup 1 - Method as above using grind setting 25 -tasted pretty good, some cherry notes which are highlighted to look out for with this coffee Cup 2 - As above but went finer on the grind to 20 - tasted OK, perhaps a touch bitter? Cup 3 - As above but went coarser to see the difference. Grinder set to 30 - less bitter but a bit 'thin' Cup 1 was better Cup 4 - As above but grinder set to 23 - similar to cup 3. OK but not great Cup 5 - Used 16g coffee but rest of recipe the same, back to grind 20 - better mouth feel than cup 3 but maybe a touch too much body Cup 6 - Standard recipe (15g) but grinder set to 15 which is the finest so far (range is 1-60 with 1 being finest). Best flavour in terms of bringing out the more chocolaty notes I can smell in the grounds which are amazing, fruity notes coming through as it cooled down. Wondering whether to go finer or not next time? I add a splash of milk to my Aeropress coffee just as an FYI for anybody that would like to throw any advice/critique my way - it would be greatly appreciated! Anybody with a SGP and an AP have any great recipes to share or a guide as to whether going finer would be a good idea? I'm going to try it anyway to see how it is but wondering if I'm in the right ballpark etc. The coffees I've made have all been more than drinkable but nothing blowing me away yet and hitting the notes I was expecting. Perhaps AP isn't the best method for this? As I said I'm very new to this so my expectations might be way off lol. I'll keep updating this as I go and with other coffees to keep track of what I like and don't like so much and maybe it will help another newbie as well at some stage.
  8. Hi all, ball park what sort of number are people grinding on for espresso? I'm struggling to get something decent. Last attempt was number 12 and got 60g out of 16g in 30 seconds lol. Realise I need to coarser but on grind 8 - and beans and amounts it's choaked. Try 10 I hear you cry, tried that and it flew out!
  9. So I looking to upgrade my crappy Delonghi Magnifica ESAM4200 and I've decided to go the Sage route. I don't have a budget, but I do like good value for money and hate diminishing returns. My options are... For value Barista Express Duo Temp Pro+Smart Grinder Pro Higher end Dual Boiler+Smart Grinder Pro The Oracle The dual boiler and the oracle have lots of parameters to play with compared to the cheaper options, but will they make a big difference to the end result, the fixed dosing of the oracle puts me off it a little.
  10. New DTP and SGP owner here.. I have had the DTP a couple of weeks now and originally was using it with my hario mini.. 5 clicks would choke the machine unless tamped really lightly and 6 would run a little too fast tamped firm, 18/36 in about 20 seconds with little crema.. still tasted good though. So I decided to upgrade the grinder and went with the smart grinder pro. Playing about with the grind setting and I am currently on setting 2 with the top burr adjusted to 5 which is giving me 18/36 in about 27 seconds. Better crema although tastes a little sour. My only concern is.. from reading around a lot of people seem to grind anywhere from setting 5 to 7 for espresso.. being at setting 2 already with the inner burr adjusted 1 step finer means over time as the burrs wear i am going to have to adjust the machine finer right? Setting 2 doesn't leave a lot of room to go. Beans are fudge blend from Rave and are 2 weeks old after roasting. Tried with mocha java also. Same roast date. I realise grinders vary and I will order some fresh beans to try after 1 weeks rest.. but is that a low starting point? Should I exchange the machine? Just to add.. tamping firm and consistent until the puck stops. Breaking clumps with a cocktail stick, tapping the porterfilter and the machine, cup and porterfilter warmed up. Also scales weigh to 0.1g. Thanks.
  11. Hello All I've recently bought the DB and Smart Grinder Pro and have spent the last few days practicing with both, how long would you suggest waiting before booking in a white gloves service? is it better to get to know the machine before the visit meaning that any naughty habits are picked up or make the booking sooner before said naughty habits develop? Thanks for any suggestions
  12. Hello all, this is my first post so go easy! I'm looking at upgrading my Delonghi EC820.B to something a bit more substantial. I've settled on Sage as a preferred option but at the moment I'm torn between going for a Barista Express or going for the separates option and getting the Duo-Temp Pro and the Smart Grinder Pro. Both options are in the same price range so cost isn't an issue. I was initially looking at the BE but from my limited research it sounded like its better to go for a coffee machine and separate grinder? I'm not really limited in terms of worktop space so the size isn't an issue either. Any advice/guidance you could give would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance
  13. Recently bought a Profitec 300 dual boiler and now looking for a grinder that can handle both espresso (I do not make turkish) and french press. Thoughts?
  14. Hi all, Got the smart grinder pro and DTP at the weekend. Decided to buy some Lavazza espresso beans for testing purposes to save ruining my freshly roasted ones.... Seam to be having problems getting the 'ideal' results... Hoping the forum can guide me properly maybe? On the grinder I've been using grind 10,12,14...no change to the burr. Been running off approx 18gr,sometimes 19-20.. Tamping down with reasonable force 15kgs. Pop into the DTP and extract for 25-30secs (after pre extraction taken place). I've been getting very mixed results. Sometimes it trickles out through one spout so I assumed it's too fine or tampered too hard. The next time it runs out fairly quickly giving me a weight around 60gr after 25secs when it should be 32gr? I honestly don't think I've ever had a 32gr liquid weight after extraction. To be fair it's made a nice Americano and Cappuccino but I want to perfect this. What could I be doing wrong? Or is it simply poor quality beans? Any support you can give will be really appreciated Thank you, Paul
  15. First post on this forum after reading many many posts - so hi all! I have owned a Silvia for about a year now, and due to my budget have had to make do with a Hario hand grinder up until now. I have decided I would like to buy an electric grinder and with a budget of about £150 have narrowed it down to: Sage smart grinder pro: currently £140 on amazon 2nd hand Rocky: £140 on gumtree (2007 model) Iberital MC2: £140 new I just wondered whether at this price point there will be any significant improvement in the espresso quality from the Hario grinder, or whether I should wait until I can afford a higher quality grinder. Thanks a lot!
  16. Hi all I'm in need of some advice please! The wife has come up with a deal. She's prepared to buy me a Sage duo temp pro and the smart grinder pro. I've read from a few post in the forum the the duo temp pro is a decent machine and is better then Classic? Is it the case or am I barking up the wrong tree. Lol not seem much reviews on the grinder yet, I was wondering if you guys can shed some light please? I will be doing espresso grinds mostly but occasional corse grind for French press in the evenings. Im thinking of buying from Appliance Online as they do a 6 months finance deal with no interest. ) very much appreciate for your advice. Mark
  17. Hi All! I have recently come over from Australia to London! Over there had a Gaggia Classic + Smartgrinder setup, did the Silvia Wand conversion and everything was going well! Now I have picked up the new Smart Grinder Pro, and a used 1 group Gaggia D90 in need of TLC. I may have bitten off more than I can chew!
  18. Just received my first grinder, a Sage Smart Grinder Pro that I got from this forum. I've not yet got a decent espresso machine so I was looking to play around with brewed coffee for a little bit whilst I waited for the right one to come up. Whilst setting up I had a thought to use the grinder to grind up some beans and pop them into my old, hand-me-down Gaggia Titanium Super-Auto using the Pre-ground option. Wow, what a difference from the built in grinder! A decent shot! (as good as anything I've had in a chain recently). A real surprise and a pleasant one at that!
  19. Hello all, this is my first post so go easy! I'm looking at upgrading my Delonghi EC820.B to something a bit more substantial. I've settled on Sage as a preferred option but at the moment I'm torn between going for a Barista Express or going for the separates option and getting the Duo-Temp Pro and the Smart Grinder Pro. Both options are in the same price range so cost isn't an issue. I was initially looking at the BE but from my limited research it sounded like its better to go for a coffee machine and separate grinder? I'm not really limited in terms of worktop space so the size isn't an issue either. Any advice/guidance you could give would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance
  20. I've finally got bored of my Smart Grinder Pro, I'm finding it pretty hard to dial in shots for half the beans I buy. Usually one setting is produces a slightly sour shot, and the next setting finer produces a slightly bitter shot. It's really hard to get that sweet spot, and I'm find the microadjustments near useless for reasons outlined in another thread. Okay, maybe I have slight upgraditus too. I've been eyeing up the Sette 270 for some time now, and I can just about afford the 270w refurb (£360) from coffeehit. However, I'm curious if there are any other options out there, that match the criteria: * Strictly under £360 * Good for single dosing - I hear the way the Sette is designed helps reduce popcorning and so on * Aimed at espresso * Has some form of stepless adjustment I know many people here would recommend a used Super Jolly, but these seem to require a lot of patience and effort to snap up one at a reasonable price. Additionally, I'm not sure I could live with the faff of a doser, and I'm certainly not very good at DIY stuff so no restorations projects please. Alternatively, there's this new niche grinder that is everything I want. Early backers seem to get it for £350, however there's no guarantee it'll come and if it does it may be a while yet. The grinder is to be paired with my Sage DTP, though hopefully this will be replaced when my funds recuperate (not for some time though!) - so I want it to outlast that. So any suggestions? Thanks!
  21. Question is would this grind fine enough for a fussy la pavoni? Has anyone had any experience? Looking to spend around £150 on a grinder so any other recommendations would be great.
  22. Owned the grinder for around two months now. A problem has emerged after cleaning it this morning: turning the dial now causes the grind size counter to go up in a haphazard way. Might go 1-2-3-4-7-8-6-7-11-12 as I turn it. Will call Lakeland today and report back.
  23. BIN price is £700 (which seems good anyhow), but the starting price (if it goes to auction) is £500. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Sage-Dual-Boiler-Smart-Grinder-Pro-/162085800468?hash=item25bd110a14:g:xLcAAOSwintXSgYH Good luck if you go for it!
  24. Not for me (colour is wrong!) but might be of interest to some: http://www.hartsofstur.com/acatalog/Sage-By-Heston-Blumenthal-Smart-Grinder-Pro-Cranberry-BCG820CRNUK.html#SID=2507
  25. Sage Smart Grinder Pro users - do you put 18g in your hopper and single dose grind or use the time function? For me I am having an interesting time balancing the grind size versus time to get the right dose. Clearly if I could dial the grinder in and rely upon it knocking out 18g time and time again (weighing the basket each time to be sure) then I would not be asking this, unfortunately I am chasing the dose in trying to hit the right shot weight and extraction time. Nothing you fine people have not mastered already I am sure...
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