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Found 12 results

  1. Does anyone have any experience with Laotian coffee? It is strange that you never seem to find any beans from this origin in the UK, yet the Bolaven Plateau has perfect conditions for growing. I'm planning a trip there at the end of this year..so hoping to get an insight into the harvest process, making some connections with farmers along the way!
  2. Hi all, I'm looking for get a new filter/single origin coffee for my v60/aeropress... I was just wondering if there are any well known filter coffee beans that are considered to be good? Not necessarily the most complex but just a good cup of filter? Any experiences/personal favourites would be great! thanks! Rory
  3. So I appreciate that currently my setup sucks BUT... First beans I bought from HB were costa rican SO's and they tasted amazing. Based on reviews on HB's coffee I ordered... Breakfast Bomb, Philter (not opened yet) and 1973 Mk4. And no matter how I brew or espresso these beans they just taste...rancid. Like dishwater. They smell bad too. I'm guessing my equipment is not good enough ( I made a new thread on this but no one answered) so shall I just throw them away and go back to Single Origin?
  4. Hi all, Newbie to the UK version of Coffee Forums Australian, coming from Hong Kong who has lived in Belgium for 18months now but still searching for a consistent roaster. Roast dates are not always listed on packaging and when they are, often they are over 3 weeks old. I prefer single origin espresso and the odd pour over at work. Any recommendations? Happy to go online as I feel like I've almost exhausted all of the face to face options (markets, cafes, roasters, gourmet stores). Thanks in advance!!
  5. Have been working in Poppleton, York so emailed York Coffee Emporium which happens to be round the corner to see if they had any beans (you're supposed to order online then pick up from them or one of a few shops that sells them). Nice chap called Lurence said sure, we're busy but we'll have some for you. I dropped by this morning and had a very informative chat with Laurence who asked me what I was looking for in a coffee, he then went off into the back and brought me a couple of bags. Have to say it smelt lovely in there... Anyways, this is what I brought home.. Ive just given my grinder a good clean out and will be trying one of these tomorrow evening after work.
  6. Hi, I'm looking for a relatively forgiving single origin bean to try as espresso with my Classic. With my aeropress I've particularly enjoyed fruity SO's, but I'm not sure how I'll get on with those as espresso. I've read that SO's are more grind specific than espresso blends and lighter roasts and washed beans can be too acidic in the cup. I'm about 3/4 of the way through my kg of Rave Italian Job, I've dialed in my grind as close as I can get with my stepped grinder, and my espresso is decent. So I'm looking for something more interesting now. If it's true that beans need about a week to rest before making espresso then I need to order in the next few days, I was thinking of getting some from Rave again as I was pleased with their service, postage costs and overall pricing. These sound interesting so far: http://ravecoffee.co.uk/products/rwanda-gisuma-red-bourbon http://ravecoffee.co.uk/collections/single-origin-coffee/products/costa-rica-los-angeles-girasoles-lot-15 http://ravecoffee.co.uk/collections/single-origin-coffee/products/guatemalan-la-florida-1 http://ravecoffee.co.uk/collections/single-origin-coffee/products/ethiopia-sidamo-wottona-boltuna I'd rather not spend much more considering I'm just starting out with espresso and I might end up wasting some. Worst case if I don't get on with the one I choose I'd use it as aeropress, but I'd appreciate any recommendations on what to choose. Thanks, Luke
  7. Just received these from silver oak, anybody had these?
  8. Ive been toying around at the Roastery and Ive had an idea...Thought id put it too this group to see if anyone would like to be involved in a little experiement, purely for fun and interest? The idea, a tasting flight Limited run product, 1 Single origin coffee, roasted to 3 different Levels (We will use time as the variable rather than terms like Medium/Dark etc) So in the box you would get- 3 x 250g Bags of coffee, all roasted the exact same except for the time they were dropped into the cooling tray, (1 x 9 Minutes, 1 x 12 Minutes & 1 x 14 Minutes for example) A very basic way of looking at how roast degree can effect flavour of coffee, heck I could even include photo's of each roast curve so you could see exactly what happened in the roaster throughout each batch. I think it would be fun to do this as a pre-order, so that the most amount of people could participate in the experiment at the same time and perhaps compare results, preferences etc. Coffee choice etc is yet to be decided, Its just an idea I wanted to float out there... any thoughts?
  9. Hi, I'm not a coffee expert, but a bit of an addict and lover of good coffee. When I lived in Western Australia, I used to get my coffee from Five Senses. I had a somewhat unhealthy obsession with their AM Blend (http://www.fivesenses.com.au/shop/coffee/category/blends/am-blend). Now that I'm back in the UK (London), I haven't been able to find anything that tastes as good. I'm hoping someone will be able to suggest somewhere that I can get something that tastes similar. Here's what they say about it on the website: and Anything come to mind? Martin
  10. Hi All, I'm becoming aware that I'm a little espresso obsessed. I do enjoy the French Press but tend to use the espresso blends I like (ground for french press obviously) which seems a bit of a waste really. I tend to do this because I like the big exciting flavours that fill the mouth. The single origins I have drank tend to be ok but a little one-dimentional. (apart from the Rwanda Bourbon - which is amazing!) A lot of guys on here seems to be really into the singles. Can anyone recommend a really exciting single origin please? Something that makes you grin with big bold flavours - Chocolate and big fruity berry notes are always good! Don't get me wrong though, I like subtle but it needs to be interesting thought provoking subtle! I look forward to hearing and trying your suggestions! Kind Regards Lee
  11. How many of you are using Twitter as a communication medium? I have been following a number of cafes in New York who 'tweet' their hot food menu or single origin espresso of the day to their clients and followers worldwide. Some of the 'soups' being tweeted sound amazing and would draw me in to try, buying soup, coffee and possibly a sweet snack to take away with me afterwards. Investment: Time (5-10 minutes per day) Reward: £/$/€ Twitter is free to join at http://twitter.com
  12. We are a Coffee Roastery / wholesale/retail / Wine Shop We roast to order retail or wholesale. We offer Organic Fair Trade Coffees from 7 origins. One goal is to promote awareness and taste experiences for single origin coffees. We provide a warm atmosphere for your favorite coffee and lunch items when you call ahead. Our organic bakery provides whole wheat breads and Cinnamon rolls. All wheat is ground fresh the day of baking. We provide special order baked goods in person or call in. Our Drive through window will be open soon for call in orders and coffee drinks. Check our Website for more information. More...
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