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Found 170 results

  1. Hi everyone, A couple of weeks ago I had a mishap with my Mecoffee Pid, which sadly resulted in the melting of what I believe to be the switching transistor (though I might be totally wrong, see pics attached). I've tried contacting Mecoffee, to no avail. My only remaining options are either to go for another PID with a better heatsink on the chips, or try a cheaper solution, which would simply mean replacing the melted chip and crossing my fingers that it would pop back to life.... However, since the chip is kinda FUBAR, I can't read the serial number, and there are hardly any high-res pics of the board online from which I could get the model of the wayward chip. Has this happened to anyone before? Does anyone have any thoughts on this, or could someone perhaps post a high-res pic of the board or chip? Huge thanks, Nitay
  2. Hi All, My Silvia V2 for sale, had for about 4 years. Been well looked after descaled/backflushed regularly. It comes with a Bottomless Rancillo PF as well as the normal PF with a single & double basket Looking for £140. Any Question please ask. Collection only. Consider meeting part way, I live in Bedford. Thanks Satpal
  3. I've been a happy http://meCoffee.nl PID user since a year ago. As of a few weeks ago, it seems my meCoffee has died (more on that below) and despite several attempts to contact meCoffee through email and their contact form, I've had no reply. Does anyone know if they are still in business, or a better way to contact them? Failing that, can anyone recommend an alternative PID that is as simple to install and doesn't require making permanent mods to my Silvia? And just in case someone recognises this as an issue with something other than the PID… The problem On the day my PID died, I used my Rancilio Silvia twice successfully. On the third attempt, hours after earlier uses, I encountered a problem… At first, the machine heated up as normal. After an unknown number of minutes, it stopped heating up. The boiler light was completely off. I flipped the brew switch on and although the light turned on, the machine did not do anything. I tried connecting to the meCoffee over Bluetooth (which I do frequently) but the device does not show up at all for connection. This leads me to think the meCoffee is not working or not powering on. I have checked each of the buttons on the Silvia: All buttons will light up when flipped, including the power button. The brew button does nothing when flipped, other than turn on the light. When I flip the hot water deliver button, the pump kicks in as normal. The steam button does nothing, other than turn on the light. I've opened the Silvia and examined the meCoffee and associated wires. None of the wires appear to be damaged. The meCoffee case is slightly heat-warped, but the warped portion is not touching any circuits. The circuit board has some discolouration around a few of the chips. I'm not sure how significant that is.
  4. I have recently decided I would like to try some home espresso, and after lots of reading around, I often found myself on these forums!! The general consensus over the years seems to be that fot a starter budget espresso machine, the Gaggia Classic or Rancilio Silvia is the best way to go. Is that still the case in 2017? I am looking to spend up to £200, and after lots of research, decided that a used, pre 2015 Classic would be my choice. But then I came across a few images of how badly the aluminium boilers can corrode, and I started to question whether a used old style Classic would really be a good idea. Do the older aluminium boiler take a lot of looking after? Is excessive corrosion inevitable, or avoidable? I live in an area with hard water, although I could switch to a filter. I was quite keen on the stainless steel boiler of the 2015 Classic, but not so keen on the looks, the lack of rockers switches and also the 3 way solenoid. I work on electrical machinery day in, day out (CNC and automation), and can see this is a step backwards- but can also understand it from a manufacture and service sense. This may be a silly question, but is it possible to retrofit a ss boiler into an older classic? Is the 2015 Classic still considered to be that bad, even without the 3 way solenoid and OPV? Likewise, it seems that years ago, the Silvia was more expensive, but looking at used prices the Classics and Silvias are similar now - does that still make it a case of either-or, or is the Silvia a better option at a similar price? The build looks better on the Silvia to my eyes, and the brass boiler a plus - but I have read it can be a tricky machine to master compared to the Classic? I currently have a Krups flat burr grinder that I have been using for drip and aeropress - I am more than happy with it for that, but can see that it will not be consistent enough for espresso use, so plan on buying a used Iberital MC2 or similar, and use that for espresso only. Other than the Classic and Silvia, are their other options at this budget worth considering now? I have seen a Francis Francis X1 advertised close to me at a fair price, but have read more bad than good about that particular machine. The Sage Duo Temp looks good also, but out of my budget unfortunately. So if anyone can help a newbie out with a little advice, that would be much appreciated
  5. I've added a Cafelat group seal and a wooden handle for the naked portafilter..really like the looks and feel of it. It is an Italian walnut and was only 35 PLN which is around 8,50 EUR
  6. has anyone done this, BUT mounted in the lower panel (the one that covers the 3way valve)?
  7. Hi, ive finally decided to upgrade from my Baby Gaggia to a Silvia and was going to go for a E that id seen for £375 http://www.myespresso.co.uk/product/rancilio-silvia-v4-semi-automatic-espresso-machine-2015/ but ive just seen these for £311 on Amazon https://www.amazon.co.uk/Rancilio-Silvia-V3-Coffee-Machine/dp/B004S7BIRA/ref=sr_1_1?s=kitchen&ie=UTF8&qid=1488652386&sr=1-1&keywords=rancilio Which one would everyone recommend? thanks! Al
  8. ​:coffee:​​:coffee:Hello I'm selling my gaggia classic as I'm not getting enough use out of it and not doing a great machine justice. It's a 2001 classic in immaculate condition both inside and out, It has been descaled and set OPV tp 10 bar. New group head seal fitted when originally purchased from super forum member GCGlasgow in December, I've only used a little since then and used only filtered water. Comes with two baskets and tamper. £160 inc. Silvia steam wand (not fitted) Collection from Forest row, East Sussex or I can​ post, parcel force 48hr delivery is £16.40. payment by BACS transfer preferable or via paypal.
  9. Since moving to a dual boiler, I'm selling my Silvia V3 limited edition white. I added an Auber PID about 2 yrs ago which made loads of difference to the temperature control and stability, timing shots and speeding up the stream function. Always regularly backflushed and descaled. Does not come with bottomless portafilter, just the standard 2 spout with single, double and blank basket. Also, Rancilio and Auber instruction manuals. Any questions, feel free to ask. Collection from Sittingbourne, Kent.
  10. Title says it all. Looking for you humble members to weigh-in your opinions for these entry level espresso machines installed with a PID. Which works better for you and why. AK
  11. Is there a preferred retailer to buy a Silvia from either in the UK, or which delivers to the UK?
  12. I have a Miss Silvia with the production date 01/00, which I assume is January 2000. I have read somewhere that machines pre May 2000 do not have the M4 thread for a temperature sensor. So is it not possible to PID it? Or do I just need some other temperature sensor, and if so what kind? Thanks!
  13. For sale my very loved Gaggia Classic 2009 which now needs to make way for a recent Sage Dual Boiler purchase. The machine has provided me with several months of great times and I can’t fault the quality of coffee it produces. I’ve completed the majority of the suggested upgrades/mods (apart from adding a PID) and therefore will be a great machine to get cracking on with straight away. I’ve tried to summarised the key points below but any other questions just let me know. Collection/meet from Christchurch, Dorset or around M27/M3 preferred but will safely package up ready for collection. Looking for £180 due to the bits included and only selling on here for now. Usage · Approximately 5-7 uses per week, mostly Cappuccinos · Predominately Brita filtered watered used · Backflushed weekly with Cafiza · Daily clean of portafilter/basket · Descaled quarterly with Gaggia Decalcifier Fluid · Thorough clean of basket, dispersion plate quarterly · New group gasket fitted approximately 6 months ago · No leaking/dripping from head or wand Cons · Minor mark/scratches as per photos in line with age · Some of the marking on the switches has come off (as per photos) Upgrades · IMS Gaggia GA 200 IM 54.7mm Integrated Shower Screen · OPV Mod set to 10 (9) Bar · Brass Gaggia Dispersion Plate · La Marzocco 17g Precision Double Basket · Rancilio Silvia V2 Steam Wand Conversion Also Included: · 1x Original Gaggia Single Wall Portafilter · 2x Original Gaggia Singe Wall Double Baskets · 1x Original Gaggia Single Basket · 1x Blind Basket (for backflushing) · 1x Original Gaggia Dispersion Plate · 1x Original Gaggia Shower Screen · 1x 566g Urnex Cafiza Cleaning Powder (approximately half used) · 1x Original Plastic Tamper · 1x Original Pannarello Wand · 1x Pressure gauge with socket for future OPV adjustments · 2x Tape rolls for secure fitting around OPV pressure gauge joint · 1x 0.1g Mini Precision LCD Scales · 1x Andrew James 600ml Stainless Steel Milk Jig Lots more photos here - http://imgur.com/a/opGFt Thanks for loooking!
  14. Since I got my Heston over a year ago I havent use my Silvia so its probably time to see if it has any value. It needs a good clean but no dents etc, complete with naked portafilter. Purchased from Hasbean in October 2010, used just for espresso generally one a day, steam used probably half a dozen or so times during its life. As you can see from the picture the steam knob is broken, it still works fine just it has cracked and comes out in your hand. Also the washer in the steam wand is missing. I was going to repair these but as its a year on and I still havent got round to it I suspect that I never will. Any ideas on what to put it on at? Regards Peter
  15. Here's the info about it I've just read: http://www.coffeeitalia.co.uk/proddetail.php?prod=RANCILIO_SILVIA_VE_2016 Thoughts?
  16. Hi everyone, I just picked up a 2007 Rancilio Silvia, which looks very much like the v2 model (left-right steam arm, old version steam knob, and chromed plastic group head cover) - it's all working but missing a few parts. When I bought it I was under the impression it was complete (excluding the portafilter), but it appears I'm missing a couple of bits. Essentially, I have the grouphead all attached and a shower screen separately, but nothing in between (and no shower head screw). I know a few things changed between models, so I was hoping someone with a model form around the same time could tell me if I need a group spacer (20200182) and water spreader (25139001) like the v3, or something different? The part numbers are form here - http://cdn.espressoplanet.com/images/D/group-head-parts-01.jpg My reason for asking is the difference between these diagrams - I just don't know when the change over date was, or how to tell! Pre-2007 http://www.espressocare.com/assets/uploads/SilviaComplete.pdf Post-2007 http://www.espressocare.com/assets/uploads/SilviaParts2007.pdf Thanks for any help!
  17. Hi All, My Silvia has been sat idle for about a month whilst my grinder has been out of action. I tried to run some water through it yesterday, just in preparation for my grinder coming back and there's no water coming from the grouphead. I read the post here http://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?22972-Rancilio-Silvia-No-water-through-the-brewhead and my only difference is that I can water out from the wand (as well as steam), so I'm assuming the pump is working as teh water would need the pump to be pumping??? So can I also assume this is most likely a scale problem? Cheers HLA91
  18. I've just replaced the water inlet tubing on mine and bought much more than I need, so if it can help someone else you're welcome to it. It's dirt cheap to buy but at least you'll know it's the right type. 9mm OD, 6mm ID, platinum-cured food-grade clear tubing, the exact replacement for original as far as I can tell. Very easy to fit: remove top panel (4 screws), back panel (2 screws at top, one in center under the splash guard), then a pair of pliers to un-clip the old and re-clip the new. Don't forget to cut a vee into the tank/bottle end so it can't suck itself to the base (see last pic). Reason for doing this on mine was to use an external 5L bottle of Ashbeck water - much bigger than the internal tank, much better tasting than the liquid rock around here, and much easier to use - wish I'd done it years ago! I also drilled two holes for the pipes into a lid, plus a small breather hole. Also works for replacement of the OPV output, though that's a slightly more involved fit. First post on here gets it I guess. Cheers, Colin [ATTACH=CONFIG]5799[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]5800[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]5801[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]5802[/ATTACH]
  19. Hi all In addition to selling my Vario, I am also selling my Gaggia Classic with Silvia wand and a load of accessories. I purchased the machine from Amazon in January 2013 and have used Brita filtered water with it ever since and used a dom water filter from Happy Donkey. I have added the Silvia wand (also from Happy Donkey). The wand does have some milk staining but I'm told that this can be cleaned with a hot cloth. Included in the sale: Bottomless portafilter (purchased from Happy Donkey) Small Tamp mat (from BellaBarista) 57/58mm tamper (from Happy Donkey) Cafelat Tubbi Knock Box - Black (from BellaBarista) Spare filter basket Backflush basket Cleaning Brush Any other accessories I have failed to recall but will dig out. The accessories alone are worth over £50. I am looking for £125 cash on collection from South London (SW4). If purchased with the Vario I will accept £400 for both. Any questions, please let me know. Dave
  20. After the success of my 'screw in' Pt100 sensor, for the Gaggia Classic and pre 2006 Silvia's - I'm now trying to produce a Pt100 sensor that is embedded within a surface mounted thermostat housing, as used on the post 2006 Silvias. Essentially it's going to be a direct replacement for the cylindrical thermostat, that's held in place with the metal strap - like this (this is a standard Silvia thermostat, NOT my sensor!). I don't own a Silvia, so am initially looking for someone that has one - that either already has fitted a PID (perhaps with a K or J thermocouple) and they want to upgrade to a Pt100 - or they're seriously thinking of fitting a PID in the very near future and needs a sensor - and they would be interested in helping me test the fit and function of this sensor in the Silvia... and in return they'd get it at a good price (£10 shipped). As soon as I have the first sensor ready, then I'll post a pic of it (not that it's very exciting) in the next day or two - but right now I'm looking for an initial beta-test user, and also would like to see if there are others that would be interested in these sensors? I'd envisage a proper production cost being slightly higher than my Gaggia sensor, at £18 shipped. Anyone interested in these - or interested in being a beta tester? Shades
  21. I want to do the mod on my Gaggia Classic and just wondered if anyone had a spare they wanted to move on. They don't cost much on eBay so i'll get one there tomorrow if no one has one....
  22. Hi all time again to descale my silvia but I've heard conflicting ways of doing it. I found an article to do 3rd each time and wait 20 mins each time but is this long enough How do you guys descale? Thanks
  23. Where can I find replacement rubber feet for the Silvia in the UK/EU?
  24. Dear all i bought my machine last March from Myespresso and have enjoyed using it for many months. Sadly about 6 weeks ago we started having problems with the electrics and I finally worked out that it was the coffee machine causing the problems. Since then I moved to plunger coffee and there hasn't been a problem. an electrician came round to look at the problem and do some other stuff and he tested the machine by passing a current through the plug pins and he said that it was at fault. 3 days ago I sent it to Myespresso at a cost of £33 and received a call the next day saying there was nothing wrong with it. I even got my electrician to call and explain his findings and he was told that there was nothing wrong and that it wasn't doing it now. I asked him to do the current test and he said he'd do it the next day. i didn't receive a call that day and this morning I recieved a text from a courier saying it was on its way back !! I phoned him and he said that they'd testedd it thoroughly and couldn't find a problem. Ive just had a quick look through this forum and have found about 5 instances of Silvia s tripping the fuse box. While I hope that he is right I have the sensation that I am being fobbed off. I'm confident that the machine will start tripping the fuse within a week and we could potentially end up repeating this process. does anyone have any suggestions ? ed
  25. So I recently picked up a Nuova Simonelli Oscar to replace my Silvia, which had replaced my Classic. At home he's paired with my Anfim Caimano that I got for an absolute steal off eBay I have a new set of genuine burrs on the way for the Anfim too, as the ones in at the minute are cheapo copies and I want peace of mind that I'm getting the best grind possible from this grinder. Oscar has no mods yet, apart from fitting my La Marzocco spout to the pf. I use it mainly with an 18g VST although I recently got a 15g that I want to play around with. I've a few things I want to add to Oscar; - Anti-vac valve - Boiler Pressure gauge - Maybe an adjustable OPV We'll see!
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