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Found 30 results

  1. I was wondering if owners could post up their current shower screen of choice for their beautiful Vesuvius. I've just replaced the standard screen with an IMS E61 200 NT. I checked the flow with a warming flush and it looked superior - widely dispersed droplets like a shower, unlike the sometimes cone-like flow of the standard screen....... so far so good. I pulled a shot with beans that I know with my standard workflow and discovered some spritzing that I haven't had before........ not a huge amount though did raise an eyebrow. Then after removing pf I had the puck stuck to the screen...... normally no biggie as I have had e61s in the past though this has never ever happened to me on the V. I understand this may be just a coincidence though something tells me it's not - I have read on the tapatalk forum one member went back to stock screen because of this perhaps. I use a 15g VST and dose around 15.5g - an unforgiving basket though something I got working quite well before.
  2. Morning! Have had the LR for about a month and have to say it's fantastic. I fitted the ims 35 shower screen and to start with it was fine and held well. It recently has started popping off if I flush without the pf holder. I have cleaned the screen and the group but still it feels loose. It seats fine but isn't secure. Any ideas what's going on? @dfk41 this is still happening after what we had discussed.
  3. Hello all I'm using the standard portafilter on my Expobar Leva. The portafilter has never locked in a 6 o'clock... more like 7! Never thought anymore about it until today. Just moved onto a new bag of coffee and dosed 18g, locked into machine and it felt a bit tight... took the PF back out, and the tamped coffee is touching the shower screen. I realise there should be a gap... is it 5p thickness or something? I normally dose around 18g, and in the basket, the volume is the same as normal I've tried to get the shower screen out, but can't and didn't want to force it... I think it's standard... gauze type. How do I remove this... makes me wonder if gasket is incorrectly fitted or something? w
  4. Hi there, i was wondering if someone could advise me? I have a gaggia classic and have noticed the flow of coffee coming out has been getting thinner lately and today nothing came out! Help. |I have water in it of course and have checked the water pipes in the water holder. Do you think it may be blocked, due to hard water in my area? Many thanks here's hoping!
  5. I am attempting to clean my Gaggia Classic. Although I de-scale it regularly, it would appear that the shower holding plate needs removing for a good clean/replacement. The problem that I have is that although I can remove the shower screen and the two Allen bolts, I can not for the life of me get the holding plate off. I have tried:- Levering it off, but I can not see a rim to leaver off. Turning the whole thing upside down so that I could leave the plate to soak in de-scaling solution. Any ideas?
  6. Howdy gang, I think that I ground too fine and tamped too hard! When I locked the portafilter into place and pulled down the lever to preinfuse, all seemed ok, until the lever was stalled and locked pointing at about 60 degrees from horizontal. After a moment the portafilter blew off and the lever sprang back. Unfortunately one of the shower screens and an o-ring blew out, into the drip tray! From an infogram I found I think it's the bottom o-ring that's come out. What should I do? Has anybody experienced one of these "blowouts" of sorts? Can the old o-rings be popped back into place? I figure It's best to replace the screens but should I replace the o-rings too? Your advice is much appreciated.
  7. So I had this problem for a while, and couldn't quite figure out what was happening. I ended up making a 'wiper' that would create a crater in the center of the puck before tamping, but this wasn't ideal and didn't always work to boot. Today I decided to try and fault find, and I swapped out the IMS screen I have in there for a bog standard e61 spot welded one, didn't really expect it to solve anything but was my first point of elimination. Anyway I locked in the PF and then remembered I hadn't flushed, pulled out the PF and when checking to see if the puck had got any water on it already I see... Shower screen indentation... bugger me that was the problem all along. The puck had been too close to the screen, so there hadn't been enough room for the water to form over the top of the puck, so it just went directly from screen to puck, missing out the 'blank' in the center and causing my dead spot. I was dosing 18g in a 18g VST, and going down to 17g gives a much better pour. I think this is also a symptom of when I began to tamp lightly, I found great benefit in that it was much easier to tamp evenly with a light tamp, and achieve the same light pressure each time, but being that the puck is larger it may well have been the root of my center dead spot. Anyway, lesson learnt.. onward.
  8. Hi All, First off let me say, fantastic forum you've got here, you've already helped me so much with my technique and equipment. Unfortunately iv'e got a bit of an issue that i'm not sure how to address... but firstly, what i'm working with - - Gaggia Classic circa 2003: reconditioned by me, new group head gasket, new shower screen and a thorough backflush / decal. Also fitted a Rancilio V2 wand - Krups GVX2 grinder: all i could get at the time. Will buy a Eureka Mignon when Belle have them in stock again. - 58mm stainless tamper Also worth noting that I buy fresh beans from UE every week. Now, onto my problem. I got around to buying a bottomless portafilter and my god the channeling is strong with this one. First thought was a combination of shitty grind and shitty technique... the grind I can't do anything about but i practiced with about 250g worth of beans the other day and every single shot was still a miss. Tonight I decided I was going to take the shower screen and group head out to see if they needed a clean. They were pretty much spotless but when i ran some clean water through i noticed that, with the shower screen in place, there were 2 steady streams of water and only a few holes were it was 'showering.' I thought this might be an issue as when I'd googled a video earlier to make sure i put the screen on the correct way i came across this video : which shows a nice steady shower of water coming through. I sorta figured that, if there's a heavy stream coming through the shower screen then undoubtedly it's contributing to my channeling issue. Any thoughts greatly appreciated. Kind Regards Rob
  9. Can someone point me in the direction of what part number for a replacement IMS/VST shower screen and where the best place to buy ? Plus should I replace the group seal at the same time ?
  10. I damaged the origional shower screen when I took it off to clean it & then reinstalled it with the cone shaped piece in the wrong place. I purchases a replacement from Happy Donkey but it is not the same as the origional and now the flow through the brew head is much quicker. Is this likely to be caused by the new shower screen?
  11. Does anyone know the length of the screw that goes through the centre of the shower screen in to the group head on a Sage Dual boiler? Mine has sheared off in the GH and I’m just out of warranty, so looking to drill it out of the group head and replace with my own rather than go through what could be a stressful process with Sage. Thanks.
  12. Hi everyone, I don’t know if I’m imagining things but is this pouring to the right? If so would this effect my espresso and can I fix it? It seems it is affecting it as my puck comes out with little holes to the right, between 1-3 of them.. Thanks in advance! **Video to follow once i work out how!**
  13. Hi all, Had my DTP for around 3 months using it every other day or so. When it comes to cleaning I've just followed the instruction booklet,however,on this forums people talk about removing the shower screen and cleaning it. Is this important? If so how often is it recommended?'Looks quite a difficult task prising away so I'm nervous about damaging the machine. Thank you Paul
  14. Hi, I'm slowly getting there with my classic - OPV mod, descale, boiler strip down and new solenoid. I can now pull an okay 25-30s shot, but get less espresso from the right spout compared with left over the length of the pull. Is this normal or is there a fault? Or, should I be thinking about a better shower screen (compared to the old stock screen) or even a bottomless group handle? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Richard
  15. How do you remove the shower screen from a La Pavoni 1974?
  16. I'm want to buy a Kees Van Der Westen E61 shower screen from Origin. Unfortunately they won't accept paypal payment and I'm not willing to spend crazy money on bank fees for an international transfer. Would anyone here be willing to make the payment on my behalf - it's 20 quid incl postage? I'll paypal you the money (gift payment) and cover any fees you incur for the transfer. I have a forwarding address so delivery isn't a problem. Cheers
  17. Hi Does anyone know if the Rancilio Silvia or Quickmill Silvano shower screen fit the Gaggia Classic? In shop now and they only have these two? Cheers Chris
  18. Hello I've only ever mustered a pathetic dribble from my shower screen, whilst I have seen pictures online of people getting a really nice even shower all the way across the shower screen. I don't think this is a scale issue as the machine is relatively new, I use filtered water, and descale regularly just to be safe. Is a dribble the norm, or should I be hoping for a big ol' shower, please?
  19. Quick question. Had my shower screen for a couple of years now. Recently have noticed that it looks a little ‘saggy’. And is leaving an indent on the puck. Do these things fail after a time. The stock screen that I haven’t used looks a tight mesh ??
  20. Hi, I've found that relatively recently my gaggia classic has started doing a really fine spray through the shower screen, which sprays out in all directions, rather than the sort of flow I'd usually expect. The photo below attempts to capture what I mean. This is quite annoying as it means I end up with water sprayed everywhere when I'm running water through without a portafilter in. I can still pull a shot ok but when I take the portafilter off there's lots of little dimples in the coffee puck. I did a descale and clean using backflush cleaner some weeks ago and it seemed to very briefly go back to normal but it's since started doing it again. Does anyone know what might cause this? Might it be worth replacing the shower screen or something?
  21. I bought a Cremina 2002 from this forum a couple of years ago, and have been enjoying it very much since then. I use it for one espresso daily, sometimes a bit more. In 2 years, I've had to replace some wiring (which was dodgy when I bought it), and the power switch (because the light stopped working). I also replaced the pressure sensor, which was dodgy. Other than that, I've taken the shower screen out every couple of months and cleaned and relubed the insides of the group head. Today, for the first time in ages, I had to do some maintenance. The group head gasket had cracked, so I had to replace it. When I look back on that list of maintenance, it actually seems like quite a lot, and I'm not very skilled with my hands. I find myself wondering if there's anything out there that needs even less maintenance. There are other reasons to love the Cremina (small footprint, manual lever makes me feel connected), but perhaps there's something else I should consider. Any thoughts?
  22. I must admit I'm a bit slack on the maintenance of my Silvia. I do backflush every few days and descale every few months. I also use a filter in the tank and filtered water but until recently I'd never taken the shower screen off (Never seem to have the time). Anyway I took it off the other day as I was continually getting coffee particles when flushing. What I'm concerned about is when I took it off I thought I saw a washer sitting on top of the cone shaped nut but as I carefully took the bits apart I couldn't find it. I looked everywhere (for over an hour) and could not find it. Now I'm wondering if there was ever a washer there and if this was just black from coffee residue. I cleaned it and put it back together and the machine is working fine but I'm concerned. Any Silvia owners know what I'm talking about?
  23. Alreet guys n gals Ive drank and loved drinking coffee for years most notably on my many spanish holiday trips, but recently thought I'd like to have a go myself and set about getting some gear (on a meagre budget!). Like many others I guess, I have gone for what appears to be a decent entry level machine - the Gaggia Classic. I got it for 89 quid off ebay and I'm (impatiently) waiting for DHL to deliver it through all the snow we have in Durham. Its got a plastic steam wand but I really want it for espresso, although our lass will like it with milk. Ive also scored for a grinder bought off a local cafe which was selling its equipment off - I bought a Cunill Space (branded Fracino) for £80. Its a doser and aye its got static but I can live with that. Its also got a huge hopper (which is too big for me so Im not planning on using it - grinding only when needed seems best). Finally, I'm also waiting for a delivery from happydonkey with a couple of measured shot glasses, tamper, descaler, general machine cleaner (for backflushing), blank PF basket, and new head gasket. From reading the forums, including this one which has been really helpful, I will probably need most of this to get me going. The question is what should I do when the machine eventually arrives or what would you check on a machine for which you have no idea about its history? Also what is your advice about buying beans, little and often, buy local, online, storing them etc...? Any help would be great as I really dont know much about this game yet! Cheers Scott
  24. I have recently purchased a dualit burr grinder to use with my gaggia classic, but I find it takes ages for coffee to pass through the filter. If I use the grinder on the finest setting I don't get any coffee through the filter. If I use a coarser setting it will pass through slowly with very little crema. Previously I used pre-ground coffee which produced good results.... Any thoughts......
  25. Post edited - shower screens sold Found some bits lying around I don't need. All £10 posted. Urnex Grindz. 430g tub - used, still loads left. See photo for level in the tub.
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