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Found 26 results

  1. Our new Synchronika and Niche combo perched in it's temporary corner. Trying to rejig our house layout just now - so, inspired by others here, hopefully going to fit in a snazzier wet coffee bar area.
  2. Hi all Was very happy yesterday to take delivery of a Royal from the forums, and spent a few hours yesterday taking it apart to get everything looking clean. All now put back together and good to go, but I can't find anywhere online that talks about how to set a Royal up. I had assumed it would be the same as the others in the Mazzer line up, with the grind adjustment being rotated until the burrs were close together, before backing off slightly to set the finest grind point. However, it looks like the grind adjustment dial on the Royal increases or decreases just the speed of the grind, as opposed to getting the burrs closer together (for example, the sign on the adjustment dial shows fast vs slow, as opposed to fine vs coarse). Any tips on what I should be doing on initial setup? Thanks!
  3. ...so the deep end it is. Eureka Mignon Mk2 with a Quick Mill Verona -- all pre-loved, but new to me! I've yet to pull a good shot (and I'm down ~400g coffee already), but I'm sure I'll get there.
  4. Right ! So here we have a Gaggia TS (modified with tiny tiny monkeywrench instead of steamwand knob as mine broke) Mazzer SJ, with Telescopic tamper. However this is also modified as the disc on this is actually a custom made 80.32 manual tamper disc from my purple heart tamper ( swapped the disc from manual to the telescopic, using some ptfe tape and impact glue as there is a size difference in threads) Fits basket 100% (I now have a purpleheart wood handle with no disc currently available if anyone needs?) Everything else can be seen xx save for the modifications done to the grinder chute which were done by previous owner from a guy on here, I forget his name though. commercial knockbox under grinder, and Coffee catcher. The extended fork to allow the telescopic tamper to be used properly is in the mail now, it should be with me by the 4th of January. Currently using the Christmas blend from RAVE coffee xx Lovely stuff!
  5. Moving from the valuation thread onto here as the prices seemed correct and a few people were interested already. List: 2x Inker blue latte cups - OPTION £10? 2x Inker grey espresso cups - OPTION £10? 1x Motta wood 58.4 tamper - GONE £10 1x cheap jug - £2.5 1x Rhinowares waste bean - GONE £12.5 1x naked portafilter 58.4 exc baskets - £10? 1x chinese distribution tool - GONE £5 1x cafelat tamping mat - GONE £5 @joey24dirt I'll do that plus postage if that's ok? @rob177palmer Yes it's a 58, was used for a Gaggia previously @Diggy87 I think £20 would still be great value for both and yes the PF will fit a gaggia and comes with a blind screen Cleaning products will probably be binned unless something comes pick some of the above and then I'll give it for free. Thank you, Max
  6. I guess originally it was my wife who requested the Dualit Expressivo she was given as a Christmas or birthday present, actually it sato in the box unused for eons until I bothered to unwrap and set it up. Now shortly after that she decided this was to much trouble to use unless I was making it and for her sins bought a Nesspresso and frother, we used these for a while until one day we ran out of pods.... the only thing we had was a packet of coffee!!!!! So the Expressivo was used and since then the Nesspresso has since sat idle. Now for me I have been wanting to upgrade for a while but the wife's finally come around to this.... I want a grinder obviously but I want to future proof things by getting one now that I shouldn't ever need to upgrade. Yes I know that could be expensive...... The grinder I want should be able to do all kinds of grinds including a Turkish grind, have a small footprint ideally, little mess preferable and be easy to change setting on and probably electric on demand, any other suggestions appreciated. I will also be upgrading form the Expressivo and am thinking of something like the Rocket R58 or LaMarzocca Linea Mini. I want an expresso machine with dual boilers that can be run plumbed or on a tank, easy to use and which I likely will never feel the need to upgrade from. I will consider the used market and the new, I was wondering I'd folk can suggest somewhere in the southeast/London area I can view and try these machines. I am currently moving abroad to Switzerland so whatever I buy here hopefully won't have any issue being used there. Advice greatly appreciated many thanks guys.
  7. Hi everyone Calling all F64 Evo / F65E owners!! Just literally have put my new grinder on the coffee bench and it's too late to make coffee now tonight, but tomorrow I need to dial it in. Is there a rough rule of thumb with this machine in terms of the grind adjustment markings? Is going from 1 to 2, for example, a massive change in grind size or is it minuscule? I've found the zero point by setting the collar to the point where I can hear the burrs just touching when moving by hand, but then where is a good starter for setting the adjustment after that? 2 or 3 (numbers) slackened off maybe? Thanks
  8. Hi ladies and gents, My business is looking to buy a dual fuel Fracino Contempo CON2 coffee machine so can provide a quality cup of coffee at events that we attend. To begin with we have been using small scale percolators which as I'm sure you can imagine isn't ideal. Fracino seem to be a leader in the market for mobile coffee vendors but their literature on setup isn't the best. So I'm hoping I can get some help here. I have a few questions, do you need the inverter and battery? we can get a 240 electrical supply at the events we do as most are indoors, I assume 240 is enough? if thats enough can it run solely on electric? We've been looking to purchase it with the water tank and flow jet pump, do you need to have an additional high pressure pump as depicted and is a softer a must have? also what type of water hose works best? If running on gas what connections are needed on the gas hose? I'm happy with the regulator and connection to the machine but in the diagram (on fracino website) shows a 1/4" BSP Fulham nozzle, I'm not overly familiar with these is there a male female connection and what exactly are they needed for? Ive attached the diagram from their website, Any help what so ever on a mobile setup with this would be fantastic. Thanks Ryan
  9. Finally went with the ECM Mechanika Profi IV and the Rocket Fausto. Love it. What a nice upgrade from the super automatic I had before. The shots are coming out great but struggling mightily to get the right foam for latte art. Thanks to all on the forum for advice and personal experiences. And as many others have experienced, Bella Barista was terrific to work with.
  10. Popped some shelves up yesterday and what a difference it has made to my little coffee corner, a few bits I am adding but really pleased regardless -
  11. I'm selling my full setup as I no longer get sufficient use out of it. The setup includes: 2014 Gaggia Classic with Mr Shades PID, Silvia Wand, IMS Shower Screen and OPV Mod. 2015 Eureka Mignon Grinder in Black & Chrome Single & Double Pressurised Basket 18g VST basket Blank Backflush basket Joe Frex/Concept Art 58mm Wooden Handled Tamp 2 x Stainless Jugs 2 x Cleaning Brushes Grindenstein Mini Knock Box Analogue Milk Temperature guage 3D printed Doser Funnel Electric Timer The Classic is in excellent condition having been bought off of a forum member back in May 2015. Since then I've only used filtered water, backflushed after (pretty much) every pull and descaled regularly. I also have the original box. The Mignon was purchased from Bella Barista (I think?!) a couple of months later, and is also in excellent condition. I've stripped both down this evening and given them a solid clean and further descale. The Doser funnel is a great little gadget that attaches to the top of your filter basket and makes dosing without spilling, and more importantly stirring/distributing your grounds without spilling them everywhere, easier. It was printed by another forum member @whiteyj. I've included the whole host of accessories required to get you up and running and knocking out a quality shot. I will also throw in a couple of Concept Art Shot glasses, a majority of a 900g bottle of Puly Caff, 5 sachets of Puly descaler and an unopened bag of Pact coffee beans to get you going. These were roasted in Dec 16, but have remained unopened as, as I mentioned, I'm just not getting the use out of the machine any more. Collection only from Milton Keynes (MK3) £375 Cash on Delivery, or Paypal Gift payment. I am not considering splitting at this time If anyone has any questions, just let me know.
  12. Evening everyone I just wanted to say a big thanks for the forum and all the advice and archive it holds. I really feel as though I am 'getting there' on my coffee equipment and brewing journey now. Over the last few weeks there have been some serious upgrades thanks for the wisdom on here. I had been using a Barista Express for 2 years and it really got me in to coffee in a big way. Not espresso but latte, then cappuccino then flat whites. Now in search of decent espresso I knew I needed to upgrade. So; Simonelli MDX Grinder - second hand and now modded to do clean sweep, new burrs and single dosing in Izzo Alex mk2 HX Coffee Machine - now modded with Rocket no burn steam and hot water wands and a 4 hole steam tip. New 18g VST basket and Motta 58mm tamper (I know I can get better than this later) Bonavita Timer/Scale 0.1g 2kg, waterproof/resistant And.. a Ancap Bella Barista espresso cup!! Wife even bought me a 350ml red motta jug for xmas too! And finally today - plumbed the machine in, but not using it yet as waiting on delivery of a Brita C150 filter to help with the scale build up. It's turning into a real obsession now but I am loving every minute. Still in search of the god shots - but aren't we all...
  13. Following some of the threads on here as well as trying a v60 brew at a local independent has made me want to try this method at home. Seeking advice as to what type of equipment to get. For example, for someone vwho is only going to be brewing for one or two people at the most would the 02 range be sufficient? Are there any differences in extraction when using the plastic drippers as opposed to the ceramic? With scales- are the harios the go to or are there others such as the brewista which are preferable?
  14. My current, but basic, set up. I'm sure upgraditis will kick in at some point, but for the moment I'm enjoying. My coffee. David
  15. We just purchased a feldgrind travel grinder to enhance our coffee making while traveling. We use an MSR Mugmate inserted directly into a coffeecup to reduce the amount of equipment we need. We have a small Bodum electric teakettle for boiling water where there is household current and an MSR Reactor backpacking stove where there isn't. Our feldgrind will always travel with us also except for while backpacking. When backpacking we pre-grind our coffee and use a Food Saver to vacuum seal. Our equipment, other than the Food Saver and MSR Reactor stove, fits in our carry-on luggage.
  16. My coffee setup ('spro only, as other brew methods don't really inspire me) has now more or less arrived at my 'wishlist' status... the most recent large-item addition being a fully overhauled Mazzer Royal with new TiN burrs and built-in Auber dose timer. [ATTACH=CONFIG]16194[/ATTACH] Too tall for a worktop, the Royal sits on a small cabinet which I have equipped with locking castors as it stands in an alcove and needs to be moved for (infrequent) cupboard access. The grinder is deliberately angled for convenience, and for access to the Auber's display and control buttons at the lower RH part of the casing. [ATTACH=CONFIG]16195[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]16196[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]16197[/ATTACH] So the equipment suite now comprises a QM Verona (with 0.5mm gicleur and IMS 200µm dispersion screen) which in the next week or two is due to be plumbed in via a Britac Quell 1200 filter. To the left of the Verona is an Omega vertical auger-type juicer (nothing to do with coffee). A Mazzer SJ is next in line. Bought from the administrators of a defunct West Midlands cafe, it was in a filthy condition but cleaned up to virtually 'as new' state. I also treated it to new set of burrs. My 'industrial-grade' Enpee blender sits between the SJ and a toaster to its left. Then there is a stainless-steel bread-bin with a stainless knockout box standing just in front of it, and finally, at the extreme left on the alcove cabinet, is the Mazzer Royal. Despite it having a brand new hopper, I use it without - to grind a measured dose of beans (usually 17-18g) via its 'clean-sweep' doser straight into an 18g VST basket in an open PF. An 'Orphan' stainless funnel discourages the Royal from scattering its grounds too far and wide, and a range of extra VST baskets (15g, 20g and 22g) completes the PF side of things. The Verona's double and single spouted PFs are rarely used. Other items include a 58.5mm Pergtamp which resides on the worktop in a soft protective silicone cup, 58mm convex Motta tamp, stainless Business-Coffee Trapezio Tamping Station (visible in front of the SJ - to the left of the Verona) together with an Attento Click-mat, ice-hockey puck for settling the grounds into the basket (seen atop the tamping station), several scales of various capacities and resolutions, numerous timers of varying shapes and sizes, milk thermometers, backflush blind basket, cleaning brushes, barista cloth, microfibre cloths, PulyCaff, citric acid, etc. etc. I use a blunted dissection needle for WDT, should that occasionally prove necessary. Coffee cups in a range of sizes adorn the top of the Verona (on silicone padding to avoid scratching its stainless) with shot glasses kept in a handy cupboard nearby. Several little stainless preserve/chutney pots (from Poundland in packs of 6) serve many useful functions, from holding a measured dose of beans then becoming an anti-popcorn grinder lid, to supporting the open PF/VST basket combo on mid-sized digital scales. At present I use a battery-powered pump and modified fishing float to fill the Verona's reservoir with Iceni bottled water. A year or so ago (long before my interest in coffee) I acquired over 600 litres of the stuff - about two cubic metres of 1.5 litre bottles in packs of six (completely legit and above-board, I hasten to add) - and have looked no further for brew water ever since. As the top of the Verona is close to the underside of the overhead cabinets and the machine is positioned well back beneath them, there isn't enough room to use a filler bottle or jug - hence the pump. Neither is there line-of-sight to the tank's water level so a fishing float, its weight replaced by a lighter one from a smaller float, is dropped in and rises well above the water surface. A known position on the float's multicoloured stem is sighted across the surface of the cup tray to provide an accurate indication of a full tank. Works very well. But it will be superseded by the system being plumbed in with freshly filtered water just as soon as my 'tame' plumber returns from holiday. The machine's drip-tray outlet will be piped conveniently into the collection reservoir of an automatic condensate drain-pump which serves a nearby wall-mounted CH boiler. There is just one item still to arrive... a set of Brewista Smart scales, due to be shipped from Coffee Hit in a few days' time. Then, I believe, the suite will be complete and I can concentrate on extracting, drinking, enjoying, plying friends and family with superior coffee... and attempting to recover my ailing bank-balance. Come quite a way pretty quickly I think, as I first expressed an interest in coffee only as recently as March this year! Tony. Edit Note: While writing this post, the four photos previewed perfectly as in-line attachments. As soon as it was submitted however, they all disappeared. Admin has been contacted for a remedy. Tony. Edit Edit Note: The missing pix can be viewed in the next-post-but-one, in the same order that they should have been on this post. Tony.
  17. Proud to show my first ever espresso setup, completed it today. Cannot wait to experience the journey.
  18. Hi just bought a 6 month old r18161 Classic with 6 months warranty off ebay - (was planning on buying a aeropress !) Where should I be checking for leaks ( I've try to follow coffee geeks Gaggia start up guide) I'm a bit confused by differences with pre and post Philips etc ( obv this is post) opv's ,3 way larger solonoids ,etc so:- should I be back flushing this model and if so how often ? so Should I get/ borrow the mod Portafilter pressure gauge ( if so is this to downgrade the pressure to 9barrs)? can this model have a pid fitted ( obviously from my lack of knowledge shown above not by me) Ifso the American kit seems to retail for $200 but put together kits Seem off ebay etc to be £40? idiots or video guide for buying and fitted recommend ? whats a vst? we have very hard water with separate cartridge attached to drinking tap in kitchen should I go for bottled water if so any recomdations All help appreciated there will be more questions to follow just thought I try and play with machine and digest responses for now alan
  19. In 8 months gone from this: To this:
  20. Hi folks My birthday is approaching and I've decided I'd like to try and build myself a little travel set up as a treat. I started with a Skerton and Aeropress, along with the metal filter, but as per usual, you jump into a rabbit hole and now I'm not sure... Rhino/Porlex/Hario grinder; Clever Dripper/Aeropress/etc.... Just curious as to people's thoughts on a good, space-efficient set up to take away. Budget is around £60.
  21. Hi, In a rush of blood to the head, I bought a Rancilio Midi CD off a cafe that had bought a new machine, it is quite old (1999) but it seems in grand shape. I have turned it on and starts fine so that's a start. I am a keen domestic coffee practitioner and saw the opportunity to get a commercial machine to good to turn down. I don't really know much about it and would love some help in getting it set up. The instruction manual isn't great as it covers all models in the range and is quite generic. I have a few questions that I hope people can help with: Do I need to plumb the the coffee machine in or can i manually fill the tank? As I don;t really want to be at that as my kitchen isn't really that big? Are there standard water pipes to use if this is needed? If anyone has any info / links / tutorials / advice they could give me I'd be very grateful. Thanks Mick
  22. Howdy all, so it's taken a while but here is my bedroom setup! It'll be gone soon because it's going mobile! So the machine and grinder are running off mains electricity at the moment. The water is connected to a pump which runs off a marine leisure battery. When mobile, our machine will run on gas and the grinder and pump will run from the battery. Pretty nice bedroom setup if I do say so myself! Thanks to the forum for assistance with setting this up!
  23. It has been 2 months since I first started on a journey of coffee with these babies. Such an emotional moment when I have to swap out the Iberital MC5 for the Mazzer Super Jolly. I was getting more and more used to the Iberital MC5. Well, sometimes, things just have to get better. Before: After: Never knew I have to waste so much coffee ground when swapping a new grinder into place.
  24. So just got this great little set up with help from 666tyler sourcing and making it ready for use for me. Gaggia Classic and a nuova simonelli rr45 grinder just waiting for the rave coffee beans now!
  25. Here are some pictures of my current set up. Chris
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