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Found 7 results

  1. Evening, I've been practicing with some Co-op beans and trying to get a good ratio/pull time on my DTP. Good beans are arriving tomorrow but thought I'd get used to the whole process with these ones first. Grinding 17g into the pf straight from the SGP. I don't have a funnel and therefore clump management isn't the best. A funnel is on order. I'm aiming for roughly 1:2.5 in terms of weight in/out. Shot 1 - Grind setting of 8. Absolutely nothing out of the machine and it shut off after a minute. Water on top of puck. Shot 2 - Grind setting of 9. A total of 4g into my cup. Water on top of the puck again. I went to bed a thought about reading the manual. I didn't read the manual. Morning came and I read on here that someone suggested a grind setting of 15. I gave this a go: Shot 3 - Grind setting 15. A little better but the flow was still drippy. I probably got around 30g in the cup. Tasted awful and bitter. Really gloopy puck. I thought 15 was quite a course setting so decided to change a different variable - my tamp. Shot 4 - Grind setting 15. Lighter tamp yet still quite firm. Stopped the machine at 48g. Not as bitter as shot 3 but still not great. Shot 5 - Tried to replicate shot 4. Not sure what I changed but it was rounder in taste. Perhaps a slightly lighter tamp. Still too smoky to my tastes though. Puck was still kinda gloopy. I can see two things hindering my quest for coffee greatness here: 1) Co-op beans and C) clumps perhaps leading to channeling. Though saying that wouldn't this lead to water running through too quick and therefore sour tasting coffee? I'm a little surprised that the lower grind settings don't give any results at all, especially as I've read that SGP owners have struggled with not being able to grind fine enough on this grinder. Any pointers greatly appreciated, even if that includes "wait for your new beans to arrive". Cheers David
  2. Hello, A year ago I got this machine and since then trying so many settings with water, grinding size and temperature, also trying Illy, Lavazza Rossa, Lavazza Espresso. Still i cannot get the right setting to make the taste of the espresso cup half decent. I have trying to lower the water temperature as seem to taste burn the coffee that improved a bit also tried playing with the grinding setting it up to the finest and it seems not too bad on the Lavazza Rossa beans.. but still I do not get the flavor and the right acidity... Does any of you have a Melitta bean to cup machine? What settings do you have for best results on a espresso cup, also what beans you find out better for this kind of machine? Thanks in advance for your help
  3. Hi there! I've recently purchased the Sage Oracle after enjoying it when in Sydney last Christmas. I'm no coffee expert, so I was looking for some starter recommendations for fresh bean brands and related Oracle settings (eg grind coarseness, tamp pressure, temperature, etc) for your recommended beans? I generally like mid-strong coffee, but not too bitter or tart. We live in south west London (SW6). Any guidance or suggestions hugely appreciated! P.
  4. Hello guys, I have tried the 2 brothers coffee shop in Altrincham (South Manchester) purchased the Stereotype a mix blend of Brazil Mantiqueiras and Colombian Narino. It came at £8.50 for the 250gr. The tender told me that just arrived from the Lancashire roasters and opened the new packet in front of me. I want some advice.. As you may know i have the Melitta Bistro bean to cup machine. Now with this type of fresh roast coffee what settings water, temperature and beans strength and grinding setting you recommend? As i don't want to waist beans.. This morning I tried to the strongest beans setting and near the finest grinding setting, temp medium and the min water and was way to acid the drink... Many thanks for any advice on this
  5. Hello everyone :-) New to this forum and I just got my Barista Express 870, this forum has been great to look through for tips and tricks - so thanks to all that are taking the time to add their input! I am hoping you can post your settings when using an espresso bean (I do understand that different beans require different grinds). Feel free to add the bean type you are using and how fresh it usually is. edit: This is meant as a info thread on what setting the different forum members have. I have upper burr set on 5 and side on 9, two weeks old local espresso beans (20 gr double shot) giving good crema and taste. What is your upper burr (1-10) and side (1-12) grind setting?
  6. Hi All, Would like to try this machine on grinding beans for the first time. Does anyone have any suggested dial settings for an espresso. I'm using Lavazza beans if that makes any difference Thanks Daz
  7. I originally posted this problem in the Gaggia section and NJD1977 has done a sterling job in trying to help me and has had the patience of a saint because let's be fair he has been dealing with a prize pillock...Me! But we've come to a dead end. Nothing we've tried seems to work and so I thought I'd throw it out there to all and sundry in the hope there will be someone who can get me past the finishing post. I won't go into detail but suffice to say after blowing up my old PID I bought another and two new relays and after connecting them up, cannot get the damn thing to turn on the heating elements of the boiler. There is power to the PID because it lights up and I have been able to set the settings but using my newly acquired trusty digital multimeter (which I find works best if you take the plastic probe covers off...don't ask!) there seems to be no current between PID terminals 6 & 7. So below are pictures of my wiring diagram PID settings and PID instructions wiring guide. Then only difference is, I have two relays (SSR 40 AA & SSR 40 DA). I copied the PID settings from the old original PID and that worked fine before I blew it up. The only thing I will say is that the bloke paid by the previous owner who fitted the original PID did not have two normal relays. He fitted a normal SSR 40 DA but instead of the SSR AA he made up some Frankenstein plug thingy with a home made circuit board inside which is where the rogue wire came from that originally got disconnected and I couldn't fathom out where it went. So it seemed sensible to replace the home-made with professional made relay. I've included the drawing I did of the old electrical set up before trying to replace it. So you can see what I mean. I've been at it now on and off for weeks and I'm as frustrated as a bloke who has just taken a handful of Viagra, and turned up at a brothel with a wad of cash and found the workers are on strike. New schematic PID Settings PID Instructions schematic Original drawing of wiring from bodge job.
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