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Found 18 results

  1. I've just received my Sette 270W, using an 18g preset my actual dose comes out between 14g to 19g. Is it normal to have such widely inconsistent dosing before the burrs are seasoned? Coffeehit have told me that it needs seasoned first. How long should it take to settle down and give more consistent doses ?
  2. Ok, so 6 months on, no complaints whatsoever. Fast, fluffy, lovely volcano-like mound, bugger all retention. Great workflow. Ram portafilter in, press button, blink, tamp and go. Having just started faffing about with V60/Aeropress, i've found that i won't grind coarse enough for a V60. Which was surprising. I have installed both shims and espresso hits the mark at step 5.5-7 on the 1-31 scale (1 being finest). Various docs online indicate that 1 shim shifts the grind by 6 steps, so if i removed a shim, i'd be at the very end of the scale for espresso. The Aeropress went fine
  3. This grinder has now been in circulation a while and it seemed to be having issues early days with motors just suddenly stopping to work altogether. However, I don't seem to have heard such stories and am currently looking to upgrade and could get a new one for £265 through a friend so I'm looking to hear if anyone here has one or is familiar and how it's holding up now? Thanks
  4. Hi Everyone After some thoughts if possible please. My Sette is going back so I will have £500 in my bank a/c soon. What machine next? Decent taste/grind performance in the cup, Doserless, timer preset, accurate adjustment mechanism, reliable, small(ish). Max £600, maybe £625 if I need to. I'm thinking Eureka Atom (matt black seems to be £600 inc VAT) - but any other thoughts?\ Thanks
  5. Oh dear - my Sette 270W has now developed a fault. I thought I must be living on borrowed time after listening to all the other problems. I got mine from Coffeehit. It's under warranty obviously, but what do you think the chances are of me being able to swap it for either the non-weigh version or something else? It is about 4 months old I think. Need to talk to them today
  6. Hello all Sette owners on this great forum I have just purchased a brand new Baratza Sette 270 (non-W).. yes - it is black Friday and I got a nice 20% rebate. This a real long waited for upgrade to my 2012 Rancilio Rocky But but but.. I am quite puzzled, because eventhough i bought it today at a local but well-renowned espresso shop, I am very afraid that the machine is not as new as promised, but some old inventory from one of the first production batches. - it has serial number 1605xx whereas it is my impression that more than half a year ago, all models W/non-W and both 110/2
  7. Has anyone tried fitting the optional brew burr into the Sette? If so, I'd be keen to hear experiences before I and place an order. Thanks!
  8. Hi all, I need to free up some finances to pay off our impending honeymoon so I've decided to sell the Sette 270W! This is the weight-dosed model with Acaia technology. The burrs are Etzinger. I'm also including the Sette Brew Burr in the sale, which can slot in place of the included burrs and handle a range of pour over and brewed methods too. You can store three programmed doses as well as dose manually. The position of the burrs means there's a very low retention rate, and the scales have always been very accurate for me - pretty much within 0.1 - 0.2g. Other than a
  9. I'm looking for a grinder with as small a footprint as possible - I currently use a Krups one that's OK but saw the Sette 30 in a coffee shop and its pretty small. Anyone got any experience with it? TIA Tim.
  10. WANT! http://www.baratza.com/grinder/sette-270w/ Will it be likely that we'd see it for ~£350 ($499) when it arrives in the UK? ...Probs not!
  11. Hi all - just joined the forum after lurking for a couple of years as upgraditis as finally struck and I'm hoping to pick your collective brains here! For the past 2 years or so I've been very happy getting to grips with a Classic (with Sylvia wand mod) paired with a Sage SmartGrinder. I'm still very much in the learning stage but I got to the point on the Classic where I could pull a pretty consistent shot and get something resembling latte art maybe 6 times out of 10. I've seen the SG get a lukewarm reception on here but for my needs so far it's been more than capable, and I like the
  12. Hi, First of all, I'm not native English speaker, please bear with me. I'm using Sette 270 with Sage Dual Temp Pro. DTP is a great little machine for light usage, highly recommend it. I bought my Sette 270 all the way back from US to Hong Kong because I can't wait . I'm now using with a AC step down transformer. Inside Unfortunately, I got a "digital" transformer at first, it is just a cheap shxt that only works with appliances with no circuitry inside, such as kettle. It will not work on most other appliances. I learn it in the hard way and blow up my Sette :
  13. I started another thread about the Sette and there are two others but this is a very specific question about the grind. I have the Rocky and the Sette. Both grind settings (6 for the Rocky, 11C for the Sette) for 20g of grind in a 20g VST filter. Both set for the same time on a Rancilio Silva PID of a 1.5sec pre-soak followed by 25 sec of water. Both at 222F. Both grinders with these settings get me about a 40g shot. Both taste good. BUT.... The Rocky grind feels really powdery, cakes a bit, and settles on its own (with out tapping or tamping) more than the Sette. Th
  14. Just got my new Production Sette today. Some initial impressions: 1. Its looks really sharp 2. It grinds fast 3. It grinds clean. 20.0g of beans give you 20.0g of grind. Really amazing for us as we want to switch back and forth between Caff and decaf and I cannot tolerate caff so this will work 4. It recommends a setting of 5E for espresso. With my Rancillio machine I got ZERO coffee from that. Lots of experimenting got me to about 11D for a 42gm expression from 20g of coffee in a 20g VST basket. And it made a really good latte. 5. I tried it a second time with a finer
  15. Hi all, My Baratza sette arrived in the post today. When unboxing I noticed there was some kind of metal buildup on one of the burrs/blades? Is this normal? Please see attached. Many thanks in advance for your responses. Tim
  16. Hello all, So I plugged my sette in. The display works correctly but when a button is pressed the burrs remain stationary. Is this a fault or is there a process required to engage the burrs? The hopper appeared to be fully attached. If this was loose however would this cause the burrs to disengage? video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bGb_Pk0Z9S8 Kind regards
  17. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BARATZA-SETTE-270-COFFEE-GRINDER-RRP-400-BRAND-NEW-/262967176905?hash=item3d3a10aec9:g:-o0AAOSwtGlZC3Cz bit of a steal for a brand new settle
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