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  1. Hi all, I'm looking for someone who can service my 9yr old beloved gaggia classic. It's been a great servant to me over the years but now I think it's due some TLC. Can anyone recommend an engineer in the Birmingham area please? Thanks
  2. Hi there I have just bought what I believe to be a 2007 Gaggia Classic and am looking to do a full strip down as it has not been looked after . (it was at a price I couldn't say no to) I have found the sticky 'So you've just bought your first Gaggia Classic' so useful and also found this resource: http://protofusion.org/wordpress/2012/04/gaggia-classic-disassembly-and-cleaning/ which seems to outline everything i need to do but is there anything else i need to be aware of? I'm thinking a full gasket/ seal kit as well as a good descaler and cleaner would be essential ( just taken off
  3. The other day I bought a Probat branded EK43 as kindly pointed out on the spotted section. It would not turn but on removing the section behind the grinding chamber and pulling the rear section out a little (it is restricted by wires) we managed to free it quite easily and it now runs. It is unused but was built in August 2008 and has been stored in its box since. It seems that it probably spent some of that time in a cold garage resulting in a bit of moisture and what seems to be very light corrosion. I've taken a bit of a chance on it but at a price where if it all turns out
  4. Hello all, My machine broke down this week. I believe its a faulty element, no continuity across it and the ECU is still providing power to it. I've seen a few places online supplying them, I assume its good practice to replace the element gasket at the same time? Is it as straight forward as it seems? I'd like to thoroughly descale the boiler while I've got direct access to it, any tips for descaling through the element hole? Ha! Thanks!
  5. Hi all, This forum has been recommended to me by a fellow gaggia classic owner. I've sadly neglected to change the gaskets and rubber washers on my machine for about 8 years. TBH i didn't know (until recently) that this was supposed to be a regular maintenance task. but i'm on the case now. I've stripped everything back and got the boiler out, undone two of the bolts keeping the head on, but two are stuck. I'm guessing due to some rust on the other bolts they maybe corroded. I'm hoping someone can recommend a solution to free these nuts. I've thought about chilling it
  6. Can anyone recommend where I can send my old Gaggia Classic for a good service/overhaul or rebuild please? Perhaps to include fitting PID and Rancilio wand. Cheers
  7. I've had my Sage Oracle for almost a year now, and I have to say, the coffee it makes is very good. You just need to spend some time adjusting to your tastes. It is also very sensitive to the quality of coffee beans you use: type, freshness etc. So a lot of adjustments even if you use the same beans but a "new batch". My problem really is from the error messages that I get. Change Filter, Service, Descale. These started to come up after a week of use so initially I thought nothing of it and followed instructions accordingly. However subsequently when it reappeared again after a shor
  8. Hi, I recently got a Fracino Piccino from the for sale section in these forums. I'd like to strip it down, give it a full service and upgrade any parts that can be done. I know my way around a Gaggia Classic pretty well, but was wondering if anyone had any advice in terms of where to buy parts/what the best upgrades are. Fracino's website doesn't have a parts shop anymore, it just links you to an email address. I've found this website for parts https://www.espressounderground.co.uk/Fracino-Coffee-machine-Spare-Parts-s/1961.htm but I'm not sure how to identify which if any fit the Picc
  9. Can anyone recommend someone who services Gaggia classic? Somewhere near Newcastle would be best! \Thanks
  10. As per the heading really? I've included some food grade lubricating grease in my order, but is it really needed? Only 1 out of the 10 videos I've watched bothered with it.
  11. Hi Can anyone recommend someone to service a Bezzera BZ02? quite happy do do seals and the likes myself, bust not so sure about the boiler.
  12. I have bought a second hand Pontevecchio Lusso which allegedly works "well". It is however ten years old with a suspicious service record (ie. possibly none) so I have a feeling that the seals need changing. I have searched on Dr Google but not found any UK suppliers, are there any? Also does anyone know a good source to buy a tamper? Cheers
  13. Winter months and time away from work are not a good combination for me but they do give me a chance to do jobs that wouldn't otherwise get done. Replacing the cracked freezer drawer fronts would be a non coffee related example. Last week I serviced the L1 and replaced the piston seals - the lever is a lot smoother and doesn't grab as it used to. Funny how the grabbing creeps up on you and you don't notice the change in action. Yesterday I decided that it was time to clean out the burrs on the grinder. Its about 18 months old now and guilt was getting the better of me. There
  14. Hi all, I've received my second hand Gaggia Classic today. I picked it up for a really good price but it does need a little bit of work... (I'm completely new to this so any help or guidance would be really appreciated) From first impressions the machine seemed to be in good condition. I plugged it in and tested the pump and steam wand - both seem to be in working order. ------ Then I took the shower screen off... Mmmm...Nice! The portafilter was also in lovely condition:
  15. Hello, maybe a slightly unusual question, but what kind of mods do people normally carry out on their Cherub? From what I know its a really good machine so it would be interesting to know what people are missing features wise. On a slightly separate subject, what's the usual servicing kit and what needs checking, changing and at what intervals? Thanks!
  16. Good evening, I'm considering upgrading from my current dualit Espressevo to a second hand Silvia. Not knowing the history and service record I would like to get the machine serviced. A good descale, backflush, Strip and clean, seals and O-rings replaced etc. I understand I can probably do most of the work myself, but for the first time at least I'd like to get it done by someone with experience. Does anyone have any recommendations for anyone in/around the Milton Keynes/Buckingham areas?? Also, can anyone suggest what I might expect to pay? many thanks david
  17. I suppose that in a way I am preaching to the converted since most of the people on this forum have good words to say about Bella Barista. However, I would just like to say that my son and I went there yesterday to buy a machine, grinder and associated accessories. I am something of a novice, but my son, a member of this forum knows rather more, but nevertheless Claudette took it all in her stride and meticulously went through all my options, let me try machines, explained processes and made me feel really at ease, and as importantly, ensured that I bought the machine that was right for m
  18. Hi Can someone suggest where I can get my machine (Expobar Office Leva) serviced. I am based in North London. Thanks Peter
  19. Hi everyone - I wonder if I could pose a question for your thoughts/suggestions? I've had my Gaggia Classic for approx 10yrs and previously had it serviced 2-3yrs back at the cost of £150-odd. I live in Walton on Thames, Surrey and the place I used is in Harrow which is a bit of a trek. But this place has now decided not to open on a Saturday (interesting approach...) so I'm struggling to find anywhere that I'm confident would do a decent job. However, bearing in mind it'd be at least another £150 for another service I'm questioning if its worth it. I'd have spent £300 plus original
  20. Hi there, I just purchased my friends Quick Mill Andreja Premium. I want to get it serviced but am struggling to find anyone online or in London that deals with these machines. Anyone know anyone that would be able to help? Im based in East London, but happy to travel if need be to get it all fixed up. Thanks Darren
  21. I've been running a Cherub domestically for a couple of years (and it's a great machine), but lately the alarm that signals low water has been coming on even when there's water in the reservoir. I've solved this in the past by draining it and cleaning the probes/sensors before refilling, but this no longer works and the machine won't heat up at all. I suspect it's a scale issue (I use bottled but mainly filtered water) but does anyone know how easy it is to take the Cherub apart and check/service yourself? I've had a quote from the manufacturer for a service but at nearly half t
  22. I sent my classic off for a repair in November and after much chasing I have just had the repair estimate. £80 for a service, £59.50 for an "electrovalve" and £33 for shipping. With the vat that comes to £207 and was quite a surprise! I am assuming the "electrovalve" is the solenoid? When I telephoned to question the figures the part described was explained as less reliable since Phillips took over and the older Gaggia spec part was preferred and would be fitted. But if it is a quick google showed a solenoid from Mr Bean2cup would be £44 inc vat rather than £59.50 ex vat that I ha
  23. Hi, My Sage Oracle comes with errors. The water does not come through the machine. The display shows these messages: Service Change filter SCAL Service Change filter CALE Service Change filter ESCA Does anyone have an idea of what is wrong?
  24. About 3 weeks ago I picked up an Andreja Premium off the bay. This one to be exact - http://www.ebay.co.uk/ulk/itm/141893885445 I gave it a very quick once over when I got it home. The leak from the steam wand may have been down to the fact that the nut that holds the steam wand on was so loose I could easily turn it by hand. Not great, but that's now pinched up. My first e61 machine, and I've done a lot of reading about them, mainly how to service the things. Well today I've started to pull it apart a little to see what condition it's in. So far, top nut off and the lever and
  25. Hi I hope that you can help I have had my coffee now for at least 6 years and apart from cleaning the outside and occasionally flushing through with a descaler I have left it alone so now unfortunately it is not so happy. When I turn it on now when it gets to temperature it stars to make some very alarming loud noises once only threw steam out of the head... Until I ran it for a while with out the holder in place. so would I be right in guessing that the the thermostat is broken allowing it to run too hot hence making all of the noise banging etc from what I assume is the boiler? Secondl
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