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Found 96 results

  1. I am looking to buy either the Felicita Arc or Acaia Pearl scales. I am sick of scales failing due to water ingress. can anyone that owns either scales please advise which is best to go for as they look almost identical Thank you
  2. As I just usually make one coffee i've got into the habit of either taring with the PF, or, since using the niche, taring the cup - then weighing the beans into the cup. i looked at this process and thought Why not just put the beans in the bag on the scale, tare that - and just spoon out the required dose directly into the grinder? Does anyone else do that
  3. I'm not really into the linking scales and phone thing but they certainly look pretty cool! [video=youtube_share;7jU94VeQNyA]
  4. Hi , just starting out with a V60 drip coffee and Hario Skelton grinder, next step us to try to reduce the variation in my brews so I want to start weighing each brew. Could anyone recommend a decent set of scales that would be a little bit future proofed i.e if I went for a Sage duo temp at Christmas I wouldn’t have to buy new scales.Budget is up to £50 but would think about increasing that if I could future proof and avoide buying twice.
  5. With all the chat on here about the importance of weighing dosage and extraction for a consistent comparison, I ordered the "Amir Digital Kitchen Scale" from Amazon UK. It weighs to 0.1g and was incredibly cheap. It just arrived and appears perfect for the job. Unsure of accuracy but repeatability is spot-on which is the important point. My Portafilter fits on the supplied plastic tray and the scales fit nicely under even a large mug on my Sage Dual Boiler. Pictures attached.
  6. Need to get a pouring kettle and set of scales that would work with a v60 for work in an attempt to cut the costs of buying coffees when here. Quite keen to see if there any kettles and scales which are cheaper than the hario versions but are as good at getting the job done to a reasonable standard. Seen some goosenecks for examply on eBay which are around £15 but wasn't too sure about scales that could be used for measuring dose as well as placing a mug and brewing device on whilst brewing.
  7. Hi, anyone have any thoughts on these: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01DGLFVS0/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pC_nS_ttl?_encoding=UTF8&colid=2UK1DPN0W7P6G&coliid=I17X8ZLLUPFG2X&psc=1 They appear to be identical to Coffee Gear scales but unbranded and about half the cost.
  8. I have set of Brewistas free for whoever wants them. They had the usual water ingress into the battery area, got flaky for a while, then stopped working. I stuck them in a cupboard and bought some Acaia Lunars. Anyway got the Brewistas out today and now dried, they seem to be working fine, in fairness they didn't get soaked, just a bit of water in battery area. I obviously don't want to sell them in case they fail again, but if anyone wants them for free, I'm happy to post them on. First come first served I guess?
  9. Anyone got or used the Concept Art Spoon Scale? is it any good? worth buying or just a gimmick?
  10. I was lucky to get a Zario 4 cup station (Coffee Hit link) fairly cheap, so I thought I'll give a try using scales under a cup rather than a cup+brewer. Should I ditch scales, grab a spoon and taste the output every now and then? Once it's getting over extracted, just remove the mug and that's it? I could potentially fit scales under the station, but that just doesn't sound great! I know Hario drip station fits well on Hario scales, but Coffeeasy and other solutions won't.
  11. Hi All, Just kind of stumbled into this mad world of coffee and had no idea what I was missing out on! I've now decided that this is my newest hobby and I can't wait to get started properly:) I've been reading for hours and hours, watching youtube vid after you tube vid.... I've finally decided that I'm going to start slowly and build up from there. For me, part of the enjoyment will be buying cheaper equipment and then building up my collection as I go. With that in mind, I think I've decided to go the the following combination.... Porlex hand grinder @ £30 and Aeropress @ £22 Couple of questions though... I want to buy some coffee to use with my new toys and I've seen a coffee starter pack at HasBean Coffee. They do an Espresso and Filter starter kit. Firstly, would anyone recommend these? If so, which should I use for the combination that I'm using? Should I consider any other coffee starter pack? If recommended, I'm just going to buy the lot from HasBean Coffee... Would anyone recommend elsewhere? I've watched all the brewing guides on HasBean and noted that Steve mentions using water at a certain temperature. With that in mind, do I need to buy a thermometer or can I get away with using water that is 'just off' boiling? Finally, is there anything else I'm missing? I've already got the coffee mug and digital scales. Thanks in advance and thanks for letting me join the forums
  12. Is it just me that spends about a week justifying it to myself before I buy the stuff any way? I've invested a small amount in my humble setup and I'm really enjoying the results. However there are several things I still want to address but all these potential purchases add up quickly. Things I want but can't quite justify: More solid tamper then the one that comes with the duo temp pro - I have a 52mm from the old Delonghi and I was going to get a 54 but read somewhere that 53 was the right size for the Sage. Cue much procrastination Some scales / Timer - The Brewistas look nice but can I really justify £40 on some scales? Hmm better leave this one. A Tamping Mat / Station - Just because... Well the one on the Graef is kinda small and I am a messy bugger. don't really have the space though. A knock box - knocking the pucks into the kitchen caddy just isn't right is it? Temp Tags or one of those sticky thermometers - Just to perfect the milk, but I think I do a decent job without. Things I definitely need. Right now. Urgently or the world will end: ​​A couple of 5 or 6oz cups for flat whites. - I've always been a flat white drinker rather than latte but at home I end up drinking endless lattes just because I have an 8 oz cup. An 8 oz cup to stop using the 12 oz one I serve my wife her coffee in. - It really is ridiculously large! I've had all of these items in my shopping basket in various combinations from a couple of retailers over the last few days...
  13. owain


    Just wondering what small scales people are using to weigh their shots, I had a spillage mine got wet and went crazy, they have now dried out and seem ok but is anyone using a set the can cope with a small spillage? Thanks
  14. Kman10


    Got my new scales to weigh out my coffee output, did my usual routine 17g in and first time weighing output, at over 100g in 26 seconds ( shocked I was ) but tastes great, need to seriously tighten grind up I think an see where the taste goes
  15. OK - still rather new but let me see if I can explain what I'm looking for. I bought some Grumpy Mule Artisan blend beans the other day. Used my Porlex and ground them a little too fine combined with tampig too hard. It was 20 secs before I saw and liquid through my Gaggia Classic and took 60 secs to deliver about 1.5oz (scales hadnt arrived then). Good news was that when added to steamed milk the taste was HEAVEN! - chocolate fudgey rich amazing goodness proclaimed by my wife as the best coffee she'd ever had. So now I've been dialling in my Mignon and tonight saw success according to the standard recipes. 18g dose in, 30-35 secs to deliver 36-37g of coffee. Better grind and less pressure on the tamp and I was able to produce a fairly consistent result. Added to milk as before and lovely milky coffee with great coffee taste - no sour or bitter and lovely creme etc. But lacking the chocolate fudge notes I had before. Straight shot was also great with a lovely creme and no sour or bitterness. Obviously a few variables to consider but how could the results taste like 2 completely different drinks? One was almost a hot chocoalte while the other clearly a lovely coffee. Is it as simple as the much longer extraction time on the first pull created such a different flavour result? Tips and ideas for experimentation welcomed please. Having achieved some consistency I'm interested in where to go next to create diferent flavours.
  16. Hi, So I'm after some digital scales for weighing my coffee, but not sure if there are any which are recommended? I'm also after some cheap shot glasses to measure the coffee, same question as above. Thanks Nick
  17. Hi All. I'm gearing up to pull my first shot form my new (to Me) Classic. can anybody recommend a good cheap (ish) set of scales that fit under a Standard Portafilta and a Standard Drip Tray.
  18. I like the look of both scales. Out of the two do you people think more of one than the other, or neither? https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B073RZ9HHN/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 https://www.amazon.co.uk/Coffee-Gear-Brew-Scale-0-1g/dp/B017IRF1LK/ref=sr_1_2?s=kitchen&ie=UTF8&qid=1538301995&sr=1-2&keywords=coffee+gear+scale Will be used primarily for PF, basket and coffee Thanks
  19. hi I am looking for some scales with a timer that won't break the bank. I already own these and I don't really like them. https://www.amazon.co.uk/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_1?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=espresso+scales&rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3Aespresso+scales Thank you in advance.
  20. In my hunt for some decent but affordable scales I happened upon these. https://digital-scales-company.co.uk/barista/794-my-weigh-barista-scale-716165282273.html From the description they are water resistant and weigh down to 0.1g and up to 3kg and a timer for you pour over nuts Rechargable using a usb to small lipo and above all appear to be instant read although it doesnt mention it in the desciption. They can also be calibrated. I looked around alot and they seemed the best I could find for around £30, there are cheaper but ive drowned so many I wanted to get something a little better (hopefully) They are certainly not small but a nice size to put the whole pf onto and I think will fit perfectly on my drip tray. I'll put up some pics later of the unbox and in use, and hopefully follow up with a short review, on the face of it they seem like they are good value, they ceratainly feel like good quality with rubber feet and a rubber surround. How long the battery lasts and any niggles I'll add later.
  21. Soon be time to buy yourself some new scales if you want to be totally accurate! There’s going to be a new definition of the kilogram in terms of an electrical current. The Washington Post have put it far better than I can https://www.washingtonpost.com/science/a-massive-change-nations-will-vote-to-redefine-the-kilogram/2018/11/15/b5704b0a-e6c7-11e8-b8dc-66cca409c180_story.html
  22. I purchased these new the other day, but they arrived and the weight had worked loose in the box and bumped the edge of the scale. Being the grumpy sod I am I decided not to bother with them then, Other than the bump they're pristine, new and most importantly fully functioning. If anyone wants them at a reduced price before I send them back next week they're ready to ship. They are EXACTLY like lunars in look, feel and function. They seemed to be made from the same materials, but are large enough to accommodate two cups (up to a certain size). Blurb. FELICITA ARC ESPRESSO SCALE The ultimate scale for espresso and filter, with incredibly fast response time and bulletproof build quality. The ARC is fully water resistant, with auto-tare and auto-timer functionality. KEY FEATURES — Water Resistant, Aluminium Body — Measurements: 105x135x15.5mm — 2000g Capacity in 0.1g Increments — Auto-tare, Auto-timer modes — Lithium-ion USB rechargeable IN THE BOX — Felicita ARC Scale — Micro USB Cable — 100g Calibration Weight — Heat Resistant Pad £105 +P&P
  23. Seeing a set for sale (no longer) in the For Sale thread and recalling earlier mentions of them (via a thread Dylan created and that recently sprang back into life) - is anyone on the Forum actually using them and how do you find them?
  24. I bought a one of these hoping that it would check weight of grinds in a portafilter but the scales reset when it's removed https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07CNYS868/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Serves me right really but not having to use the tare button appealed. Anyway they seem to be pretty good so may interest some people. They are pretty compact and around 26.5mm thick. I don't weigh out on the fly as my tall mugs wont fit under the portafilter even with very small scales under them. Not sure i agree with the reviews about being complicated to use - they do what they say and the manual is pretty clear. Also pretty accurate along with good repeatability. John -
  25. I have the Amir scales which seem to be a pretty popular choice on here so.... instructions say to change the auto time off function do the following. To adjust the idle time for the auto off function 1. When the scale is turned off, press and hold "M" key, at the same time, press "ON/OFF" key for 4 times quickly till number is displayed, then release the button.. 2. To change auto-off time among 0/60/120/180 seconds: please press "M" key, after choosing, press "ON/OFF" key to confirm the setting. NOTE: The "0" option deactivates the auto-off function. Problem is no matter how many times i try i cant get it to work - it just doesnt bring up the screen with the numbers on - has anyone else had this problem and worked out how to solve it?? Thanks
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