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Found 32 results

  1. Fully boxed With all bits,a few marks on top due to use but nothing major Not used for a few months hence sale £145 plus postage No offers SPECIFICATIONS Designed for espresso machine drip trays, the Acaia Lunar™ is aesthetically functional for your weighing needs. The espresso scale is built with anodized aluminum. Its electronic parts inside and the LCD display are fortified with a water-resistant spray to prevent water damage. With an ultra-fast response time and high accuracy, you'll be able to track consistency across all of your espresso shots. One heat pad and one 100 g calibration weight comes with each Lunar. The Lunar also includes a 2-year limited manufacturers warranty, which includes water damage.
  2. These have had little use and are basically as new. £50 posted https://imgur.com/a/n2emSRY
  3. Hi all. I put up a video here with a problem with my Gaggia Classic a few days ago, and the consensus seemed to be that the solenoid valve had gotten blocked with scale debris. The machine is 2011 but new to me, bought second-hand recently. I have been trying to get myself set up over the last month or so, getting a second-hand Baratza Vario from a forum member, tamper, scales, airtight container etc. Also got a brass shower screen holder and gasket as the originals did not look too good. The issue occurred, I think, after I put the machine on its side, to fit the new parts. (Really frustrating as I thought I was finally good to go, have yet to pull a single shot of freshly ground coffee on the machine!) After some helpful advice here I read up what I could on descaling and the issue in general, ran some descaler through a couple of times and used the method of intermittently switching on and off the steam switch. I think I’m really beginning to doubt myself now as I have a fundamental question which might be obvious but I can’t figure out: Is there even supposed to be any water flow through the group head, when the steam switch is on? From memory, the guy who sold me the machine, when showing me the ropes, switched on both the steam and and ON switch, before pulling an espresso. However, most online tutorials seem to have the steam switch off for such purposes. (I don’t drink milk, so steam function only really neeeded for visitors). I have uploaded a short video showing how the water flows now, both with the steam switch on and off (in the former case, not at all), and I would appreciate any pointers or advice: I think I will have to open the machine up and try to disassemble the solenoid valve, but as I said, I am doubting myself now. I should add that there is no water coming out though the pressure release tube, so that must indicate a problem is still there, no? Really appreciate any help, I have posted a new thread as my main question is the one above, cheers!
  4. Dear coffee friends, recently bought acaia lunar scale and since i wont be using brewista scale anymore its up for a sale. Working perfectly, never had an issue. Metal inox plate has a signs of usage due to ceramic cups sliding on and off but nothing excessive. Original box. Price 40€ + shipping (shipping is cheap) Thanks for watching
  5. Hi there, i was wondering if someone could advise me? I have a gaggia classic and have noticed the flow of coffee coming out has been getting thinner lately and today nothing came out! Help. |I have water in it of course and have checked the water pipes in the water holder. Do you think it may be blocked, due to hard water in my area? Many thanks here's hoping!
  6. Hi Everyone, I do so hope you can help. We have a 5 year old Gaggia Coffee, which we paid a lot of money for but have used maybe a dozen times.... It's always dripped at the portafilter since we bought it, but I let the OH convince me this was normal. Anyway, we decided that the machine needed to be used, so we cleaned it out, used Gaggia descaler etc. (Should we have removed the filter plate and cleaned under there too?) We then set it up for espressos and it now spits very hot coffee absolutely everywhere but into the cups. We've checked the portafilter nozzles, and the rubber crema filter inside and everything looks normal & clean. I think we need a new portafilter but OH disagrees. This is £400 worth of machine going to waste, and it's enough to try the patience of a saint. Please, can anyone help? Thanks Jules
  7. Does anybody know of a timer switch that can be used on a 32Amp point (commando socket) or some kind of relay switch that can be used for an espresso machine? I want to have my machine switch on 15 mins before I arrive at my shop- leaving it on all night seems a waste of power.
  8. Last week my pump started rattling and smelled burnt after several shots from it in a row. Then it stopped pumping water altogether! I left it for the day and switched it back on, the electrical burning smell still there but now pumping water. For the last few days i've switched it on, pumped some water through and pulled a shot and now the smell is going and espresso tasting ok but i just don't think the pressure is like before-put any tamp weight on it and the coffee just drips out Rang Gaggia at Halifax on friday who were too busy to talk to me so took my number but never called me back. This is crap service- i told them my machine is 2 months old! Anybody had experience of their warranty services?
  9. Acaia pearl scales for sale. Well used but in good condition, latest firmware etc. Surplus to requirements. They are white and come in original box with all the original accessories (charging cable and round rubber mat). I will take £80 inc. delivery and will dispatch to the UK only Can post pictures when I get home.
  10. I have a friend who's looking at buying an espresso machine but lives in a hard water. He has a water filter built in but does this take out scale? I think he'd be better off buying bottled Volvic / ashbeck water. Are water filters any good?
  11. Hey, After descaling my Silvia V2, I found that the return line hose spits out a lot of scale. This causes the intake line hose to pump these scale debris and clogs the machine. When I run a descaling solution through the brew head it opens up in a few seconds, but it will clog again after a few days. Any idea of what causing it and how to solve the issue? It already happened to me a year before but I took it to the lab for a clean. I've attached the return line hose to a drinking glass (instead of the water tank) and made an espresso. Here is what came out: Thanks!
  12. I am looking for one of the a.m. scales incl. posting to Germany.
  13. Hi, I've a little gem, and the flow rate through the group head seems very slow. Both the hot water tap and the steam wand seem fine, so I'm kinda suspecting it's not a scale problem (and we're in a soft water area anyway). It's been backflushed fairly regularly, although perhaps not as often as ideal, and I've taken the shower screen and the dispersion plate off and given them a good soak in puly caff - still doesn't seem right. I've had a quote for a front end service from Fracino, but it seems a little spendy - Anyone have any suggestions?
  14. Hi all of a sudden I am getting no water from the group head. Lights on front operate OK. It heats water OK and I get steam but no coffee! Is my pump dead?
  15. Hey everyone! I'm a newbie around here, I am usually on CoffeeGeek but I was referred to here as I am in the UK now. I have a Gaggia TS without a grinder! Please help me to correct this blaspheming mistake on my part. I am looking for a grinder that can consistently give me the same shot over and over and over. This will be used for domestic use about 9-10 times per day at most. I also have a problem choosing tampers.. as I have 5 tampers and none of them fit properly on any of my machines. I have a 57mm tamper and a 57.somthing basket which has me tamping twice due to the coffee on either side of the tamper that is untamped. I have a 52,48,57,plastic tamper/scoop that is maybe 49, and a 50mm tamper. I bought the smaller tampers for my old EC145.. with help from D'elonghis lovely customer service with badly informed staff. I bought several tamps following their ever changing sizes for my standard basket that I bought from them. (spent about £20 per tamper and the plastic tamper I randomly found in my cupboard Which surprisingly was the one that fit best on my old machine!) Please and thank you! Let me know of any grinder suggestions for my machine. Not really in the position to pay for a new grinder, as I am only on £400 per month with my job (200 goes straight to rent)
  16. I have a Gaggia Baby Class that I bought as ex demo stock. I've just hit a problem whereby no water is coming out of the group head. The steam wand IS working, and when switched on the pump vibrates. It had never been descaled properly and I was hoping that a descaling cycle might just sort it out. It didn't so reading all the instructions on this site I have removed the boiler and cleaned all the scale build up out of it. So my thoughts now are that it is the 3 way solenoid valve that has become blocked. Some posts on this site mention about splitting the 3 way down to clean out the innards but having taken it out I can't see how to split mine down. Here is a photo of what my valve looks like http://i.imgur.com/Ly4yW.jpg So my questions are, how do I open clean this valve up to clean it? How can I tell once it is clean? i.e which parts should move and how easily. And is this all worth it or should I just get a replacement? (And if so where can I get hold of one?) Really hoping someone can help me I'm gagging for a nice coffee!
  17. After my partner gave my old cheapo kitchen scales a bath in the sink, I now need to order a replacement. I mostly used it for espresso but I'd like to use them for some home baking too, so a 2kg capacity would be ideal along with a degree of waterproofness. I've measured the dimensions of the Gaggia Classic drip tray and identified that the Felicita Arc would fit very well but i've read a mixed bag of reviews and so, would appreciate anyone's views, thoughts or alternative recommendations? The best price I've seen so far is £140. Thanks in advance!
  18. Espresso & boiler friendly water: Not all water that meets non-scaling parameters makes coffee that tastes nice. The shorthand answer is to find water with a bicarbonate level between 50-80mg/L as ion/bottled water label (as CaCO3 alkalinity this would be 40-60mg/L) for your espresso machine, that tastes nice. If your water is in this range and all your coffee tastes bad, change the water for different one but still in this range. Using a particular water that doesn't scale, but is of a make up/so soft that makes your coffee taste bad/low body isn't a great idea. Plus you generally want some bicarbonate & a pH over 6 to lessen the chances of corrosion. It's swings & roundabouts, very soft water won't scale but can cause corrosion, harder water is less likely to be corrosive, but more likely to scale. If Volvic tastes OK, no need to change. Volvic sits just outside of recommended spec for boiler care, but just outside, lots of folk will testify it's fine regarding lack of scaling. Waitrose Essentials Lockhills is smack bang in the middle of desired range, the only UK bottled water that is. Here's a link to UK bottled waters & mix ratios to achieve boiler friendly water... https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/187vd8fjVQGCrvaoEz071BoSEOl-IY3rTl0-fZXLGx1w/edit?usp=sharing Manual brewing Choices are much wider here, kettles are easier to descale if necessary. The make up of the water has no impact on objective extraction yield, you don't need high mineral content to extract the flavour. Water make up does change the taste of the coffee, so just use a water that doesn't ruin your coffee (this could still be Volvic or Lockhills if that's what you can easily get). You probably don't want your brew kettle scaling up if it has its own element, but if you get good brews with high mineral content water & your kettle & brewers are easy to clean/descale, then carry on. But bear in mind, high mineral content water usually also comes with high bicarbonate, which can flatten acidity and make the body seem overly chewy. I personally like to use very soft water at home for brewing, using a steel/glass kettle, because I like the taste & clarity (~GH 20mg/L & KH 20mg/L as CaCO3, such as Deeside, or Voss but it's very expensive, or a mix of Zerowater & tap). At work, or visiting friends & relatives, I use regular N Surrey tap water (hard). I still get some very tasty brews here, especially with long steep immersions. As an example of difficult water to brew with, I found the water in Menorca very hard to get a decent drip brew & had to use some bottled Estrella I, which is similar to Highland Spring in make up & the softest water I could reasonably find there.
  19. Hi everybody Please could you all be of help, I am after the best bottled water to use in espresso machine that will not cause it to scale up. I am sure this has been asked before but supermarkets etc have a habit of changing suppliers from time to time Thanks Rob
  20. Anniversary edition of Acaia espresso scale - Cinco. Bought in November 2018 from CoffeeDesk.com. Perfect condition, box, all accessories (accessories were not used). 150 GBP + shipping.
  21. I just started descaling my cherub as I thought my problem was likely to be caused by loose scale. But I noticed that when I filled the water tank with descaler and switched on to fill the boiler, it aborted with the low water alarm. Now, this is not unusual - in the past it has always timed out once, with me needing to flick the switch off/on to initiate a second fill cycle. But this time, it took a third cycle. I think this indicates that I need a new pump rather than descaling? Where's the best source for pumps, Fracino themselves?
  22. Hi The scale is my birthday gift. It is brandnew in the seal box Could you please give your advice the value if I list it for sale in this forum thanks you very much in advance
  23. I've been running a Cherub domestically for a couple of years (and it's a great machine), but lately the alarm that signals low water has been coming on even when there's water in the reservoir. I've solved this in the past by draining it and cleaning the probes/sensors before refilling, but this no longer works and the machine won't heat up at all. I suspect it's a scale issue (I use bottled but mainly filtered water) but does anyone know how easy it is to take the Cherub apart and check/service yourself? I've had a quote from the manufacturer for a service but at nearly half the cost of the machine it would be good to know if I could just spend 10% of that on the parts and do it myself.
  24. Bargain (if you're after this particular scale). http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Acaia-Lunar-Coffee-Scale-2-year-Warranty-/112475173503?hash=item1a300af27f:g:3CUAAOSwjL5ZOGj5 £170 free delivery and warranty it seems.
  25. Hi! I bought a very old and battered, rusty and scaly la Pavoni off ebay, and I'm currently restoring it - after extensive descaling, there is still a very thin *black* layer on the inside of the copper pick-up tube. Does anyone know what it is, and if it is bad? (My tip is fat from coffee, but I'm not sure if there's some kind of black copper oxide.) The machine was made between 79 and 82 (it has a flange, but the base is not yet plastic). As far as I can tell, the pick-up tube is brass. There's also a thin black layer on the thread that gets screwed into the group. Much obliged.
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