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  1. I'm pretty set on the idea of a DTP but should I be looking at the Gaggia Classic too?
  2. Good afternoon guy's. So I upgraded from a dedica to a Sage Duo Temp. I've just run a descaler through it but screwed up and forgot to remove the filter :/ so I'm in desperate need of one of those odd filters and annoyingly sage are out of stock! Any help pointing me in the right direction to buy a filter or is there a workaround at all? Thanks in advance, Gindy.
  3. Hi, thanks to reviews on here I have just purchased a new Sage Duo Temp Pro, an upgrade from a Delonghi Icona. I debated the Rancilio Silvia for a bit but based on opinions here that I would need to spend money on a good grinder I decided my budget was better spent on the Sage coffee machine and a grinder rather than blowing it all on a Silvia. Plus I like the idea that the Sage will ease me into using non-pressurised baskets. I use fresh roasted beans that I buy direct for a roaster in Cork called Badger and Dodo, I love their Jam Jar blend (unfortunately they don't ship to the UK.)
  4. New (smaller) kitchen means that I need to replace my Expobar Leva HX which I have been very happy with for the last five years with something smaller. I am most drawn to a couple of Lelit options, either the Victoria PL91T @ ~£700, the Diana PL60PlusR1 @ ~£1000 or Elizabeth PL92T @ ~£1100. Budget is less of an issue than foot print, needs to be no more than 30cm deep and ideally less than 30cm wide. Not bothered about hot water as I can use a kettle so I only need espresso and steam. I would prefer to stick to a standard 58mm porta filter. I've also looked at the Sage Duo Tem
  5. Hi, Looking at getting a sage dual boiler and have seen a couple of used ones around for a good chunk less than the new price. My concern is the lack of warranty or knowledge of how the machine has been previously treated. Is the extra cost for a new one with a warranty worth it, or do they stand up to general usage without suffering issues? Any views on the reliability of these machines would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  6. Afternoon all, About 2 years back I got rid of my Gaggia Classic in favour of a more simple Bialetti stove top, as I found myself having mainly americano or espresso. The Bialetti is pretty good, but its been pretty inconsistent of late for one reason or another, and I do miss the smoother consistency I had with the Gaggia. When I bought the Classic around 7 years ago, it was the one to go for in terms of value, a good starter machine etc. I now wonder is there's anything else out now that is of similar quality? for around the same price. I still use my Iberital MC2 which I thin
  7. i have had other semi automatic/automatic machines mainly delonghi and making an espresso they were at least warm (ish) on a barista touch i have, when making an espresso it seems to be almost cold and mildly warm. is this normal? my cups are not pre-heated/warm water or anything/ but i didn't have to do this with the delognhi machine, so im a bit confused. the brew temperature in the settings is set to high
  8. Hi Guys (and Girls!), New to this forum and fairly new to coffee. Just picked up a Barista Express, really impressed with it but noticed the water filter holder was different & had no filter. Bought some filters, but noticed they're for a new Filter Holder. Does anyone have a spare I can have/buy if possible? If not, links out to where you can get would be useful - thanks!
  9. Where should it be located? Attempting to register the warranty, and maybe I'm going daft in old age but I searched the machine and can't seem to find the white sticker shown in Sage's help page. Wouldn't surprise me if they intentionally make it difficult to find....
  10. Evening, I've been practicing with some Co-op beans and trying to get a good ratio/pull time on my DTP. Good beans are arriving tomorrow but thought I'd get used to the whole process with these ones first. Grinding 17g into the pf straight from the SGP. I don't have a funnel and therefore clump management isn't the best. A funnel is on order. I'm aiming for roughly 1:2.5 in terms of weight in/out. Shot 1 - Grind setting of 8. Absolutely nothing out of the machine and it shut off after a minute. Water on top of puck. Shot 2 - Grind setting of 9. A total of 4g into my cup.
  11. I used my new DTP for the first time yesterday. As I do not have a grinder yet and have some pre-ground I thought I would try it to see what it was like. I know 99%+ of people on the forum have a grinder but I was hoping some people would have experience with pre-ground. The DTP comes with pressurised and non pressurised baskets. I have some illy and some lavazza rosso and found the illy too fine for the french press but the lavazza worked well. I tried the illy with a pressurised basket and it was ok but has anyone tried pre-ground in an un-pressurised basket?
  12. Hi, I’m fairly new to making espresso at home so I’m hoping to get some advice. I have a sage oracle machine and I’m really struggling to get drinkable espresso out of it using the double basket. It’s hard for me to describe the taste but the coffee seems to be over extracted and bitter and possibly sour at the same time - if that’s even possibl?! It’s like it’s picking up all of the sour / bitter and none of the sweetness and nice flavours. I’m using a variety of different beans from Hasbean so don’t think that’s the problem. I weigh the dose in which is usually around the 22.5g mark and
  13. As per the thread title, I have a new Sage Barrista Express to replace my Classic. I was used to turning that on at least 30 minutes beforre wanting a coffee so that everything got up to a nice stable temperature. On the SBE i turn it on, and when I come back to the machine a short while later (15 minutes or so but havent timed it) the machine seems to have entered a standby mode with only the power light flashing on and off. Is this how its supposed to work? Doesnt seem right to me. I think the manual says it will enter standby after 1 hour, but its nowhere near as long as that.
  14. I think I need medical assistance. I have had a Sage Oracle for 2 weeks (it cost me £1150) and already Im thinking.....hmmm theres not a whole lot of technical ability needed here - what else should I look too! I did originally buy a sage barista touch but took 2 back as the temp of the espresso was barely 55 C - so decided on the oracle albeit an older model and it was another £350! But - it's a dual boiler. Obviously, I can't now afford to buy much else (that would be madness) but I can't help feeling that I have made a bit of an error with this machine. I just received my fir
  15. With the discussion on the Bambino I thought I would ask what the DTP comes with i.e.: 1. Baskets - High/Standard pressure or both? 2. Plastic disc device in portafilter? 2. Any other items that may need discarding/changing on day 1?
  16. Hi, My Dual Boiler has started leaking from the bottom left of the machine. After it's been on for about 40 minutes, a small pool forms by the front left foot, which looks like it is running from under the drip tray area. Anyone else had this? It's still under warranty, so I contacted Sage and they said to de-scale as that could be a cause. But I live in a very soft water area and have never had to de-scale any other appliances, so I'd rather not buy the chemicals and go through all the faff if there is another solution. Cheers, Jim
  17. Good Morning All, Over the past few weeks I have been speaking to various people on this forum and decided its time to upgrade. After debating wether to go with the Rocket (more hand on) or the Sage Oracle (Super Automatic) I have decided to go with the Sage Oracle. So.... I now have for sale my beloved Sage Barista Express. I would much rather sell it on here as apposed to eBay as I know you all appreciate good coffee machines and that we all look after our kit much more than the average Joe! Everything that came with my Express is going including the additional Knock Box I bought
  18. I need help - ever since getting a new rubber cleaning disc from Sage the "clean me" function doesn't seem to work. Formally, large amounts of "soapy" water would collect in a bowl but now barely a few drops of brown liquid. Could it be a faulty disc - I've tried two already - or something else? Please help
  19. Hey all, I've had a classic for about 4 or 5 years now, which I have loved a lot, as it really got me further into coffee. I am able to pull consistently good shots, and prefer what I make at home to the local coffee shop! My big big issue, which is constantly frustrating is the fact it takes so long. Generally I use the machine at the weekend, giving it anywhere between 25 to 60 mins to heat up, and then like to make two flat whites for me and my gf. This process takes ages because of the reheating. I can usually get two shots in pretty quickly, but frothing the milk takes an absol
  20. This is hard, must.....get.....instruction...... Being an impatient git and definitely trying to make things consistent and repeatable is giving me headaches. Yesterday was pretty good, 18g in, 40ish out in 27 seconds, i felt i was getting somewhere with a few minor tweaks life would become easier.......not so Woke up this morning, heated the machine, warmed the head, weighed 18.something and into the grinder she goes. fluffed and levelled 18g in the PF, used the eazytamp to get a flat consistent tamp........24 out in 27 secs!!!!!!!! Nothing has changed since yesterday. s
  21. So, looking at either the Express machine or the DTP with the Sage Grinder. What are the benefits of one over the other please? Any advice would be more than welcome. I only really drink Latte's.
  22. Hi guys, I am Kieran and I am new to the forums. Today I purchased a Sage The Duo Temp Pro BES810BSSUK. I also purchased De'Longhi KG79 Professional Burr Grinder. I am using Lavazza Super Crema Coffee Beans. MFD Date says 15/03/2017 I am disappointed at the first usage because I am getting a weak crema. I have done about ten cups and still find the crema is weak and it dissolves if I move the cup around. After doing research I suspect it could be the grinder I am using. The tamping etc all looks OK and the water is at the right temp. I am looking to probably take the grind
  23. The manual with the Barista express says a double expresso should have 14g of coffee and will produce 60ml in 20 to 25 seconds. Surely that will be a very weak expresso? What is that, just over 1:4, isn't expresso around 1:2 plus or minus? I use a 17g dose for a single shot getting about 36ml of coffee (I re-programmed it). I don't use the double shot since I can't fit anywhere near 30g of coffee in the double basket if I want the same 1:2 ratio given the approx 60ml yield. I'm new to this so am I missing something? Thanks
  24. This will probably be the daftest question you've ever seen on here so apologies in advance... I just received my oracle touch, set it all up and was ready to roll then got struck down with a sickness bug so didn't use it for two days Anyway, yesterday in a painkiller addled state, I tried to make myself a flat white. I left everything at the default settings, used the double basket and poured it all into one cup then added milk. It was the strongest tasting flat white I've ever had. I think the really obvious mistake I made in my hazy state was that using the double basket pr
  25. Hello, I'm hoping someone can help. I have had my Sage Barista Express bean-to-cup machine for approx. 4 years and it's been working *perfectly*. In the last few weeks I noticed the espresso strength gauge was indicating only just passed pre-infusion. I ran a clean cycle and nothing changed. Then I ran a lime scale treatment through and it started working again. Fast forward a week and now the water will not filter through when selecting either a single or double shot. The steamer still works and the hot water tap still works fine too. But no coffee.The button flashes to indicate it
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