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  1. After making do for far too long with a cheap Krups burr grinder, which eventually gave up the ghost at finer settings, I decided I needed to upgrade to a decent grinder with integrated portafilter holder for use with my Gaggia Classic. I read around and ultimately settled on the Breville/Sage Smart Grinder Pro, as it seemed well-priced, packed full of easy to use convenient features and more or less capable for espresso (I tend to stick with dark roasts so thought it should probably suit). Having ordered the SGP from Amazon (who were going to take a week to deliver it) I then spotted a new Eureka Mignon mk2 going for about £240 in my local kitchenware shop. They also sold the SGP, but for only £20 less, so no competition I thought. I haggled for some free goodies to come with it (pointing out that a new model was about to come out) and bought it there and then. Cancelled the SGP. Having got the Mignon home, it’s clearly a well-built and lovely looking machine. But I’m worried that I might have bitten off more than I can chew. Compared to the SGP, dialling in seems tricky and whereas the stepped dial (I know generally unfavoured in these parts) on the SGP make it easier to switch between grind settings (I occasionally do pour over) and to frequently change beans, I’m always worried about losing the sweet spot on the Mignon. There’s also the clumping, and the fiddly timer. I think the fundamental issue is that, as an entry level grinder user, I was looking for something a bit simpler, rather than the Swiss watch of grinders. I know in the long-run I probably would have needed to upgrade at some point anyway, and that the Mignon is great for longevity and has better burrs. What would your advice be? Stick it out with the Mignon and learn to master it - in the long-run getting a better cup - or go for the SGP? I even wonder about buying the SGP and keeping both, for different purposes. While a bit excessive it would be just about affordable. I reckon I’d end up using the SGP for espresso in that case, meaning the Mignon risks becoming a a bit of a relic.
  2. Hi All, Have recently agreed a couple sales for machines off the forum, one of which is to replace the machine currently at work. This is that machine. Its a Sage DTP, in good condition, currently fed bottled Ashbeck, previously Volvic. Cleaned regularly after use, and backflushed regularly (using the disc and occasionally tablets). It has no warranty, but has caused me no issues and has never had a fault. Its had an easy life, making no more than 5 doubles a week for the last 18 months while at work, previous to that it would've made approximately 10 a week. Its got some general marks from day to day use, mostly on the drip tray as expected. But nothing out of the ordinary. There are no dents or damage. The only other mark I can pick up is on the face of the machine, ive tried to photo this, but is not obvious, however, I've used a torch and flash on camera to try and bring this out as much as possible (it therefore looks worse in the pictures IMO). Comes with the standard 4 Sage baskets (2 single and 2 doubles - pressurised and non). Sage cleaning tablets, backflush blanking plate, Milk Wand Cleaning Tool and the Sage Razor. Ive never used two of the baskets or Razor. Ideally collection is preferred, however, I will box up and post if someone wants to arrange a courier. This will be at buyers risk and cost. I'm asking **£150**. Any questions, please ask.
  3. Hi all I’m new to the forum so I hope I have posted this to the correct section. I own a sage barista express, and have been looking at getting a 54mm portafilter machined out to a bottomless one as I cannot seem to find a uk supplier for a bottomless type. I have order a new portafilter direct from sage and have dropped it off to a local machinist who I used to work with and he is machining this one out for free as a tester, is there any more interest in these? I will upload pictures once I get it back. If there is any interest please let me know so I can try and get a cheaper price for the portafilter from sage for buying multiples and get a price for machining them and costs for postage. thanks Jed
  4. I just received my new Sage Duo Temp Pro today and am in the process of assembling it. The water filter isn't anything like the little ones I see for sale which cost £12 for a years supply. I went onto Sage's website to see where I can order another filter and couldn't see them under the DTP listing, only the small ones. So I looked at other models and bingo!!!! It's a Claris filter and costs A WHOPPING £13.95!!!!!WTF!!!! That's nearly £60 a year!!!! That's 5x more in filter costs than the other ones. How do they justify that? I have always used filtered water going into my old Dedica from a filter jug. If I continue to do that is the rip-off Claris filter necessary or would I be double filtering unnecessarily? My Boots filters work out slightly less at about £10 for a 3 month supply but I use the filtered water for other things like the iron or filling the kettle. So can I get away with not using the filter on the DTP if I use my filter jug instead?
  5. Ok, so I have returned my Sage Barista Express after 2 years and four(!!) replacement machines. Horrendous reliability. Im after the following machine : - make decent, easy flat whites and americanos. - “automatic” as in press a button.. whilst I loved the tamping etc of the Sage it was too hard for my other half to enjoy making coffee. Undecided about the milk aspect - are there any machines that can auto deliver a nice flat white milk? - around £300-£500 Im at a bit of a loss to what machine I want. Is there any fully automatic machines that do all the work and give you a nice flat white at the end or am I asking too much?
  6. i have had other semi automatic/automatic machines mainly delonghi and making an espresso they were at least warm (ish) on a barista touch i have, when making an espresso it seems to be almost cold and mildly warm. is this normal? my cups are not pre-heated/warm water or anything/ but i didn't have to do this with the delognhi machine, so im a bit confused. the brew temperature in the settings is set to high
  7. Good morning all. First post from me, so firstly, wanted to say hello. I have an Oracle and noticed hissing once the machine was warmed up, and condensation around the back of the unit. Opened it up, and sure enough two of my ports on the roof of the steam boiler are passing - one being the tube to the steam wand, and the other a temperature probe. Long and short of it, I need (orange/red) o-rings - but they seem to be impossible to source in the UK. Sage refer me to their service centre 'Coffee Classics', and Coffee Classics (who I have used before for an electrical fault) won't sell the o-rings on and need me to send the machine in to them for repair - something I am not hugely adverse to doing, however it seems crazy to ship the machine for such a simple repair. The machine was with them 5-months ago for a separate issue, and whilst it was with them I paid for all of the o-rings to be replaced as a preventative measure. Understandably, I am not hugely enamoured that two of them have failed so soon and would perhaps prefer to repair myself if at all possible. Does anyone have any advice on where to source genuine or functional o-rings for these Sage machines? Thank you in advance for any help you can provide. James
  8. Hi everyone! Having owned my Sage DB for almost 3 months now, I think I am getting to grips with it fairly well. I was originally using a Mazzer Mini as my main grinder but have paired it with a Major and the results are definitely better- more flavour notes coming through and a generally smoother mouthfeel. My question is more to do with roast type of the beans I use- up till now I have used predominantly light roasted beans from various local speciality roasters in the Bristol/ Bath area. From reading previous reviews/ posts about the DB it seems that it might accentuate bright/ acidic flavours, so I was wondering how the provenance of the coffee or the roast profile will make a difference to this. I can certainly confirm that some of the African beans I have been using (Ethiopian/ Burundi/ Rwandan) have come through as very bright, almost too much so sometimes. I realise to answer this question accurately you will need to have an idea of my current recipe, so at the moment (with the sort of beans mentioned above) I am dosing 20g, 1:2 ratio in about 27s. Having experimented with various ratios and times this seems to be about the best in terms of flavour, obviously I will make slight tweaks dependent on the bean, for example I had a Kenyan a while back that seemed to taste better when on the basis of time alone it should have been somewhat over extracted. If anyone has any experience of using the Db with medium/ darker roasts it would be great to hear from you, as I still feel like I have a lot to learn! many thanks in advance.
  9. I am looking to sell my Sage smart grinder Pro. It was bought from John Lewis end of February. I have used it for a grand total of 10 times. Selling it as I'm looking to by a new grinder (probably Mahlkonig Ek43 S) and don't have the space or the need to keep two grinders. I am selling it for £129. It has 2 years parts and labour John Lewis warranty on it. Comes with all accessories. Don't have the box but can box it up. Ideally, I'd like it collected from London but I can check how much it will cost for postage and insurance if you want. I will put some pictures up when I get home.
  10. Hi all, I just bought a Sage Grinder Pro thanks to these forums as I was struggling to get anywhere with pre-ground beans on my Gaggia Classic (2006). I am however really struggling to pull a decent espresso shot, I think because of grind size. Ive descaled/cleaned the Gaggia thoroughly, replaced the group head gasket, turned OPV down to 9 bar, and yet I still can’t pull a decent shot. I have a pretty decent scale to weigh grinds in/espresso out, a calibrated tamp so I know I am using 30lbs to tamp every time, and a 14g standard double basket. The beans I was using today were roasted yesterday. I know this will impact flavor, however would using beans roasted recently impact grind/extraction time? I’m really just trying to dial in to the right grind size. These are my notes during grinding, using a Sage Smart Grinder Pro which is new to me and only a few months old. Grind size - grams of coffee in portafilter - espresso output in seconds Size 13 - 17.7 g - 49g in 20s Size 8 - 17g - 39g in 17s Size 5 - 17.3g - 37.7g in 18s Size 1 - 17g - 35g in 20s I then re-calibrated the burr to grind more fine by moving down by 1 Size 5 - 17.4g - 36g in 18s Size 1 - 17.7g - 29g in 22s I’ve seen videos where Breville tell you that you really shouldn’t need to change the calibration on the grinder right out of the box. I am wondering whether anything else can account for the too fast pulls? I still have yet to choke the machine in the slightest. The grinder also make a bit of a clunking sound & the hopper shakes a bit when grinding. I’m not sure if something about the machine is defective or whether I do need to keep adjusting the burrs. I don’t want to push it too hard as I’m unfamiliar with the machine. Here’s a pic of the last shot, I think I stopped it shorter than the others because I could see it was already blonding fairly early on but I wanted something to drink after all my troubles! Thanks for your help!
  11. Hi, I only run Ashbeck or Waitrose water through my machine - I also use the sage water filters. Do you guys use the filters if you are using bottled water?
  12. Hi all, I’m selling my Sage Dual Boiler that I purchased on these very forums a few months ago. Only selling due to an upgrade. The machine has served me very well indeed and is a delight to use. Very fast heat up time. Brew boiler is ready within a few minutes and the steam boiler takes less than 10 minutes. I’ve learned so much from this machine being my first dual boiler, having come from a DTP. It’s a joy to use and very user friendly. Everything works perfectly with many advanced features including pre-infusion pressure and timing controls and brew and steam pressure controls. Comes with lots of accessories: Brand new Sage milk jug Double spout portafilter 1 x double basket 1 x single basket 1 x double pressurised basket 1 x single pressurised basket Rubber blanking tool for backflushing Steam wand needle Razor dosing tool 58mm Tamper Added extras: Bottomless portafilter Extra double basket Extra Double pressurised basket Extra Single pressurised basket Box of 5 brand new filters for the tank that I purchased from Sage. Extra razor dosing tool Extra 58mm Tamper Extra water filter cartridge holder This is the newer version that has the drainage plug for easy descaling and cleaning of the tanks. Person I purchased it from said it was purchased is 2016. I have only used Waitrose Lockhills spring water through it and the previous owner said they only used Ashbeck. There’s a few marks on the machine mainly around the drip tray area that was on the machine when I received it. When I purchased it, the previous owner said they was a faint hissing coming from the steam boiler on startup and supplied the required o-rings for me to fit, which I still have and will also come with the machine should you wish to open it up, but to be honest I can’t hardly hear it and you can only hear a very slight hissing when the steam boiler is getting up to temperature, once it’s up to temperature it’s silent. It has never bothered me and the machine works perfectly so I’ve left it alone. Given the above and for a quick sale I’m putting this up for £400 which is dirt cheap for a dual boiler. I don’t think I’ve missed anything. Any questions please ask. Edit: Forgot to add that it also comes in its original box. Collection preferred from Thatcham, Berkshire. Tony Edited to include all the extras I have discovered that will come with the machine
  13. Dear Sage Forum members Happy New Year! We recently purchased a Sage machine & responded to the first CLEAN ME request- placing clean disc in 1 Cup Filter basket, cleaning tablet... cleaning cycle. No water came out of portafilter. Every video show water coming out of portafilter during cleaning cycle. Only water that came out was in drip tray. is this OK? The water pressure was extremely high during the cleaning cycles. Thanks in advance for your responses. Sincerely Jonathan
  14. Hi there! I'm relatively new to the espresso world. I've inherited a barista express (yes I've read its not the best but its perfect for me) and would love to keep it working as long as possible. It's been around a year, and afraid that the London hard water was affecting it I ran it through a descaling procedure. After reading about how tough descaling is on machines I now regret that and flushed the whole machine thoroughly. Lesson learned and I'll never descale again. Sage makes hard water filters, which I read are ion exchange resin based, so if I let the water sit in the tank with this filter over night (I'll stir it before brewing to get the water more airated) and change the filter every 4-6 weeks (instead of 8 weeks as recommended by manual) should all my bases be covered? Is there anything else I can do to improve the water so that it doesn't build up scale in the machine? The manual specifically says to only use tap water, so I am curious a) why they say that, and B) why so many people recommend bottled water? What are the risks? Thank you!
  15. Hi, Looking at getting a sage dual boiler and have seen a couple of used ones around for a good chunk less than the new price. My concern is the lack of warranty or knowledge of how the machine has been previously treated. Is the extra cost for a new one with a warranty worth it, or do they stand up to general usage without suffering issues? Any views on the reliability of these machines would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  16. I'm pretty set on getting the Sage Duo Temp Pro I thought I would ask if any other ideas. I make a few coffees at the weekend and have occasional guests. I'm also considering the barista express for the extra features but will probably get a separate grinder. I've never had or used a coffee machine or grinder before. Do I need one with a solenoid valve?!
  17. Hi all, Considering calling Sage up to potentially sort this under warranty - anybody have any experience of this? Issues I'm experiencing: If it's not a warm day, then when the machine is getting up to temperature, it will cut the power 2-3 times. I switch it back on at the circuit breaker and eventually it gets to temperature and works When I press the button to bring water through the group head, it makes an horrendous sound (see video) but does not seem to affect functioning of machine. Does this once then no horrible noise in subsequent shots There is water leaking through the bottom of the machine onto the counter Occasionally (maybe 1 in 4 times) the machine will overheat the water (and the temperature display will flash on 199 F) - turn off and on and it's sometimes at 220 F. Steam coming through water tap to bring back down to temperature As I say, I can always get it to work, but all this is becoming a joke. Is there an obvious fix here?
  18. This is the latest version of this as far as I know. Has performed well over the past year or so I have had it but like a lot of people on here I have just taken delivery of a Niche. I don't have any idea how many shots this has done but I have averaged 2 coffees a day since owning it. It wasn't brand new when I bought it so I can't speak for its previous history but I have never had any issues. I'll give it a clean and take some photos this evening. Looking for £70 delivered.
  19. I'm pretty set on the idea of a DTP but should I be looking at the Gaggia Classic too?
  20. Hi all, Looking to buy my first machine and I'm thinking of the Sage duo temp pro. Is this a good plan?
  21. Good afternoon guy's. So I upgraded from a dedica to a Sage Duo Temp. I've just run a descaler through it but screwed up and forgot to remove the filter :/ so I'm in desperate need of one of those odd filters and annoyingly sage are out of stock! Any help pointing me in the right direction to buy a filter or is there a workaround at all? Thanks in advance, Gindy.
  22. Hi, Does anyone know how to fix / replace the rubber ring that's hanging off slightly below? Will this affect anything if left?
  23. first post! xmas bonus at work so took the plunge and upgraded from a delonghi dedica and cheap grinder to the Sage products in the title! I'm a little confused as to where to start! Managed to get some fairly solid tasting drinks out of the Dedica just by trail and error really. Now I've got a good quality grinder with actual settings and a machine that can handle a finer grind, I want to make sure I've got everything dialed in properly to maximize the investment. I'm currently buying beans from Origin, via the online store, I can link it here if that helps with my question. Just wondering where to start with making sure my grind size is right and all the other variables involved. (I currently don't have scales, but buying some soon) cheers!
  24. Just bought a used DTP off the forum and although I haven't had chance to use it much yet, it's quite an impressive little machine so far. One thing I'm not sure, though, is what to do about water hardness. Mine is "slightly hard" according to my water company: Calcium (Ca) 52.5 mg/l Chloride (Cl−) 14 mg/l Nitrate (NO3) 3.9 Sodium (Na) 21 pH 7.7 mg/l as calcium is 52 mg/l as calcium carbonate is 130 Clarke 9.1 German 7.28 French 13 (Unfortunately they don't list any data for magnesium or bicarbonate). The DTP I bought came with the slightly older filter holder (I believe there's now a newer version) that looks like this: And takes filters that look like this: The DTP manual for my version of the machine with this filter states that "The water filter provided helps to prevent scale build up which over time can affect the performance of your machine, potentially causing blockages and heating problems. Replacing the water filter every two months will reduce the mineral build up in the machine.If you live in a hard water area, we recommend you change the water filter more frequently." Ideally, I do not want to use bottled water, basically because I don't want to start producing loads of plastic waste. The manual seems to suggest that these filters will reduce hardness, but when I read up online on this subject, I am a bit unconvinced as they do look very much like basic charcoal filters to me. Does anyone have any experience with these Sage filters at all? The manual also recommends descaling with Sage's Descaler, although it doesn't state how often this needs to be done. I am a bit unsure about how regularly I need to descale if: a) my water is "slightly hard" (one problem is that the lack of data on magnesium and bicarbonate means I can't calculate a scale deposition rate using Jim Schulman's guide) and b) I am using the Sage filters. Again, any advice gratefully received.
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