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  1. 58.35 Tamper, made by Knock (plus an extra 57mm screw base). Some markings to top, see pic, but in great condition otherwise. £18 Posted. Sage Milk Jug. Great quality thick jugs. £10 Posted OCD style distribution tool. Very good condition. SOLD Grindenstein Knock Box SOLD Offers considered.....
  2. Hi there, today I have been trying to get a decent cup of coffee from my machine. i have gone through two bags of fresh coffee, whilst experimenting. I reckon i have had two cups out of the two bags. Ive followed the instruction on screen, grind level etc tamping all that stuff, but they either fill the cup no crema or a measly amount. Some that look just right that are so sour its undrinkable. I have got the extraction to 9 seconds but still, it is vile! Any help offered would be appreciated!
  3. I could only find a small amount of threads relating to Sage's White Glove Service for my new Oracle so thought I would create another one based on my experience. I had to raise an inquiry online, it says to phone Sage but then they told me on the phone to raise a query. The next day I got a call from Coffee Classics to arrange my visit. I picked a time slot between 1pm and 5pm, I'm not sure if they can be more specific time wise or not but this suited me fine. About 2pm, Steve arrived at my house and we started to play with the machine. He pulled a few shots to see where I had
  4. Hi guys, I have recently purchased the Sage Barista and am finding that after I have extracted my espresso the portafilter is left with watery coffee. Not sure if this is due to the grind, or it being too compact? Any advice would be great - thank you. Sinead
  5. Hi there. I lost all my accessories in a house move rectory. Anyone know where I can get a new backflush disc and the tablets?
  6. I am VERY new to what I would call proper coffee - i.e. quality, fresh beans and grinding them myself. I've had my Aeropress about a year and was enjoying using pre-ground (but still decent quality) beans for a good while. However I wanted to kick things along a bit so I have now got hold of a Gaggia Classic to go with my Aeropress and a new Smart Grinder Pro to start learning how to make 'proper' coffee. This is the first grinder I've owned so I'm very much learning the ropes and enjoying the process of dialing it in for Aeropress (espresso comes next!). I've done a lot of reading
  7. I've already emailed Sage about this to see what they say but figure it can't hurt to get a second opinion. My Oracle doesn't seem to be grinding fine enough for what I expected. During my white glove service I was using Rave Italian Job but Steve (CC Barista) didn't seem to be able to get it fine enough either and it was over extracting by quite a bit. He changed over to the CC Barista Guatemalan coffee and with the grinder set at 8 and a 30 second extraction, this made the perfect shot. This coffee was a bit dark for us and when I went on the website it says it's for filter coffees
  8. Hi there! I'm relatively new to the espresso world. I've inherited a barista express (yes I've read its not the best but its perfect for me) and would love to keep it working as long as possible. It's been around a year, and afraid that the London hard water was affecting it I ran it through a descaling procedure. After reading about how tough descaling is on machines I now regret that and flushed the whole machine thoroughly. Lesson learned and I'll never descale again. Sage makes hard water filters, which I read are ion exchange resin based, so if I let the water sit in the tank
  9. Hi, My Dual Boiler has started leaking from the bottom left of the machine. After it's been on for about 40 minutes, a small pool forms by the front left foot, which looks like it is running from under the drip tray area. Anyone else had this? It's still under warranty, so I contacted Sage and they said to de-scale as that could be a cause. But I live in a very soft water area and have never had to de-scale any other appliances, so I'd rather not buy the chemicals and go through all the faff if there is another solution. Cheers, Jim
  10. So I looking to upgrade my crappy Delonghi Magnifica ESAM4200 and I've decided to go the Sage route. I don't have a budget, but I do like good value for money and hate diminishing returns. My options are... For value Barista Express Duo Temp Pro+Smart Grinder Pro Higher end Dual Boiler+Smart Grinder Pro The Oracle The dual boiler and the oracle have lots of parameters to play with compared to the cheaper options, but will they make a big difference to the end result, the fixed dosing of the oracle puts me off it a little.
  11. Hi all. Maybe a stupid question: It seems like I complete my de-scaling process incorrectly as the machine continuously write "De-scale!" in the display even if I have run the de-scale program several times. (I only use filtered water in the machine). When I de-scale I go through the 20 minutes cycle first with a descale-agent and then a new 20 minute cycle with clean water (each time emptying the two boilers in advance). When I am in de-scaling mode I only have two options: 1) Pressing "One Cup" (which initiates a new 20 minutes cycle) or pressing "Power" (which returns th
  12. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Sage-By-Heston-Blumenthal-Smart-Grinder-Pro-Red-/142482738808?epid=1237053993&hash=item212ca20e78:g:t0kAAOSwgGdZmxfy
  13. I've finally got bored of my Smart Grinder Pro, I'm finding it pretty hard to dial in shots for half the beans I buy. Usually one setting is produces a slightly sour shot, and the next setting finer produces a slightly bitter shot. It's really hard to get that sweet spot, and I'm find the microadjustments near useless for reasons outlined in another thread. Okay, maybe I have slight upgraditus too. I've been eyeing up the Sette 270 for some time now, and I can just about afford the 270w refurb (£360) from coffeehit. However, I'm curious if there are any other options out there, that m
  14. Due to a change in travel plans, it seems I'll be out of the country longer than expected. It would be a shame to keep this beauty in storage.. so she is up for grabs to one of you lovely lot! As the machine is literally around 3 weeks old, I will be looking for £280. It comes fully boxed with all included accessories such as razor tool (never used), all filter baskets, milk jug, original tamper etc. As well as the warranty. I will also throw in a weighty Motta tamper, with tamping mat and an extra smaller milk jug as shown in the picture. Collection is preferred, from SE Lo
  15. Hello, we’ve had our Oracle Touch now for about two months at first everything was fine, But shortly after the first week it’s developed a Fault & doesn’t seem to Tamp correctly or finish the job you could say. Being such a new machine we’ve checked, cleaned & reset everything we could but this has not resolved the intermittent fault. Sage themselves have been little use to us infant we seem to be going round in circles, they’re conclusions now are we’re using the wrong beans or should I say the beans don’t agree with the Oracle. Don’t get me wrong I can see their understanding but Sag
  16. Afternoon all, About 2 years back I got rid of my Gaggia Classic in favour of a more simple Bialetti stove top, as I found myself having mainly americano or espresso. The Bialetti is pretty good, but its been pretty inconsistent of late for one reason or another, and I do miss the smoother consistency I had with the Gaggia. When I bought the Classic around 7 years ago, it was the one to go for in terms of value, a good starter machine etc. I now wonder is there's anything else out now that is of similar quality? for around the same price. I still use my Iberital MC2 which I thin
  17. So.. I got a DTP a few months ago and got to a position where I was turning out .. DECENT .. coffee, but not great. The downfall was my grinder. I couldn't justify to my wife that I would spend another £200 on a grinder when we're saving for honeymoon. So I have managed to buy a second hand Barista Express for £200 from a girl who bought a sandwich shop but didn't want a coffee machine.. would say its around 6 months old and not really had much use at all. Only thing I would say is that it hasn't been cleaned particularly often so I've gutted it and it literally is like new but I may look
  18. a while back i got an astounding deal on a fiamma latina i and its served me well but its now due both a serious servicing and a new water filter at minimum. being that its both old and rather rare i think the cost of a service and parts will far outweigh the cost of an equivalent or better machine so i think its time i retire it. Ive set my max budget at £500 and am open to refurbs and second hand machines. Im kind of used to having the machine always on like i do with my current one and having it plumbed is a big bonus (im lazy what can i say?) so it would be ideal if it were something
  19. Hi all, I'm looking for some tips. Workflow: I pre-warm the portafilta/basket in the machine and heat the cup with the kettle, steam milk to the point where I can no longer hold the base of the jug, pull the shot and then assemble. Each time the drink is lukewarm. I don't have thick side walled or dual walled cups but would this make a huge difference? ..message ends..
  20. Hi All Wonder if i could get some feedback on below: I currently have a Sage BE that i am now finding limiting, issues i see are below: small basket size pain and hard to get larger size dose into basket inconstant grind, really hard to dial in and stay consistent pressure gauge no use for real feedback as doesn't show pressure generally struggle to get constancy over any period Pain not being able to steam at same time when making few drinks so i am going to look at purchasing new grinder and machine. i did a Barista course and using the commercial machines
  21. Hi all, Relative newcomer to espresso here. Why is the BE 2 cup button programmed to deliver 60ml? Shouldn't a double shot be around 36mls (36grams?) Do people generally reprogram the shots to a lower volume? Thanks
  22. Hey all, I've had a classic for about 4 or 5 years now, which I have loved a lot, as it really got me further into coffee. I am able to pull consistently good shots, and prefer what I make at home to the local coffee shop! My big big issue, which is constantly frustrating is the fact it takes so long. Generally I use the machine at the weekend, giving it anywhere between 25 to 60 mins to heat up, and then like to make two flat whites for me and my gf. This process takes ages because of the reheating. I can usually get two shots in pretty quickly, but frothing the milk takes an absol
  23. I need help - ever since getting a new rubber cleaning disc from Sage the "clean me" function doesn't seem to work. Formally, large amounts of "soapy" water would collect in a bowl but now barely a few drops of brown liquid. Could it be a faulty disc - I've tried two already - or something else? Please help
  24. Hi, Looking at getting a sage dual boiler and have seen a couple of used ones around for a good chunk less than the new price. My concern is the lack of warranty or knowledge of how the machine has been previously treated. Is the extra cost for a new one with a warranty worth it, or do they stand up to general usage without suffering issues? Any views on the reliability of these machines would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
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